Mike Shanahan out in Washington

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As widely expected, Mike Shanahan is out in Washington.

Shanahan and his staff were officially fired this morning, the Washington Post first reported and the team has now announced.

The departure of Shanahan had been expected for several weeks, as a team that made the playoffs last year and entered this year with high expectations ended up being one of the worst teams in the NFL.

The question now is whether Dan Snyder can find some coach who can come in and resurrect a franchise that has only been to the playoffs once in the last six seasons. Shanahan looked like he was that coach a year ago, and now Shanahan is done.

With Washington firing Shanahan, Minnesota firing Leslie Frazier, Cleveland firing Rob Chudzinski and Houston already firing Gary Kubiak, there are now four head-coaching vacancies in the NFL.

74 responses to “Mike Shanahan out in Washington

  1. No surprise, but good luck to whoever takes that job.. they will need it, especially since they don’t even get that #2 draft pick for next year.

  2. I don’t think it’s Shanny’s fault because he cap penalties killed us. But when you lose the last 8 games and the team appears to have quit on you, Danny had no choice. Was really hoping Rex got fired because I think he could have handled the media, Snyder, and motivated the players.

  3. No surprise here but Shanahan’s hands were tied. Teams like the Redskins and Cowboys that have owners who can’t just hire someone to do the job will always fail in the end. Look at Green Bay, Seattle, SF…… these teams are set up to at least be in the mix every year.

  4. As a Cowboys fan whose team just completed the dividional lose-the-play-in game trifecta, I hope your franchise stays mired in mediocrity, just lile mine. Happy New Year!

  5. Good riddance Rat. I have a feeling your time as a NFL coach is up. As long as the next HC isn’t a Zorn type blunder, I’ll be happy. Unfortunately this is what happens when your overall record is 24-40 going into your last contract yr.

  6. 7 million a year, and all you have is an IPad and two notebooks in your office? I think we have seriously underestimated the genius of Shanny.

  7. Instead of discussing who the Redskins’ head coach will be in 2014, I think an even better discussion is who will be their head coach in 2018.

  8. Note to whomever gets the job: day one sit down with RGIII and firmly state, your dad ain’t part of this team, no locker room, no sidelines and if he starts criticizing my play calling in the news media, you sit on the bench! If you start criticizing the team or me, you sit on the bench.

  9. Discussing who will be the Redskins’ head coach in 2014 is far less interesting than discussing who will be coaching them in 2018. It’s gonna happen.

  10. as a skins fan, im legit upset. he brought in good players and had pretty nice drafts. he was screwed by the cap penalties for two years but still managed a playoff birth last year. we couldn’t even afford to bring back lorenzo alexander last year. i think he was on the cusp of being good and would have brought in good talent given another year an ample cap space.

    now we watch as we hire the next big name coach and over spend for over the hill free agents

    #HTTR? #FML

  11. If only he had a QB as good as Elway and an RB as good as Davis, then his true coaching abilities would have been on full display.

  12. The most important piece in this franchise is still here and his name is Robert Griffin the 3rd. Go ahead and laugh. RedskinsNation will have the last laugh with Superbowl upon Superbowl banners and trophies at the end of the RGIII Era. That is all.

  13. He needed to go. When you have total control of a team’s football operations, you make 7 million a year, and you go 24-40. You have to get canned.

  14. Wow, gee how convenient, the new guy coming in gets 32 million in cap space, for free agents and 2 QB’s to run his offense. No excuses for this guy.

  15. Can we get a slow motion video montage of Grossman, McNabb, and Shanny press conference highlights with Sarah McLauchlan’s “I Will Remember You” playing in the background? That would be a fitting end to this era.

  16. bearssuck says:
    Dec 30, 2013 9:46 AM
    This dude was never the same after Elway.


    You must’ve missed the Shanahan retrospective that Florio posted earlier this week.

    He didn’t build the Broncos team, it was basically all there when he arrived and the only reason it was together for the superbowl years were rampant salary cap violations. Fortunately for the Broncos the NFL would never go back and strip superbowls.

    Once the extent of the Broncos salary cap violations were known Shanahan has had a losing record ever since. I think one of the first things Elway did after coming back to Denver was to get Shanahan as far away from the team as possible.

