Rams are interested in trading out of No. 2 pick

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Eufaula, Alabama is not a particularly big town, but two of its products had an impact on the top of the 2014 NFL Draft.

As Peter King points out in his Monday Morning Quarterback column, Rams General Manager Les Snead spent some of his Sunday watching fellow Eufaula native Jerrel Jernigan score two touchdowns to help the Giants beat the Redskins. That locked the Rams into the second pick of the draft by virtue of the trade Snead made with the Redskins in 2011 when he dealt the second overall pick for first rounders in 2011, 2012 and 2013 so Washington could draft Robert Griffin III.

That worked out so well for the Rams last time that they’d be cool with doing it again this year. King spoke to Snead on Sunday and reports the G.M. is “open for business” when it comes to the second seed and that he’d like to get a future first-rounder out of the deal.

“There are going to be some teams that want to pick a quarterback and that could increase the value of our pick,” Snead said. “I have told people I’m not sure I know how to draft without multiple first-round picks, so I’m always going to be interested when it comes to making sure I can continue to do that.”

We still don’t know which underclassmen will come out, including quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, and those decisions will have plenty to do with how attractive the Rams’ pick is to other teams. It’s a safe bet that someone will want it, though, and the Rams will have to decide if their offer is worth giving up the plum position they gained thanks to Snead, Jernigan, Griffin and rest of a Redskins team that went up in flames.

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  1. Minnesota may be willing to give up its entire draft for that pick.

    Both 2014 and 2015 drafts!

  2. Can you blame them? If some idiot organization like Minnesotta or TB gets desperate for a qb, i can see them trading a ton of picks for the #2 pick. Maybe get another lopsided trade like they did with Washington. Smart move. They’re building for the future with a lot of draft picks, not all of their eggs in 1 basket.

  3. Laugh and have your fun now St. Louis. At the end of RGIII’s career, RedskinsNation will be laughing with multiple Superbowl championships/banners at Redskins Park while the Rams are STILL looking at 1999 film of Warner, Faulk and Co. #ThankYouforgivingusthebestQBinFootball

  4. They would be stupid not to trade. They already took advantage of one team with the previous trade, and teams will line up to let them take advantage of them too. If they make a pick, they are crazy and missing out on stealing from another incompetently run team.

  5. So by trading out of the #2 pick 2 years ago, they got the right to the #2 pick this year which they are willing to trade out of again? Makes sense if they can get it to work out.

  6. @jimmysee:

    I am a Vikings fan and absolutely I would be interested in trading up for that pick!

    1. Thanks to the Redskins, it probably could come at a steep, but still cheaper price because of what happened to them. The Vikings could probably get the pick for maybe 2 1sts, 1 2nd, and a 3rd or something.

    2. Currently the Vikings have drafted 5 1st round picks in the last two years. That’s all fine and dandy, but those players contracts will eventually be up and we’ll need to pay them, all within a two year span. Kalil will be some money, Harrison Smith is looking legit, Cordarrelle Patterson is starting to look like it’ll take Percy money to keep him around, Xavier really turned it on the 2nd half, and Shariff finished the season with 7.5 tackles for loss. If there is any season where we should give up a few first rounders, solely due to the fact it’ll be hard to keep them all, it’s this year.

    3. WE NEED A QB. I just want to see our management for once go out and get what they need. Johnny Manziel or whoever else we like that isn’t named Teddy Bridgewater may be a reach at #2, but the fact remains is that I’d rather see us try then wait at 8, end up having nothing there and either reaching for another Ponder again, or trading back for a “hope and pray our late round pick turns into Russell Wilson”.

  7. The obvious pick there would probably be mathews or clowney for them. They will be needing another OT soon and Mathews would be great. I guess I could see them trading down 4 or 5 spots and still landing a good OT.

    For anyone wondering what the rams should get for that trade: lets say the rams only moved down 2 spots to 4th overall; according to the draft value board, a fair trade would be for the rams to get the 1st, 2nd and 3rd rd picks of that team. The numeric value of the overall #2 is equal to those 3 picks combined.

    Trading down any further will net the rams even more.

  8. “Hi, Rams? Yeah this is Dan Snyder. We’d really like to get back into the 1st round. I’ll trade you RGIII, and our 1st round picks for 2015 and 2016. Is that enough?”

  9. Joke’s on the Rams, Sam Bradford is actually a titanic bust. Spare me his stats, he statpadded in garbage time nearly as much as RG3-13.

