Report: Changes of “some significance” coming for Dolphins


After the Dolphins were bounced from playoff contention on Sunday afternoon, team owner Stephen Ross said that he would “look at everything” before deciding how to move forward toward the 2014 season.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that two sources have told him that changes of “some significance” are coming for the Dolphins. There were no specifics about what kind of changes, but that they could include the departure of General Manager Jeff Ireland and will “definitely” include changes to the coaching staff.

Nothing appears to be ruled out, although Salguero considers the ouster of coach Joe Philbin to be an unlikely development in Miami.

It would be surprising if the offense weren’t a major focal point for change in Miami. Offensive coordinator Mike Sherman never got the offensive line sorted out and never found an effective, balanced and consistent way to move the ball for a team that scored just seven points in losses to the Bills and Jets to end the season.

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  1. I think my favorite part is the cap h*ll they are going to be in after their boom or bust spending spree. Good luck cleaning that up, future GM.

  2. I think they need to spend more money in free agency.

    Clearly that business model is paying off for them.

  3. Mr. Ross time to stop the madness. Period. Stop being loyal to coaches, friends or mentors and FIRE EVER SINGLE ONE OF THEM, today. Now, no excuse. Philbin was YOUR HIRE, admit a mistake and move on. Lovie Smith’s phone should already have rang from you for an interview. This coaching staff was out coached in ever game, barely one a few by luck. Ross you say you want to win? PROVE IT to what’s left of your dwindling fan base.

  4. I would agree that Philbin needs another year to see what he can do. However, we definitely need a new OC and some offensive position coaches.

  5. Enjoy SECOND place AGAIN next year fish!

    Remember all the comments from fish fans a few weeks ago when they beat NE!

    “It’s our division now”..blah blah blah…

  6. Ireland can’t possibly survive this meltdown. Our two new linebackers absolutely sucked all season. Combine that with no offensive line, again, and that alone should be the death knell.

    Sherman without a doubt needs to go and my faith in Kevin Coyle is toast although he didn’t elect to swap Ellerbe and Wheeler for Dansby and Burnett.

  7. Based on my observations of Philbin, he seems like a good, decent man and deserves more time time to implement a foundation in Miami. I actually like the development of the QB, the defense of this team and believe they can be better next year. They just hit a rough patch at critical times of the season. BUT….Sherman is who we thought he was and Ireland never was what he claimed to be. Can them both and adjust the front office and coaching staff.

  8. Dolphins are real close to being a contender. See last game vs Pats if an example is needed. Granted the last 2 games were awful, but what Ross needs to do is look at whole season. I’d give Ireland/Philbin another shot w/subtle changes to coaching staff. In the words of Walter White, if you’re close to being a legit contender, the best course of action for Ross would be to “tread lightly”.

  9. It’s hard to say Ireland should go when coaching left at least three wins on the table this season.

  10. I can’t see Philbin getting the boot already. He has improved that team. Just get him some better support from the cast around him and this team will be dangerous.

  11. Management is too quick to fire coaches these days.

    Look at the circumstances in Miami, the distractions. How is a team supposed to focus on playing the games when the media turns thier facility and team into a 3 ring circus.

    In Cleveland, the coach is fired after a poor first season. How about the fact that the guy they had in there as their only decent option at QB goes down with an ACL early on. It is not like there are top notch QBs waiting for a shot on teams. That should have been considered.

    How about the Redskins? The management is and laways has been the problem there. They will never be great unless the owner stops pretending to be Jerry Jones.

    Speaking of Jerry Jones, How about them Cowboys? Yeah, Jerry thinks he is the coach on Game day and he won’t hire anyone who doesn’t like it. Great talent on a team that can’t get anyone to coach there because of management. Garret pushing that team to 8 wins should be as good as winning a Super Bowl if we factor in the “Jones factor”

    Vikings? Frazier kept that team playing football for 16 weeks, even though they have a serious problem at the QB position. If they fire Leslie, they are fools. He is a man who can motivate other men, and that is the key for a HC. Get him some players. AP can’t win 10 games by himself every season.