    I’m not really sure what about that situation made Snyder go .. I have to have that coach at whatever the cost!

  17. Miserable end to a miserable season for a miserable franchise with long suffering fans.
    Washington or Chicago???

  18. “And with the 2nd pick in the 2014 Draft, the St Louis Rams select….”


  19. Maaaaaail in the Redskiiiins…
    Noooooo hope for theeeee…
    Fiiiiiirst rounder tray-deeeed…
    LAST, in Ol’ Four-teeeeeen….

  20. The Redskins’ issues remain the same as the Cowboys … the owner. As long as Snyder owns the team the Redskins will win nothing.

  21. At this point I think Snyder should put on the headset. It couldn’t possibly be any worse than what’s been happening for the past 15 years. He’s easily the most middling, paranoid, ego driven owner out there. I’d love to see all two feet of him standing on the sideline shouting out RUN or PASS with no play design whatsoever. This is no different than any coach under his owndership, so at least he’d save money.

  22. 0-6 in nfc least…..3-13 overall……hasn’t developed either QB as they both suck………cowboys beat your tails twice this year==========YOUR FIRED!!!!!


  23. E-A-G-L-E-S


    The NFC East is back in control of it’s rightful owners.

  24. We’ll at least they have the number 2 pick in the draft…….wait no they don’t….smh hahahaha losers

  25. I expected to come on here and make comments like, “Welcome to DC, Lovie Smith”, or Dennis Green, or Jim Fassel, or something….
    Truth is, the next guy does have some pieces to work with on both sides of the ball. And this team is now in a very good cap situation, better than most. With about 20 of the players free agents, it can be rebuilt rather quickly…I think Bill Cowher has the perfect mix of gravitas, experience, temperament (and a 3-4 defense), but I doubt he’d touch this Hot Mess

  26. Will the next over-rated yet highest paid coach in the league please step forward…Mr. Snyder would like to speak with you.

  27. “l0glcalv0icesays says: Dec 30, 2013 9:39 AM

    Redskins will be back next year. Super Bowl Champions in 2015, you heard it here first. It is so easy to be a Redskins fan. #HTTR”

    ….Yeah, someone got a headstart on his New Years Champagne. Cheers brother!

  28. No coach deserves this more than Mike Ratahan.

    He leaks info to reporters, encourages dirty play, no regard for the health of his players, and has cheated (salary cap anyone?) to win.

    What a despicible human being. His son, Kyle, hasn’t fallen far from the tree.

  29. This is the perfect time for a new coach… A lot of expiring contracts, regaining cap space…You couldn’t wait until after next year. Shanahan wouldn’t have been back after next year… So let a new coach and GM build with the players they want. I get it… It had to be done… Snyder is gonna catch hell… deservingly so…but any owner in the NFL would have to do the same… But with Snyder’s track record, its just the same ol song…

  30. At least he stuck around long enough to make sure the Rams got good value for their first round draft pick.

  31. Someone like Lovie Smith would be perfect for this situation. He’s a players coach, he can relate to the African-American players and DC fan base, he knows defense, he has worked with Rex Grossman already. There’s a reason the Chicago Bears kept Lovie’s defensive playbook and holdover players like Chris Conte. Why change what works.

  32. jimthebuilder27 says:
    Dec 30, 2013 10:02 AM
    No coach deserves this more than Mike Ratahan.


    The names you people come up with to bash someone are amazing. SMH

    Anyway, I hear Zimmer is on the Redskins radar. As much as I’d hate to lose him, the man deserves a shot and is a defensive genius. He lost his 2 best players this year to IR and still has the #1 defense in the AFC as of right now. Give the man a chance! I’d just hate to see him go to a team like the Redskins though. He is set up for failure there.

  33. rg3andthensome says:
    Dec 30, 2013 9:39 AM
    Thank santa for this! Now time to rebuild for a more powerful future.

    Your crazy. Redskins are never going to win as long as you have baby Napoleon as your owner/GM.

    Snyder is a curse. Just like Jerry Jones is a curse to the dallas deadcows.

