Joe Flacco doesn’t need knee surgery

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Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco injured the MCL in his left knee in Week 15 and then spent the final two weeks of the regular season throwing five interceptions in two Ravens losses that assured the NFL would not have a repeat Super Bowl champion this season.

Among other things that won’t be happening in the near future is knee surgery for Flacco. Flacco said after the 34-17 loss to the Bengals that he will not need an operation to repair the injury.

“I’m not going to have to get anything done,” Flacco said, via the team’s website. “It was just my MCL and it will heal on its own.”

Flacco’s 2013 effort wasn’t as good as what he did during the 2012 regular season, to say nothing of the playoff run that cemented him as the long-term quarterback in Baltimore. Some of that had to do with the personnel choices at receiver, some had to do with a mostly invisible running game and some had to do with a protection scheme that allowed Flacco to get sacked 48 times over the course of the season, but there’s no way to absolve Flacco of any blame for the offensive shortcomings this season.

It’s the clear place for the Ravens to start working toward next season so that they don’t follow up their string of five straight playoff appearances by falling short of the postseason for a second straight year.

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  1. I’m a Pats fan and therefore not one of the Ravens or Flacco, but have been impressed with his toughness over the last three weeks in playing with the bad knee and even more for not making any excuses even though it was pretty obvious he was far less than 100%.

  2. The only thing he needs is a bigger wallet because he got PAID big money by the Ravens regardless of how bad his season was. Great decision Ozzie!

  3. It asll starts in the trenches and the front office FAILED to put an O-Line in front of Joe that would protect him or open up a running game.

    I will be shocked if Gradkowski has a job with the Ravens next year at center.

  4. He has the lowest % of guaranteed $ of any starting QB in the entire league. People make a huge deal about the cap hit but his 14.5 mill cap # next year is around 12th. Take a look at that list ahead of him and count the number of rings. It may surprise you. If he doesn’t perform, the ravens can cut their losses and look at other options.

    With rice in decline they will more than likely hit the reset button soon enough anyway. It happens to 90% of teams and at least we have a SB win to show for it.

  5. That picture is actually from his knee exam in Dr. Andrews’ office. He and his staff dress up like NFL players to help put patients at ease.

  6. In the NFL you need a QB like Flacco even though the cost is so high. You need a player who is tough enough to take the team to the SB championship and hold them together in a hard year.

  7. Blaming the line is nothing more then an excuse, Ben has been behind one of the worst lines for years and he had 1 of his best seasons stat wise this year. Joe us average and needs the tools to get the job done.

  8. One year of missing the playoffs and all of a sudden Flacco sucks? Got it. Oh, and where’s all the Matt Ryan hate? At least Flacco won something before his mega contract. Ryan got more and has won NOTHING in his career and needed the help of Pete Carroll to even win just one playoff game.

  9. I hate the raven trolls, but Flacco earned my respect the past two games……give him some weapons and he can take you back to the SB. The problem is not just the offense…..that d is a joke.

  10. jmblosser82 says:
    Dec 30, 2013 11:41 AM
    Blaming the line is nothing more then an excuse, Ben has been behind one of the worst lines for years and he had 1 of his best seasons stat wise this year. Joe us average and needs the tools to get the job done

    Steelers’ line was better this year than in previous years. Also, how would Ben do without Antonio Brown, since, as you stated so eloquently, AND I QUOTE: “Joe… needs the tools to get the job done”?

  11. Flacco doesn’t need any work done on his knee.

    he needs an ‘I’m-worth-the-$20 mill-a-year-that-I-rip-the-Ravens-off-of” transplant

  12. Blaming the line is nothing more then an excuse, Ben has been behind one of the worst lines for years and he had 1 of his best seasons stat wise this year. Joe us average and needs the tools to get the job done.


    Ben had Antonio brown and Cotchery as well as sanders and a strong run game with Bell as a serious threat. Wtf did Flacco have?? I love Torrey but he’s a number 2 guy on most teams. They never had a threat like Antonio Brown.

  13. Aren’t Flacco and Eli Manning “elite” quarterbacks? LOL. Aren’t Romo; RG3; and Ryan “elite” quarterbacks? Other than they all are being paid huge bucks, the other common trait is they will be watching the playoffs from their couches while Foles; Kap and Wilson will be playing………LOL

  14. You raven fans are such hypocrites. Before the season started you raved about how much better you were and now you are wishing you had what the steelers have. It’s not a surprise to me, but it is the answer to why you get no respect….fair weather bandwagon trolls.

  15. What did Flacco have? Um, Ray Rice. Torrey Smith. Jacoby Jones. Heck, he even had Pitta back for a few games.

    And if you are saying those aren’t weapons, Ravens fans, then when will you recall all of your posts extolling the virtues of these players?

    Give me a break. Flacco had plenty of weapons and a bad offensive line doesn’t explain a sub 75 QB rating. Only bad QB play does.

  16. mr crown. you are a man of your word and you have my utmost respect. and for all the people who still blame the flacco contract on this year’s performance….you have no idea what you are talking about. bottom line is the ravens werent good enough this year. but they will be back

  17. Maybe the Ravens organization ought to “leak” to the NFL Network that Flacco wants traded because he doesn’t like the offense…
    That tactic served the Rooneys well in Pittsburgh, propelling Roethlisberger from unwatchable the first eight games to outstanding the rest of the season. A little lie sometimes is necessary to motivate complacent multimillionaires …

  18. I love it. First, joe isn’t good enough. He’ll never win a Super Bowl. Then he does and it’s “lucky”. Now after his championship team is dismantled, and he has no o-line or his favorite receivers, the Ravens go 8-8. Joe misses the playoffs for the first time in his career and all the haters arguments are vindicated… Priceless. You people really need help.

    News flash: Joe Flacco will win multiple championships.

    Oh and Dr. Rustbelt, you’re a Bengals fan. Nuff said.

    Reigning world champs


  19. For the love of God!
    Everyone bashing Flacco needs to stop already.
    Gino Gradkowski (4th round pick in 2012) had a bad year.
    A.Q. Shipley is also a C but I guess he isn’t qulified since he never moved into that position. His history in the NFL since being drafted has been practice squad guy.
    The Ravens also picked up Ryan Jensen (6th round 2013), I wonder how good he can be?

    Bottom line – you need top tier linemen.

  20. He may not need knee surgery, but he sure needs something, with that FLUNCCO season he just put together. At least he’s got SUCKERS for owners, worst contract ever given to an NFL player. 3RD PLACE… That team sucks!!!! All their luck was used in the playoffs last year and without that luck they got nothing!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHABAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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