NFL acknowledges officiating error on Chiefs’ field-goal try

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Bill Levy giveth.  And Bill Leavy taketh away.

The same referee whom many regard as the man who helped deliver the Super Bowl XL trophy to the Steelers via multiple bad calls for which he eventually expressed regret led the crew that cost the Steelers a chance to win Super Bowl XLVIII.

The NFL has acknowledged that the officials failed to call a foul on the Chargers during a potential game-winning field goal try by the Chiefs.  If kicker Ryan Succop had made the field goal and the Chiefs had won the game, the Steelers would have qualified for the AFC playoffs.

As explained last night, a new rule for 2013 prohibits teams from putting more than six players on the line of scrimmage to either side of the snapper during a field-goal try.  The Chargers clearly had seven men on the line to the left of the Chiefs’ snapper.

The infraction is not currently subject to replay review, which means that the officials who were standing directly behind the defensive formation should have seen it. They didn’t.

If the flag had been thrown, the Chiefs would have gotten a second chance at the missed 41-yard field goal, from five yards closer.  If that kick had gone through, the Chiefs would have won, the Chargers would have lost, and the Steelers would be getting ready for a trip to Cincinnati.

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  1. What are these “acknowledgments” worth anyhow? If they can’t get the games or results right, then they should at least have a policy to pay a set fee for every one of these “acknowledgments”. How about $25MM per? That way the team getting screwed receives some kind of reparations to lessen the blow. See how long it takes the NFL to get things right when they have to pay massive incompetency fines.

  2. As a Chiefs fan it didn’t matter whether we won or lost. Our fate was sealed. That being said the game had two horrible officiated plays. It is a shame that once again the officials and not the players decide a games outcome

  3. It is quite amazing how poor the officiating has been this year. If a fraction of this had occurred early last season, the replacement refs would’ve been tarred and feathered. (Which in essence they were.) Meanwhile, the outrage is remarkably muted right now.

    Peter King wrote a great article following the week of an officiating crew. But that aside, there are too many misunderstanding of rules, poor replays, and just missing of basic formational rules. And I’m not talking about bang-bang defenseless receiver/roughing the passer calls. I’m talking Xs & Os.

  4. Nothing against the Steelers, but it is only appropriate in a season marked by blown officiating that officials blew a call that likely affected what teams made the playoffs.


    Steelers would have been promptly bounced by the Bengals anyway………………in punishing fashion.

    Any playoffs with the leagues always overrated team not in it,,,,is good playoffs

  6. Too bad none of us will actually stop watching just because the officiating is bad, which means nothing will ever change.

    …just like the NBA.

  7. Human error is and will always be part of the game… error on coaching, player decisions, and yes, officials calls…

    Chiefs had many other opportunities that they didn’t take advantage of… the first one being to play all those starters, which they chose not to do…

  8. NFL refs are a joke..except when they officiate Raiders games. They study that rule book from A-Z before they officiate a Raiders game and call every penalty under the sun..they treat a. Raider game like a Final Exam.

    On another note. Since the Tackling strike zone is small now they need to get rid of the older Refs or make them get Lasik surgery.

  9. Give me a break.

    Bill Levy isn’t responsible for the Steelers not making the playoffs, the Steelers are. They started 0-4 and finished 8-8 and had to rely on the Chiefs BACK UPS to get them into the playoffs. And you’re blaming it on the refs??

    Get out of here with that.

  10. How about the play clock issue resulting in a “delay of game” penalty against Dallas that shouldn’t have been?

    Worst season ever for officiating.

  11. Sheesh…

    You Steeler honks won’t let it go, will you???

    Its over. Move on. Dare I say “Get a life?”

  12. Mongol General: What is best in life?

    Conan: To crush the Steelers, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women-like fans.

  13. Again, as a Steelers fan, we can’t complain about a miscalled play in a game we were relying on the outcome of. If we deserved to be in the playoffs we wouldn’t have been hoping for a four way tie yesterday. Officials make errors but truly great teams always make the playoffs and we showed improvement this year but still have opportunity to get better.

  14. Wow.
    I thought when we came out of the 2000s the chargers were garbage. Now we are going to here how great they are… Super bowl champions blah blah blah.
    But know this san diego: You will pay!!!!!!
    The steelers did their part FAIR AND SQUARE

  15. As a steeler fan I say so what! It’s over and can’t be reversed, but it is much easier to accept making the bleating steeler hating trolls sound more rabid and less credible.
    We needed to put ourself in a position where a refs call couldn’t hurt our chances. We didn’t and we move on. Going to the playoffs is a novelty for some…..but not for us….I am proud of the steelers not quitting…go steelers.

  16. I would say the Steelers had a net benefit from those errors. They wouldn’t have won the SB without his crew, so they can’t complain too much, although the fans will, and they had no chance of going any where, even if making the playoffs.

  17. And we complained about replacement refs last year.

    It seems whenever there’s a really bad call in the NFL, Bill Leavy and his crew are officiating the game.

  18. I have no sympathy for the Stealers and their coach’s player tripping antics, but at the same time players and coaches lose jobs depending on whether or not a team makes the playoffs. Having to sell your house, pull your kids out of school, and move halfway across the country to another team just because a ref forgot his contacts that day is not cool.

