Report: Denver coordinators on Vikings radar


The Vikings have fired Leslie Frazier and we’re starting to hear some names that could be in the running to be his replacement.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio and offensive coordinator Adam Gase are both on the team’s radar. Schefter adds that the Vikings have inquired about Gase.

Del Rio was the head coach in Jacksonville for nine seasons, taking them to the playoffs twice and finishing his tenure with the Jaguars with a 68-71 record. He also stepped in as interim coach while John Fox was recuperating from heart surgery during this season with the Broncos going 3-1 in that stretch.

Gase is in his first season as the team’s offensive coordinator and was the quarterbacks coach in the two previous seasons. He also has spent time with the 49ers and Lions, but has no previous head coaching experience.

Del Rio and Gase can interview for jobs this week because the Broncos earned a bye and the first seed in the AFC playoffs.

54 responses to “Report: Denver coordinators on Vikings radar

  1. its amazing what having Peyton Manning and a load of weapons can do for your future career. I think I could’ve been OC for Denver this year and won as may games.

  2. This is why I never wanted to fire Frazier. Doesn’t matter who our coach is until we figure out our QB issue (insert Rick Spielman’s fault). Can’t honestly assess a coach’s talent cycling through McNabb, Ponder, Freeman, and Cassel. The way I see it, Frazier is a B coach. Not great, but not that bad either. The scary thing is, you can get worse than a B Head Coach. I’m afraid that’s the route the Vikings will go. You think if Mike McCarthy didn’t have Rodgers, he’d still have his job? Doubt it. That showed this season when he won 2 games without him, 1 being a gift from Dallas.

  3. We fire a coach with a .500 record to hire the guy who put the Jags into the toilet and has a .500 record.

    Whoever has the most strings for Spielman to puppeteer with will be the next head coach.

  4. When the Vikes interview Adam Gase, they should be sure to ask whether he can bring Peyton with him.

  5. I would give some thoughts to hiring Kubiak and signing Shaub. Then draft a 3rd or 4th rd. QB and give him 2 years to develop. I don’t want to draft ‘Johnny Football’.

  6. We fire a coach with a .500 record to hire the guy who put the Jags into the toilet and has a .500 record.

    Whoever has the most strings for Spielman to puppeteer with will be the next head coach.
    .500 record? Only Les Steckel has a worse win percentage than Frazier. Not only that, Frazier matched the ineptitude of Steckel by going 3-13. I agree that Del Rio would be a huge mistake though.

  7. The league need to put an end to loser teams pursuing a coach while their team is in the playoffs. It’s not like they could sign him while he’s still on the broncos and they’re in the playoffs, wait til the season is fully over before interviewing coaches

  8. thegreatjimmyk says:
    Dec 30, 2013 10:17 AM
    I would give some thoughts to hiring Kubiak and signing Shaub. Then draft a 3rd or 4th rd. QB and give him 2 years to develop. I don’t want to draft ‘Johnny Football’.

    hahaha. If you sign Schaub you will be drafting first next year. Ask the Texans

  9. Good grief, Del Rio failed as a head coach once, and no offensive coordinator of Peyton Manning is really an offensive coordinator, they’re a caretaker.

  10. Great players make average coaches look good. Average players make good coaches look average. Hold the people who pick the players accountable for their jobs. The rest will take care of itself.

  11. I do hope the Vikings realize Peyton manning is planning on playing next year, and not coaching, because he is the coach of that team. John fox is just along for the ride. Let’s be atleast be honest about it

  12. We need an offensive coach with a strong defensive coordinator. But both need to be aggressive and talking about the Super Bowl! Go Vikings!

