Haslam: We’re not the same old Browns, not the Three Stooges

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam appeared before the Cleveland media today to announce the firing of head coach Rob Chudzinski and said the reason for the firing was simple: The team needs to get better.

Haslam told reporters that he hates hearing people refer to these Browns — who have gone either 4-12 or 5-11 in each of the last six seasons — as the same old hapless losers.

“There’s nothing — and you all have every right to write it — that galls me more than to read on Monday mornings, ‘Same old Browns.’ Because that’s not what we’re all about, and that’s not what we came here for,” Haslam said.

One reporter at the press conference asked Haslam whether he, Browns CEO Joe Banner and G.M. Mike Lombardi are “the Three Stooges running this operation.” Haslam insisted that he and the men he hired know what they’re doing, although he acknowledged that firing the head coach after one 4-12 season will be met with some skepticism.

“We deserve the skepticism,” Haslam said. “We have the best fans in the world, and I’ve said our fans deserve better.”

Haslam said he and the front office will search for as long as it takes to find a coach he’s confident can win.

“We want an individual who’s a strong winner, who knows how to win football games,” he said. “I don’t know if it’ll take a week or a month.”

However long it takes, Haslam needs to find some coach who will make the Browns a better team — a coach who won’t be mentioned alongside failed recent coaches in Cleveland like Romeo Crennel, Eric Mangini, Pat Shurmur and now Rob Chudzinski.

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  1. The Browns are nothing like the Three Stooges. The Stooges are fun to watch, and you don’t have to spend $15.00 on a beer.

  2. If it were really the 3 Stooges it might have actually been better. At least there would have been a few laughs thrown in at the Factory Of Sadness.

  3. But how come you couldn’t figure out Chud was a bad coach when you hired him, yet you are so keen as to knowing that now?

    How can you be so sure that the confidence you place in your Front Office is warranted? What if you are wrong and they aren’t smart football people like you believe that they are? That’s a huge problem, and it looks to me like a recurring problem. You replaced one lousy GM with another, and to me that looks like the same old losing team. I don’t take you seriously at all.

    And of course Haslam knows everything about football, yet he wants to find a winner and has no idea if he can even find one in a month’s time. Probably has something to do with the fact that he has no idea who would make a football winner, otherwise he’d have more confidence that he would find the best winner to choose, within any kind of given timeframe.

    He just doesn’t get it.

  4. Jimmy Haslam is just angry because he is going to prison. Chud got hosed. Plain and simple. We had no QB all year except Hoyer and he went down. This is just stupid and yes Cleveland, you do look like stooges which is why you didn’t get any of my money this year. I even turned down free tickets.
    You never fail to disappoint.

  5. “No comment. I’m not going to say anything else until our team starts a season at 4-0.” – Jimmy Haslam

    …is the only thing I’d want to hear from this owner as a Browns fan.

  6. I watched the press conference and while it didnt give us Browns fans any sort of direction on where the franchise seems to be headed, it seems like the right move. There was no progression from the previous year as far as wins and losses go, and lets be honest thats what really matters. Whether or not there was conflicted opionions or interests between Chud and the front office, this move cost the franchise $10.5 million dollars, so that alone shows me that they are committed to making this into a competetive team, and sooner rather than later.

    I am not going to get my hopes up too high because this is the Browns.

    I did think it was very interesting to hear that no coaching prospects that were interviewed last year will be considered for the open position. That to me is alarming because both O’Brien and Wisenhut were interviewed last year and those are two of the better coaches out there. Lets hope Banner was just trying to stir the pot a little there.

  7. Haslam said he and the front office will search for as long as it takes to find a coach he’s confident can win.

    …until next year at this time when they’re firing their latest coach they were confident in… ridiculous!!!

  8. Really Jimmy, this firing makes a lot of sense. And I agree that the current Browns are not the Three Stooges, at least not yet. You have one missing piece!

    Look at the key players….

    Joe Banner craves recognition for his ability to put together a strong team. Put aside the fact that he is a proven liar, and egomaniac, and generally clueless when it comes to evaluating talent and understanding the game (not the business, but the actual X’s and O’s). He is a guy who always takes credit for ‘finding’ Andy Reid; yet I have never seen Andy Reid say that Banner was instrumental in his coaching prowess.

    Then you have Mike Lombardi. The Lombardturd. Dumbardi. Lombardloss. Fired five times by FIVE different teams. How many fans work with competent co-workers that have been fired (not laid off) FIVE Times? How many Pilot/Flying J employees have been FIRED FIVE TIMES? And Dumbardi continued his drafting prowess this year with one major underachiever, a third rounder that only played after injury (and played poorly) and a couple of roster stuffers. Not to mention his major free agent signings that included a player with a heart condition and a stealth pass rusher (Paul Kruger).