    Detroit? I can see the management there going in another direction. Schwartz has been given everything he needs to build a championship team there. They have the talent, a good QB and the facilities. That team has a coaching problem more than any other team in the league.

  12. Clearly it’s time to clean house…again. Everybody is to blame here, including Philbin for not preparing and motivating his team for the last two games against weak opponents. Problem is, Ross lacks the NFL-smarts needed to do things the right way.

  13. Tried to lowball the Chiefs for Brandon Albert
    Insisted they had a quality LT already on roster
    Reached to the moon for a part time Special teams player
    Multi years of trading 2nd round picks for overrated QB’s

    Chiefs in the playoffs
    Fins, AGAIN are at home

    Please keep Jeff Ireland, the AFC Least begs you to.


  14. Given all of the drama that surrounded the Dolphins this season and the resulting shakeups they had to make to their o-line, they probably overachieved at 8-8. It would be a mistake to let Joe Philbin go after preforming well in a situation where most coaches probably would have tanked.

  15. Do everything you can do to get Kubiak on board as offensive coordinator. Don’t bother keeping Sherman’s son-in-law (QB coach) or that offensive line coach that has no idea what is going on.

  16. As a Dolphin fan watching that performance yesterday and last week, I think Jeff Ireland, Mike Sherman and Coach Philbin should all be gone. They had the playoffs in their hands, and they were horrible. There is no excuse for this. Special Teams Coach should stay, they were the best unit on the field all season. Ryan Tannehill was not very good yesterday, he missed players and Mike Wallace needs to learn to catch the ball, not drop everything thrown his way. It was embarassing the way they played, and something major needs to happen. Fans pay a lot of money to watch that rubbish. When you have 2 chances and take neither, major changes need to happen now.

  17. Philbin should absolutely be fired. He just does nothing but stand there. I would have nothing against promoting Dolphins Special Teams coordinator, Darren Rizzi. At least he looks like he cares.

    I would love Chudzinski as the teams’ offensive coordinator, but I also wouldn’t have a problem with hiring him as the head coach. At least Tannehill has some promise and Chud wouldn’t be working with Brandon Weeden/Jason Campbell/Brian Hoyer.

    Bill O’Brien is another guy I’d like in Miami. The Dolphins need someone who isn’t a year away from 50 or older than 50. Bring in a young guy to be a little innovative and hope that he sticks around for years to come.

    A coaching change might make too much sense for the Dolphins to actually do.

    This isn’t Ireland’s fault. Not one bit. He has brought in players such as Clay, Vernon, Jones, Clemons, Miller, Carroll, Wilson, etc. all in the middle rounds of the draft. His first round picks have all been solid. Yes, he brought in a poor group of linebackers this year, but keeping Dansby and Burnett wouldn’t have changed the results. And I have no problem at all with him not giving up a second round pick for Brandon Albert. He can probably get Albert for a cheaper price this offseason anyway.

    That said, I wouldn’t really have a problem if Ireland is fired. But that’s only if Philbin goes with him. The Dolphins aren’t going to win anything with Joe Philbin as their head coach.

  18. You can’t blame the o-line on Sherman. The team took away his best player (2012 Pro Bowler Incognito) and another start quit. How is that Sherman’s fault?

  19. Stop the insanity of firing everybody every few years. Ireland got good players. The LBs didn’t work out better. Philbin is a decent coach and held the team together through turmoil. The OC needs to go and maybe the DC but leave the HC/GM in tact.

  20. These last 2 losses were 2 of the most disgusting pathetic performances I’ve witnessed in 44 years of being a Fins fan. Getting outplayed is one thing but falling flat on your face and not even competing is a disgrace. I could go on and on but at the very least Sherman, Turner and Coyle need to go. Where was Cam Wake these last 2 games? His name wasn’t called once. Does Dion Jordan even still play for the Fins? Where did that vaunted run defense go this year? We have no DB’s that put fear in anybody. On Geno’s rushing TD yesterday besides the fact that he ran right through Ellerbe’s tackle there were 3 other defenders standing and watching the play unfold, pathetic. Changes need to take place, we’ll see if they do.

