Jon Gruden: I don’t want to be considered for any of these jobs

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For the last few years, Jon Gruden has been one of the most popular names to come up whenever a team fired its coach or was thinking about firing its coach.

It’s Black Monday, which means Gruden’s name has popped once again despite reports last month that the former Bucs and Raiders coach was “not expected” to pursue coaching jobs this offseason. Gruden backed up those reports on Monday when he said he was focused on his job at ESPN while talking about the vacancies around the league.

“I don’t want to be considered for any of these jobs,” Gruden said, via the Pioneer Press. “I don’t want to be considered for anything. There are plenty of good candidates out there. I’m just sick for the guys who can no longer coach their teams. … I’m hoping to do the best I can to hang on to my job.”

Men have said such things in the past before being behind a podium with a team logo on it and there was a lot of talk about Gruden and the Raiders last month, so never say never isn’t a bad approach in these instances. That said, it looks like “this guy” and “that guy” will continue to be the most talked about players on Monday nights next year.

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  1. I think people like the idea of Gruden better than Grudens coaching ability. Kind of a goofy guy who does MNF and won the SB 10 years ago. I personally wouldn’t put him on top of the list of candidates for my team.

  2. “I don’t want to be considered for any of these jobs,” = “Nobody has met my price yet”

  3. My guess now is Raiders retain Dennis Allen with Gruden out.

    Alright, Reggie and Allen took their two years of medicine. Now it’s time to put up or shut up. No excuses this year to not comprise at least an 8-8 team.

  4. Gruden wants to become “The New Madden.”

    So no, he’s probably not gonna coach again. He wants to be what Madden was to the previous generation or two, to the next generation or two.

  5. Gruden to UT would be an amazing hiring. A truly passionate guy with pro experience with a fertile recruiting land like Texas along with the national clout he’d bring would have the Longhorns be the next dynasty like USC with Pete Carroll.

  6. I bet he’d take the 49ers, Seahawks, Broncos or the Patriots job right now….and only right now.

  7. Thats really a shame. Out of all the potential coaches I really had hoped that Gruden would get another shot. Of course I only wanted this so I would never again have to listen to him while I watch a Monday night football game.

  8. you can say what you want about gruden, but he coached on holmgrens staff with a young brett favre, should have won the super bowl with the raiders but for the bs tuck rule which has since been rightfully abolished, and took the roster tony dungy couldn’t make the most of and won a championship with them.

    he is certainly more qualified than a lot of these young assistant coaches/coordinators/college coaches.

  9. He’s playing hard to get. Make me the GM of the Lions and have Gruden talk to me and tell me he doesn’t want a job on this team, then I’ll buy it. I say he wants in and he wants in bad when I get done talking with him.

  10. Come on man, you sure you don’t want reconsider?

    We want you in Minnesota. You’ll be able to draft your QB, we got a young team, Cordarrelle Patterson, AP, Jennings. What’s not to like?


  11. Gruden is similar to Cowher in the sense that they are both more caricatures of coaches these days. I think neither guy steps on a sideline again.

  12. Worst announcer in football history. I would take Dennis Miller before this idiotic asskissing blowhard.

    If you want an example of a guy who never has a real opinion, watch John Gruden on MNF.

  13. My guess is he is saying this because the Raider job is not available, yet. I wonder if being in the booth on MNF has given him a different perspective on the game that would actually be beneficial if he returned to coaching.

  14. Give it time, Coach Gruden will return to the Raiders and return the team to glory.

    For those of you complaining about Gruden in the MNF booth, it could be much worse… Boomer Esiason and Dennis Miller were far worse!

  15. Jon Gruden won a Super Bowl with Tony Dungy’s team and Barry Switzer won a Super Bowl with Jimmy Johnson’s team. They are equals. Also, either one would be an upgrade in Dallas, but that’s not gonna happen.

  16. Why in Gods name would Gruden want to leave MNF for Oakland? Cesspool stadium, mentally challenged ownership, delusional fans who think their job is desirable.

  17. Mr. Snyder,

    Please set up a meeting and convince him to see the error in his ways. I believe that he is a size 10.5 Medium….Your Feragammo’s will work to appeal to his senses.

    Your cash will make him hate Monday night football.

  18. Just understand that he is talking to a Minneapolis based reporter when he made that statement so translated it means;

    “No way will I consider the Vikings, with Spielman at GM, this team isn’t going anywhere plus they are playing in a rental stadium for two years, their owner was just convicted of fraud, their secondary can’t cover my grandmother in a wheel chair so HELL NO to the Viking job. Others I might consider”

  19. He isn’t a moron. He knows you are destined to fail with the Redskins, Browns, or Bucs.

    Maybe you’d have half a chance with the Vikings, but they need a lot of work, and we know Jon Gruden doesn’t like building a team.

  20. High noon with Keith Jackson is thee all time best football moment. “Whoa Nelly!”

    Chucky is a self absorbed ego fool. He can talk a good game. OVERRATED

  21. Gruden was a successful coach with the Raiders, but he only managed to win a single super bowl with a stacked Bucs roster, including a top tier defense.

    I don’t recall if he lost the locker room, was burnt out, or time just passed him by. Regardless, there isnt any indication he would be a great coach if he jumps back in the fray. Add to that the fact that no SB winning head coach has EVER won a SB with more than one team, and at best you can consider him a stop gap measure at best.

