Chud “shocked and disappointed” by firing


Plenty of NFL head coaches get fired.  Few were childhood fans of the team that fired them.

Former Browns coach Rob Chudzinski, who worked for the team twice before becoming the head coach in January, grew up cheering for the team.

His antics included putting the TV in the window and watching the game outside, in the same elements that the fans were enjoying the games.  (To the extent anyone enjoyed many Browns games.)  Chudzinski also admitted to eating dog biscuits as a youth.

“I was shocked and disappointed to hear the news that I was fired,” Chudzinski said in a statement circulated.  “I am a Cleveland Brown to the core, and always will be.  It was an honor to lead our players and coaches, and I appreciate their dedication and sacrifice.  I was more excited than ever for this team, as I know we were building a great foundation for future success.  While clearly I would have liked to see the long-term vision through to the end, I am very grateful to Jimmy Haslam and the Haslam family for letting me live my dream.”

It’s a shame that he didn’t get to live his dream a bit longer, and to get more of a chance to make the most of a situation that involved issues and injuries at the quarterback position, a suspension to Josh Gordon, the trade of Trent Richardson, and various other injuries and problems.

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  1. He should be shocked and disappointed. What were they expending to happen in one year with that team? Yes they are starting to get some pieces in place, but this is going to be about a 3 year project in Cleveland at least. Plus the players seemed to love the guy. Too bad he wasn’t given more of a chance.

  2. Doesn’t really make any sense until we see the big picture of what kind of total changes the franchise ends up making. The timing of this decision doesn’t make any sense to me. But I think that’s because they have a screwball plan in place to keep the same Front Office that really missed a big opportunity to turn this team from one of the regular laughingstocks into one of the best teams.

  3. Sucks that we have to be do politically correct in these situations. Would love to see him rip the team to shreds for their consistent incompetence when it comes to personnel decisions.

  4. Cleveland will be the worst job opening in ’14, much worse than the lesser openings in ’13 (JAX and AZ). No talent, and an owner and front office with a quick trigger on Chud. The next coach will be the candidate with no other HC options in ’14 who is also not willing to wait for a better choice down the road. Sounds like a retread or a coordinator not considered a can’t miss HC. This is an improvement over Chud??

  5. This is what Joe Banner is good at. Infuriating fans. Oh, and putting together teams that can’t win it all. Sorry Cleveland. It will probably take another 5-8 years before they fire the right guy.

  6. This is why the Browns continue to fail. Haslam said, in his press conference, it will take 2-3 years to gather the right talent. In other words, the next coach will get fired…and the cycle continues…over and over and over…

  7. The two sorry excuses for football teams from Ohio are pathetic. One team can’t keep a head coach for more then a couple years because they are always in the basement, the other keeps a .500 record head coach that can’t win a playoff game. Ravens Nation laughs all the time at the entire state of Ohio.


  8. Joe Banner is all about consistency and building another gold standard of football franchise.
    And if it means trading away any chances of winning in the opening weeks, barely setting the table for your head coach and then firing him after he could work magic with the slop you gave him, then he is right on track!

  9. Many people want to say the front office was setting the table for 2014. But it was still Chuds responsibility to improve those who were on the team now. This would showcase his coaching abilities and decision making. He failed in the sense that it took him 3/4 of the season to realize Weeden was the 3rd QB on the depth chart. Bess was terrible and finally fell off the wagon. WR Cooper in 2 games did better than Bess in 15 games. Josh Gordon disappeared the last 2 games. Gordon was jogging routes. The team did not show up to play the last game. The just showed up. This was all on Chuds shoulders. The team got worse as the season proceeded.

  10. I loved Chud as a coach. First one ever that would go for it on 4th downs. If the Browns had better depth, a capable qb and the officials being neutral with their calls, this would never have happened.

    Jason Campbell played like garbage for three of his starts, including Cincinnati, New York Jets and Pittsburgh. Chud pays the price.

  11. I said it before and I’ll say it again. If he had been able to land a competent average quarterback (or not have Hoyer get hurt maybe? I don’t know), this team could have been 7-9 or 8-8 this year. And adding a competent running back could net them in the mix for a wild card spot next year. Not gonna happen now because someone else is going to come in and want to redo the system… again. And its gonna take another year or 3 to get to the point they could have been next year.

  12. I think for the Browns to get better you would need to find ownership. As an non Browns fan I thought they were relevant for the first time since the 80’s. Stupid move and they will slide backwards again.

  13. Wow, I thought things couldn’t get worse than they have in the past 10 or so years for the Browns, but it sure looks like it will. Banner must be really peeved to watch the Eagles success without him and the Browns crash and burn.

    How do you fire a coach who out-coached Belichick in New England just a few weeks ago and was a muffed on-side kick away from pulling off what would have been the upset of the year?

  14. “I am a Cleveland Brown to the core, and always will be.” This does not square well with getting a coordinator job with another team.

  15. This team exceeded all expectations this year. When they traded Richardson I thought they were throwing in the towel. Chudzinski pulled them together and they were competitive. Get him back, sign Cutler, draft Hyde and Watkins with 1st round picks and win the division in 2014!

  16. I definitely think he got a head coaching job before he was ready, but shouldn’t they have noticed that back in January? Also, if they fired him to replace him with Josh McDaniels, good luck with all that.