  10. Who has two first rounders and a history of bad decisions? Mike Lombardi, GM, Cleveland Browns.

  11. All those players the Rams got, yet still in last. I think Washington will come out the clear winner over the long term. Many first rounders don’t amount to anything. At least the Dan can’t mess up a pick he doesn’t have…

  12. How’s Sam Bradford working out for you guys?

    I know the Rams and just about every team could use a ton more quality spread around, but, how much are you spending on Sam Bradford to lead your team to 8-8 seasons (or worse) from the bench again?

    Just sayin’

  13. Rams haven’t done much with the picks they got. That’s why they’re 7-9 again. Brockers and Jenkins are average starters at best, Quick and Pead are stiffs, and Tavon Austin and Ogletree haven’t done much. Average, maybe even below.

  14. What did the Vikings give up last year to trade back into the 1st round to take Patterson? Did they have to give up any 2014 picks?

    I’m actually surprised they were able to hold onto their 1st round pick this year after making that deal.

  15. Get ready for Jeff Fischer to hire his best buddy Jim Schwartz as the DC in St. Louis.

    The Rams have a savage team. If they can improve on offense, they could be very good.

  16. Bradford was having a fine year before he got hurt…..the kid is a franchise Qb and he’s young. Theyd be nuts to draft a QB there. As long as he can stay healthy, he should be winning a lot of games over the next 4-5 years. The rams just have to hope the seahawaks and niners cool off a bit (which they naturally will as they continue to draft low). Its the nature of the game.

  17. vikings will stand pat in the draft at #8.

    there are only 4 qbs that should go in the first, and even that’s a stretch.

    teddy b, manziel, carr – these SHOULD be the only 1st round qbs. boyd and the rest aren’t any better than 2nd/3rd round talent.

    people seem to forget that the raiders have like 40+ million in cap space, and the dolphins have like 30+ million in cap space. there are going to be a lot of free agent moves in the offseason before the draft, and depending on what teams fill what needs, some of those teams being mentioned as targeting quarterback x in the draft will likely instead be taking best player available.

    when you reach, you end up with ponder. and gabbert. and tebow.

  18. I feel like at some point the Rams have to go for it. That’s great that they fielded an entire team b/c of the RG 3 trade, but that only got them to a 7-9 record. Where are all these trades leading to? 8-8? They’re in a division that had 3 teams win 10 or more games. That automatically knocks them down to fighting for the last wild card spot with 4 or 5 teams every year.

  19. The skins are the clear winner of that trade….are you nuts?? RG3 might be a decent enough QB at some point but he is not looking like the game-changer that everyone thought, and the rams are on the verge of challenging for that division.

    The one saving grace for the skins is that they should have a nice amount of cap space this year to add some talent. Even then though, it still all comes down to their QB.

  20. If the Tennessee Titans, don’t trade up and get BridgeWater,Manuel, or somebody because Locker and the great of them clowns ain’t gonna get the job done. FIRE LOCKER,FITZPATRICK, AND MUNCHACK. #GET YOUR COAT AND YOUR LAST PAYCHECK

  21. If Sam Bradford was drafted under 2011’s contract rules instead of 2010’s, the Rams would be drafting a QB there.

    Financially, they just can’t eat Bradford yet. His cap hits are about $17M per year for 2 years, or about 80% of what Cam Newton got for all 4 years ($22M) of his deal.

  22. let’s go with the theory that every team in the nfl draft with a top 10 pick, who needs a qb, is going to take one.

    so, the texans take a qb
    the raiders take a qb
    tampa bay takes a qb
    the browns take a qb

    ok so, you are going to tell me that barr, clowney and other stud defensive players are going to slide all the way down?


  23. People are way to harsh on rgIII. He threw for about 3700 yds on a 60+% clip and only 5ints? His rookie year. He did everything he never did throughout his collegiate and pro career his 2nd year (much like cam and kaep) he was a world class athlete and could barley run this year. He wasn’t 100%. Plain and simple. Bradford isn’t exactly Mr. Invincible himself. And personally I think tavone Austin is a bust. As of right now rams barley look like the winners of that trade. Give rgIII 9er,Carolina, or even the rams defense and he looks a lot better. RgIII will make aloy of haters look foolish next year.

  24. The Skins traded how many picks to St. Louis for RG3? And still have a divsion title since the trade and the Rams are still in the NFC Weat cellar. Yeah it worked out well for them…. Keep the pick dummy you need more talent!

  25. Trade it for a ton of picks, then do something nice for that DC team you fleeced. Give them a 10th round pick and take that damaged goods RGlll off their hands.

