Signs accumulating that Texans “closing in” on O’Brien


While it’s short of what you might call a traditional “report,” the strongest indication to date that the Texans are about to get their man has surfaced.

Longtime Houston Chronicle writer John McClain just tweeted a vaguely cryptic missive which indicates that it’s close, if not all the way in the bag.

“Teams who fired coaches might be checking on Bill O’Brien and find out he’s closing in on a new job in Houston,” McClain wrote.

There are a few layers of conditionals in that 140-character message, but it dovetails with previous reports that O’Brien is the favorite for the job, and the Texans urgency to fire Gary Kubiak before the season ended so they didn’t have to compete for the guy they had their hearts set on.

While some teams have yet to declare what they intend to do with their existing coaches, the Texans might be getting closer to filling their vacancy.