Jason Garrett: There’s a lot to be proud of with the Cowboys


Each of Jason Garrett’s three full seasons as head coach of the Cowboys has ended the same way: The Cowboys went into Week 17 with an 8-7 record, needing to win their final game to win the NFC East, and instead lost and fell to 8-8, finishing out of the playoffs.

Garrett knows that’s not good enough. But he also told reporters today that he believes the way his team played hard in Sunday night’s loss to the Eagles should be a source of pride.

“We understand it’s a bottom line business and we did not get the job done,” Garrett said. “There’s a lot to be proud of with this football team, a lot to be proud of the performance last night.”

Now the Cowboys turn their attention to the future. Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones says he remains committed to Garrett, although it seems highly likely that major changes will be coming to Garrett’s coaching staff. Garrett said it would be premature to talk about the future of his staff, although defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin’s job security would certainly seem to be in doubt, considering that Garrett emphasized that the Cowboys’ defense has to get better.

“We have to play better on defense, there’s no question about that,” Garrett said.

Ultimately, Garrett knows that no matter how proud of his team he is, his team fell short of its goal.

“We’ve done that the last three years, we played the last game of the season for the NFC East and we didn’t get the job done,” Garrett said. “And we all have to live with that.”

Fortunately for Garrett, Jones is going to let him live with that for one more season in Dallas.

106 responses to “Jason Garrett: There’s a lot to be proud of with the Cowboys

  1. The Cowboys being bad is good for football. Their legion of casual fairweather fans who act entitled to the Superb Owl deserve this.

  2. Garret might be a great coach, hard to tell judging by who really runs the team. For hell’s sake, Bill Walsh or Vince Lombardi would be lucky to get to 8-8 with Jerrah at the controls. That man would make a train wreck out of a bicycle ride

  3. As a Cowboy hater, the Jason Garrett era has provided far more satisfaction than the Chan Gailey era.

    Four more years!
    Four more years!

  4. The cowboys played hard last night, especially defensively. They just weren’t good enough to get it done offensively, despite many opportunities, against an underrated Eagles D. Nothing to be ashamed of.

    And if it’s any consolation to dejected Dallas fans, it ended pretty much the way it would have ended had Romo played…. 😉

  5. I was proud of seeing the Owner’s Suite with Jerrah leaving before the end of the game and his grandson ripping his Dallas shirt off in disgust. Jerrah was none to pleased with that either. You can see him berating the youth mercilessly.

  6. Every year this team is hyped up soooo much,when the preseason predictions come out,Dallas will be picked to win the division and go deep into the playoff.Every year it`s the same thing.Dallas will win!

    But as we all know Dallas will choke!!!!

  7. The only reason Garrett is keeping his job is because he is like silly putty in the meddling hands of owner/GM Jerrah.

    The self-styled “America’s Team” has done diddly since Jimmy Johnson left and will continue to live in the backwaters of the NFC as long as the best businessman in the NFL remains as the worst general manager in the NFL.

    The media’s continuing fascination with this train wreck mystifies many of us who refuse to drink the Cowboy kool-aid.

  8. Dallas is very very close. They are competing with the best teams in the league. They need to strengthen up the middle of their D line, add a monster linebacker and a free safety. The chemistry is there and now the experience is one year wiser. Dallas will be strong next year with a good draft. I like the way their future looks. They will be picked by the experts to win their division next year and go deep into the playoffs. Until then, just gonna relax and enjoy these playoff games.

  9. I hope Garrett has higher standards for his children…

    He is PROUD of failing for FOUR straight years?

    Garrett went to Princeton, right? Does he understand pass/fail?

  10. Jason Garrett seems like a smart thoughtful guy, but when he talks especially after gut wrenching losses he sounds like a Pop Warner coach. All of his players should get trophies for playing hard.

    Jason you’re an NFL HC whose team consistently comes up short in the most heart breaking ways.

    Maybe your team need to see you lose your mind and get mad sometimes.

    If Mr Rogers was a coach he’d be just like Jason Garrett

  11. I love my Monday mornings with Dan Patrick and his exasperated Dallas Cowboys fan Shae in Irving and his Ginger rants…

    Keep up your satisfying work as HC Jason.

    As a 49ers fan you and Shae keep me smiling. Thanks.

  12. He has a good point. All Cowboy fans that are responsible for seeing their team succeed that get paid millions of dollars should indeed remain positive and thankful. After all they make bank in exchange for not winning, what’s not to be positive about if you are in that situation? For the rest of the fans who don’t get paid and only care about winning it must suck though.

  13. If Jerry Jones thinks Jason Garrett is doing a good job. He’s clearly interested in not winning football games.

    Jason Garrett reminds me of a younger Norv Turner. A great offensive mind that has no business trying to lead a football team.

