Percy Harvin will practice this week, hopes to play next week


The Seahawks may get Percy Harvin back for the playoffs after all.

Despite talk that Harvin’s hip injury would cause him to miss the entire postseason, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said today that he’s optimistic about Harvin returning to practice on Thursday and beginning preparation for Seattle’s playoff opener on January 11.

“Percy’s going to practice with us when we get back with the intention of playing in this next game,” Carroll said, via PFT’s Curtis Crabtree. “We’ll see what happens. That’s the intention. We’re going to see how he goes.”

Harvin played in just one game during the regular season and played sparingly in that one, but he did flash the speed and explosiveness that makes him an elite player when he’s healthy: In that one game, Harvin caught a pass for 17 yards and returned a kickoff for 58 yards. Harvin has a chance to have that kind of impact on the Seahawks in the playoffs, but Carroll noted that no one should expect Harvin to jump right in and immediately change Seattle’s offense.

“We’re going to take things slowly. It would be wrong to change things for one individual player,” Carroll said.

Considering that the Seahawks sent first-, third- and seventh-round picks to Minnesota to acquire Harvin, it’s been a major disappointment that he has spent almost the entire season on the sideline. But Harvin isn’t done yet.

88 responses to “Percy Harvin will practice this week, hopes to play next week

  1. WHAT?! Wow! This might be equivalent to Bob Sanders returning to the Colts in time for the 2006 playoffs and transforming their defense all the way to the Super Bowl.

  2. Told y’all. The reason he wasn’t put on I.r. is because sneaky pete was saving the secret weapon for the playoffs!. Go hawks

  3. I wonder if he’s gotten into conflicts over his status with head coaches, coordinators, trainers, players, and even support staff like he did in MN. The stories that are finally leaking out now in MN are fairly entertaining. Great player, but not too stable (or healthy).

  4. It would be great if Harvin can contribute something this year, but based on past history, I will believe it when I see it. #GoHawks

  5. “The Seahawks may get Percy Harvin back for the playoffs after all.”

    Unless he gets a headache.

  6. I doubt he’ll contribute much in the playoff’s this year, if anything, but he’d damned sure better be healthy and ready to contribute 100% next season. One season off is enough, especially for what we gave to get him. If football is a business then Seattle’s overdue for a return on their investment.

    GO SEHAWK’s!!! SB48 awaits you.

  7. And…. That will do it for the 2013-14 NFL season… Thanks for coming but it is now O-V-E-R. Go Hawks!

  8. Watch for Vikings a fleece. Meanwhile they are out,and the hawks are in. How is that corner doing? 29th ranked pass defense.
    ok. Sounds like a steal,

  9. There is still plenty of time to obtain a hangnail, or a nasty cold.

    Dude has probably forgotten the playbook by now, anyway.

    Sure, throw him out there. Just make sure he is lined up in the proper direction.

  10. All these haters are scared or their team probably got eliminated. If Harvin is 100%, there isn’t a defense in the league that will be able to stop the seahawks

  11. Seahwks have the best record in NFL without Harvin and yet fans still try come out with negative talk. In case the clueless didn’t know Seattle is 4th youngest roster and the way they draft you better get use to be angry every weekend because this team is going to be battling for Super Bowls for years to come.

    Exciting time to be a Hawk fan.

  12. Most overrated and injury prone player in the league. Best trade Seahawks ever made – for the rest of the NFC West

  13. Gotta love how all of the Seahawks fans brings up the Vikings record on every Percy article… What they fail to realize is that had Percy stayed on our team and been resigned we would have gotten the same expensive non production from him and done even worse than we did. Percy may be a game changer and a fun player to watch, but him sitting out almost all season wouldn’t have helped us any.

    I’d rather have the picks we got than one 17 yd catch, so the trade is a win for the Vikes. For Seattle, so far it is a loss, but if Percy lights it up in the playoffs that could change. I hope you have better luck with him than we did and you have so far.