  34. The next redskins coach should be Sean McDermott or Lovie Smith. Offense is not that bad..1000yd receiver & 1000yd rusher..defense needs major improvements! Some great starting pieces w: Kerrigan & Orakpo (hopefully he gets resigned), we NEED a coach without a history that will put expectations on him. My vote is to get McDermott from Carolina.

  35. But I thought the superlative play of the superhuman Kirk Cousins aka the Great White Hope was going to save the ‘Skins and his job this season?!! lol

    Shanahan and Kirk are what we thought they were. One is an over the hill coach who rides talented QB’s coattails very well, the other is a 4th round draft choice, 2nd stringer who fills in for real superstars for a a game really well.

  36. It is going to take years to undo the bad that was brought on by Shanahan. Dont expect this team to make the playoffs for at least another 2 seasons and likely without RG3.

  37. opinevain says: Dec 30, 2013 9:46 AM

    “Redskins need to determine what type offense will fit RG3”


    Yeah, one where Bob doesn’t have to read a defense.

    Dude is not a NFL quarterback. He’s basically the second coming of Kordell Stewart.

    The Redskins will go into next year with their best QB on the bench, assuming they don’t trade him in the off season.

  38. @stevejjones says:
    Dec 30, 2013 10:14 AM
    Dan Snyder, “Why the fuss, you asked me to drop the red skinned guy?”

    good one !

  39. The skins fans who normally brags can’t even say they swept us this year. That is just sad. Just kidding.

    In a more serious note, this has been, without a doubt, a horrid season for the skins. But as a coach, you would really be the one that the franchise would look to, not to necessarily right the ship, but to at least, make an attempt and make the right decisions at the most needed time. Shanahan failed miserably. From the moment he left, an obviously injured, griffin out there in that playoff game, to the losses, he just wasn’t making, not even just the right decisions, but the sensible ones, from just a coach’s standpoint.

    There’s definitely talent in that team and I think a better coach would’ve at least got this team 7 or 8 wins, maybe even more. I just am not sure if permanent damage has been done, especially with their franchise QB.

    Definitely a bad situation out there in DC.

  40. This team wool go no wherewith RGME as there QB. They will trade away Cousins and RGME won’t finish next year due to injury or bench because he still can’t hit an open receiver. His career may be just a little longer then Tebows.
    Also this team has more hit dogs on it then any team I have ever seen Hall fighting and running his mouth every play guys jumping up and Pinot 1st down and mouthing with other players when you look at the scoreboard and they are getting crushed How Funny clowns. Good luck next year you will need it

  41. Snyder is making major bank on the Optical Illusion he puts out on the field. He knows all the right ingredients to make the fans drink the kool-aid, go to the games, buy merchandise and have false hope.

    Recipe For Disaster
    The ingredients:

    -Overpaid Coaches with “wow” factors who have had success at some level but the game has passed them by (Gibbs, Spurrier, Shanahan).

    -Big Name Overpaid Free Agents that are washed up (Haynesworth, Deion, Trotter, Bruce Smith, Jeff George, Stubblefield, Archuleta). We are spending money for big names, so we must be good.

    -Big Trades that bring immediate “wow” but lack substance, and lose draft picks (Griffin, McNabb).

    -Revolving door of coaches and GM’s. New blood makes you think change is good. Should have given Norv or Marty more of a chance.

    -Standing by the racist team name. By vowing how sacred and endearing the name is he gets all the fans to stand for one (bad) cause.

    -Get players that are “me-first” guys that draw attention away from losing. (D. Hall running his mouth and beating his chest, RG with his “god loves us the most” chatter, Garcon and Moss spinning balls after every catch). It makes the fan think they are actually winning the game with all the celebrating going on.

    Mix all ingredients together and you having a heaping pile of Snyder laughing his butt off at the bank. Things are not going to change any time soon. The curse will go on as long as he owns the team.

  42. The tweets coming out of Redskins Shanahanapalooza are just weird. Highly rec reading the thread by Deadspin covering this. It gives you a glimpse on just how that organization “operates”.

    What a mess.

  43. Redskins will never be a playoff team until owner butts out. Also, RG is damaged goods and will never be a factor. Rams are laughing all the way to having the 2nd pick while Redskins are stuck with I AM Hurt 3.

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