    So Chud becomes the fall guy for an inept front office led by an owner under FBI investigation for serious crimes.

    Next up is Idiot Josh McDaniel. The triangle will be completed. An Egomaniac. A paragon of Ineptitude. An Idiot. All led by a someone likely to be branded a criminal. The Three Stooges!

    Somewhere, Somehow, Somebody in Cleveland sports did Something to PO God!

    And GOD is striking back!

  9. This guy wasn’t their first choice, their second choice, or even their third. And then they make him the scapegoat for their own ineptitude? Classlesss.

  10. he’s right….the OLD Browns are in Baltimore:)

    Steeler Nation misses our old rivalry and we have a TON of respect for Browns fans….they stand by their team ALWAYS…..Steeler Nation wishes ALL of us were as loyal to our team as the Browns fans are to their team!

    Steeler Nation

  11. Haha I heard this question and the lead up to the question in the press conference and it was absolutely fantastic.

    Exactly what I wanted to hear as a (former) Brown’s fan

  12. Everyone knows your not the old Cleveland Browns. The old Browns actually won a championship. Then they packed up and moved to Baltimore, and were transformed into the greatest franchise in the history of sports.


  13. “We want an individual who’s a strong winner, who knows how to win football games,” he said. “I don’t know if it’ll take a week or a month.”

    And from where do they expect to find this person? From the discarded “EX NFL Head Coach” list??!???

  14. We fired a decent coach without having one already locked up (e.g. Cowher, Gruden etc.). Now another search? Didn’t Chip say no last year which is why Chud was hired? Three stooges – more like 3 physically with the mental ability of just one.

  15. I am sick of Browns fan crying ” We want to win”. Yet now ” Poor Chud”. Wake up. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. The team got worse as the season proceeded. The players did not try against Pittsburgh. Bess sucked all year and self destructed. They were forced to put WR Cooper in. Cooper in 2 games out played Bess in 15. Chuds job is to make the team (as crappy as the team is) to improve and make smart player decisions. The team had two offensive minded coaches (Norv and Chud) yet it took them 3/4 of the season to realize Weeden was 3rd on QB depth chart. Please. Chud got what he deserved. Nice guy or not.

  16. Yes, you are. Do you expect anybody to fix that god awful mess in one year? Stupid is as stupid does.

  17. Yes you are. You took a team and fired the last coach. Then you hired another one, installed a new scheme and then at the end of the season fired him.

    Now the next coach will have to tear everything down scheme and coaching wise and start over again.

    At the very least the two idiots you hired (Banner and Lombardi) have wasted a year. At worse they just told all possible future coaches that even if the front office repeatedly screws you over (unspent cap $s, trading players and picks without bringing in sufficent help ect.) you have to perform magic and miracles and somehow win anyways.

    You are a dumpster fire and I just can’t see this FO changing that anytime soon.

  18. The corrupt Haslam is fast becoming the Snyder/Jerrah Jones type of incompetent and manipulating owner.

  19. Yes they are. How do you fire a coach who inherited two horrible quarter backs and then trades running back and brings in Willis McGhee. Please give him a chance to build a team .

  20. Hard to fire a coach that you gave away his top running back mid season and also dealt with an injured QB as well.

    Haslam smells like a rotten fish on this one.

    If he’s really serious about not being the same old browns it probably means he has a coach in waiting he couldn’t get last year and used Chud as a stopgap until the time being.

    As a team that’s always been bad, here’s rooting for another decade of embarrassment. Way to treat your employees like crap.

  21. Feel bad for Brown fans. Chud was a good coach just starting to build something. So can I assume the next guy will get a 1 year contract?


  22. No one seen this coming? They need to google “how to block a double eye poke”. I wonder if Banner stuck his fist out for Haslam to hit. Then in turn Chud got hit on top of the head. I think Churd asked Horton and Norv to drill a “water letter outer” when this boat started to sink. Horton’s defense flaming at the end of games did not help.

  23. Maybe not the Three Stooges, maybe the Three Amigos. What a dumb organization. Cleveland deserves better. Browns are an Historical Franchise. Definitely not Paul Brown’s Browns.

  24. You look like stooges when you fire a coach that the team played hard for after 1 season.

    You have no QB, no RB, and a defense on the brink of being good.

    So instead of letting the guy build something you fire him and start all over again.

    Smacks of stupidity and arrogance.

    You’ve sucked forever and now you have a coach guys want to play for and you kick him to the curb. Stooge move.

