Allen believes he’ll be back, and Davis doesn’t dismiss the idea


At his season-ending press conference on Monday, Raiders coach Dennis Allen indicated he believed he would be back for a third season with the club.

Asked about Allen’s remarks and whether indeed he would return as coach in 2014, Raiders owner Mark Davis didn’t completely tip his hand, though Davis did pledge at least some short-term support for his head coach in an interview with Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News.

“My main thought is that Dennis has a contract that he signed two years ago,” Davis told Kawakami. “He’s fulfilled two years of it and [G.M.] Reggie [McKenzie] and I will sit down and talk, but yeah he’s the Raiders head coach right now.

“Really, the only people who’ve been replacing Dennis as head coach of the Raiders is the media. Am I correct? I’m still going by what I told you earlier, just let the process play itself out.”

Asked under what circumstances Allen might not be back, Allen told the Mercury News: “There’s always a scenario, you know that. I don’t know, what if John Madden decided he wanted to be a coach again?”

Davis declined to say whether he had talked to former Raiders coach Jon Gruden about a return to Oakland, with the owner telling the Mercury News he would never divulge any such discussions.

When Kawakami suggested that it appeared that Allen would return for a third season, Davis replied: “He is the coach of the Raiders right now, there’s no question about that.”

Davis told the Mercury News that he would likely meet with Allen next week.

Asked Monday if he had been told he would be back, Allen said: “I haven’t been told that I won’t. I wouldn’t say there’s been any guarantees made, but I’m moving forward in that direction. I fully anticipate and fully expect to be the coach of the football team, and that’s the way I’m moving forward.”

The Raiders have gone 4-12 in each of Allen’s first two seasons as head coach. However, they are in the midst of a rather drastic rebuilding process.

43 responses to “Allen believes he’ll be back, and Davis doesn’t dismiss the idea

  1. I guess nothing can happen in the organization now until John Madden confirms or denies interest in the job. Dennis Allen’s fate rests in his hands now. One statement of interest kills Allen’s job, but an endorsement should nearly lock it up. What will John decide happens next with Mr. Davis’ team?

  2. Eventually Mark got irritated at the questions. “I don’t have all day to stand around talking with you guys, the bells of Notre Dame Cathedral won’t ring themselves…..”.

  3. People will say this & that about Allen not being a good coach.

    Tell me what coach would have been able to lead this team to a winning record with the amount of new defensive players (10) and a undrafted free agent as the QB(part Time) leading wide receiver(undrafted free agent) an offensive line that didn’t have the same starters for more than 2 games in a row & a running back nicknamed Mr. Glass. If Jennings didn’t have a solid year, a Qb would have been our leading rusher.

    He deserves a chance with a salary cap. Any raider fan crying for him to be fired, give me one good name that would step in after that…

  4. Major improvement is needed in the win column next year or off with Allen’s head. I’m torn but Allen deserves one more year with a full set if draft picks and cap space to bring in first string talent.

  5. The Reggie McKenzie hiring has been a mistake so far.. That’s not to say people cant learn from their mistakes, but if McKenzie seriously was going to draft D.J Hayden #3 had he been unable to move down, then he needs to be fired immediately for incompetence.

  6. If that’s the way it’s gonna be then that’s the way it’s gonna be. Unless it isn’t, but it will.

  7. That’s fine with me. Let him finish what he started. Aslong as they don’t go crazy in Free agency and use up all our cap in a win now attempt. I still like gruden, he’s said he wouldn’t want to coach any of these teams, but he hasn’t said anything about a front office position! He’s a raider at heart and I know he wants to be part of our rebuild. We have trade down in the draft and start playing with more 1,2 and 3rd rounders on our team instead of 5,6,7th rounders! If we get no one willing to trade. I say we roll the dice on clowney, there’s no position on defence that can make everyone better than a elite pass rushing DE!. To pair with an already beast L. Houston!! RAIDERNATION!!

  8. Dear Mark,

    On behalf of your loyal Raider Nation, the next several days are critical to the future of the franchise that your dear father devoted his entire life to. We appreciate that you want to be patient; however, please do not buy into this so-called media fueled hype on “continuity” just for continuity sake. Putting the right guy in charge is much more critical. Our current GM is not that guy, and we suspect that deep down inside you realize this also. What would be insanity, however, would be to move forward with a guy who is clearly in over his head because that is what outsiders and the media are saying you should do. The Raider Nation shares your passion for this team which our way of life, and we want success and stability more than anything. But for maybe just this once once, use your gut. Ask yourself what your dear father would do. All the current GM has done is make excuses.

