Snyder: “Redskins fans deserve a better result”


The Redskins officially have announced that coach Mike Shanahan won’t return for the final season of the five-year, $35 million contract he signed in 2010.  And the guy who runs the show has finally broken his silence after weeks of speculation and rumor.

“Redskins fans deserve a better result,” owner Daniel Snyder said in a team-issued release. “We thank Mike for his efforts on behalf of the Redskins.  We will focus on what it takes to build a winning team, and my pledge to this organization and to this community is to continue to commit the resources and talent necessary to put this team back in the playoffs.”

Washington made it to the playoffs last year.  But like the Texans, Ravens, Vikings, and Falcons, the Redskins failed to return in 2013.

“We are going to take a smart, step-by-step approach to finding the right coach to return the Redskins to where we believe we should be,” General Manager Bruce Allen said in the same statement.  “We will analyze accurately and honestly all of the decisions that were made over the past year.”

If the presence of quotes from the G.M. in the release announcing that the coach has been fired mean that the G.M. is safe, then Allen is safe — as is Vikings G.M. Rick Spielman.

Neither man may be safe for long, if the right head coach isn’t hired in the coming weeks.

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  1. Snyder: “Redskins fans deserve a better result”


    No……… No they don’t.

  2. “Redskins fans deserve a better result” Yes, they do, but they won’t get it as long as you continue to mismanage the team.

  3. “Redskins fans deserve a better result”

    So Dan, you’re immediately selling the team then so the new owners can select the next coach ?

  4. synder is comical……..only winning coach was norv turner under his watch and this dope fired him……pretty bad when you steal from your division rival to get the best possible results…LMAO.

  5. Russell Wilson is having no problem having success right out of the gate.
    Andrew Luck is having no problem either.

    Only the over hyped fraud is having issues, and is expected to be given time to measure his success.

    Sorry, you traded the farm to draft the hype, he should be producing NOW.

    Russell Wilson in the 3rd round . Who is the best QB in the game today

  6. Daniel Snyder is the best owner in the sport. You are all jealous he can do what he wants, when he wants, however he wants. Don’t worry Mr. Snyder, RGIII is the savior and will lead us to multiple Superbowl Championships. Just a little patience.

  7. We will be a better team now that the Father Son BS is over! HAIL TO THE SKINS

    I think everyone on the team can now breath a sigh of relief. Except for all of the players who need to be cut.

  8. The RGIII injury and salary cap issues did this team in. Shanty did a horrible job benching RGIII but I think that was a team decision to showcase Cousins to build a trade market for him. That backfired

  9. I think the Redskins fans got bad football because of the Salary Cap penalties and that dumb RGIII trade….as well as the Kyle Shanahan mentorship program that the was going on over there.

  10. That RGIII draft day trade is the gift that keeps on giving. Gone full circle, and the Rams have the #2 back in the fold. They have already cashed in chits for Michael Brockers, Alec Ogletree, Janoris Jenkins, and Isiah Pead.

  11. No Mr. Snyder, Skins fans deserve a better owner.

    Some can say what they want about Shanahan and his tenure in DC, but just look over the list of HC’s that Dan Snyder has hired and fired shortly there after:

    Schottenheimer – 1 year
    Spurrier – 2 years
    Gibbs Part Duh – 4 years and a cloud of dust out the door.
    Zorn – 2 years
    Shanahan – 4 years

    There is a collection of different NFL/Coaching styles and levels of success and not one had a winning record. Not one. And all had tenures where the Owner meddled and screwed things up. Even the Great Gibbs had Al Saunders forced on him after year 1.

    And who is the common denominator linking them all together? Snyder!

  12. Snyder should try something different than a retread coach or taking from the college ranks, go get someone like Rob Ryan. Get a guy who feels like he has a ton to prove. Hire forward thinking coordinators.

    A defensive minded HC is good for a QB because he can help the O cord by teaching how he would beat his offense. Take the Dungy with Peyton and Bill with Brady examples, it worked out well and those guys are considered top 10 of all-time.

  13. smarterthanyou says: Dec 30, 2013 10:04 AM

    Russell Wilson is having no problem having success right out of the gate.
    Andrew Luck is having no problem either.

    Only the over hyped fraud is having issues, and is expected to be given time to measure his success.

    Sorry, you traded the farm to draft the hype, he should be producing NOW.

    Russell Wilson in the 3rd round . Who is the best QB in the game today

    All I know is that it’s not Russell Wilson

  14. Thanks for the draft picks that just keep on coming from the greatest trade ever (now surpassing H. Walker I think). Now the Skins can win or lose, we don’t care.

