ProFootballTalk: The Shanahan era in Washington is over

After four seasons of sometimes good, but mostly mediocre football, Mike Shanahan has been relieved of his head coaching duties in Washington.

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  1. Lets look at whether or not Shanahan was being accurate today when he said the organization was in a better place then when he took the job…I think, as skins fans, we will see that he was right. First, our qb situation is much better today than it was four years ago. RG3 is a special talent and has the ability to be a top 8 qb for the next 10 years. When healthy, he is electric and I truly believe that with a full offseason and more time for his knee to heal he will regain his rookie year form. Cousins has proven he is a reliable back up who can come in and move the offense an win games in a pinch. Our rb situation is also much better with Shanahan finding a gem in Alfred Morris. Morris is a top 6 rb in the league and his skill set is scheme diverse. We can anticipate having him continue to be extremely productive moving forward. Roy Helu is a excellent complement with blazing speed and the ability to pass protect and catch the ball out of the backfield. At the skill spots we have a budding star in the tight end out of Florida and Garçon…an additional playmaker is needed on the outside bc moss is done and hankerson and Morgan have not panned out. Up front we are below average everywhere but left tackle where Shanahan added a diaper star in Trent Williams…lets recall that stephon heyer and Levi Jones were protecting out qb’s blindside before Shanahan arrived.

    Defensively the decision to move to a 3-4 was I’ll conceived. We never added that dominant nose tackle to anchor as cofield is best suited at end. Orakpo, although not a Shanahan selection, has been utilized well when healthy and Kerrigan offers value as a hustle player with rush ability. Both guys have their best football ahead of them. Amerson has the ability to be a solid starter on the back end and a key piece to a restructured secondary. Overall, Shanahan leaves us with cofield, Jenkins, orakpo, Kerrigan, Riley, and Amerson as young solid defensive players to build the defense around.

    Our Cap hell from disgusting contracts to guys like Jason Taylor, deangelo hall, Albert haynesworth, Derrick Dockery, and Laron Landry are gone as our the penalties from the league and we are now in position to have the ability to add pieces and be extremely active in free agency. We have a full stock of draft picks minus our first round selection from which to add young talent. Lets not forget that before Shanahan came on board we were dealing second round picks for declining players on dancing with the stars.

    Overall, I understand that Shanahan and his staff needed to go following such a dismal year but I do feel as a staunch supporter of the skins that we are in a much better place from a personnel standpoint and organization standpoint right now then we were when he took the job. A couple key free agent noes to bolster the offensive line (Alex Mack and the best available right tackle) will do wonders and the best playmaker at the top of the second round will do wonders for us next season.

  2. @bigcheetah19

    You’re correct on most all your points but the fact it takes a detailed analysis to prove Shanny made them better during his tenure shows why he’s unemployed now. He wasn’t hired to make little improvements–he was supposed to make them a power once again. Instead, there was one bright shining moment when they made the playoffs that quickly turned sour when Shanny let the future of the franchise go out and try to play with a torn-up knee.

    I thought Shanny was a great hire at the time, but his tenure with the Redskins closely mirrored his last few years with the Broncos–they basically ran in place and never could get over the hump…only with the added abrasiveness of having Kyle on staff in Washington. My guess is Mike probably would have won a few more games on his own and had a lot less drama minus Kyle, but the dream was clearly to have Junior someday take over for Papa. And that was a big symptom of the problem: It all ended up being about Shanny and his ego and attempts to secure Kyle’s future than in winning games for the Redskins.

  3. I agreed with your sentiment but saying that obtaining a franchise qb, a stud left tackle, a 23 year old rb who is doing things only a handful of players have done tho early in his career and some solid young defensive players all while taking us out of cap hell shouldn’t be classified as “little improvements”. We will be extremely competitive moving forward with a few smart additions.

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