  19. so, why aren’t we parsing every game yesterday with playoff implications (of which there were many) and looking for non-calls in all of those?

  20. Boo Hoo Pissburgh fans. Next time finishing better than 8-8.

    Where is the outrage for a real winner that missed the playoffs this year, the 10-6 Cardinals?

  21. Its BS, I’m even willing to shout a half hearted “conspiracy!” over it, BUT you guys complaining need to remember something. You were all screaming and shouting over what a travesty it was to have the replacement refs around. I’d seen enough of these guys already. I’d rather see the stupid mistakes than the suspect miscalls ad noncalls

  22. It is really difficult for me to find ANYTHING I hate more than the Steelers & their fans…and their pain was the only thing to lighten my day yesterday.

    But I am able to put that aside & recognize that they got screwed – and that is just plain wrong…because it has been happening to every team all year, and it’s an embarrassment. The poor officiating NEEDS to be fixed. This time the Steelers, next time it will be your team.

    That said, Steelers, Ravens, Dolphins, Chargers – none are playoff quality teams this year…in a year when even the top teams are flawed, these squads were really flawed.

  23. I know the goal is to have the perfectly called game. However, the missed call didn’t affect the outcome of the game.

    Succup simply missed the kick. Now if it had been blocked, then different story.

    I think people are getting to hung on this issue.

  24. As a Steelers fan I admit it sucks, but honestly… the bad start to the season didn’t help and it would have been better to not have to depend on a team that didn’t care if they won or not. And also, the team admittedly isn’t all that great this year, so I don’t REALLY believe a Super Bowl run would have happened anyway (though stranger things have).

  25. The tough talk by Bengals fans is hilarious. The Steelers would’ve bullied the Bengals into submission. Was bowling in Oakley last night. Bengals fans were collectively crapping themselves that their team might have to face the Steelers. Who dey.

  26. The NFL admits fault just like they did after the bogus FG call in week one that cost the Chargers a win against the Texans. So fix both errors, and we’re still in the playoffs.

  27. Maybe the NFL could just for a moment, cease trying to squeeze millions out of TV contracts; advertising and selling merchandise, to actually focus on how to improve the game itself?? just sayin….

    Maybe slow the marketing machine just a bit and maybe try make it so teams that deserve to win- actually win.

    There is no excuse for a billion dollar industry to have such aweful officiating. Steelers got screwed. and I feel for their great fan base.


  28. So sick of this recurring story line. Now the playoffs near and we all collectively hold our breaths that in error, the refs don’t alter the course of any of the games.

  29. It was inevitable…

    Officials determining who makes the playoffs due to bad calls or non-calls…

    Until there is some accountability imposed by the NFL then nothing will change so there is no use complaining about it…. The keep saying refs are rated after games but the lousy officials keep showing up at games so what is the point? Must be a fraternity atmosphere for them to remain around. I’m assuming….

    Your only leverage as a fan is to stop watching or going to games & the NFL knows fat chance of that happening. I hate to sound pessimistic, but for every die hard fan exiting there are 2 or 3 fair weather ones to takes their place…

  30. Consider it a gift to the NFL viewing audience. Besides Steeler fans, who really wanted to see another lopsided Bengals playoff loss. Just another wasted 3 hours. Since SD can barely beat a team of back-ups, this should be a competitive game.

  31. Wow! What do you say about that. The chargers overloaded seven guys to one side and the refs missed the call. The chargers are lined up in field goal formation all year long so they knew what they were doing when they sent 7 guys to one side. I’d call that cheating. Doesn’t matter San Diego will get whats coming to them in the playoffs. The Steelers should have been in the playoffs after starting 0-4.

  32. I’ve seen the Patriots gifted a win through a pass interference call on the last play of a game.

    Surely if the Patriots can get BS calls other teams can.

    The real fact of the matter is, the refs didn’t call it. Therefore any bit of backtracking or blaming of a noncall after the fact is just as pathetic as saying one team or another held on the last play of the game. Fact his they hold on EVERY play of the game whether it’s called or not.

    All of this would be a non issue if the Chiefs kicker does not shank the ball. Start with the lack of execution on the Chiefs as to why they lost, not one missed call by a team of refs.

  33. Does anyone find it ironic, that when the Patriots lost to the Jets this year, because the obscure pushing the pile penalty, everyone went nuts? Then, you get a similarly useless rule not called in the SD/KC game, and everyone calls it a travesty.

    First: ANYTHING which keeps the Steelers out of the playoffs is good for the sport, and all of us fans.

    Two: Anything which puts THREE (!!!) AFC West teams into the playoff race is a great thing for the sport, and especially us fans.

    Three: See first point.

  34. Bungles benefited from it. I am sure they were rooting hard for the,chargers! They know what was in Store for them had the steelers got in! #scaredcowards. Hey bungles at least you will finally win a playoff game and it only took almost 2 and a half decades! Awesome!

  35. I wonder if a team, for instance the Steelers, could sue the NFL for malpractice for something like this. Another commentator mentioned a $25 million dollar fine, but what if you sued for $25 million due to lost revenues from playoff tickets, merchandise, etc. This question should be right up Florio’s alley. Nothing like some good old fashioned litigation to get the NFL’s act in gear, just look at everything they are doing with concussions/head injuries now.