  13. Teams like the Vikings will never learn, firing a loser coach to pursue another loser coach? Before Peyton manning, broncos were an average 8-8 team, who is Adam gase? Del rio had one good year and one bad year in denver, you are interested in a coach who defense ranks near the bottom. If they think for one second that gase is the reason for the broncos high powered offense, I feel sorry for the Vikings. Look at your great teams in this league, you need a QB to have a good team no matter who’s coach. A coach can only do so much with bad QB, not their fault if the QB can’t play at nfl level

  14. I would like to see Ken Wisenhunt. Vikings are In a QB situation and Wisenhunt has done real good work with former players. He coached Roethlisberger out of Miami of Ohio and we all know what Roethlisberger has done. He coached a washed up Kurt Warner to bring the laughing stock of not just the NFL but of sports in the Arizona Cardinals to a Super Bowl appearance and got canned for barely being under .500 in his tenure. He also this year has Philip Rivers playing like an MVP. We need an offensive minded coach which Frasier wansnt (to passive). And I agree he isn’t our only problem DC needs to be canned, I thought OC Musgrave should of been about 5 weeks ago, but as I have seen in recent weeks with even a decent QB the play book has opened tremendously and had the offense playing at a high level along with many plays to use Patterson like we did Harvin.

  15. Maybe the Vikings stumbled on the recipe….you need a solid QB coach for success. Favre wouldn’t have been Favre without Holmgren. Rodgers wouldn’t be what he is today without McCarthy’s QB school. QB talents don’t come into the NFL and figure it out themselves.

  16. I would have to consider the team record 23-point comeback against the Vikings a victory. It was the margin that provided the difference over the Bears, leading to the third Division Title in a row.

    Really on, the Vikings schedule it only rated a tie. Guess things are different across the border.

    Or maybe the rules are different for men’s league basketball

    Oh, and division championships count for nothing as noted by many Packer posters.

  17. Get AJ mccarron let him sit behind cassel. I know cassel isn’t the most ideal option but better then ponder. We need someone to play along side rodes in the secondary and some help in both lines

  18. I Love the idea of bringing in Gase. He is a young football mind. Hopefully the next Sean Payton. Manning and Mike McCoy obviously really like the guy too. If Peyton approves of a guy, then I think the guy knows something.
    True having Peyton as a QB is an OC on the field, but Gase is right there the entire time. He also calls plays in quickly. Every time you see Peyton cover his ears, that’s Gase. Game planning, reading defenses, and diagnosing with Peyton every week is probably one of the best gifts anyone could have.
    Gase has great lineage also.
    He would be perfect for this team to build around for a looooong time !

  19. Del Rio? You have to be kidding. He holds the NFL record for the longest tenured coach without winning a division championship! Why would he even be considered?

  20. I don’t know why everyone is ripping Del Rio. Jacksonville isn’t the easiest place in the world to win but he lasted nine years there. He isn’t my first choice but he’s probably better than some young coordinator with no head coaching experience, like Gase.

  21. Any team with a good QB and HC has a shot. The QB is most important but a good HC good wins close games. Frazier didn’t have the right QB to go far this season. However Frazier can be blamed as much as Spielman for drafting Ponder. After all it was Frazier who was won over by Ponder after coaching him in the Senior Bowl. IMO Frazier can be solely blamed for sticking with Ponder for so long when it was clear to most that Ponder wasn’t the guy. Also the Defense was a joke thanks mostly to the ridiculous Cover 2 scheme and that is Fraziers call. It was time for a change.

  22. Del Rio would be a solid choice also IMO. They won a lot when he was there until Brunell left and have had a void at QB ever since.
    Gase, worked with QBs but developed WRs before becoming QB coach then OC . Has a great feel for an offensive passing game. Brandon Marshall and Lloyd were solid there! Thomas and Decker have been really good there, even before Manning. Thomas was a Cordarelle Patterson type who was coached very well! I want the Gase guy !
    Del Rio is a nice alternative as he has HC experience, but gimme the Offensive “Genius” !

  23. I dont know if Del Rio is the answer but for all of you who are anti “retreads”, keep this in mind. Bill Belichek, Andy Reid, Pete Carroll and Tom Coughlin….all retreads…and with the exception of Reid all failed miserably the first time around. I would far and away rather have Del Rio than Gase. The Broncos hired Mcdaniels from a similar situation and look how that turned out.

  24. Wow… That would be HORRIBLE. in case the Vikes brass didn’t notice, the Broncos D SUCKS, and Peyton is the ENTIRE offense calling an audible or three every play.