    Zero emotion, zero accountability, zero leadership.

    He’s a young Norv Turner. Plain and simple.

  14. So…he is proud of his team for playing hard in a win or go home game? Its this kind of attitude that wears me down being a Cowboys fan…

  15. Jason Garrett is proud that Jerry Jones is senile. Otherwise, he would have joined the 7 other former head coaches in the unemployment line today.

  16. The Jets and Cowboys are way too happy about finishing 8-8. The Eagles finished 10-6 and the Giants finished 7-9. I see both teams improving next year. I expect Dallas to finish at 8-8 with or without Romo. Jerry’s pet may be in trouble then.

  17. Jones ownes the team, but the coach bad clock management, play calling is why we don’t make the playoff. As a cowboy fan I was hoping Garrett got fired today WOW sad day for cowboy nation.

  18. I have spoken. Garret remains coach. Monte kiffin fired. Lovie smith as defensive coordinator putting garret on the hot seat. If No playoffs next season then smith is your new head coach

  19. when you have 5 Lombardi Trophies in your trophy case, its a little easier for you to be patient. We enjoy the attention you give us. It helps us build new stadiums! Keep it coming. Americas Team should be the wealthiest team. Thanks! Winning again is just around the corner.

  20. As a Cowboys fan for the past 25 years I can say that this teamhead done nothing of note, for roughly the past 17. I’m a diehard fan to the bitter end. I’ve got to see three Super Bowls and for that I’ll always be happy.

    But I don’t live in the past.
    Neither do most Cowboy fans, we’re incensed and embarrassed by what we’re seeing. I think Garrett is the best man for the job if only because he’s been a part of the Jerry World Circus for a couple of decades.

    The only thing I don’t understand is the amount of hate people have for a team that hasn’t been relevant for a very long time. You people have got to let it go.

    I’ve got an Eagles’ friend, and the guy posts more Dallas hating material on Social Media than Eagles stuff. Makes no sense. It’s just a game.

  21. I hate the Cowboys so, so much, but they showed up to play Sunday night. I think that Dallas has a number of great players, but they don’t have a great team. Sort of like last years Eagles, but for Dallas it’s a year after year thing.

  22. If eight and eight for three years in a row and one playoff victory in the past five years is something to be proud of the Cowboys are on top of the world

  23. I’m proud at the way they folded, AGAIN and love how Garrett is still around and hope jerry jones lives to be 1,000 because soon as he’s not at the reins anymore, they might be able to win again

  24. Just sack the whole coaching staff
    Let us start from scratch
    If I was to fall short of production at my work over 1 year never mind 4 I would be signing the unemployment register
    Jerry get the fans back on your side for a day at least

  25. Outside of the Lions, this team has been one of the most underperforming teams in recent memory. Have all the stats, just can’t win.

    Also, Jerry Jones, you’re a moron for firing Rob Ryan.

  26. Sadly one of the most competitive owners in the NFL has become one who is satisfied with consistent mediocrity. Chock it up to senility and stubborn arrogance. And no, Jason, this fan is not going to have to “live with that”; a fan who will not accept ineptitude and ignorance at the HC position nor continue to support a team that simply doesn’t care about winning any longer. Dallas is done until Jason is gone and the arrogant owner gives up the GM spot voluntarily or not (joining Al Davis wherever he may be). All of my football loyalty is now riding with the soon to be juggernaut, the UCLA Bruins.

  27. I have said it before: can’t somebody shut this guy up? Because he sounds clueless when he speaks….

    (Memo to NFL: PR training for HC’s…)

  28. As a Cowboy hater, I love to see them out of the playoffs only a little bit more than seeing them get to the playoffs and lose their first game. Of course, for this season anyway, my team was woefully bad. I’m not going to mention winning the division last year, because it doesn’t matter now. I just hope that my team makes the adjustments it needs to make. By the end of December 2014, I will know if that happened. As long as Garrett is the head coach, I don’t think the Cowboys will have another Super Bowl victory.

  29. The worst possible thing Jones can do is continue to employ Garrett. The simple fact is by hanging on to Garrett he continues the charade. Jerry continues to live in his own reality and we all know how well that is working out: 8-8 for 3 seasons ! At least by firing Garrett we could see a glimmer of hope that old Jerrah has not completely lost it. We all must face the fact that he has gone Al Davis on us.

  30. Don’t care about the boys….as a Giants fan I should be happy that they aren’t firing Jason. As a football fan though, I seriously do not get it.

    I have to believe that Jerry KNOWS he will not get anyone better who continues to bow down to him in all ways and thus sticks with his latest yes-man.