  21. Philbin is the reason for this non playoff season. Philbin hired Sherman, Coyle, et al, coaches, so why does Philbin get a pass, he handles the team as he does the coaching staff?
    Philbin reminds me of milk toast, he just walks back and forth looking at the sideline grass as tho he was looking for nickels, and dimes.
    Ireland signed, and over paid this bunch of underachievers so whats his liability in all this?
    The OL was and is still an area of much need as is linebackers, TE, and a dozen or so defensive players. As a Dolfan since 1965 Im getting just a little impatient. Enough is enough already, Ross has to find an experienced HC who knows talent. Ireland just throws money at FA’s with hope they will play up to their contracts. Did Mike Wallace play up to his contract, did he even get close?
    Jeffery traded up to take Dion Jordan, who now, sits the bench. Jordan gets around 16 snaps a game and does well when he’s in there, but he doesn’t play that much which is a coaching decision. Ross its time to flush,,,twice!!

  22. I don’t think we should not make sweeping changes. Hire Gary Kubiak to replace sherman. I would vote to keep Sherman but after this debacle you just know some changes will be made. Let Kubiak pick a new o line coach. Defensively the coaching is fine our problem will be keeping the players we need. Remember we picked up the LB’s we have because they possessed the skills we need to stop NE . Plain and simple. I say stay the course as much as we can on defense.

  23. Defense crapped the bed past two games…..need overhaul at offensive line……also never going to amount to anything when your qb announces if he’s calling a run or pass play…..go , go go…..unbelievable…..and for the love of god can we please get a punt/kick returner that has at least a little potential of taking one to the house……

  24. Here’s an interesting thought: Why blame anyone on the offensive side of the organization? While indeed, every point you guys brought up about what a joke wallace has been and the fact we have no runningbacks (whatsoever) consider this>> The last two weeks the defense couldn’t shut down (not just contain, I mean SHUT DOWN)two team’s offenses with nothing more than “playground scrubs” for qbs! To let some punk like geno smith do what he did (which was really next to nothing-but that makes it all the worse) to you is about the bniggest embarrassment I can think of. Philbin isn’t a head coach! He’s no more a head coach than the clown at Pittsburgh is. It’s all “who you know.” Ross needs to be vigilant and DUMP ever single person from Ireland on down. It’s going to be painful and time consuming to rebuild….but, oh well.

  25. Not fair to blame Philbin. Coaches need to deal with the players the GM provides to him. In addition, this year we lost (1) D. Keller, (2) B. Gibson, (3) Incognito, (4) Martin, (5) D. Patterson, (6) A. Binns, (7) W. Yeatman and (8) Hartline at the end. Add to that the Incognito/Martin show and the lack of decent OL since the beginning of the season. Considering all that, I think Philbin managed decent.

    I just scratched my head when they used the 1st pick on a guy that was barely used during the season when OL players were a priority…Miraculously Tannehill was not hurt. Ireland should go for sure!

  26. I feel like the Dolphins made it to the top of K-2(beating Roethlisberger and Brady) and then died on the trip back down( losing to Lewis and Smith). I am still stunned by the last 2 performances with a playoff berth on the line.

  27. This was the season of lost dreams. We did lose some key players, but other teams do to. My take on the offseason would be: Tell Sherman to resign. Find someone younger and more innovative. Philbin is a good coach and kept this team together. I do agree he lacks the fire. I can’t stand Rex Ryan, but atleast he gets fired up. Philbin just has that blank stare all the time.

    In the offseason / draft: Draft OL, LB. Sign Grimes, Keller, Solai or Starks. Not sure on who else needs to get signed. Pick up a big RB. Like a Bradshaw, Turner, etc. We have enough young RB’s, so get a leftover in free agency. Need someone to get goal line carries and 4th and 1.

