High-ankle sprain for Eli Manning

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The Giants season is over, which is disappointing given the team’s hopes for the season when it began but it does have an upside for one member of the team.

Quarterback Eli Manning will have plenty of time to recuperate before the next chance to extend his streak of 151 consecutive starts. Manning’s streak would be in jeopardy if the Giants were playing again next week after he suffered a high-ankle sprain late in the first half of Sunday’s 20-6 victory over the Redskins. Manning stayed in the game for one play after his injury and threw his NFL-leading 27th interception of the season before heading to the locker room for good.

“I just felt the guy kind of bend me back and I got my foot stuck underneath him. I know it was hurt a little bit at the time and was hoping it wasn’t worse. I’m very happy to hear it’s just a sprain,” Manning said, via the Newark Star-Ledger.

Manning will be in a walking boot for a while, which is a far better outcome than any kind of surgical intervention that would require Manning to spend part of his offseason rehabbing. Given how often Manning and his receivers appeared to be on different pages or reading from entirely different books this season, they’ll likely want to devote as much time as possible to eliminating those issues once offseason work gets underway.

10 responses to “High-ankle sprain for Eli Manning

  1. Haters be hatin’ … 2 Superbowl rings and 2 SB MVP trophies. Say what you like, but that’s better than anything your team can boast.

  2. And yet McNabb played almost a whole game with a broken leg, and won. Time for Eli to hang up the ol’ cleats, and concentrate on his acting and rap career.

  3. The pick-festival could have been avoided? You’re exactly right. The Giants had a Tom Brady in Curtis Painter on the bench all season. Not sure what they were thinking.

    Even Tom Brady behing that turnstile offensive line would have been calling Jon Kitna asking him to come back.

  4. Very upset about this injury. Coughlin and management are extremely lucky it wasn’t worse. They dodged a bullet there in a meaningless game. And for what? So Coughlin could say he went 7-9 instead of 6-10? Whoopdeedoo.

    Jernigan emerged as a playmaker but that only brings up more questions about the way Coughlin and Gilbride go about handling their roster. Reese has been awful, but these coaches never adjusted.

    Why was Jernigan on the bench this whole season? Are you telling me Gilbride can’t figure out a way to get him on the field WITH Cruz? Nicks has been worthless all year. Myers can’t catch without tripping over his feet or tipping up the ball for ints. Painter got a taste of what Eli has been dealing with all year long!

    If Mara has any clue at all, he will force Coughlin to fire Gilbride. This is ridiculous. No other coach in the league can survive the total systematic breakdown Gilbride put forth. And now, the franchise QB is on crutches. Smh

  5. Eli should have to earn his starting job back next season. He threw for 17 tds and 21 ints helping his team finish 7-9 missing the playoffs again. He had over three five pick games scoring may one td in those games. You can blame Gilbride all you like but if you actually watched Eli you would see how awful he truly was and or really is accolades aside. This isn’t the first year he has had more picks than tds. His defense carries his mistakes but they stunk this year too. His line stunk too but come on. Throw it away! Drop the ego and get a QB tutor to help because in your 10 seasons I gaurantee he has thrown more ints than tds if not it’s dangerously close together.

  6. Earn his job??? If the line was healthy all season and Nicks and Cruz could actually catch a ball this year we would have been fine. More than half of Eli’s passes were tipped balls that should have been caught. You scrubs don’t even watch Giants games but have comment to make!’ Kiss our big blue butts!

  7. Eli is the MANN and his consecutive game streak is an amzing accomplishment. Eli will go down as the most decorated Giant of all time! I’ll go to cantion for his induction someday. Go Blue!

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