  26. I wasn’t surprised to see Minn fire Frazier, but I really thought Spielman would be following Leslie out the door. So many of his decisions on draft day and $$$ F.A.’s just haven’t worked out.
    As a Packers fan I like that he didn’t get canned. Maybe he’s interested in BJ Raji this offseason ?
    5 years and $40 million will do the job. BJ hasn’t panned out, he’s good – just not the run plugger we thought he would be.

  27. The Rams fleeced the Skins? Hmm, who’s been to the playoffs since that pick. When are the Rams going to start turning into wins? We sucked this year due to RGIII not being 100% and two years in a row of $18 million being removed from our cap. With $20 plus million in cap, at least, this offseason. A high second rd. pick. RGIII coming back healthy with a full offseason. Watch out. We’ll be right back where we were at the end of 2012.

  28. Not a Rams fan or a Skins fan. Last I checked the Rams missed the playoffs this year. They have a below average gossly overpaid QB and an average football team at best. Seems foolish to trade away the #2 pick when you actually need it to improve. Rams…you aren’t the Patriots and you can’t afford to give away your draft pick this year. You guys weren’t that good. Sincerely…a Panthers fan

  29. Most fans come on and try bash the Rams for not improving clearly don’t know anything about football or watched the NFC West.

    St. Louis is the youngest team in NFL playing in the toughest division in sports, Cards – 10 wins, 49ers 12 wins, and Seahawks 13 wins. They played 3/4 of their games with their back up QB.

    Even though the casual fan doesn’t see it they drafted very well including late in the rounds. I think one of their bad pick ups was Dolphins broken LT. If they believe in Bradford they need Mathews kid at number 2 spot. There is no way he falls past the top 5 with his bloodline and the season he had.

  30. Why do ppl keep talking about Sam for..?

    It’s no damn QB in the draft better than him for 1. 2. This was Sam’s 1st year.. Out of 4. With the same OC… 14tds & 4ints.. & that was WITHOUT Z. Stacy running game..
    Sam is a damn Ram. I do not want no other QB if it’s not A. Rodgers, P. Manning, D. Brees, or Tom Brady… FYI.. Sam is getting 14… 13mill his last 2yrs. NOT 17.!!

    Redskins.. Thanks for the trade..

    Trading the 2nd pick..?
    I wouldn’t mind doing so… So we can continue to get young players… But also.. At the same time.. I am getting tired of being the youngest team in the NFL & making dumb young mistakes ( All the flags we get. )
    IF we trade it.. I want a Number1 WR ( Draft. FA. I don’t care where from. Lol. )… OL.. OLB( front 7 will be perfect.! ) & DB / Safety..!!

  31. Ok I have to clarify Some things for some skins fans in here who seem to think they got the better end of that deal.
    Alec Ogeltree- leads our team in tackles and is a fumble forcing machine who’s always around the ball.
    Michael Brockers- run stuffer who anchors the middle of a 7th ranked rush defense could start on almost any team in the NFL.. Y’all would love if he’s in Washington
    Tavon Austin- did you see his second half of the season?? Will be a stud in the slot
    Janoris jenkins- Gambles in the passing lanes sometimes it works out great look at his rookie season 4 defensive TDs!!
    Sam Bradford put up numbers in garbage time??? 2000 yards and 15 TDs to 4 ints until injury was on pace for a 3500 yard 30 TD 8 into season.. That’s a good enough QB to get you playoff wins especially with a top defense… Basically what all this comes too is THANK YOU….

  32. I only hope the Rams suck forever without a qb. This team is greedy for draft picks and I hope this team gets their butt kicked by the rest of NFC west.

  33. There are some really STUPID comments on here by people who have no idea how to analyze a team that is rebuilding at EVERY position ( can’t be done in one year) vs one that is simply managing a roster. AND seems I remember the Rams lost their QB, still finished with a record equal to a lot of teams running 2nd in their division. NFC West is best division hands down. They finally have players and stability around Sam. He’ll be fine.

  34. I’m not saying we got better the end. But as of now, the skins have gotten more out of it with a Div title. The rams haven’t had winning season since. Until the rams are consistently winning post trade and the skins are consistently losing, then you really can’t say who got the better end. But all the posters on here want to cop this attitude of like “OMG THE SKINS GOT TOTALLY FLEECED!” Based of what evidence? The cowboys fleeced the vikings with the Walker trade because look at the results. Same situation except the Rams results haven’t showed up yet.

  35. For all of those saying the rams have only got to 7-9 with all of those picks:

    Before the trade the rams were a 15-65 team in a span of 5 seasons.