  36. It kind of evens out though. The non calls on the Steelers hit to the quarterback’s head in the first game against the Browns and the helmet to the jaw of the Bengals punter gave the Steelers those games.

    Roethlisberger and his 20 point offense with two interceptions and a fumble wasn’t going anywhere but one and done in the playoffs anyway.

    Roethlisberger’s contract runs through 2015 but — ugh — will probably extended. Honest Mike “Twelfth Man” Tomlin’s contract runs through 2016.

    No foreseeable playoff wins for the Steelers until both of those barnacles are scraped off. This is the third year in a row without a playoff win for the Steelers. How many years in a row without a playoff win will it take before the Rooney’s are no longer “blown away” by that sweet, sweet, gobbledygook that Tomlin lays down. Five? Six? 10?

  37. Neither the Chargers nor Steelers will/would have done anything in the post-season anyway.

    Still BS for a group so concerned with ‘the integrity of the game’.

  38. phillyjeff says:
    Dec 30, 2013 11:27 AM
    How about getting full time refs who aren’t 65 years old

    Why does it matter if their 65 or 25? If the refs are in shape physically and can pass a vision test why does age matter?

  39. Steelers would easily have beaten Bengals. And probably handled Denver. I doubt they would get by the Pats but from a season that started so bad it would have been great to see what they could do.

  40. The officials were terrible the whole season. Ever since they had the scab officials the real ones have stuck it to the NFL, players, and fans. Must be the union payback. They must have expected the players union to strike to show union solidarity.

  41. I think all NFL refs should be at least 35 yrs old and no older than 50-55. These dudes can’t see things fast enough, can’t keep up with the typical NFL athlete, and sometimes they’re totally out of position during a score.

    BUT…I had to love seeing the Steeler fans bang their heads of the wall during this tease Philip Rivers displayed.

  42. The Bengals took care of the Steelers just fine at home and they probably would have again. I like both these teams and hate the Ravens twice as much. I would of liked to have seen the Steelers in the playoffs. The only penalties that didn’t even out this season were with the Pats. One questionable non call in the Panthers game does not even out games given to them against the Browns and Saints. There is going to be a Manning-Brady AFC Championship, the league will see to it.

  43. Report comment
    coltsreign says:
    Dec 30, 2013 11:26 AM
    I thought when we came out of the 2000s the chargers were garbage. Now we are going to here how great they are… Super bowl champions blah blah blah.
    But know this san diego: You will pay!!!!!!
    The steelers did their part FAIR AND SQUARE

    Lets look at how the Steelers did their part: lose to the Vikings, Raiders, Titans pounded by the Pats beating the Packers that if Rodgers was playing they would have gotton pounded. So if that’s doing your part you guys got problems

  44. The popular rhetoric seems to be “bad officiating that stole the playoffs from the Steelers” but what about the 21 non-starters that stepped up and deserved that win yesterday?

  45. the8man says:
    Dec 30, 2013 11:39 AM
    So sick of this recurring story line. Now the playoffs near and we all collectively hold our breaths that in error, the refs don’t alter the course of any of the games

    Exactly my point. This is a billion dollar industry, and there’ s excuse for an officiating error like that- none!

    Let me say this- If a D-lineman just grazes the lid of a QB, boy do those flags come out.

  46. I was driving behind Leavy last week. He was doing 15 in a 40mph zone. And his right blinker was on the whole time.

  47. I will not apologize for the Chargers benefiting from a bad call. They certainly have been on the other end a few times. I know no other fan base would apologize either. Remember folks, the Chargers play up or down to their competition. Do not assume they will be blown out in Cincinnati. They may not win but it will be close. Go Chargers!

  48. I would have paid $100.00 to see a video of the drama queen Tomlin when they missed field goal.
    the cry baby will have a long winter to contemplate his future..

  49. So…does Seattle get a Lombardi? If they stopped all these small changes, then the zebras would not blow it so often.

  50. And holding is missed on every play.

    Besides, it’s fate. The last 4 Super Bowl Champs played in the Eagle’s home opener. The Chargers played in the Eagle’s home opener this season. And now they’re in the playoffs.


  51. Maybe he should”ve just made the field goal? Not the refs fault he couldn’t nail a very makeable 40-yd goal. If steelers fans should be mad at anyone it should be the chief’s field goal kicker.

  52. steeltroll says:
    Dec 30, 2013 11:37 AM
    The tough talk by Bengals fans is hilarious. The Steelers would’ve bullied the Bengals into submission. Was bowling in Oakley last night. Bengals fans were collectively crapping themselves that their team might have to face the Steelers. Who dey.


    Bengals play a different game at home unfortunately so it would have been a replay of the Monday night game earlier in the year. Steelers probably would have lost. However, it’s very nice to see the Steelers not in…..again. Keep living in the past. I’ll see you at Madison Bowl. 😉 I’ll be there tonight actually. Come in talking about how good the Steelers are please!

