ESPN hires Tim Tebow


Tim Tebow is joining ESPN.

Tebow, who has been out of work since the Patriots cut him at the end of the preseason, will make his ESPN debut next week when he contributes to pregame coverage of the BCS National Championship Game. ESPN’s announcement of Tebow’s hiring says that he will have responsibilities to the network during next year’s football season, but Tebow’s own statement indicates that he also still holds out hope to be playing in the NFL next year.

“I am so excited that ESPN has given me this incredible opportunity,” Tebow said in a statement. “When I was six years old I fell in love with the game of football, and while I continue to pursue my dream of playing quarterback in the NFL, this is an amazing opportunity to be part of the unparalleled passion of college football and the SEC.”

Realistically, it’s unlikely that Tebow will be in the NFL next year (although his old coach Josh McDaniels might try to bring him to Cleveland), so it’s good news for him that he now has another way to make a living. Tebow’s public statements tend to be bland and free of controversy, which wouldn’t seem to make him a good fit as a TV commentator, but his following is big enough that he’ll immediately become one of ESPN’s most popular on-air personalities.

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  1. Maybe he can bring some much needed morality to those heathens. I’d like to see him baptize a few … for like a half hour.

  2. ESPN needs to use the ‘1st and Ten’ graphics technology and generate a halo above Tim Tebow’s head during every broadcast.

  3. The novelty of Tim Tebow as pre-game commentator will wear off quicker than a New Year’s Eve noisemaker.

  4. Let me guess – he’s going to cover men’s figure skating and women’s softball…if you know what I mean.

  5. Congrats to him, I guess… I was hoping not to see his name in the media anymore though.

    How are they going to de-program him from thanking gawd as a response to everything about the game? Maybe they can pair him up with Ray Lewis?

  6. Serious QB analysis from Tebow will be great….”Brent, as you can see the QB kept his eyes downfield and threw a strike in stride. There is no way to be successful playing that way. As you take the snap, you need to turn your back on the defense, run around a little. Wait till the receiver has 5 yards of separation then chuck the ball so the receiver has to stretch out and expose his ribs to the safety”

  7. Good for Tim! ESPN could use someone with character, class and humility.

    Now, where’s Gruden going….

  8. Good for him. Not to say he would be a great (or even good) NFL QB by now but personally, I think he got jobbed by the Jets when they stole a year of his life from him. I really don’t get all the hate towards this guy.

  9. Josh McDaniels put in a good word and got him the job just like he got him signed with the Pats.

    Soooo, he’ll be released soon……

  10. Move him into Ditka’s chair… at least we could count on Tebow to stay away.

    Or move him into Keyshawn’s chair… that would be a step up for ESPN, too.

    How Ditka and Keyshawn have held onto their jobs this long continues to amaze me.

  11. Rigger Goodell and his obedient goons will do everything in their power to prevent the Steelers from reaching #7. The league’s sabotage against the Steelers is occurring for two main reasons:

    1. They want to maintain parity. They don’t want us to reach #7 before another team at least ties us at #6.

    2. They know that when we win #7 we plan on establishing the SFL and they don’t want that. We are the NFL’s biggest money-maker and they can’t afford to lose us.

    It really is a shame that every Sunday, from now on, we have to defeat our opponent (which is no hard task) and defeat Rigger’s goons.

    We will overcome. That’s the Steeler way and now we are better prepared for what to expect moving forward. Lombardi #7 next year is guaranteed, and, in fact, falls right in line with the original Prophecy.

  12. Hired to do what?

    If its an analyst we may have someone who finally beats out Emmitt Smith as the worst ever.

  13. Great. So when someone asks him what happened during the game he will mumble something about being blessed and yokels all around the country will grow in the pants.

  14. Tebow is stubborn if he had agreed to become a fullback or TE maybe he would be playing on Sundays. ESPN is using him as a prop. How many people do they need to analyze a freakkin college game ?

  15. There are a lot of anemic and anorexic jokes posted here. Do not leave your primary means of employment if you have any.

    Be true to oneself.

    Congratulations Tim.

  16. hopefully they keep him in college ball. ray lewis is bad enough. at least you won’t have to worry about him going all sean salisbury unless he’s into bears, and then berman better not look at any pictures he wants to show him.

  17. This just in from the sports wire.. Tebow has signed with the Browns for a Six Pack of Bud and two $20 Starbucks gift certificates…..Go Clowns!

