Report: Browns wish to interview Todd Bowles for coaching vacancy

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Another prospective candidate has emerged for the Browns’ head-coaching job.

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS, the Browns are seeking to interview Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles for the opening.

Bowles, 50, oversaw an Arizona defense that finished sixth in yards allowed per game and fourth in yards allowed per play. He was a Browns assistant from 2001 through 2004.

Bowles was the Dolphins’ interim coach to finish the 2011 season after the firing of Tony Sparano. Miami was 2-1 in his three games at the helm.

Cleveland fired Rob Chudzinski on Sunday night after just one season.

37 responses to “Report: Browns wish to interview Todd Bowles for coaching vacancy

  1. The Browns are covering all the bases…if those bases were all within a ballpark the size of a sandwich shop.

  2. Just hire Horton as HC and keep Norv Turner as OC. No outside coach will trust the Cleveland brain trust after what they did to Chud.

  3. To any delusional Browns fans waiting to read Gruden, Cowher, Whisenhunt, or any other coach who could actually make a difference, you won’t. You’ll get a re-tread, a wash up, a kid, or someone you’ve never even heard of.

  4. NFC West Assistant Coaches are all on the short lists…….Specifically, Defensive Coordinators. All have done great and ultimately will be given opportunities to be the HC of a team.

  5. Bowles needs to stay in AZ with Arians, he should stay at least one more season. Cards will be better next season and Bowles stock would increase. Browns should hire Horton as their HC.

  6. Who in their right mind wants this job? Banner has Napoleon syndrome, Lombardi is a worthless goof.
    Cue the Ryan Mallet to Cleveland any second now.
    What will happen: another first year failure and a nobody no ones heard of.

  7. What the author really meant “browns are complying with Rooney rule”. Dawg pound will run them out of Cleveland if they bring in another unproven coach.

  8. As a Browns fan I would advise Bowles to turn down their request for an interview. No way should any coach consider working for these hypocrites. Sad to say, but I want the Browns to completely implode and go 1-15 so Banner/Lombardi get fired. It’s the only hope for the future. I’m sure Chip Kelly and Jeffrey Lurie are having a good laugh at Banner right now – and they should. They are certainly not crying about leaving that pig behind.

  9. medialovescowboys is an idiot. mcdaniels is white and what is his resume compared to Bowles?

    But I love the comment about Ray Horton being mad on a scale from 1 to Chris Brown. Ha ha. Best comment in the thread. After losing his job in AZ to Bowles, Horton must be wondering what is so great about Bowles that he seems to be getting more consideration for the same job Horton is interested in.

  10. You forgot to mention that Bowles took over as DC in Philadelphia when Fat Andy finally fired the DC who was an OLC who dreamed of being a DC.


    Definitely a Rooney Rule interview. This guy is terrible. And I would even stop feeling sorry for the Browns if they do hire him. I always had a soft spot for the underdog, but I don’t like stupidity.

  11. Don’t be so quick to judge against Bowles, Browns fans. His Arizona defense was murder to play against. From a fan of an NFC West team.

  12. Until the Rooney Rule goes away, we’ll never truly know the motivations for interviewing a minority candidate. It’s a shame, because Bowles deserves an opportunity. They should really make it a rule that Art Shell gets interviewed for every coaching vacancy. That way, if someone like Bowles gets an interview, we would know it’s legit.

  13. If they were just worried about the Rooney Rule why wouldn’t they just”interview” Horton?

  14. Hire Todd Bowles. And then I would love to see the Cardinals hire back Horton. That would be fine by me. I like ’em both!

  15. If he leaves AZ he won’t have Dockett, Dan Williams, C. Campbell, J. Abraham, D. Washington, K. Dansby, P. Peterson or the Honey Badger. Schemes and coaching are one side of the coin, but man the other side of the coin is pretty in AZ.

  16. Don’t even bother hiring a head coach. Just pick a person out of the stands every week and have them coach the team. It couldn’t be any worse than it already is.

    Let’s be realistic here. No coach worth anything will be interested in coaching the Browns so they may as well get a few fans in the seats by having a “Coach of the week” contest.

  17. The mess this management has created is ridiculous. I am in no way shape or form a Browns fan and I am embarrassed for their extremely loyal fan base. This organization needs a big name head coach, with lots of success and experience. It won’t happen but that’s what they need, to fix this mess. Cowher or Lovie smith are the only realistic possibilities that would help. Mcdaniels is a miserable coach..i’m a broncos fan I know. He will trade josh gordon and jordan cameron cause they’re good and sign the entire NE practice squad. Then try and lure in Matt cassel.

  18. My gut (and most of the media) tells me that it’ll be McDaniels. I’m holding out hope that they stay in-house, and just promote Horton. Norv has a great track record, but didn’t exactly impress me this year, so whether he stays or goes isn’t a huge concern for me.

    The huge concern is still the same thing that’s been a concern since 1999. We don’t have a QB. Chud shouldn’t have been fired for losing games with Weeden and Campbell taking turns throwing pick sixes. Hoyer was a nice story for a few weeks, but he was a turnover machine, and as Browns fans, we should remember what happened the last time that an unheralded young backup came out of nowhere to spark a Cleveland offense. Derek Anderson fell apart after a half season, and has never been even average since. Hoyer might be the next Tom Brady, but I for one would rather make him prove it by beating out a high draft pick than just hand him the reigns next year based on a 2-game stretch.

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