    Anybody with a red marker and a 5th grade arithmetic education could have made the cuts that this GM made. But what has he done in two years to prove that he can build a winning franchise? From hastily firing an 8-8 coach whose roster was as decimated if not worse than the one he inherited, to hiring a rookie coach who was even greener than him, to whiffing on two years of draft picks which was supposedly his strength, to striking out on 3 QB decisions so glaringly, what has he done to prove that next year he will all of a sudden show “improvement”? What happens if he goes 5-11 or 6-10 next year with all the cap room in the world. Is that improvement? Because you know that is what the media and his narrative will be. And we will be in a much worse spot than we are today.

    So please take your time with this decision, Mr. Davis, we know you are new at this too. Your father ruled this Nation for over 50 years, and there is one thing for certain, NO ONE loved his team more than he did. Now what would he do?

    Your Raider Nation

  9. Vince Lombardi and Don Shula might have gotten a 5th or 6th win from that team, but short of those guys: Allen did pretty good with what he had to work with…

    That said, if Gruden wants back Mark Davis will fire Allen in a heartbeat. Nothing personal, but clearly Gruden is his dream coach.

  10. Good thing he caught himself and said John Madden and not Jon Gruden.

    Allen should be back though. But if he doesn’t at least go 8-8 in 2014 he won’t be back in 2015.

  11. I’m sure if Raiders were planning on firing him, the organization wouldn’t wait until next week when they plan to meet to make the move. Unfortunately He’s staying for another year.

  12. Allens been decent but he doesn’t have that “it” factor that a lot of coaches have.

    I think we need to bring in an experienced HC. I know these possibilities are not close but Id like to see Jon Gruden (with Gannon as O.Coord), Rex Ryan, or Cowher.

  13. I really hope they’ll keep Allen around for one more year. It seems like a lot of Raider fans are ready to throw Allen under the bus, but let’s keep a few things in mind here:

    Coming into this season, after having gutted the entire roster, this team had absolutely no business winning more than 4 games.

    They didn’t have a QB or a TE at all; they had replaced 9 of their 11 defensive starters from the previous year with mid-tier free agents on mostly one-year contracts.

    As soon as Reggie decided to gut the roster, this was going to be a season-long tryout for building for the future. And it’s a plan that Mark Davis publicly supported at the time, stating a surprising understanding that it takes time to build a franchise from the ground up.

    Allen and his staff were able to coach quite possibly the least-talented roster in the league to a 3-4 start. And this was without their best defensive player (Tyvon Branch) and their best offensive players (McFadden, Streater, Veldheer).

    Yes, the wheels fell off, and things got pretty ugly at the end. And there were certainly questionable decisions, specifically at the QB position. But I think you have to give this coaching staff one more year to prove that they can win.

    The rebuild will be in place – there may be a new franchise quarterback taken in the draft – and the gems who stood out this season can be built around moving forward.

    Any time a coach takes over (any team, at the NFL and collegiate level) he ideally needs three years to get his system in place: his guys; his schemes; his routines; etc.

    Mark Davis has been surprisingly competent so far. I really hope he makes the right decision here, and I really hope that involves giving D.A. and his guys one more year to see what they can do.

  14. “My main thought is that Dennis has a contract that he signed two years ago,” Davis told Kawakami. “He’s fulfilled two years of it and [G.M.] Reggie [McKenzie] and I will sit down and talk, but yeah he’s the Raiders head coach right now.”

    There it is right there. How can he comment on Allen’s future, when his contract is up and he hasn’t met with the GM yet?

    The rest is made up news.

  15. If Chicago doesn’t tag Cutler the Raiders definitely have the cap room to sign him and just about any other free agent out there. They’re gonna be almost like an expansion team this off season.

  16. I am conflicted with the current G.M, and head coach. Earlier in the year the Raiders were playing some decent football I thought. At least competitive football. But the last month of the season they seem to have given up. Complete blowouts by K.C. and the Donkeys at home have really caused me to wonder now about the effectivness of at least Allen as H.C. I can see where Davis is coming from. If per chance he could convince a proven winning H.C. to come to Oakland, he’d be foolish to pass it up.
    My bigger concern is Reggie Mc. got the right stuff to acquire some decent talent this off season. The entire Flynn disaster has me deeply concerned.

  17. I’d say its a 50/50 chance Dennis Allen comes back. But I have to say this, Mark Davis is not the irrational, ego-maniac his father was. I think he’ll take input from Reggie McKenzie and others before he decides if he’ll keep Allen. I know the team lacked talent, but Allen hasn’t done anything in 2 years to indicate he’s a great head coach. The team never seems to make in-game adjustments and they still can’t find a way to maximize Marcel Reece. I wouldn’t be disappointed if Allen is fired.