  14. I honestly hope he’s able to get on the field and contribute. If we, as fans, are lucky enough to get the matchup we’re all hoping for I want the 49ers and Seahawks to both have their best 46 healthy and ready for what should be a classic NFC Championship Game.

    And can we please put the trash talking aside for a while and appreciate that in this watered down, soft, pass happy league the NFL has become we still have two of the best teams in the league that are winning games with great, physical defense and smash mouth, power offenses?

  15. I would guess this is just a ruse and one to make everyone game plan in case he does play. Keep everyone thinking it might happen and then when it doesn’t, they have wasted their time and maybe already let up a bit………

    I also think that just having him come out for a practice is a long ways from playing a game. I hope that it works out for him to play, but I am not thinking the odds are as good as 10%.

    Next year……he will be ready and hopefully the Hawk Offense can catch up to the Defense in rankings. Wouldn’t that be awesome!!!!

    Go Hawks!

  16. I like how everyone knows how this is going to turn out. I’m glad we get all this insight from all you experts. Or am I wrong and you all are a bunch of trolls? I think the best way to handle this is to watch the playoffs and see what happens. I know my team has a good chance though. We didn’t lose to anyone with less than 11 wins and we didn’t lose any games by more than 7 points. Those are facts not a troll opinion.

  17. Any of you amazingly bright people ever consider that maybe just maybe Pete is trying to create some misdirection? You pompous fans are gonna make this collapse that’s coming the most gratifying in sports history. Worse than the 07 pats you are

  18. Seattles offence will keep them from winning a Super Bowl once again. Even with harvin they’re not going to score enough to win. They won’t even win the NFC

  19. She’ll have a headache before much longer. I never got this clown Harvin, you talk about a media hyped player this guy has done nothing in his career nothing yet that idiot up in Seattle pays him like he’s a superstar. Straight up Harvin or Jordy Nelson….it’s not even close, I’ll take Nelson 8 days a week he likes to earn his money playing the game.

  20. just hinting that he will try and practice… and if all goes well, play in a game, is worth what? at least 3 Superbowls right there!!!!

    The trophy case isn’t empty anymore!!! Only took 40 years too!

    “We are the Champions…..”

  21. The Minnesota Vikings signed Josh Freeman, and paid him actual money to get embarrassed on national TV and then relegated to the bench for the entire year. They, as an organization, should not feel good about anything.

  22. Didn’t we just go through all this with Romo/Dallas and were the results any different that what was expected anyway?

    Despite what’s been said about the recent Seahawks offensive shortcomings, they’re still 13-3 and that’s what makes a good team good. Winning the close ones.

    Many think the 49ers should’ve/could’ve lost those last 2 games to ATL and AZ. They didn’t, they made plays when they absolutely had to. As a 49er fan, I’m kinda bummed we have to travel as a 12-4 team to a Div winner 8-7-1 team but at the same time, I think that 12-4 team is tough enough to go on the road and get a tough win.

    Seattle’s doing just fine without Harvin and if there’s any possibility of permanent injury by playing at this point, maybe it’s worth reconsidering.

    As a Niner fan, I’m obligated to despise the Seahawks. At the same time, I have utmost respect for them. Good, solid team. I want everyone healthy for the NFCC Game so there will be no excuses for either team.

  23. Prob not in football shape at all. One hit to the hip and he will fumble. Shehawks are better off without Percy as he will be a liability in the playoffs.

  24. Would be good because Hawks have no speed on the outside and probably lost Luke Willson who was their fastest remaining receiver.

    Not holding out much hope though. Only consolation is that he still has four years to prove Hawks didn’t pzz away three draft picks for zero ROI.

  25. Won’t matter with that anemic Offense.

    Check footballoutsiders.

    Kaepernick the King is ranked higher than Wilson.

    Wilson is not up to the task of stepping to the King.

    The Niners will win it all.