  25. Yuk Yuk Yuk! “Niagara Falls, slowly I turn, step by step…”

    Would be nice if Browns were as entertaining as the Three Stooges.

  26. Jimmy would have a little more credibility if he weren’t on the precipice of a Federal Indictment…

  27. But you are the same old Browns Jimmy. And you’re also classless, a hypocrite, and are beginning to sound like a Jerry Jones with a GM. Take another look at your presser last year when you introduced Chud and then take a look in the mirror. As a Browns fan thanks for embarrassing us again.

  28. “We have the best fans in the world, and I’ve said our fans deserve better.”

    Yes, they deserve better than a GM who was a colleague of Bill Belicheck, but can’t get a job with him; an owner that is under a federal investigation; and a team president who was only available because a successful organization threw him out.

    Does anyone think they’re going to lure a better coach to Cleveland? Chud maybe isn’t the answer, but they’re not getting a big name – he’ll want final say on the roster. So, you’re getting either a retread (like Mangini), or someone eager for a first time HC position (like Crennel, Shurmur, and Chudzinski).

  29. Next up is Idiot Josh McDaniel. The triangle will be completed. An Egomaniac. A paragon of Ineptitude. An Idiot. All led by a someone likely to be branded a criminal. The Three Stooges!


    McDaniels isn’t an idiot, he was just too young and not yet ready when the Donks hired him. He’s a good but not great offensive coordinator and QB coach.

    Unfortunately for the Browns, I think he’s still not ready to be a head coach. He needs another couple years under Belichick I think before he’ll be ready to move back up to an HC job.

  30. “We want an individual who’s a strong winner, who knows how to win football games,” he said. “I don’t know if it’ll take a week or a month.”

    or maybe 2 seasons?

  31. Emotion

    Not a whole lot of reasoning here. Is there anyway possible this can turn out to be the right move? The right move from the vantage point that if they put somebody who is a lot better in place then this should be the most important thing from a Brown’s fan vantage point.

    Chud’s a Millionaire

    How are you doing?

  32. Most Cleveland fans will never change.
    Everything is based on senseless emotion.
    Can’t you people see that keeping Chud would have been the easy thing to do and the financially prudent thing to do?
    It’s going to cost them over 10 million to let him walk away.
    Poor Chud, you’ve got to be kidding me. This guy just won the lottery.
    To me, them willing to take that kind of monetary loss shows their commitment to making this team a winner. Anybody that can’t see that just does not want to see it. They are admitting they made a mistake hiring him. Keeping him would have been even a bigger mistake. I am a Browns fan, but the mentality of many of the fans in Cleveland just puzzles me to no end. I would be willing to bet if you took a secret ballot of the players, that the overwhelming majority of them would admit that Chud was a subpar coach. The way the Cleveland fans disrespect has them as an owner is sad. How many people would’ve been willing to buy the Cleveland Browns? Better wise up folks, or this team could be going somewhere else where they would appreciate having a pro football team.

  33. Reality Check Time:

    Who are you going to get to coach the team now?

    A young guy, no coaching experience? Why is he going to come to Cleveland, with (OBVIOUSLY) no ling term job security?

    Great available coaches (Cowher, Gruden, Lovie) Arent coming to coach, the roster isnt good enough. Execs dont know what they are doing.

    They are going to have to choose between people like Schwartz and Frazier and Schiano.

    The players believed in this coach. This decision will set this franchise back 5 years. What do you think are the chances of your few good free agents are going to want to resign?

    This clown learned NOTHING from the Rooney family.

  34. Not sure who tweeted it out this morning, but it was a pretty remarkable fact…

    “The last 4 Head Coaches to be fired in the AFC North were all HCs of the Cleveland Browns.”

    You’d think just 1 year that franchise would catch even a modest break. Poor decisions, subpar personnel, terrible drafts, and a ‘culture of losing’ can weigh on a franchise for a long, long time.

  35. Haslam you ask us to trust you!!!!!!

    Chud may not have been the anwer but on the other hand we Browns Fans will never know now wll we? I was so excited when you bought this team but you have proven to be untrust worthy. Your business, well need I say more, and you promised you would stand behind Chud. Your words are nothing. You are loosing fans left and right.

    I know I am one of those greatedt fans in the world as I will conitnue to pull for the Browns but in the last 13 years this was the hardest year for me as a fan and this move is the most gut wrenching. IDIOT!!!

  36. Hey, Browns leadership: remember Jimmy Johnson’s first year with the Cowboys? What was that record? 1-15.

    Wonder how many Super Bowls they would have won if they changed horses every year.