  22. All Coaches sound like they are brilliant on TV. They are all good at pointing out others flaws. Gruden is a great commentator because he is entertaining. That is what professional sports is. Hence Entertainment Sports Network.

  23. I think Gruden has realized that broadcasting is a nice, cushy and easy job compared to being a head coach. It may not pay as well but it pays well enough and like most of these analysts, can say anything he wants and if he’s wrong nobody calls them on it.

  24. Translation: Hanging with Tirico, doing color commentary, being treated nicely by everyone and getting paid for it is a lot more fun than working 110 hours a week in the NFL.

  25. but if a gig taste testing for Haagen Das or Ben and Jerrys comes along….his ears (and mouth) are wide open

  26. Come on ESPN, fire this guy! There’s nobody worse to listen to on MNF! Well, unless they stuck a female in there like the NBA did with Dorris Burke. There’s nothing worse than that. But Gruden’s close.

  27. People allways say ” won SB with dungys team ” first off dungy couldnt win with the team he built sombody else came in and won first try. 2nd Gruden took a crapy Raiders team lead by Jeff George and turned them into contenders in a very short time. and that same team without him made it to the SB with a crappy coach.

    If Gruden stayed in Oakland he wins that SB because TB probably wouldnt of even been there and they wouldnt be playing against the guy who built the team.

    and dont forget the 2 other times Gruden got shafted in the playoffs from reaching super bowls with the Raiders. the tuck rule and the slob on the Ravens big splashing Gannon in the championship game breaking his ribs.

    Gruden has built a team before and can very much do it again.

  28. Haven’t read all these posts, but the guy is an idiot. And this is coming from someone with McNair as an owner, Smith as a GM, and up until recently Kubiack as a coach. Gruden would be a downgrade from these morons. Stay at ESPN. You don’t have to really think there, which is perfectly suited for your intellect.

  29. Lets see…

    1. Go back to coaching. Back to the 100+ hour work weeks. Back to sleeping in the facility. Back to constant criticism from fans. Back to my $5M salary per year.

    2. Stick with the MNF. Work 10-12 hours a week. Stick with no criticisms and keep my $4M salary per year.

    The decision really isn’t that hard…

  30. I truly can’t believe the ass-clowns out there who throw Grudens name out for ever single job, Pro or College. His agent does that all on his own, and the ESPN gives him a raise to stay on as the worst color commenter of all time. What a racket he has going. Maybe, just maybe, Chuckie has realized that he is the phoniest SOB that ever lived? He did ok with a raider team that Art Shell built, and won a Super Bowl with a team and coaching staff that Tony Dungy had in place? He can’t go bsck to coaching and expose himself for what he really is. Give it a rest.

  31. Those that think Gruden is a good coach didn’t watch what he did in Tampa very closely. He came in 2002 fairly late in the offseason and the ENTIRE defensive staff was left in place and most of the offensive side was as well. He rode the NFL’s last great defense to a title – remember the Bucs defense outscored Oakland’s offense in that game 21-15.

    Look what he did with the Bucs AFTER 2002 to get an idea of what kind of coach Gruden was. He chased Keyshawn, Sapp and Lynch out of town to PROVE that HE could win with his own players. He chased GM Rich McKay out of town so he could bring in the dolt that is Bruce Allen. He signed 35-year old offensive linemen and running backs to big money deals – they promptly got injured. His idea of a good signing was getting a washed up Tim Brown to start at WR. He basically benched Alstott so the fans could see the brilliance that was Mike Pittman run into the back of his offensive linemen on every play. His west coast dink and dunk offensive was about 10 years out of style and yet he rarely made adjustments to it – just look at how the Bucs finished in offensive during Gruden’s run. Remember he had pretty much NOTHING to do with the defense since it was ran by Kiffin, he ran the offense and the offense was at best mediocre.

    Gruden is a myth – he should just spend the rest of his career in the booth where his “legend” will continue to grow. Unless Dungy comes backs first and builds a team for him to coach for a year that’s exactly what he’ll do – stay in the booth.

  32. really hes not that bad on mnf, and he can coach, what do you mean other coaches teams dungy got waxed by the eagles every year jon waxed the eagles he thought up the joe j play, he is a better coach than dungy and a lot of others dungy got handed peyton only won once open your eyes

  33. His commentary – if you can call it that, on MNF – is beyond annoying.
    Every player on every team is the best he’s ever seen and the greatest he’s ever seen. Each play is incredible. Each yard gained is ‘impossible’ wow this guy is incredible!
    Cam Newton, RG3 are both future HOF’s though neither has yet to win a playoff game.
    I wish he would coach again so I could get him in 5 minute soundbites every week or so instead of three hours every week.

  34. Three years ago all you heard was “Gruden and Shanahan – the hottest coaches.” People seem to forget that both these men were fired for allowing their SB teams to fall apart. Shanahan’s success is forever tied to Elway. Gruden’s is tied to Dungy’s defense and the Raider playbook.

    Both of these men are average coaches at best. They were fortunate to land in favorable teams.

    Only THREE coaches have won SBs with different QBs:

    Gibbs (Theisman, Rypien, Williams)
    Seifert (Montana, Young)
    Parcells (Hostettler, Simms)

    I toss Seifert out of the list. He had two HoF QBs. Neither Gibbs nor Parcells had that luxury.

  35. So, once again, the annual rumor that Chuckie will return to Raiderland has been dispelled. Stay tuned until next year, Raider fans.

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