  18. Tim Tebow can thank the zealotry of his fan base for not being in the NFL. His fans look at his playing as conformation of their religion. In their minds when Tebow plays (and more so when he wins) it is proof to them of the existence of God. A Tim Tebow 4th quarter comeback isn’t due to his incredible athletic ability, it’s because of “God”.. His fans wave signs with biblical versus at the cameras and try to turn the stadium into some type of mega church. The NFL does not want that.

  19. I bet Speilman is torn up now. He wanted to hire him as QB coach to help develop their new QB

  20. So it’s hate speech and immoral if you don’t praise Jesus or tebow? That’s the reason there is so much backlash. My morals are fine and I don’t have a religious bone in my body. Being a great husband, father and friend isn’t enough for some people. I guess I need saved.

  21. Our evangelical christian leader with muscles, good looks and humor will have a broader fanbase to pass his special insights of the game. Tim – don’t lose your virginity to the 4 letter network, like your biggest disciple, Skip.

  22. Reports continue to circulate about the cause for the hiring of Tim Tebow, but one can only assume that the exorcism of Herm Edwards was a motivating factor.

  23. Finally! Tebow accepting a gig with ESPN signifies his permanent departure from the league, despite him hanging onto the notion that he will return. I remember the night McDouche drafted Tebow. I threw down my beer and proclaimed him incapable of playing in the NFL. I predicted he would be out of the League in 2 or 3 years. I missed it by 1 year. I think it’s funny that just because Tebow got this job, all his ‘believers’ are touting his journalistic ambitions as much as they did his NFL (non) Skills. “See, I told ya!” they say. Well, see…I told you too, I say.

  24. Heck, he’s already an on-air personality for ESPN with all of the undue coverage he received for being the worst QB in the NFL. As I wrote earlier on a blog today when the McDaniels to Cleveland talk began; “Cue the Tebow to Cleveland bandwagon”. I guess you’re the first sports writer to jump on that train going to nowhere. If McDaniels is stupid enough to go down that road twice, he’ll get fired twice. Tebow should keep this day job, because he’ll never play QB in the NFL ever again!!!!!

  25. On another note, that aww-shucks, good ole boy, down home personality of his will wear out soon. Did you see him in the commercial with the two cute kids, they made him look pathetic as he sat there like a dunce. The guy has the personality of a turnip!

  26. skip is probably having multiple orgasms and can’t wait for tebow to come to the studio and take Timothy to the closet so they can violate each other.

  27. No, No, No. Isn’t he lost somewhere in the jungles of the Phillipines? If not he should be.

  28. Figures. No problem, I will continue to avoid all BSPN NFL aside from the actual game itself.

  29. (although his old coach Josh McDaniels might try to bring him to Cleveland)

    Isn’t that what ruined his first head coaching job. Sure, that’s what I’d do. Maybe the NSA will bring back Snowden too.

  30. Why do people try to tear him down because he is a man prepared to stand for good morals and decency? He will be a great success on TV because he is strongly motivated and understands the finer points of the game as a Heisman winner. I predict ratings will rocket because of his presence. Congratulations Tim.

  31. Easily one of the most disgusting, desperate and pandering moves by ESPN since they came into existence, hands down. All to simply appeal to a rabid minority of the populace since he certainly brings little to the table with regards to being a sports icon. Mark it down: Tebow will be an epic failure within a year. Again. No higher authority will help him out either. Again. Why would she? 😉

  32. I hope he doesn’t act like all the other espn guys that make the pats sound like their the best team ever then make excuses for them when they lose.

  33. I for one support the idea of Tim Tebow going to Cleveland. that organization needs someone to take the blame when they lose. Cleveland has several weapons developing and adding Timmy will create chaos and mayhem which from a Steelers point of view is very exciting. Please add this cancer to your locker room. (and for all the idiots bragging about all the playoff games he won, please refer to the Six touchdowns he and the Broncos relinquished in one half to the Patriots)

  34. For all the tebow fans , this has stirred up his interest once again to play in the nfl again ,, all I gotta say is that the guy who tebow banished to the bench (orton) in Denver is still in the league ( see Sundays nite game ) while tebow is scraping and scratching just to sniff the nfl again , that ought to tell you how bad tebows state of affairs on returning to nfl are !!