    I say stay with Tannehill, TE’s are fine (with Keller resigned), WR’s good when healthy. Need to fix the OL. I don’t care if we spend big money or draft 1st and 2nd round. We need to go into next year with the best OL. If we can open some gaps for whoever at RB, they will succeed. If we can block and give Tannehill time, he will succeed.

  28. “annes22″………..Well said………All “true” Miami Dolphins fans deserve a team that we can be proud of again Mr. Ross. Get real football people who know what they’re doing in the front office and on the sidelines. We’re tired of reading posts from Patriots and Jets fans mocking our team. The Dolphins should be better than that and it’s your job, as an owner, to fix this mess and make us proud again!

  29. With the exception of the OL the talent on this team far exceeds the coaching of this team.

    Coyle didn’t use Wheeler, Ellerbe, Jones and Jordan to maximize their skill sets.

    Sherman didn’t have a clue how to confuse defenses at GB and still doesn’t.

    And despite every team that romped on them saying “we knew their snap count” they never changed it nor their predictable offensive sets.

    This is all on Philbin imo.

  30. So much negativity. For all the haters there is no cap hell coming for Miami in the future because of last years signings so stop already and go research the contracts a little. Jordan is not a bust as the #3 overall pick he was a luxury pick that has tremendous upside and wasn’t needed this year and they really didn’t sacrifice that much to move up to 3. Could they have used the pick along the o-line, yes I will agree with that but Jordan has the potential to be a very special player and is worth the risk. Some coaching changes need to happen though at least one if not both coordinators need to go, Turner will be gone because of poor line play along with the fact that he was the position coach for Incognito/Martin. Ireland needs to go as he doesn’t have a good track record in the draft and we need to build out of the draft. I think Philbin deserves another year at least, I think he needs to pull in an O-coordinator that he can mold a little instead of a guy he has looked up to his entire career.

  31. Ireland has been a mess since the begining. He curses out fans, he asked Dez Bryant if his mom was a prostitute, he then made Dansby the highest paid linebacker in NFL history and the guys never even been to a probowl, and that’s just a few of the many dumb descisions he’s made!
    Any good business man knows you dictate the market and never overpay unless its absolutely necessary, otherwise you end up paying a one demensional wr like Wallace as if he was Megatron! Coupled with the subpar drafting, Ireland has to go! I mean can anyone tell me who on the 2013 draft class really helped this team?!? This guy is a pompous idiot!!!

    The OC has to go as well. Anyone who knows football and watched this team knows why!

    If I was Ross I would pluck the head of scouting or assistant GM from either the Chiefs or Seahawks, simply becuase they had the most probowlers or Scott Pioli the former Chiefs and Patriots GM. Just thinking logically… And if the new GM wants to fire Philbin I would be okay that too, the way the team ended the season was inexcusable!!!

  32. Can anyone tell me why Jeff Ireland still has a job? The team is going nowhere with him in charge. He spends a ton of money in the off-season because the team is devoid of talent from his horrible drafts. Philbin has the personality of a rock and is too stubborn to realize that maybe HIS way of doing things isn’t resonating with the team. The Jets came in to Miami, punched them in the mouth, and Philbin’s team did nothing because they weren’t inspired to play hard.

  33. “Can anyone tell me why Jeff Ireland still has a job? ”

    The only answer to that question would seem to be that he has compromising photos of a highly placed team VIP or the owner……there is no other rational excuse as to why he remains.

  34. Philbin is a great coach and I think the players love him. Sherman needs to go without question, his play calling is absolutely disgusting. Ireland needs to go as well. Kevin Coyle is a terrible defensive coordinator and must leave as well. But other than that their biggest goals for the offseason is for Tanny to work on his long bombs to wallace, get some monsters on the offensive line, and for us dolphins fans to find out which mcdonalds the coaching staff will be working at. (minus Joe Philbin)

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