  18. Firing Hue Jackson was an emotional decision.

    RAIDERS were 31st in offense 2009 without Hue Jack.

    2010 and 2011 Raiders were top 10 in offense.

    2012 an 2013 Raiders finished bottom 3rd in offense.

    Hue Jack is the only coach to get McFadden to realize potential.

    And it would have been nice to see Carson (10-6 in NFC West!) with a full year under Jackson.

    I used to look forward to Hue Jackson press conferences. He showed emotion…

    He loved being the RAIDERS coach.

    I have not seen that passion since Gruden.

    A leader.

    I hate listening to Dennis Allen and his “Coach Speak” reminds me of Norv Turner!

    No emotion and excuses.

    Bring in someone who can insipre men.

    Not some technical/coordinator with the same BS “Coach Speak”

    If we can see through it as fans….

    The Players wont buy it either…

    Case in point 2 yearsCable(another passionate coach/HueJackson) 8-8 & 8-8.

    2 years of Dennis Allen 4-12 & 4-12.


    Top 5 pick and Money to spend in Free Agency.

    Reggie Mckenzie and Dennis Allen heads are now on the chopping block!!!

    2014 better be a playoff or the 9-7 season.

    If not they better start working on their resume.

    P.S. the last two years of your resumes SUCK!

  19. For the last 2 yrs, DA & his staff have done nothing to convince that a 3rd year is deserved. Continuity is good if there is progress shown, but there seemingly has been no progress. Say what you will about “lack of talent and depth,” but lack of in-game adjustments, undisciplined penalties, poor play calling, bad clock management, questionable personnel decisions/game planning, blown leads, and the team losing 8 of their last 9 for 2 years is a prime example of a highly inept coaching staff.

    DA was a 1 year lackluster D coordinator when he got the job, and I blame RM for that. A coach with a proven track record & system (pro or even college) that can develop/maximize talent is desperately needed here. With one of the most important offseasons in Raider history at stake, it seems foolish to put future picks and new FA signings in the hands of a staff that has seemingly done nothing in 2 years to get things moving in the right direction. Gruden would be perfect, but if not, how about Holmgren? MD was reportedly “in talks” with him last year about a mgmt position…

    Al once fired Joe Bugel after one 4-12 season & hired Gruden (a guy with charisma who worked with the best, and was a highly coveted coordinator with an impressive resume–49ers, Packers, etc). Chucky changed the whole culture and within a year we were 8-8 and the rest is history. Something needs to be done…DA needs to go…and hopefully soon.

  20. I’m not a huge fan of Dennis Allen although I don’t hate him either. However I think it’s in the Raiders’ interest to keep him for the 2014 season. This is for pragmatic reasons. In order for the Raiders to be able to attract good HC prospects down the road it is vital that there be the perception that Allen was given a fair chance to succeed. Obviously no one could’ve done much with the talent level in 2012/2013 but if the Raiders don’t squander their shot to get real talent for 2014 then Allen will have no excuse left if the Raiders don’t improve – in which case they should go for someone better for 2015.

  21. I still have no Earthly idea, why people:

    A) Think Gruden is the end all, be all.

    B) Think Gruden would ever want to coach in Oakland.

    He had fair success with the Raiders, although there is no championship to show for that. Instead, he went and got one with Tony Dungy’s team in Florida. Yet, when that roster started to fade, he proved that he really didn’t have the chops to rebuild a better one on his own.

    But even if you dismiss his marginal coaching career, and assume that he would have the pick of the litter, what in the world makes you think that he’d choose Oakland? There’s mostly downside, if not entirely that. Where’s the upside? There are FAR superior franchises, in substantially better cities, where he would obviously want to go first.

  22. lets just get to the facts….McKenzie was hired to do a job…the first thing he did was blow the place up, , now he has the chance to build what he wants…you have to give him one more year, but need to say I think there are more questions now, then there are answers.

  23. I like Hugh Jackson myself but he started to turn into a huge ego maniac. I didn’t like that but he did show passion.

    If Allen gets fired, we probably wont, but Id hope they keep Tarver as DC. He just needs more exp. and needs to learn to adjust during the game. That was his big problem this year

  24. You trade away Carson give up picks to get Flynn….

    Give Flynn a Raise before he attempts one pass….

    Start a project over Flynn…..

    Cut Flynn after one start……

    Start an undrafted Mcgloin over Pryor…..

    Bench Mcgloin for final game.

    Draft DJ Hayden (great story…but reach)

    Hand pick Dennis Allen 8-24 in two years…

    And were gonna trust Mckenzie with a top 5 pick and
    a boat load of money for free agents!!!

    If he continues his cuurent “MO” the Raiders are doomed!!!

    I dont trust this!

    Somebody save us!!!!

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