  26. jbeagles23 says: Dec 30, 2013 8:28 PM

    It’s very possible Wilson had the worst season of the 6 NFC qbs


    You must have forgotten that the 49ers made the playoffs.

  27. The kid is electric when he touches the ball! pound for pound the toughest person to tackle in the league. I’m a viking fan and hope to see him in the playoffs. With that being said the Seahawks should if saved there 3rd and 7th round pick and taking Patterson. He is bigger, faster, taller and makes peanuts compared to the contract Percy got.

  28. Note for Seahawks fans ; when you use the term “hater” it gives away your 13 year old girl status.

  29. Wow football outsiders gave Kaep a high ranking?? Cool!

    In real life Russell Wilson’s team is the number 1 seed with a bye week. Colin’s team is the 5th seed traveling to Green Bay this weekend.

    Maybe Mr. Wilson will be kind enough to give up his Pro Bowl seat because he is occupied.

  30. Seahawks can’t and won’t choke. We backed up the talk and have the best record in the NFL. Playoffs are a crap shoot and I am as concerned as any fan. But the fact Seattle holds the keys to the Superbowl scares the crap out of everyone in their right mind. Thanks for a team, season and Franchise Pete/John/Paul. Go Hawks!

  31. I hope the shehawks dont get bounced next week or the already high suicide rate in Washington will spike even higher

  32. Boy this guy’s gotten a LOT of media hype/coverage all year for a guy that hasn’t played…. Like Parcells used to say, “Let’s not just put him the Hall of Fame just yet, there…”

  33. Good luck Hawks. Rooting for Beast Mode (Oakland Connection) Also a Russell Wilson fan.


  34. Those that write about PED’s and drugs are those who really don’t know much about football. But if they didn’t have the PED’s, which they copied someone else on, they wouldn’t have anything at all to say.

    Sort of like the Broncos’ newbies, who tell us all about how Peyton, will throw TD after TD and bury us. PM is a great passer, no question, but has he gone up against a secondary yet, with the proficiency of the Legion of Boom? That’s the thing we love about football, skillful players challenging skillful players.

    At least the Niners won’t have to tangle with Clay Matthews out on the frozen tundra. Go NFC WEST!!!

  35. SF is likely to win in GB this coming weekend. NO is likely to lose in Philly this coming weekend.

    SF will then have to come to SEA on the 11th. CAR will host Philly the next day.

    SEA will host CAR and be going to the SB.

    SEA wins its first SB, defeating DEN.

    Harvin plays in all three games and is critical in their success.

    Seems a reasonable prediction……..Definitely my hope…….Go Hawks!

  36. Lmao all Seahawks fans is weak PERIOD.. Bowman going knock him out the game if not watch out for HITNER…watch out here we come…,, GO NINERS!!!!

  37. Pete said in his Monday press conference that he was going to begin to practice either Wed or Thurs in anticipation of the 1/11 nfl playoff game.

    Don’t get excited, everything is tentative, Harvin has been running and looking good in practice but Carroll said their are no guarantees about what happens after that. If Harvin does get past Carroll’s assessment of his hip soreness, he’ll probably get in only 10-15 plays…..but even that would have a significant impact on the game. Percy is a true game changer

  38. I think Pete Carroll is letting this out for a reason. Either he is confident that Harvin will be back, or possibly he’s attempting to mess with other team’s game planning by keeping the possibility alive.

  39. “I hope the shehawks dont get bounced next week or the already high suicide rate in Washington will spike even higher”

    Here’s another false rumor bleating sheep repeat to trash their opponents. Seattle suicides are 18th of the major big cities. Las Vegas is #1. Your city’s suicide rate is quite likely higher than Seattle’s.

  40. Funny how all the haters will post negative comments. If you want to bitch, bitch at your general manager. Percy will change the aspect of the game and provide options defenses may not be prepared for. So all the negative comments are justified we forgive you haters.