  37. By the way, if they REALLY think they are going to “lure” some great coach, why didnt they fire the whole coaching staff? Do you REALLY think some great coach is going to come in and not bring his own staff with him?

  38. After many months of looking for the best coach to lead the Browns I am pleased to introduce Mr. Lebron James as the new head coach of the Browns

  39. Mr. Haslam, It seems to me the coach is the scapegoat for President/GM/Personnel Joe Banner, How did he help the team improve ….

    Things we knew before the season:

    We needed NFL quality offensive guards

    We cannot run in the North with out a full back
    who would also give the QB more time in the passing game

    We needed better running backs

    We needed possession receivers who could catch the ball

    We needed a QB

    We needed a #2 receiver to open the field

    We needed another LB to stand next to Jackson

    We needed to make your draft picks count, (Did they)?

    We needed depth at CB in this pass happy league, yet you released Owens as soon as he was healthy.

    It kind of looks like Mr. Banners plan was a high draft pick and Chud was just cannon fodder.

  40. Whoooooop WHooooop WHoooop

    The three stooges would at least entertain the crowd with their antics on the sidelines, lol

  41. I’m not sure how anyone is suppose to “build a team” in one short year. He needs to draft a few good players and pick up a few in free agency. Chud wasn’t really given a chance. I doubt the next guy will either. The Browns will continue to be losers. Sorry Brown fans. You folks deserve so much better than what you’re getting.

  42. So now all you have to do is find a head coach who is a proven winner that is willing to take a job where he inherits both coordinators and is most likely to have a super-talented, uncoachable egomaniac thrust upon him in Johnny Manziel?

    Good luck with that.

  43. Does he not realize the first call any prospective new coach will make is to Chudzinski to ask what they told him during his interview about being given time to succeed?

  44. Haslam here is one more for ya. As a season ticket holder which does make me one of the greatest fans because you can’t manage even a truck stop. I have video of one of your security personnel flippmg us off and dancing at the Bears game when the Bears scored. Now don’t get me wrong if they need a job and they are from another city and a fan of that team they are allowed but SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO CELEBRATE OPENLY WHEN WORKING AT OUR STADIUM!!!!!!!! Also there was one of the food vendors celebrating also for the Bears.

  45. “There’s nothing — and you all have every right to write it — that galls me more than to read on Monday mornings, ……”


    A) The grand jury handed down a 40 count indictment.

    B) Mike Lombardi is truly a turd.

    C) That Joe Banner’s first love is soccer.

    D) We are beginning another 10 year rebuilding process!

  46. “Haslam said he and the front office will search for as long as it takes to find a coach he’s confident can win.”

    Get your list of coordinators and desperate re-treads ready. Any coach actually in demand wouldn’t walk into this situation unless they were desperate. These goofs will have to pay top $$$ just to get marginal FA’s to come to town too. What a bunch of losers.

  47. Its one thing if they had a guy in place ready to take over, but the fact they have go through a search again just proves they are bunch of bozos. The best, most consistent teams have owners that let the football people make the football decisions and Haslem is clearly in over his head. That being said, make Horton the head coach, leave everything else in place (Turner is one of the best OCs of all-time)…

  48. The Browns are not a fabled organization. The REAL Browns had to move to Baltimore and leave the name in Cleveland. Just like the real Colts are in Indy.

  49. One of the things I learned working with “owners” in virtually all family-owned companies is that the people who get fired are never family members or the lackeys that suck up to the owner, it is the guy that put in more time working to make the company a success than anyone else in the organization, along with his heart and soul. I want to see an owner put his team up for sale with the reason being he failed as an owner and the community deserved better.

  50. Chud was not the first choice last year he was a sentimental choice. The team got worse as the year went along, weren’t competitive in many games.
    Would you rather a another year of Chud similar to Shurmur and Mangini just for the sake of continuity?
    This team has 5 pro bowlers and 2 first round draft picks and an owner willing to spend money. Let’s hope they can attract a competent coach.
    Everyone wants to give Chud one more year based on a 4-12 record lets give the “stooges” another year to build the team they want.
    Go Browns

    Hey larryravor nice trolling…

  51. This guy is so full of crap. The proof is in the pudding you just fired your coach because “We need to get better.” after one season.

    The Browns may worse off now then before.