    Listen to john mara’s presser today: he wonders why Jernigan hadn’t played more earlier in his career, but concedes that “that wasn’t my decision”.

    THAT is a good owner.

  31. There is a lot to be proud of
    1. An 8 and 8 record
    2. losing the final game by less than 10 points in 2013.
    3. finding a backup QB that might be better than the starter.
    4. Another December failure, but this one is not blamed on Tony Romo.

    We can celebrate another disastrous December for the Cowboys. They may have a great Barbecue that you don’t coke on, but the have a football team that does choke.

  32. $30M over the cap. Jerry micromanaging everything. Romo on the downside of his career. Yea, there’s a lot to be proud of. The Dallas Cowboys have more in common with the Oakland Raiders than they do with any elite team.

    Thanks, Jerry. Please go away.

  33. Jason, you always were, and always will be Troy Aikmans backup. Why Jerrah keeps you around is an is because with you, he can be head coach, Gm, and owner. You have went from a OC that teams want, to someone that got on his knees for Jerrah.

  34. As a Seahawks fan, i am excited to see Dallas will be coming to the Clink next year! I’m hoping Romo will be playing in that game! It should be a lot of fun . . .

  35. Mrs. Garrett always puts the blame on everyone else. Head coaches prepare a team for battle. It’s funny how you had a different QB with similar stats the starting QB usually has in big games but they both choke the same way and throw a pick in the final drive. Mrs. Garrett would be out of a job anywhere else for his failure to get his team ready but I guess he is the only one in the Cowboys organization that does not choke (on Jerry’s um) thats why he still has a job.

  36. Jerrah, as an owner you are the greatest. Now, you played in 1960, you do not know football in todays game, you are a joke sir as a GM, but donot let Stephan have control, because he is stupider than you are. With all your Billions, hire Jimmy Johnson for 3 years, pay him whatever he wants, collect some more Lombardis, and then you can fire him again. Everybody in all of football, know that the game has passed you by.

  37. The only people in the world, who think that Jason Garrett is n NFL head coach. are Jason Garrett and Jerrah Jones. The rest of the league is just thrilled that Opie will be around for another year.

  38. BS! Continual 8-8 seasons means NO improvement and NO progress. It won’t change until JJ dies or sells out. Poor CowBabies.

  39. How are 8-8, 8-8, 8-8 losing records? It’s neither a winning record nor losing record. In a league with salary caps, no relegation, and where the last place teams get to choose from the best players first and they still stink year after year, .500 is an achievement but not a trophy.

    Do you have to totally sink in this league to swim? Or is it wrong to try and swim every year? Struggle and get knocked out. Yep, Cowboys are 30 million over the cap next year, Jerry sells out, spends cap money up to 7 years into the future trying to win before he passes away.

    Other teams carry over 10 to 20 million forward from last year, and are 20 million under next year, and get top draft picks as a reward for losing, instead THEY should be RELEGATED.

    Meaning they are kicked out, and the top team from another league that gives a crap, promoted. That would give integrity to the NFL.

    The way it is, it’s a collection of CARTEL owners, making well over a billion, dividing it by 32 and paying out a fraction, extorting free stadiums; free remodeling while FAILING to improve the product. At least some teams try.

    Final point, the wealthiest players do not play NFL football, the best athletes in the world don’t play American football, and the most watched sport on the planet is not American football. The most valuable Professional Clubs in the world are not NFL teams. AND THESE CLUBS ARE SUBJECT TO RELEGATION IF THEY SLIP UP. THERE IS NO GOLDEN PARACHUTE OR special clause to save them.

    The most watched games world wide are not NFL games or the SUPERBOWL. The biggest TV audiences for games around the world aren’t even for a final; it’s for regular season meeting between two team’s home/away series. Yes, Madrid v. Barcelona usually eclipses all Superbowl ratings and viewers by a long shot with no commercial interruptions either. NFL is closer to the WWF in gross comparison. I’m done! Ready for Dallas to go 8-8 again lol! Erik, a.k.a. CowboyErik

  40. Yeah, Romo is now 34 with a twice-operated on back – his window is almost closed. At a continual 8-8, year after year, what are the Cowboys going to do to replace him?

  41. I’d like to see Garrett get to pick his own staff for a change instead of JJ just plugging in whoever he thinks will do the job. Everyone needs to be on the same page and with Jerry just hiring dudes and saying “here work with these guys and make it work” just isn’t going to cut it. Obviously, this isn’t going to happen.

    If Jerry truly wanted to win, he’d model the structure of the Cowboys after the Patriots, Broncos, Packers etc…Consistent winners. Obviously this isn’t going to happen either.

  42. You have to keep Garrett this next year. No coach would be willing to jump on to this sinking franchise, even if Jerry would offer up all control and got a GM.