  41. Seahawks fans will tumble over one another as they race to the keyboard to remind us all that “the ‘hawks don’t even need Percy” – but if you ask them why then they shipped 3 draft picks east for the waste of a roster spot, suddenly they’re too busy planning that Superbowl parade route..

    Admit it already. He’s a waste of 3 picks and $12,000,000 a year – A YEAR.

    And, YES, I’d take Cordaralle Patterson and Xavier Rhodes over TWO Percy Harvins EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK – that’s just double the headache or double dumb bells being thrown at position coaches.

  42. Harvin WAS a great player. A huge ego and soft as Mr Whipple’s obsession. In a what have you done for me lately league he is a non story. Step up do something and he will be talked about. It reminds me of all the 30 min ESPN stories on the Cowboys who havent been relevent in forever.

  43. Like Pete said…
    “We’re going to take things slowly. It would be wrong to change things for one individual player,”
    The Vikings tried getting him the ball a certain amount of plays a game no matter what. I don’t blame them because he is that special of a talent. But its funny we won ( I forget the exact #) more games without him, especially down the stretch towards the end of the season without him then with him his last season. He sat and bitched about Ponder (rightfully so, he is terrible) and threw a fit instead of supporting the team and being a professional much like AD does. Thats his attitude but now towards his play. He is is too good of a talent to not get the touches but he runs with reckless abandon/physical play which his body can’t hold up to.

  44. won’t matter unless he’s planning on juicing up like the rest of the team. niners are gonna go up to seattle and win anyways. SF all day. #5RINGS #HOWMANYYOUHAVE?

  45. Let’s face it. if seattle fails to make/win the SB this year, all fingers will be pointed at whoever wanted Percy. When, in fact, $ could of been spent more wisely.

  46. Seahawks fans better enjoy this short window of opportunity. Your team has drafted very well and made great personnel decisions. The big problem for your team is that all these inexpensive contracts on your good young players will all need to be upgraded at once.
    I’m not saying the Hawks will win it all or won’t this year, I’m just saying that they better do it this year or next because they will soon be strapped by the salary cap like the rest of the teams are. Getting a player like Wilson without having to overpay him Flacco money is a luxury most teams don’t have. Enjoy your run while it lasts.

  47. “Seahawks offense has been figured out.” Yeah, that’s why they’re 8th in scoring and #2 in explosive plays.

    Only 2 things can keep the Seahawks from winning the Super Bowl this year; refs or a blizzard.

  48. He’s a great player when healthy, which isn’t often enough. The Seahawks gave him too big of a contract, though. Who exactly were they bidding against? Unless he becomes a star player and stays healthy, he’s a goner after 2015, when the dead money is only about $12 million.

    The Seahawks really need some size at WR right now, which is why they will let Tate walk. They have too many 5’10” receivers (Harvin, Baldwin, Tate) and are having trouble getting separation in man coverage. With Wilson’s arm strength and accuracy, the Seattle O could be scary if they got a real #1 threat at WR, and a better tight end (Miller is overpaid and will be a cap casualty). And look out for Beast 2.0 (aka Christine Michael) in the coming years.

  49. If the other team doesn’t score, then your offense only has to score once in order to win. The defense will step up and make it very difficult for the opponent of the moment to get in/near the end zone. Don’t get me wrong…Wilson is awesome! He’s been playing all season behind a beat up o-line and still making amazing plays, but he can’t do it all. Whether Percy plays or not may be a moot point. The defense is going to win this one. Go Hawks!

  50. Percy hasn’t stopped training since his week#11 appearance in the SEA/MN game that is the very reason why his re-emergence in the playoffs, albeit limited, will likely be a success. The training was dialed back to very low levels but he’ll do great because there was no break in his conditioning.

    Now Percy has a chip on his shoulder from all his haters. Unleash the baby beast!

  51. How many 49ers fans does it take to change a light bulb? None.. They just stand around talking about how great the old one was..

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