  53. When is the NFL going to “acknowledge” and respond to the fact that officiating is in such a sorry state that it is ruining the game? Blame whoever/whatever you want to (refs, rules, owners, Goodell,…) the point is that the product they’re putting out is declining at a rapid rate and serious steps need to be taken to stop the slide.

    I for one am hitting critical mass with this thing and have found that I much prefer a Saturday afternoon watching the SEC to a lot of the garbage the NFL is putting out these days.

  54. Steelers and Cards both missed the playoffs due to officiating errors in other games this year, and those probably aren’t the only ones. Its not even just the teams playing the specific games that are geting robbed anymore. Its changing divisional and conference standings.. Doubt they fix it though. Even if they decide to allow review… The refs pride is often going to cause them to uphold the penalty

  55. The steelers should have taken care of business a lot sooner than depending on 3 other teams to lose. I see a lot of changes this offseason as far as personal goes, and let’s hope they can wheel dick Lebeau out for another year.

  56. bengalsucker says:
    Dec 30, 2013 12:04 PM
    steeltroll says:
    Dec 30, 2013 11:37 AM
    The tough talk by Bengals fans is hilarious. The Steelers would’ve bullied the Bengals into submission. Was bowling in Oakley last night. Bengals fans were collectively crapping themselves that their team might have to face the Steelers.

    The Steelers lost to us in our house already once this year. You won in your house by taking our punter out on a dirty hit. Your tough talk is just that. Talk.

  57. Missed call for sure but it happens every week and affects games. Good it was acknowledged by the NFL but I was surprised to see the amount of run it is getting in the press, especially MMQB.

  58. Kickers are paid to make those kicks in clutch situations. Officiating has been horrible to say the least this season but they still had a chance to make that kick and failed. Move on.

  59. Succop missed the FG. Stop whining about the refs blowing a technical call that didn’t impact the play.

    Wrong!!!!No whining here but 8 guys to one side of a field goal formation could absolutely affect the impact of the play. Point is, it should have been a flag and a rekick most likely sending the steelers to the playoffs.

  60. This is what’s wrong with a lot of the fan base. Instead of focusing on the bigger picture. That these kind of officiating mistakes are unacceptable, and can happen to any team, fans instead focus on hating the team the bad called happened to. It was just like when James Harrison was being singled out, as the poster child for the league new rules on personal fouls. Everyone who hated the Steelers was loving it and say it was well deserved, but they didn’t see the bigger picture that sooner or later the fines would start hitting their star players. Those border line hits would affect their teams. So now we have players from all over the league being fined for hits, some deserving, and some not deserving. So for all of those fans of the teams still left in the Playoffs, just remember some team at some point will get screwed over for a refs mistake. A mistake that you will scream and complain about. This isn’t about the Steelers, this is about a league that needs to fix a serious problem with its officiating. Some errors/mistakes are going to happen, but this has to be the worst officiated season I have seen in many years. Centralizing replays might help some, but full time year round officials, who get together as a group and review every game tape and get all of the officials on the same page.

  61. I think that the NFL needs to “man up” for these errors. In this case, for example, I believe that both the Chiefs and the Steelers should receive compensatory picks for this error. The Chiefs should get a second round pick at the end of the round since this blown call directly affected the outcome, while the Steelers should get a compensatory 3rd or 4th round pick since this blown call very likely kept them out of the playoffs. I see no real point in these “mea culpas” otherwise. In effect it’s like saying “Well Pittsburgh, we’re sorry you’re sitting home for the playoffs when you very well could be in (it is highly unlikely that Succop would have missed twice in a row), but we’re SAWREE!!!” Why even bother to apologize when it means absolutely nothing as far as how things unfolded? The Steelers aren’t in the playoffs when there was a clear rules violation that would have afforded a second shot to get them there. If nothing else, give compensatory draft picks to the team that got directly hosed, the Chiefs in this case…at least that way the NFL might have a little more incentive to actually clean up the officiating instead of constantly making excuses and apologies for it.

  62. Ok are you guys forgetting what San Diego did to KC in there place a few weeks ago. AGAINST THE STARTERS…….. Seriously everyone can say what they will about bad calls and playing the “JV” squad but the fact of the matter is we destroyed KC a few weeks ago and if not for a INT by Brian “I juice” Cushing we would have not been in that situation. Chargers loss to Cinncy by a TD. We didn’t get blown out. And for a team that has yet to win a playoff game with Dalton. I’m not worried. SD will be motivated and pumped to play. The pressure is on Cinncy not SD. So quit your crying. What’s done is done.

  63. Wow, they acknowledge the mistake. So what does it matter? It doesn’t. There’s absolutely no accountability by the refs. They still get paid. They still get a nice paycheck for their ‘side job’ as an NFL ref.

    I’ll be satisfied when the refs start getting fined, suspended, and/or fired for blatently poor calls.

  64. Had they won another game it wouldn’t have mattered. It sucks but at least they looked like they should have, albeit too late. They ended the year the way they needed to.

  65. Let’s not forget the blown call Ed Hoculee called against SD a few years ago that should have been a fumble but was ruled incomplete and gave Denver the ball back and cost SD a divisional game, karma is a _ _ _ _ _

  66. Let’s not forget the blown call Ed Hoculee called against SD a few years ago that should have been a fumble but was ruled incomplete and gave Denver the ball back and cost SD a divisional game, karma is a _ _ _ _ _

  67. I have never seen so many people in one place that can’t seem to see the forest for the trees. It doesn’t matter who the calls go against, the fact remains it is they are horrible calls that effect entire league.