    The reality is that they are above the salary cap by nearly 25 percent, gave 55 million guarantee money to a QB that may never play again or at a reduced level of ability, and still have loads of dead money on the books for past mistakes Jerry made. If you took the job you would need an 8 year contract just to make it through the mess that Jerry made and begin building your own team before he fired you.

  43. Whoa whoa whoa whoa. A seahawks fan talking about Dallas being fairweather fans…. Wow just wow. You can’t even quantify the ridiculousness of that..

  44. I disagree with much of what is being said here. True, Jones is not a good GM, but the reality is that other head coaches have won with the Cowboys under Jones’ reign. Parcells could win anywhere, but he was not the only one. Wade Phillips, not generally considered a great head coach, made the playoffs twice in his four seasons with the Cowboys, and Chan Gailey, also not a fellow likely to be confused with Vince Lombardi, made the playoffs both years that he was there. Garrett is a bad head coach and he’d be a bad head coach even with an excellent GM.

  45. Jeffrey Lurie to Chip January 2013: come be my coach.
    Chip: Why?
    Lurie: cuz I ain’t Jerruh or Dan!
    Chip: ok !!

  46. 8-8 for three straight seasons, the Vikings would take that right now, no questions asked.

    But the biggest problem in Dallas isn’t Romo’s back, the head coach or the lousy defense, its the GM. And that wouldn’t change until he’s ready for his dirt nap.

  47. This guy is a joke. I’m a lifer fan that is seriously frustrated that this fool still has a job. His Nfl career is the definition of mediocrity. He HAS to go!!!

  48. The worst part for Cowboys fans is, Jerruh Jr, when his dad does let him speak, is even worse. At least Jerruh was a great businessman. He’s just a breat businessman’s son, they are in trouble the day he is in charge

  49. Chins up Cowboy fans.

    Look at it this way… You could have a team like the Cleveland Browns who not only quit on their coach but quit on themselves.

    At least your team played with maximum effort and came up a little short. The Browns however went through the motions against a division rival and have put themselves in a position where no decent free agent or coach would even consider signing with them.

  50. I thought that guys making big money to play a game were kind of expected to play hard. Maybe that being something unusual is the reason that the Cowboys are the epitome of mediocrity in the worst division in the league. If they were in the AFC West or the NFC West, I’m sure that their record wouldn’t even achieve mediocrity.

    Dallas has a crappy defense, a choke for a QB, an emotional basket case as the top receiver, and a unimaginative and stale coach. They play just good enough to lose. What’s going to change?

  51. Garrett looks like he’ been a decent coach. It’s that imbecilic general manager they ought to fire! He assembled this miserable team. Not ever Bill Parcells could take it.

  52. Garrett is still employed because Jerrah hasn’t found his next puppet. I’ve been a Cowboys fan for 42 years now, so it hurts to see 8-8 year after year. I don’t see it getting any better, until Jones hires a real GM. Cowher? Gruden? These guys are too smart to go to Dallas and work with Jerrah.

    So the red headed puppet gets another year. 👎👎👎😡😡😡

  53. Jerry has announced that our goal next year is to win the first 8 games and then bring in our lesser paid, less experienced players to lose 8 in a row.
    I think we’re finally on the right track.

  54. Let’s keep in mind this is a process, and we have to keep with the process. The head coach has a process and his process is to stick to the process and let the process process out.

  55. What is there to be proud of. A coach that goes 8-8 every season, that is just a good case case of mediocrity. A owner that is just satisfied with .500 ball since he fired Jimmy Johnson. He knows that we are loyal Cowboy fans and we love this team win or lose. So that just tells me that Jerry Jones just doesn’t care about the fans as long as his pockets stay deep. If he did care about the fans he would do like other owners, hire a knowledgeable GM and a head coach that knows to draft and develop players. Fire yourself Jerry. The Cowboys fans deserve better then what u have given us the last 17 years. GO COWBOYS

  56. Clint Murchison(first owner), Wynne Bedford, Tex Schramm and Tom Landry the people that founded the Cowboys and the first coach of the Cowboys have to be turning in there graves because of what Jerry has done to the Cowboys. Jerry told Tex that he would do whatever is best for the Cowboys organization that is why the Cowboys were sold to him and he put in the cheapest bid. Now look what he has done to the Cowboys over the years. Made the Cowboys and there fans the laughing stocks of the NFL. I have been a fan for 43 years and it really hurts to see how we began and where we r now.

  57. Jerry u played football at Arkansas University as a college student. You were not food enough for the pros, so what qualifies u to know NFL talent. I guess ur money. You pass on talent that will make the Cowboys better every year. So go do us a favor and get itself a rocking chair then go sit in it at the nearest nursing home.

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