  35. ESPN has been a joke for so long and everybody knows it. I am not even a Ray Lewis hater but I can’t stand listening to him on TV, the man is ill prepared and 90 % of the time nobody knows what he is talking about.

    I am sure Tim will be better than Chris Carter, Steve Young, Trent Dilfer, Keyshawn Johnson. Nothing worse than trying to watch a pre-game and listen to the old guys talk about themselves like they can still play.

  36. As long as he doesnt cover the pros, Im OK with it. But knowing ESPN and the decisions they make, they probably hired him to cover the NFL which he barely knows anything about.

  37. I’m still amazed at all the hatred for him. So he isn’t an NFL QB, I realize that quite clearly, but do people have to be so nasty about it? I suppose if it was Johnny Football who got hired you’d all be gushing and fawning over him.

  38. This is glorious news providing it doesn’t affect his eligibility to the NFL Hall of Fame. Only four years now until he can be recognized as the best QB to ever play the game.
    All the smart people that prefer Tebow to Payton

  39. 86% of Americans are Christian but when a good looking muscular Christian (who sometimes needs a shave) steps forward to publicly embrace his faith, many seem to have a problem and try to discredit him.
    Look Tim will be taking college football on his show. I doubt that he will talk about his faith and inspiration unless asked. And who knows more about college football than him?

  40. The main reason so many people are negative towards Tebow whether a believer or nonbeliever is the fact it’s a sport and people want to be entertained not be forced to look at religion in the process. What if he had worn Obama under his eyes? Would the Christian Right like that? NO! I’m a Christian and it bothered me as inappropriate. It should have never been allowed by UF or Myer! As evidence the NCAA banned such after Tebow graduated ! This is why people are so passionate about it! No one likes a goodie 2 shoes throwing it in your face! ESP in a sports venue where people like to be away from the issues of the world for a bit!

  41. Nope, he’s not an NFL qb, and every coach, scout, and GM, hack, fan and non fan has seen that. His lack of talent of throwing a football accurately was there for all to see.

    I feel it’s sad for him to say that his dream is to still be an NFL starting qb. Good luck with that to him, and I mean that with no irony.

  42. That crying sound you hear is from anti-Christian bigots who will now have to see/hear/listen to Tebow now for the next 20 years! All the while uh-well-hmm-you-see-duh-um to explain why they hate him but give Islam a pass.
    I LOVE it!!!
    Greatest CHRISTmas present ever!

  43. “all you haters say what you want… but this is a brilliant move…$ for both sides”

    Well, to be honest, he’ll be expected to do more than smile like a mongoloid and say “Gah bless.” Even yokels who hump their pillows to minor league football are going to want more than that after a few weeks.

  44. So Joe six pack says, “I don’t get all the hate?” From where does it originate? Oh naive and simple in the ways of human nature. They hate Tebow because he reminds them of the coming judgement that will eventually befall them.

  45. that should be entertaining, they’ll have to run a replay fuor times for tebow to watch to get the slightest grasp of what just happened in the last play so he can say something about it.

    I assume it wont take more then 2 weeks before they just run a commercial between every play so tebow has the 30 seconds he needs to figure out what the hell is going on on the field.

  46. I could not disagree more with Tebow’s religious beliefs,but happy the kid is working..

    There millions in this country without employment in a market where there is one job for every three persons…Maybe,someone could help them?

    Brilliant move by ESPN? Really? I wouldn’t go that far,but I’m sure the worshippers of this kid will be out in force bowing down to their idol…

  47. Will you guys stop with all the “hate” nonsense…some of us just come to ProFootballTalk to talk about pro football. For years we had to endure
    “Just you wait, Tebow will rise to the top” then
    “He can play in this league…there’s 32 teams!” to
    “Well, okay, he can’t play pro, so let’s talk college!”
    Please, just let the fetish go. I don’t hate Tim Tebow…but I was right that he’d be out of the NFL within 3 years…now can we just talk pro football?

  48. Let me guess – he’s going to cover men’s figure skating and women’s softball…if you know what I mean.

    Have you seen the women he’s dated

  49. ESPN commentary is unwatchable anyway. Especially if you root for an under the radar small market team.

  50. Stellar business decision by the 4-letter network, no doubt inspired by the Duck Dynasty nonsense.

    With all the pre-game shows to choose from, what network do you think the Evangelicals gonna watch? Even the hint of having their religious views questioned gets ’em out in droves!

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