    Yes, the Steelers put themselves in the position of having to have teams lose in order for them to make the playoffs. This happens nearly every year to one or more teams. So what?? When it all comes down to it, many teams make the playoffs based on other teams losing. Case in point, when the Seahawks made the playoffs in 2010 with a 7-9, did they really Win to Get In!!!

    Between the garbage refs, the flag football rules, and the ads, the NFL is becoming nearly unwatchable. Think about it a 60 minute game take 3+ hours to watch.

  68. No foreseeable playoff wins for the Steelers until both of those barnacles are scraped off. This is the third year in a row without a playoff win for the Steelers. How many years in a row without a playoff win will it take before the Rooney’s are no longer “blown away” by that sweet, sweet, gobbledygook that Tomlin lays down. Five? Six? 10?

    I guess your hate for Ben and Tomlin clouds the reality of the games actually played or don’t you believe they really happened. 0-4 to start then 8-4 I guess you could do better. Nah, hating is easy dealing in reality is hard for some.

  69. Yesterday’s games were so entertaining! NFL is doing an excellent job.
    I love the fact that the steelers were hurt by a noncall on a special teams play. It’s so fitting.

  70. It seems this ref in particular gets more calls wrong than all the other refs combined. And yet the league continues to use him in big games, why?

  71. To Steeler fans everywhere, its called Karma.

    Enjoy your Lombardi Trophy from the worst officiated Superbowl ever. Doesn’t count in my book but karma has a way of evening things out.

  72. How do they get away with that? You are messing with the playoff picture? That is absolutely crazy. The refs get an F from me this year. Such a bad season by them. I would be so angry if I were a Steelers fan. Wow!

  73. For those of you saying that the kicker simply missed the kick and that the missed penalty had nothing to do with it, well, you are wrong. The offense is limited on how they can set up their line to protect. By overloading the line to one side, the defense gets an extra (unblocked) guy to try to block the kick with. Succop barely missed the kick wide right. However, if you actually watch the replay, you will see that had he adjusted even just a bit to the left (towards the overloaded line), his kick would have likely been blocked. There is a reason that this rule is in place. Not a Steelers fan btw.

  74. juststeel says:
    Dec 30, 2013 12:10 PM
    National Fix League

    It’s funny how whenever someone cries “fix”, they never bother to make a cohesive argument as to what the league’s possible motivation could be.

    So you’re saying that the league conspired to keep a team with one of the largest national fan bases that is a TV ratings gold mine out of the playoffs in favor of a team with virtually no national fan base and a local fan base so weak that they were in danger of getting blacked out in a game they needed to win to get in?

    Why would the league do that? What exactly is the risk/reward break down in that scenario?

    Give me a break.

  75. Reading these comments I no longer feel conflicted about Super Bowl XL. The Seahawks lost because the Seahawks sucked. Thanks guys!

  76. National

    This isn’t about laughing at the stupid Steelers, this is about a league constantly turning a blind eye to total incompetence. Those two calls (the fumble that wasn’t, and the illegal formation) are calls that were so blantantly wrong that it just adds to questions of the leagues integrity.

  77. Love chargers fan who thinks they “destroyed KC” a few weeks ago. Yes, you destroyed them by 4 points I believe. The JV beat you, plain and simple, you benefited from a 2 bad calls and the FACT KC rested its starters. To make it simple, the AFC shouldn’t have a 6th seed. No one is clearly worthy.

  78. Nothing was funnier than watching Rivers, Te’o, Weddle, and Matthews show boating after successful plays. All while being down until overtime. KC’s JV flat beat them and these guys are going crazy over making tackles, getting a few yards, and muster everything they have to be a JV team.

    Stay Classy San Diego, because clearly your team can’t.

  79. @jbaxt

    I got a great laugh out of that comment as well. I was at that game in KC. KC went up by 4 with 1:22 left on the clock. Thus, San Diego had to score a TD to win within 1:22, which they ultimately did and won by 3. Hardly “destroyed KC”, but it was still quite a frustrating loss. Yesterday’s loss…not so much a frustrating loss, since nothing was on the line for the chiefs. However, it would have been nice for future arguments sake to be able to say that our JV team beat San Diego in San Diego with everything on the line for them. Would be pissed if I were a Steelers fan though.

  80. Anyone not a Steeler fan who watched SBXL saw one of the worst officiating performances in the history of this league. So bad, in fact, that Levy actually apologized for it. It’s not surprising at all that he’s responsible for botching another game. I don’t want to hear another Steeler fan EVER defend this guy’s officiating in that game again.

  81. Steeler Nation recognizes that bad calls are part of the game and has moved on…..we suggest the rest of you do the same….good luck to the Bengals in repping our division just don’t turn into idiots until after you’ve won a SB….Who Dey indeed!!!