  52. any grown man that still goes by jimmy is a stooge if you don’t like stooge how bout the cleveland clowns

  53. If I were Jimmy Haslam, after reading this blog today, I would take the team somewhere else. Cleveland is an armpit. The fans collectively are idiots. No respect for the monetary commitment the man has made to the team and city. Admitting that he made a mistake with Chud, and moving ahead to find a better coach is what is smart businessman does. The only comment I saw that I agreed with, is “why would any one of significant quality even consider coming to this godforsaken area”. I hope Haslam somehow is able to overcome the obvious disadvantage he has in being an owner in Cleveland Ohio

  54. Jimmy might not like hearing “same old Browns,” but until they start posting better records than the Browns of the past several years, what else can he expect to hear? The team has lost more than 10 games every year since 2007, including this year. So are we expected to see the team as the “new and improved” Browns after they just went 4-12? Win some games for a change and you’ll stop hearing “same old Browns.” Until then, that’s what you’re going to hear, and deservedly so.

  55. Definitely not the Stooges. I have metal Stooges artwork all over my office. I would never have pictures of this crook and his idiot front office.

  56. it’s all bs says:
    Dec 30, 2013 1:11 PM
    he’s right….the OLD Browns are in Baltimore:)

    Steeler Nation misses our old rivalry and we have a TON of respect for Browns fans….they stand by their team ALWAYS…..Steeler Nation wishes ALL of us were as loyal to our team as the Browns fans are to their team!

    Steeler Nation
    So very well put!!!! Its hard not to root for the Browns players and their team. So much talent, yet their front office is so football illiterate they dumb the best coach they’ve had in years!!! Yea the team had its struggles but they lose their Q.B. trade away their star running back and all of a sudden its Chud’s fault??? Watch McDaniels or Turner will be their next coach and we all know how thats going to end up…

  57. The last HC to coach a winning a playoff game for the Browns was Bill Belichick, who since has coached in 6 Superbowls after being unceremoniously dumped by them (thanks Modell).

    Maybe Chud will coach in 6 Superbowls too?

    Sorry Browns fans, seriously. When they dumped the RB, which may prove to be the correct thing to do, then rumored all season that they were trading their best WR, that sucks the emotional energy out of a team and the results were predictable.

    Sorry that Chudz didn’t really get a fair chance. The Browns looked pretty good against the Pats.

  58. The truth is Chud did nothing to warrant comng back. When u lose to the Jags at home that’s coaching. I don’t care if Haden got beat, no way they should lose that game period. You can argue the QB play was worse last year under Shurmer and he won more games. Philly had QB issues too and they from 4-12 to 10-6 and into the playoffs. In the end my money is on Haslam to succeed, we is a winner who commands respect. Chud does not have command presence and sideline leadership skills. Just compare him to the top coaches.

  59. I wish I had grown up in Indiana instead of Northeast Ohio. I would have enjoyed rooting for the Colts. Instead, its just enduring a sad clown show every season. Wishing Indy good luck in the playoffs.

  60. most of you cannot save enough money to retire…of course you could run a billion dollar football team…but continue on with your brilliant remarks about how dumb the Browns are.

    meanwhile, the last I checked every team is capable of sucking from week to week. And none of you can guarantee who will match up in the Super Bowl, if it meant putting up half your life’s savings

  61. God, this we’ll find the right guy speech is like word for word from last year’s offseason. I have a feeling this won’t be the last time we’re gonna hear this same ole speech

  62. Give Haslam a break. He found the right guys to run his daddy’s truck stops. In fact, they were almost perfect, until they got caught stealing millions from their customers. And that is not unlike what they are doing to the Browns fans, stealing. Look closely at your severance check, Chud. If he will steal from his own customers, what would he be willing to do to former employees? The reality is that you can’t buy class or integrity, no matter how much money daddy gives you.

  63. I would call the Cleveland Browns front office The 3 Stooges, but that would be giving the 3 Stooges a bad name.

  64. All of you people who keep screaming “Same ole Browns” should remember that the “Same ole Browns” are really the current Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens.

  65. “We aren’t stooges. Now please welcome the Browns next HC, Josh McDaniels.”

    Even the Mistake on the Lake deserves better than these donkeys.

  66. Call me crazy but in most organizations when you trade away your starting RB and state you are rebuilding you don’t turn around and fire the coach after one year saying you needed more wins.

  67. I feel bad for Cleveland fans. You guys have a bunch of clowns running your franchise. Firing a coach after one year? That’s Al Davis type of stuff. Chud had a decent team, and while the record didn’t indicate it, they were a tough out for a lot of teams. They just need a QB. And for anyone crowing about the TRich trade and how Indy got “fleeced”, notice that he’s in the playoffs and the Browns are not. Enjoy your #24 or so pick…TRich has started to roll lately bc the staff is using him right, and not running him into stacked boxes. The Browns will blow that first round pick like they always do. You Browns fans have suffered long enough with inept ownership.

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