Jones remains committed to Garrett, no comment on assistants

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The Cowboys missed out on the NFC East title by losing in the final week of the season for the third straight year, but the loss didn’t shake owner Jerry Jones’ previous commitment to coach Jason Garrett.

Jones reminded reporters that he said “a month ago” that Garrett would return for the 2014 season and that he stands by his previous statement on the coach’s status. Jones wasn’t as forthcoming when it came to questions about defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin, offensive coordinator Bill Callahan or the rest of Garrett’s coaching staff.

“I’m not discussing that at all,” Jones said, via “I have spoken a little more appropriate time here about three or four weeks ago. I said at that time that I was with Jason, that I thought that his future and what he’s going to be doing with us was good. But this isn’t the time and I don’t even like the way it feels or looks to speak to anything about our coaches.”

Kiffin’s defense allowed the third-most yardage in NFL history this season, which has led to speculation that he may not be back for a second season on the sideline. Injuries definitely played a role in how the defense performed in 2013, which could provide a stay of execution for Kiffin if Jones decides that those circumstances were the biggest reason for the defensive failings.

Of course, the defense was riddled with injuries last year as well and Rob Ryan lost his job as defensive coordinator so there’s still plenty to play out in Dallas.

29 responses to “Jones remains committed to Garrett, no comment on assistants

  1. I think it’s time we all start acting like that dude in the owners box last night….ripping off our jerseys and throwing a tantrum like Jerrah has been ripping us off!

  2. It’s too bad for Cowboy fans that there is no one to say no to Jerry Jones. He is absolutely clueless that his reign as GM has been filled with mediocracy. If he thinks 8-8 three years running means no changes at HC or QB then the Cowboy fans are gonna have to live with an average team.

  3. At least he won’t have to wait til the last week next year. With the Eagles becomming good faster than expected and knowing the Giants will rebound Dallas may be looking at geting eliminated much sooner.

    You would think the NFL would get smart and stop giving hima schedule preference with the last game at home every year.

  4. Jerrah the salesman will have to sell the garbage that this organization is putting on the field.Different QB,same stupid result to end a season.

  5. I really have to say that I’m shocked. I predicted a house cleaning in big D ,not this. I thought Mr. Jones would come up with a bold move and produce some shock and awe. Not we see just a old good old boy say: “Awe shucks” and shrug his shoulders. I get that he is comfortable with Garrett and of course Jerry will remain the G.M. Well,it is up to Mr. Jones and he has spoken.There needs to be an intervention of some kind with Jerry. I also believe some counseling from a mental health professional might help.

  6. Jerry, Jerry, Jerry……you’re STILL and always will be a constant source of amusement!!!!

    And Cowboy fans… can always jump on the Panthers bandwagon!!!! We’d be happy to have you here!!!!!

  7. I’m actually surprised he didn’t give Garret a big extension.

    Last year Tony Romo threw 3 horrible picks and lost to a hobbled Rookie to blow the season and got slapped with a $100M contract as punishment…

  8. Jason Garrett is not the answer to the culture of mediocrity that you see in Dallas. Its going to take a bold move to ever get things turned around and apparently Jones is not going to make it anytime soon.

  9. Jerry, please pull you head out of Garrett’s ass and get us a REAL COACH. I know its not hurting you but you are killing the fans. Anyone that can take a once Dynasty and turn it into a FIGMANT of your imagination needs to wake up. LOOKING for a NEW TEAM FAN.

  10. I remember Jerry Jones making the comment earlier in the year of how young his brain was, now we know Jerry Jones has the brain of a 2 year old.
    The respected cowboys of Tom Landry are no more, they have become Americas’ circus led by ring leader Jerry Jones.

  11. 8-8 ad infinitum. Mediocrity. This is ridiculous. Jerry Jones is the poster boy for denial! I have been a Dallas fan since the ’70s, and like all true fans I’ve stuck with my team through highs – 1990s (in more ways than one) and lows- last 15 years! Thats loyalty..but I will not support this team in any way, tickets, apparel, verbally..nothing, until Sanity returns to Dallas. It’s sad to think that Jerry has taken such a great team and ruined it for the fans because of his own ego. This is beyond ridiculous, Jerry was saying the same things 6 years ago..I have to just let go..until sanity returns and this team is respectable again. I will celebrate the teams doing it the right way and shake my head at the debacle in Big D. Jason Garrett has to have some dirty polaroids of Jerry in order to keep his job after such incompetence.

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