Report: Lovie Smith has Jeff Tedford lined up as OC


One of the knocks on former Bears head coach Lovie Smith is that his defensive background doesn’t mesh with the current passing-first landscape of the league.

But Smith has apparently lined up someone who should ease those fears.

According to Jason Cole of the National Football Post, Smith has lined up former California head coach Jeff Tedford as a potential offensive coordinator.

Getting an established quarterback tutor would be the key for Smith anywhere, and Tedford has credentials developing several different styles of quarterback.

His most successful pupil is Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, but he also worked with players including Kyle Boller, Akili Smith and David Carr along the way so he’s clearly flexible.

Being able to package a staff is the hardest part for any incoming coach, and Smith having a respected mind such as Tedford should only boost his candidacy, whether in Tampa Bay or elsewhere.

33 responses to “Report: Lovie Smith has Jeff Tedford lined up as OC

  1. His most successful pupil is Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, but he also worked with players including Kyle Boller, Akili Smith and David Carr along the way so he’s clearly flexible.

    Well I mean 1/4 ain’t bad….

  2. So in other words every QB he has worked with aside from Rodgers sucked baboon balls. I see this going well

  3. Before everyone gets excited about Tedford, Aaron Rodgers mechanics were completely changed under McCarthy in Green Bay. Rodgers came in with the typical neck high throwing position that he teaches his QB’s. That clearly does not work in the NFL. McCarthy knew that right away and promply started to rebuild his mechanics ground up.

    As far as offensive play calling goes, he may be fine. But if you’re looking for a QB tudor- stay away from Tedford.

  4. mvp43 – you could not be more right. Packer fan for a long time and remember seeing Rodgers in mini camps early on. He was awful. McCarthy is never recognized for taking a great arm and great QB mind and changing his mechanics so that he is arguably the best QB in football. All this while “trying” to coach Favre.

  5. The real question is whether teams will actually want to commit to the Tampa 2 style of defense that is nearly extinct in lieu of the man cover, 3-4 style defenses.

    I mean, look how well Kiffin worked out in Dallas….

  6. Great work with Aaron Rodgers, but between you and me, you might just want to scrub the name “Akili Smith” off the resume.

  7. The Tampa 2 wasn’t the only defense Lovie ran in Chicago. His players will do anything for him and if he gets a team with a decent offense they can turn things around very quickly.

    If Lovie got a solid OC in Detroit they could be a beast to contend with in the North.

  8. Lovie will succeed no matter where he goes provided the offense isn’t a work in progress. His defense’s were always top 5 in the league and was always the highest scoring defense.

  9. Color me unimpressed. He developed those players in college over a decade ago and was a disaster as the college game changed under his feet. Maybe as a QB coach, but who knows if he could handle that job in the NFL. I’d tell Lovie to do better or get bent.

  10. no matter who he hires as his oc. they will not have a NFL offense. lovie only believes in defense winning games and offenses not losing them. as soon as they get a field goal lead you will not see another pass untill the other team scores and they are forced to have to throw the ball. this is the same guy who took one of the best young qb’s in the game when he was with the broncos and ruined his career with his offense. it’s like he looked at the tape of what he did in Denver and said that’s nice but we don’t do that here. he wants them to fit his offense instead of one that features what his players do best.

  11. You guys blasting Rodgers’ mechanics are off base. Rodgers was always a VERY accurate QB with or without holding the ball high on the shelf. If you’ve ever watched Tedford’s other QBs, none of them held the ball that high. As to not doing well in training camp, well, rookies don’t tend to do well making the transition from college to pros.

    It also didn’t help that Rodgers had no mentor to help him on the field. Recall that the incumbent was so upset that the Packers dared to draft his eventual replacement after waffling about retirement for several years that he had ZERO to do with Rodgers and refused to talk to or train him.

  12. I’m a Cal alum, love my Golden Bears,
    (Rodgers, Marshawn, Keenan, Ron Rivera, etc.)
    but after the horrible 1-11 season just posted,
    I’d think any coaches involved in that disaster would be lucky to keep the jobs they already had!

  13. It doesn’t bode well that as he’s putting together a staff while being out of the NFL for a season his offensive OC is another guy who has been out of football for a season.

  14. Don’t get all the Lovie haters. He was a good coach that had a pretty good winning percentage, won his division 3 times out of 8 and went to the super bowl with an average quaterback. He was fired after an injury plagued 10-6 season. At the end of the day, his players will run through a brick wall for him.

  15. Lol. 1/4 ain’t bad. No kidding. Aaron Rosgers is the only one that jumps out on good measures. That’s hardly a proven track record…Carr did nothing, Akili was horrible and Boller was average at best.

  16. How does anyone call an “established quarterback tutor” a guy whose highlights include developing the likes of Kyle Boller and David Carr? This has disaster for Lovie Smith written all over

  17. Kyle Boller, Akili Smith and David Ca…. Ca …. (I can’t even say it, I’m laughing so hard).

  18. It’s not the defensive scheme, it’s personnel executing their assignments. If you can pass rush, your DB’s look like all stars suddenly. If you can’t pass rush, you better have all star DB’s, all depends on how quickly you can get to the QB and when you cover, getting early pressure but not pressing receivers is still gonna make trouble for a defense. If you can’t stop the run from time to time and get off the field on 3rd downs your gassed late and lose concentration and get beat…if you ever could play. That was for you afterthesecrowdedstreets.

  19. I think the whole point of listing the QBs was that he tutored 4 1st round QBs. He didn’t train them in the NFL.

    Now I don’t know about the other guys but Aaron Rodgers didn’t get 1 college offer after high school and spent his first 2 years in JUCO before transferring to Cal. Tedford turned him into a potential first overall pick before he fell all the way to GB at 24 in 2005.

  20. the glazers aren’t really ones to let the cat out of the bag, the last time all these names surfaced non were hired, besides it seems tampa fans have sort memories, smith and dungy are really close to the same, be ready for a sub par offense if this happens. yes we will be back to good defense but a low ranked offense, besides, didn’t we just fire a college coach, why would we bring in another

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