    Steeler Nation

  82. jbaxt says:
    Dec 30, 2013 1:12 PM

    Love chargers fan who thinks they “destroyed KC” a few weeks ago. Yes, you destroyed them by 4 points I believe. The JV beat you, plain and simple, you benefited from a 2 bad calls and the FACT KC rested its starters. To make it simple, the AFC shouldn’t have a 6th seed. No one is clearly worthy.


    Actaully the Chargers were not beaten by the JV team, they won the game.

  83. When SD beats the Bungals they will have to play the broncos. Well played Chiefs… well played. Succop missed on purpose.

  84. This just goes to show how difficult it is to be an NFL official. I guarantee that 99% of you had no clue this rule even existed. It even took the media 4 hours to start reporting it.

    This would be much more relevant if the Chargers had actually blocked the FG instead of Succop missing a very makeable FG.

    Calls get blown from time to time and the best way to avoid these situations is for the teams involved to take it out of the officials hands.

    The Steelers missed the playoffs because of the miserable start to the season.

  85. Here’s how pathetic the entire league is: The past three seasons, the Steelers have beaten only seven teams that finished each of those seasons with winning records.
    For those scoring at home, that’s 2.1 wins per season against “winning” teams. Three of their seven wins are against the Bengals, and one of their two wins this season came against the Aaron Rodgers-less Packers.
    I actually believed the Steelers had turned the corner with their impressive win against the 6-3 Lions. Turns out, the Lions are 7-9 frauds.
    Eight-and-eight teams do not belong in the postseason.

  86. Cool. Steeler fans crying about being owed a playoff birth because a technicality was missed. A technicality that is probably missed all the time. Calls are missed all the time. The chiefs probably held on the same okay.

    The “fumble” that everyone is bitching about was the right call. Play is dead when helmet comes off. Helmet came off before ball came out (it was close) but definitely after he got the first.

  87. Holgrem lost the Super Bowl! Clock mismanagement at end of half and end of game, Jeremy Stevens dropped 4 passes, Hasselcrack ints, 2 missed fgs and they blame the refs?

  88. Any team that lost to the Raiders, Vikings and the Titans is not to be in the playoffs anyway!

    I love my Steelers but I would not want them to back into the playoffs with the fact that the rest of the confernce sucks…..

  89. The chargers were wrongly penalized on a kick in wk 1 that gave the texans the chance to win, so I guess it evens out… At least in the chargers’s case.

  90. I bet leavy and his crew are working the super bowl this year.

    Just another shot in the face from godell. He doesn’t have any respect for the fans.

  91. Has this penalty EVER been called?
    Would we really want it’s “coming out” party
    (a very minor alignment issue anyway)
    to change a game…and who goes to the playoffs?
    Succop could just make the field goal, or even better: Steelers, don’t lose your first 4 games…

  92. That being said, if bill leavy and Jerome boger we’re never born the Super Bowl count would be:

    Steelers 5
    Seahawks 1
    Niners 6
    Ravens 1

  93. I’m not a Steeler fan by any means but the league is a joke when it comes to making mistakes and how they don’t take accountability. If a ref makes a huge mistake, they can run into the locker room and hide, avoid the press and answer no questions in any form of a press conference, then they get a slap on the wrist from the league. The coaches on the other hand are put on the spot to answer questions about something they had no control of, and get fined for saying anything negative..

  94. This is what happens when you have 50 billion rules. There is no reason for that rule to begin with. If defenses want to load up one side, let them and let the offenses be able to adjust accordingly and then there’s one less rule officials have to worry about and they can focus on the ones that actually matter.

    Too many rules.

  95. To jmac1013 says:Dec 30, 2013 11:36 AM

    I know the goal is to have the perfectly called game. However, the missed call didn’t affect the outcome of the game.

    Succup simply missed the kick. Now if it had been blocked, then different story.

    I think people are getting to hung on this issue.

    He would have had a re-kick. Perhaps Succop makes a 36 yarder after having a practice kick. It is no different than being offsides but not making the tackle or affecting the play in any way.

  96. The smile(above) on the ref says it all. Anything to screw the steelers possibly adding to their trophy collection. The league will just send an apology letter and be done with it. Great! The Steelers will be sure to thank you when they add the apology letter to the rest of their 6 Lombardi trophys.

  97. To dougydougdoug:

    I predict your three AFC West teams will be lucky to manage one playoff win amongst them.

    1. Chargers will likely be the Chargers and lose a shootout to Cincy (ghost of marty-ball)

    2. Rusty Chiefs squad will struggle offensively and lose to battle-tested Colts.

    3. Broncos might win a squeaker Colts (maybe) but then get bounced by Patsies (I would hate that, actually will root for Broncos)

  98. As a Steelers fan, the mistakes in this game really irritated me, but I understand. The team should have taken care of their own business. That being said, I’ll be very very angry if the league still decides to strip the team of a draft pick for Mike Tomlin’s sideline snafu. League employees clearly made a huge mistake far greater than Tomlin’s and cost the Steelers way more than Tomlin’s mistake cost anyone.

  99. For the Steelers Fans saying they refs stoe the play-offs from them….

    If you want to go into the play-offs, don’t stroll into the season with “Mr. Owen Four”

  100. I have no problem with refs making the correct call even if it “decides” the game as long as it’s correct. If a player commits a foul, then it is the player that determined the outcome not the ref. Ref’s just doing his job. And with any penalty at any time during the game, just get it right. It’s when a ref does NOT do his job (ie “letting them play”) that he affects the outcome more than if he makes a call with less than a minute to go.

