Greg Schiano: Next Bucs coach is taking over a good situation


Hours after he was fired as head coach of the Buccaneers, Greg Schiano said he believes he’s leaving behind a good football team.

Schiano said he wasn’t expecting to get fired and believed when he arrived at the facility today that he was about to begin preparation for a good offseason and a good 2014 regular season. Instead, he found out he was fired.

“I woke up this morning planning to be the head coach of the Bucs,” Schiano said. “So that tells you that I believed this was going to take some more time. But I understand when I got into this thing, I’m a big boy and I understood what I was walking into. The National Football League, a quarter of the coaches turn over every year. Did I think we had an opportunity to move this forward? I still do. I think whoever takes over this job is taking over a good situation. A real good situation. Had I been coming back next year, I’d be excited about the potential of this team and where we’re heading. But I’m not.”

There’s been widespread speculation that Schiano will return to the college ranks and that he might be the next head coach at Penn State if an NFL team hires Bill O’Brien away. But Schiano said he hasn’t thought that far ahead.

“I woke up this morning thinking I was going to be the head coach of the Bucs. So I haven’t had a lot of time to think about what I want to do,” Schiano said.

Whatever he does, Schiano is done in Tampa, and probably done forever as an NFL head coach.

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  1. Honestly Schiano was never a bad guy like the media made him out to be. Its too bad the Freeman thing played out how it did, where everyone painted him as guilty even as ultimately he was proven right.

    He’ll land on his feet with a plum college job (Texas or Penn State). Just wasn’t a great in-game coach at the NFL level, but I wish him nothing but the best.

  2. And who didn’t know this was coming?

    And the more important news: make no mistake about it, the Indianapolis Colts are going to win the Super Bowl.

  3. Bad timing. If only they had a good GM from the beginning THEN see what Schiano can do. Now we’ll never know. A lesson to all other teams, stop spending big money on coaching staffs until you get a good GM in place first. Otherwise nobody has a chance, and everybody turns into a loser. You have to get that top role filled properly and intelligently, and nothing else matters until you figure that part out first!

  4. Schiano failed in the NFL because grown men making millions don’t listen to college coaches trying to play army general.

    Greg, take your garbage routine to penn st where guys fighting for playing time in between basket weaving 101 will actually buy into your played out routine.

  5. .

    Done as coach like the media predicted of Bill Belichick. He only went on to win more games than any other team since 2001.

  6. He is not done in the NFL. They said the same thing about Josh Mcdaniels when he created that dumpster fire in Denver. It takes a certain person to be a head coach, some have it, some can get it, and some will never have it. Right now he doesn’t have it, but only time will tell if he can get it.

  7. “ravenswhat says:
    Dec 30, 2013 4:27 PM

    Schiano failed in the NFL because grown men making millions don’t listen to college coaches trying to play army general. “

    Chip Kelly demands an explanation

  8. The reality is – there are very few Head Coach openings in the NFL every year from GOOD organizations.
    MOST of the open jobs come from consistently bad, dysfunctional organizations (Redskins, Cleve, MN to name a few)
    So MOST NEW Head coaches take a job with odds stacked against them and HOPE it works out…it usually doesn’t.

  9. At first I thought Schiano was a typical college coach just trying to make his mark on the NFL by outlandish play calling and Pete Carroll type stuff, but after hearing an interview with him on how undisciplined that team was, I changed my opinion of him.

  10. He may not be done, for good. Maybe he creates a college powerhouse, learns from his mistakes, and gets another crack at it? At least he was right about Freeman.

  11. Most of you people are ignorant. It is VERY difficult to be a coach in the NFL. I love how you say take your “garbage coaching” back to college or rip him for his player choices.
    FACT: he knew it was a tough decision to rid the team I the cancer called josh freeman(who was a night owl and partier but Greg never told anyone) He was CORRECT about Glennon.
    The Bucs will be a very good defense next year and have a great nucleus.
    He will coach in the nfl again if he wants (remember Pete Carroll and bill B)

  12. I think he has the potential to be far better than your average coach, it takes time to build a program and time to become a good NFL coach. The way his team played after starting out 0-8 indicated to me that it was starting to come together. It is a shame

  13. Has anyone heard anything related to the NFL’s investigation into the leaking of Josh Freeman’s private medical information?!?