  17. “Cleveland will be the worst job opening in ’14”

    I would like to believe that is true, but I’m having a hard time figuring out who would be willing to work for Snyder here in D.C.

  18. Dear Ravonator, Good luck trying to win with Flacco’s contract. Ozzie the genius got taken to the cleaners on that one.

  19. The Browns will regret the move. Chud was making that team better. I was impressed with what they did, and especially the Trent Richardson trade – how could that NOT be a win?

    Is Haslett becoming the next Snyder/Jones/Davis?

  20. Haslam/Banner you really messed up.

    Last night we celbrated a late christmas with my 19 year old daughter and her 22 year old boyfriend. We watched the Browns Steelers game last night. Both grew up in Browns homes but yet thet rooted for the Steelers. At this point I can’t blame them. Your loosing your Fan Base which Mr. Haslam is worth a Billion Dollars.

    On the lighter side with out asking my daughter turned her Tee shirt inside out. HA!!! A Steelers T-Shirt. She respects her dad. Oh Well GO BROWNS — Someday!!!!

  21. Well, it could be worse. You all could be stuck with Jerry Jones as Owner and GM who keeps Jason Garrett on as HC after 3 consecutive years of 8 & 8.

  22. If only Chud would have stepped onto the field of play during an opponents kickoff return and smiled like the cat who ate the canary while denying any wrongdoing, he’d still be a head coach.

  23. Am I the only one that sees little potential in Chud as a HC? No way I’d want him coaching my team as the head coach.

  24. The ultimate scapegoat. Chud did well with what he had to work with, this firing was premature. The FO deserves the lions share of the blame here.

  25. This coming as a browns fan. This is the worst sports franchise in the world. No question. What respectable coach is going to take this job now? Knowing he has a year to turn it around or he’s out. They think if they keep drafting QBs and hiring new coaches they’ll figure it out. How about a GD running back and a few WRs to compliment Gordon and the QB? Just an idea.

    They wonder why this is the ‘Factory of Sadness’. They’re a joke.

  26. Firing the head coach every 1-2 years, spending a first round draft pick on a QB at the same pace, and changing owners every few years is definitely not a recipe for success.

    With no continuity in the schemes on either side of the ball, it doesn’t matter what players you bring in because by the time you have any kind of talent on the roster they are bad fits for how you are going to play this year.

    At this point you are facing the choice of giving the head coaching job to Horton or losing him to another team. He had the defense playing great and another season in the same system with additional players brought in to round out the squad it could be a top five defense easily.

    Knowing Cleveland, though, the next head coach will be none other than Snorville Turner.

  27. Same old Browns. Constantly shaking up coaches and the front office, constantly changing direction, constantly wondering why it all doesn’t magically turn around in a single year.

  28. Banner (Gringot’s Elf) and Haslam (The Rebate King) had to find some one to blame for:

    – Sitting on millions in cap room
    -Trading away a running back…with NO OTHER running back in sight
    -drafting a mediocre at best pass rusher at #6 and Darren McFadden (who?) then deferring the rest of the draft when you have no talent on your roster
    -Changing from a 4-3 to a 3-4 defense making your personnel irrelevant (not Chud’s making, but I’ll be it happens again now)
    -Not allowing input from the coach

    But it’s all his fault, right? We Browns fans are just “unsophisticated trucking companies” to these people.

  29. They stick him with Brandon Sweden and an all around horrible roster and then decided to go into full tank mode by week 3. Clearly all his fault for not fixing this in one season, great call Brownies.

  30. Sir, I’m sorry but your kids are losers for being Stiller fans growing up in a Browns household… (unless you live in Youngston – then it’s acceptable) Washington is a less desirable position for sure. Idiot owner, arrogant QB who thinks he knows everything and is resistant to coaching, no draft picks, and a clueless owner and GM – who think FA is the answer to everything… Browns have an idiot owner, (Fast Jimmy) plenty of draft picks, and a ton of cap room…

  31. Have no fear Browns fans. Kevin Costner will soon take over as GM & amaze you on “Draft Day.”
    All kidding aside the movie looks like it might be pretty cool. I am a Dolphins fan, so wish they had picked Dolphins to be team portrayed in movie. With Ireland as Phins GM at least I could have a made up story of having someone that actually knows how to run a team. But, I hear the moive producers were afraid of being sued by Disney since we are a Mickey Mouse operation being run by GM Goofy.

  32. Another good Coach that doesn’t get to see what he fixed for the Franchise out to the end. No matter who steps into Cleveland as Head Coach next year, they will have a pretty good team already waiting in the wings, with very little tooling needed to bring them back to the Playoffs.

  33. He has no QB, only one WR, no right side of the o-line, no running back, and defensive personnel (except Haden) that didn’t fit the scheme they decided to switch to.

    Yep, this move makes sense.

  34. I thought he was good fit with the Browns. My yardstick, is this: Bill Walsh’s first year record with the Niners was 2-14.

  35. Something tells me Chud was the only person in the Browns organization who thought Weeden won the qb competition and with every Weeden loss so went his chances for a year 2. If thats the case then his firing is justified as Hoyer obviously should have been the starter from day 1. Otherwise this is definitely a head scratcher as Cleveland had there best season start in years.

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