    The missed penalty on the FG? Like Reid said, “human error”. But, the OT fumble claiming forward progress? C’mon. I see too many times forward progress called when it shouldn’t. Unless the offensive player is being pushed backward and in a defender’s controlled grasp, then forward progress is not stopped. Weddle was falling forward when he lost the ball. I thought refs were told to let the play go and let it get reviewed if need be.

    On this play Weddle also lost his helmet which would have killed the play. BUT, it would have been automatically reviewed because of the turnover if forward progress was not called. They could have checked if Weddle’s knee was down and if the helmet came off before or after the fumble. Because the ref called forward progress, NOTHING is reviewable! Just DUMB!

  101. 540bronco says:
    Dec 30, 2013 1:44 PM
    This just goes to show how difficult it is to be an NFL official. I guarantee that 99% of you had no clue this rule even existed. It even took the media 4 hours to start reporting it.

    I don’t get paid by the league to know the rules. They do.

    I don’t know how to do your job, and you don’t know how to do mine. But they are supposed to know how to do theirs.

  102. For the first time in NFL history, a call goes against the Steelers. And they bitch about it.



    I just ordered a Ryan Succop jersey.

  103. If we are concerned about the true quality of football in the playoffs, the Chiefs should not be in the playoffs. They do not have one signature win. Chargers have 4 quality signature wins beating…
    Colts at home,
    Eagles on the road,
    Chiefs “Varsity” on the road,
    Broncos on the road.
    The Chargers are the most qualified team to compete in the tournament and give all football fans an entertaining product.

  104. Hey, I don’t blame the officials. I look at them akin to trying to follow all of the government rules. Goodell and his minions keep piling more and more silly rules instead of sticking with the same game. No wonder these refs can’t get it all down. It is just like the Fed govt expecting the people to follow all their accounting rules, enviro rules/regs, employment, law, etc. It has become overwhelming for the refs. Quit changing so much and stick to one great game. Same on the other. No more laws, no more rules!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Most of you idiots are completely missing the point here.yes, I’m a Steeler fan and it sucks they didn’t have a great year and make the playoffs…. They should’ve taken care of business earlier in the season.

    The point being made here jag offs ( not you msravens) is that the refs suck, and are blatantly missing calls that should not be missed. Judgement calls are exactly that, the refs judgement . But formation calls, turnover reviews, etc should never be missed.

    Just hope it’s not your team on the short end of the stick next time!

  106. Man , Leavy is the worst thing that happened to the Steelers. He took the shine off of a SB that they rightly won over a whiny Seattle team that lost by 11 points and now deprives them of a berth. Here is a rule of thumb for whining about refs. GB can whine about refs for their loss to Seattle on MNF because it came oin a wrong call at the end of the game they lost by that margin. Seattle didn’t lose a game because of incorrect calls responsible for the margin. Seattle didn’t have a single wrong call in the final minutes. Pereira the same guy who validated all the calls but the minor Hasselball penalty is the same guy who said two calls were flat out wrong in this KC game. So can we stop the pity party for Seattle. I can lay out worse calls that victimized the Steelres over the years that actually led to the decisive losing margin. Can seattle do that? The two holding calls – one on offense and the other on defense were definitely unfortunate nitpicky calls that I personally took no joy in as a viewer, but guess what, they were technically correct. The final bad call was on Hasselback which was incorrect but didn’t affect possession. So give them 4 points on one TD taken away by a correct nitpicky call and Seattle still has 7 points to overcome. Let’s not forget Steelers went into turtle mode once they scored on Randle El’s TD. Really? We are going to complain for 8 years about a game where one team(the Steelers) benefited from 2 nitpicky but correct calls, one borderline call(TD) even replay couldn’t resolve(as if Cowher wouldn’t go for 4th and an inch with theSteelers best OL of the 00s), and one incorrect 15 yarder that did not affect possession and that caused your team to lose by ELEVEN. Seriously? 3 nitpicky calls is all you can whine about for 8 years?

    Look, I am not going to make martyrs of the Steelers. Steelers are not the only team to get victimized by these refs. But they did get shafted yesterday. Next week, when another team gets shafted by these refs, I will sympathize with your team. Hell, I thought Ravens deserved a TD on that Tomlin penalty, but guess what??? Ravens won that game. So Steelers didn’t benefit and Tomlin was fined. So justice was done. What more do you want? I will support other teams fans if their team gets shafted on last minute calls in close games , especially if they involve multiple bad calls that decide the game by themselves. I am just sick of Seattle whining for 8 years. I had no problem with their grumbling for a few days even if their calls were so blown out of proportion to the final margin of that game. You can second guess a lot of Brady and Flacco games if you go by nitpicky PIs or holding calls by that level of consideration.