    Go figure.

  14. At Rutgers Schiano told 49ers right tackle Anthony Davis he would be a one contract(He was extended to a five year deal) player in the NFL.

    Well Greg it looks like you were a one contract head coach in the NFL.

  15. Schiano will resurface on Saturdays as the Bucs move forward. The coaching well is dry. A lot of retread out there. Lovie, Wisenhunt, Del Rio, Norv. Time for Cowher, Gruden, and maybe Dungy to get back in the game.

  16. Never a fan of his, but is 2 seasons really enough to judge a coach? All the other issues weren’t entirely up to him (Glazers should be blamed for the MRSA).

  17. He made Rutgers into a solid team. Rutgers stunk forever before he got there. Go back to college and do your thing. His approach doesn’t work in the NFL. Players are me first so much nowadays that his old school tough guy routine wouldn’t work

  18. I’ll admit he had them playing good football after the earlier distractions but he still doesn’t handle certain things correctly, like the Josh Freeman debacle that could of went a lot cleaner. Fact is he turn Rutgers from a team that sucked into something relevant. Being just over .500 is way better than being a loser. College teams coaches have way more power than NFL.

    Also Cowher & Gruden aren’t coming back.

  19. Schiano was a terrible game day coach at Rutgers, an overly conservative offensive coach and a great defensive mind. Many of us at Rutgers were glad to see him go because he plateaued. His next job, if it is on the college level, will be interesting, because his excuse was always that Rutgers was a young program not used to winning. He can’t sell that at Penn St. I see his ego keeping him in the NFL as a D coordinator anyway.

  20. You can’t compare Schiano and Chip Kelly. Schiano thought he could coach with an iron fist. Kelly got his players to buy into his ideas and supported them as a leader. Schiano’s mistake was he tried to coach like he was still in college. He did a tremendous job turning Rutgers into an actual football team. He will do well again in college.

  21. As a Buc’s fan and knowing the Glazers as well as the history of this organization. This is actually an unexpected move. I gotta say I’m more than a little encouraged by them not being the money grubbing bastards I expected them to be and eating Schiano’s salary, Freeman’s too. The MSRA issue is still a hurdle the organization has to get past but the talent is definitely there to compete with anyone on any given Sunday. Still a pretty young team with a splash of quality veterans that need to step up and get with the program of “Let’s win know, who gives a Schiano what anybody else thinks”

  22. I live in Tampa, and always gets to hear his press confrences, and his Monday night show. This dude is A well known and a tremendous liar! Saying he went to work not thinking about being fired! HA!!!!! We got billboards up Buddy calling for your head! Going 0-8 and getting BLOWN waaay out last game of the year. Thinking I’m just going back to work, and start prepping for next season, nothing is wrong, this dude is obviously way too stupid to be a head coach in the NFL, or he just a plain liar. Comon man!

  23. Schiano is right. First off, You have amazing defensive backs in Goldson,Barron, and Revis. Then you add the presence of McCoy on the line as well as Davis as a linebacker isn’t bad to have. Also Martin is one of the better backs in the league. When he was gone, James came in and provided a spark, then when he went down Rainey did even better. Then that passing game has a great, but aging Vincent Jackson with Mike Williams as well as Underwood showing up later in the season. Lets not forget that Glennon did pretty well for a guy selected in the 3rd round and could make his mark next year. All that is needed is a sense of direction. If they get a coach who works there can start contending for the playoffs.

  24. “We are so dysfunctional,” one anonymous player told Michael Silver of the “These billionaires need to pick somebody and stay with them. These aren’t girlfriends…”

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