    All of those picks helped lift the bar from 2-14 to two 7-9 seasons. If the rams can trade this pick for something similar to what they received in 2012 then maybe they can set the bar higher to maybe 10-6 or 11-5.

    Yeah, the roster was really that bad before the Fisher-Snead era. There was no talent.

    Chris Long and James Laurinaitis are the only remaining players from 4 years ago. What does that tell you?

  36. It’s funny to hear skins fans talk about the division title they got two years ago and their team keeps getting worse. But the rams keep getting better and better. It take a couple of years for rookies to grow and learn the game. So the rams will be looking very good for years to come.

  37. Skins are crying me a river in Washington. They got no talent team with wannabe Russell Wilson and got robbed by the Lambs

  38. first of all, i am a ram fan and i no doubt think the rams got the better end of the deal. but rg3 isnt dead and gone so washington still has a chance to come out soso on the deal. that said the rams have built the foundation of a team they were coming off a 2-14 season with basically james laurinitis and bradford no o line no wr and more holes than swiss cheese along comes washington the players added are as follows brockers jenkins pead ogletree bailey and stacy. and now we stand at the threshold 2 years later of another draft with the #2 pick again and if washington wants it they can cough up their 2nd rounder this year 1st rounder next year and kirk cousins. otherwise clev with 4 and 25th overall sounds attractive i have my elite 5 so my dream scenario is to trade #2 for #4 and #25 then if i can trade down again from #4 to a position that i cant miss one of my elite 5 i would be in. my elite 5 bridgewater matthews barr clowney watkins so the progression is simple if i now own #4 i wont trade any lower than where i can get one of those 5 so trading down with teams needing qbs is the best idea if they take manziel or carr or hundley etc the further down we can trade this is gonna be so fun to watch and speculate

  39. sure wish this site had a reply button. wash won a division title in one of the weakest divisions in football while the rams, in the toughest division have improved from 15 wins in 5 years to 14 wins in 2 years post rg3 trade. so far in the 2 years since the trade the redskins are 13-19 rams are 14-17-1 and not only are we drafting twice in the first 13 but washingtons first pick is 20 picks after our second pick at 34th wow and now the team with more holes than swiss cheese is the redskins

  40. I’ve been following this since week 5 his season and about the same last season. I am a rams season ticket holder for 15 yrs (feel for me?)

    The best move in my humble opinion is to swap #2 for 4 with Cleveland. Pick up Cleveland’s second 1st round pick, aquired from Indi (@ 25 overall give or take), plus a second and/or third in addition.

    Those who want to think washibgton and RG111 are the winners in this…. I think they will be shocked

    First off….. Ogletree led the team in tackles and is going to be a stud. He may alone end up being worth he trade. I seen a comment that he was average at best…. That’s someone not paying attention.

    Players aquired for rams 2nd overall

    Ogletree – future pro bowler lee rams in tackles 95 in 2013
    Brockers – 5.5 Sachs 2013
    Jenkins – 4 picks two Td’s as rookie
    Zach Stacey – ~950 yards in 10 games started
    Rok Watkins – Offensive Guard so was released
    Bailey (undiscovered – two starts behind tavon Austin at slot)

    Plus the #2 this year and whatever it nets. I would take that trade again any day. In fact ask DC if they would take 2 future 1’s a 2 n 3 in a trade for rg3 ? I bet they would take it.

    I think bialy will be a possible superstar.

  41. brockers jenkins pead rok watkins (gone) ogletree bailey stacy so far… for 2012 #2 overall and we again get the #2 overall in 2014 whod a thunk it !!

  42. The Rams did not take advantage of any one
    They simply used there resourcefulness in
    getting that draft pick. The position was in
    Washington hands the whole year.
    I would imagine Washington never thought they
    They would only have three wins

  43. Vikings would be stupid to give up future 1st Rounders to go from 8 to 2nd. No QB in this year draft stands out as a franchise guy like Andrew Luck did. Besides maybe Teddy Bridgwater and obviously Texans will jump on him if he comes out. They’re better just getting whoever falls in their lap at 8. I would hate to see them reach and end up another Ponder situation. Spielman sucks at drafting QBs but he did hit on some other players. I can’t wait to see how this one plays out.

  44. one other thing if you are a gm just trying to get a pick in a certain round is not all you need to do…projecting how the team you trade with is going to do next year is also important so trading with teams that are annual losers makes more sense then trading with a team like sf or seattle unless you get say a 2nd rounder instead of a 3rd rounder in the exchange

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