  107. One more thing, after my rant, I mght surprise you, but that missed call on the FG didn’t bother me that much. Refs miss too many men on field and other similar flags quite a few times. And I call this penalty less of an infraction than that. Don’t get me wrong, it should have been called, and the timing of it was frustrating as it could have finished the game then and there, but it happens. It had nothing on the fumble /forward progress call. I am willing to give the NFL a pass on a nitpicky rule with the FG, but not on Leavy’s mishandling of the fake punt. For me, he just messed that ruling up in so many ways. He didn’t get forward progress right , he didn’t even get the ruling right on non reviewable plays as Reid could still challenge the spot, even if he couldn’t challenge the fumble return.

  108. The NFL needs to implement a mandatory age retirement for these refs ,, I’m not knocking the senior’s who have worked or served this country for many years but as they get older physical things such as eyesight , awareness , running , etc ,, will start to deteriorate ,, just like the athletes that they ref you can’t beat Father Time .

  109. How about first we make NFL officials a full-time job with year-round training? Or at least make the referees and whatever important positions full-time? I don’t know which of the following: back-judge, side-judge, umpire, etc. have similar responsibilities as the referee (crew chief, basically), but there needs to be some full-time guys. The others can continue to be part-time. I think the NFL is the only one with part-time officials. I’m guessing MLB umpires, NHL/NBA refs are all full-time. Since the NFL basically allows owners and the league to print money, the least they could do is have full-time professional referees. It has become a full-time job for the coaches and players, so likewise with the officials.

  110. See Texans vs Chargers Game 1 of the 2013 season to see an incorrect, and later apologized for, call that changed the outcome of a game.

    Had it not been for that bad call, the Chargers wouldn’t have needed to win yesterday to be in.

  111. The Charger fan that commented that they “destroyed” KC at Arrowhead needs to remember that they scored with less than 30 seconds left, and the Chiefs lost Houston and Hali in the first half. And the other fan that claimed they are the most entertaining team: only if you enjoy watching Rivers cry like a baby all game!

  112. Sorry haters, you DON’T get to laugh at the Steelers now without admitting you were WRONG about the refs always favoring the Steelers. You morons can’t have it both ways — either the Steelers always get the calls, because it’s some conspiracy, or they don’t. By laughing, you admit the Steelers don’t always get the calls, and you were wrong all along.

    Congrats on being confirmed as a bunch of whiny little girly-boys who hid behind the ref excuse rather than give the Steelers props for all the wins. Last night’s error proved it. You little sissies.

  113. Nothing sweeter than whining Squealer fans.

    The team that’s received more favorable BS calls than anyone including Brady or Manning.

    I mean seriously… Whining after the coach tries to trip a player, your LB makes an illegal block that gave you a win and a consistent cascade of calls gifted you and your rotund QB a SB.

  114. Anyone notice that the whining about Steeler fans outnumber the number of Steeler fans whining about this call about 50 to 1? Hilarious.

  115. Yeah–like the missed call on an illegal helmet to helmet cheap shot on a defenseless player that was the Bengal’s punter Huber that would have negated a returned touchdown on a punt–calls like that that are missed by the officials–good point

  116. Nothing stupider than whining haters crying about Steeler fans. And not realizing that by gloating over the blown call, they admit how lame they were trying to claim the Steelers always have the refs on their side.

    I mean seriously, always acting like Bill Leavy was in the Steelers pocket, then gloating over the fact he totally screwed the Steelers yesterday.

    Do you not realize how stupid you all look?

  117. As a Chief fan there is nothing i could enjoy more than watching SD struggle against the b string. However the Chargers winning in the end was the best possible outcome, for anyone who just likes to watch good football. Of the teams eligable for the #6 spot, SD is the only one i can see as being competetive in the post season. This is a team that really brings to life the”any given sunday” idea. Yeah they had a bad game but they are also capable of having great games. Them getting in rounds out what i think is by far the upper portion of the Afc. And as strange as it seems the actual seeds seems amazingly accurate for a true Afc rank. Should make for great playoff games this year.

  118. To those saying the seven men lined up on one side didnt affect the kick, i disagree. He saw the rush coming heavy from one side and naturally booted it the opposite way, causing him to hook it to the right.

  119. Not one comment about the fact that TV coverage is so much better than even 10 years ago that now “after the fact” all these arm chair refs can catch all these miscues.

  120. rodh32340 says: Dec 30, 2013 12:43 PM

    The Steelers needed to win a few more games and maybe they wouldn’t be throwing a tantrum about a questionable call.

    a questionable call ???
    This was no ordinary “questionable call” buddy – this was an acknowledged very poor
    non-call, that very likely cost a team a play-off berth… Play-off berths are not something
    to just brush away as not a big deal… it’s a huge deal to the coaches and players whose
    jobs are on the line. It’s also a big deal to the organization and fan base. Above all, it is
    a big blow to the integrity of the game we love.

    BTW, this was just the most notable of many ‘questionable calls’ in that game.
    This time, it was the Steelers that got hosed. Next year, it could very well be your team.

    Bottom line, the NFL needs to turn its attention to improving the product on the field
    by addressing the refereeing issue, and simplifying the mish-mash of coded rules
    they call a rule book. Even the refs, themselves, don’t understand all the complexities
    and contradictions that reside in it.

  121. Yet last year packers vs Seahawks you did thought it was the correct call watch steeler fans think the NFL is out to get them why would you give them a reason to cry

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