  25. how can these guys be so dumb, feel bad for vikings fan that they are even considering that, you would think by now people would stay away from a P. Manning “O.C”

  26. This is easy. Go get Billick and tell him to bring the 1998 Playbook. We went to the playoffs 6 out of the 7 years he was in Minny and had the best offense in history to that time. He built the best defense in history and won the Superbowl by blowing out the Giants (Ziggy has to like that). Plus, he’s a pain in the ass know-it-all. Love that. Lets sign him and roll! Finally a competent coach.

  27. Gase is a QB guru. He was the reason Tebow was able to be succesful in Denver. He is a read option freak, and he has an open mind in regards to offenses. I like him as a coach, or OC.

  28. Every person on here is blaming Spielman. Yes, he drafted Ponder. Yes, this was a mistake. But was getting rid of Harvin and allowing that to put the Vikes in place to draft Patterson a bad call? Was Blair Walsh, Xavier Rhodes, Harrison Smith, and Kyle Rudolph bad picks the past few years? I would argue that it is not the job of a GM to be making personnel decisions on the field – I get that. But Spielman and the Wilfs need to realize that they have to entrust their coaching staff to making the right decisions. If the Vikes cannot get a head coach with prior experience, it will be a testament to the organizations ability to separate what happens on versus off the field. Head coaches want control of what happens on the field. Once coaches are told otherwise, confidence is lost in coaches and more dangerously, its players. The result – good players nor good coaches want to work for the organization.

  29. Herm Edwards
    Brian Billick
    Eric Mangini
    If we go with a 1st Timer, I wan ta college HC
    Brian Kelly
    Rich Franklin
    Al Golden
    Bob Stoops
    Now, as to all those Spielman haters because of Ponder pick. Wetre any of you in the draft room? Did you hear the discussions between the Vikings leadership? Just how do you know it was Spielman’s pick? There are also people out there that belive it was Frazier’s pick, as he was no longer the interim coach and a HC gets to pick his starting QB. Remember Frazier also wanted McNadd immediately after drafting Ponder, so Ponder could sit for a couple of years and develop. So you are entitled to your opinion, yes, but that is all it is.

  30. Del Rio is most likely the next Vikings head coach. As a former Viking player he has experience in MN and brings a defensive focus. Adams is not experienced enough; Del Rio would fit well with the current players. He’s wouldn’t bring a ton of new excitement, but would bring stability and he’s young. Who else would want to come to MN? Only the Detroit or Cleveland jobs would be worse.

  31. My order would be, Jay Gruden, Dan Quinn, Ken Whisenhunt, then Adam Gase. All would be a major upgrade. Spielman is a very good GM and has drafted very well. He missed on Ponder, but I trust him to improve this franchise.

  32. Gase reminds me of Josh McDaniels. Josh got a ton of credit for Tom Brady’s productive offensive and Denver soon found out that it takes a good QB to duplicate those results. And it had very little to do with the OC.

    But this is the Vikings we are talking about. If they can find a way to screw the pooch on this decision, by golly, they are going to find it.

  33. Viking fan prophecies 2013:

    1. The Vikings will sweep the Packers.

    2. The Packers will finish last in the division.

    3. The Vikings will win the division.

    4. Adrian Peterson will lead the league in rushing.

    5. Adrian Peterson will be the MVP again.

    6. Eddie Lacy will be a bust.

    7. Greg Jennings will have more receiving yards than any Packer receiver.

    8. Christian Ponder, with a full offseason under his belt, will improve upon his best game of last season vs. the Packers.

    9. Adrian Peterson is a stand up guy. There’s no way he would have any illegitimate children.

    10. Cordarelle Patterson will be the Offensive Rookie of the Year.

    As I see it, you’re 0 for 10.

    At some point, you’ll be right about something. Especially if you start betting against the Vikings and betting on the Packers.

  34. Would love to see Billick back in minny, But either Gruden or Kubiak would be great! But would like to get feed back on this idea! And that is how about the aforementioned as head coach and Brett Farve as quarter backs coach? Any thoughts?

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