  15. I seriously wonder how desirable a position this is. It appears you are married to a difficult, starting QB. It is also apparent that the starting QB might not be quite as skilled as advertised, and has an injury that seems to be rather serious going forward. As if the above is not enough to scare prospective job seekers off, there is the owner and all that entails. I do not care one way or the other for Washington, however it will certainly be interesting to sit back and see who is interviewed and who ultimately is hired.

  16. It was pretty obvious, despite all the back-and-forth discussion on the subject, that Dan Snyder wasn’t going to let a measly (for him) 7-million bucks stand in the way of cleaning house yet again if he wanted to. And it was becoming crystal clear that he wanted to, and was going to…
    Difficult to see a rapid rebound by the Redskins at this point.

  17. “We are going to take a smart, step-by-step approach”

    …So you’re going to do the opposite of everything you have ever done? Like George Costanza!

  18. “Redskins fans deserve a better result.” Says the owner who forfeit 3 drafts to get RG3. Joke and a half.

  19. @peymax1693 You’re either a troll or an unashamed homer. I bet you think Tate actually caught the ball last year against GB too right? lol

    RGIII was the ROY, set a record for rushing yards and QB rating. All on a team with no defense. Oh, and he was playing pretty well against Seattle before his knee collapsed.

    Washington as a team is horrible. No secondary, pass rush, special teams are historically bad and they played from behind almost every game with an o-line that can’t pass block. Oh, and RGIII had a surgery you may have heard about.

    Both sides – fans and haters should all chill. Dude isn’t god, and he doesn’t suck. Russel Wilson should thank his lucky stars he plays with a defense so good he plays with a lead every game

  20. Hey Redskins fans, it’s going to get better. You guys at least have the #2 pick in the upcoming draft, oh wait. Nevermind.

  21. So, we can look forward to another offseason of “winning” practice, summer camp, and pre-season?

  22. Redskin fans: “We deserve a competent organization from top to bottom.” Been a skins fall all my life 32 years old. The Snyder era has been the most challenging thing to watch play out.

    Just revamp the whole thing. Get a young GM (give him full control of the roster), let him hire a young energetic coach (full control of the staff, goes without saying) that he (and the QB) can grow with, build the team around Griffin, Morris, Garcon, Reed, Kerrigan and Orakpo (if you keep him). Develop depth and use the cap space to address biggest holes. Right side of the OL, Secondary and DL. Keep the 3-4 as you have more pieces for that than a 3-4 or go with a hybrid system.

  23. “We will analyze accurately and honestly all of the decisions that were made over the past year.”

    Does anyone truly believe this will extend to assessment of Little Danny’s performance?

    It sounds like they are still using the PR guy to explain football decisions. Which would be typical for a marketing-driven worm like Little Danny.

    He is the absolute worst owner, and the REALLY bad news for Skins fans is that he is not going anywhere. Oh, and that he will continue to look for more ways to fleece you.

  24. Then give the fans a rebate check!!!

    Don’t tell them they deserve better unless you are prepared to make things right. It was you the Owner that made all the bad decisions that led to a bad team, so pay up and make things right while everybody waits for you to do a good job with the football stuff next year.

  25. Snyder is right the Washington fans do deserve better. But until Jerry Jones of the East sells the Redskins you’re doomed to your current existence.

  26. Pioli’s work in KC deserves another look after the year the Chiefs have had.

    I’d keep Allen as an advisor and to run the alumni relations program, bring in Pioli for personnel oversight and hire a young, promising coach like David Shaw.

  27. What puppet is lining up to take this job? Fee agency money, and no first round pick. What a joke.
    Should have drafted tannehill
    Should have fixed that field

  28. Sad to see Mike go.
    Thank you to the entire staff for the past three seasons.
    Major props to Haz for being an awesome coordinator, coach and select man.
    Glad to see Bruce Allen will maintain the reigns.
    I see fortune in the Redskins future, starting with the number 34 overall pick next year’s draft.

  29. “Dan Snyder can do what he wants, when he wants”. So what you are saying is Dan Snyder wants to lose, now and in the future. Sounds logical. And by the way, what quarterback wants to be like a gimp excuse for a QB that can’t make reads?

  30. So you thank a guy your firing and paid a ton of money too for his efforts. His efforts sucked. He sucked. His staff sucked.
    Better find someone who can corrall RGIII or he will make a head case out of the guy. If you want real advice, shop RGIII and his dad elsewhere. Take whatever and start anew.

  31. Dec 30, 2013 10:51 AM
    Why hasn’t Jim Schwartz been fired yet?

    If you have to ask then you do not know the Lions owners. They only fire someone after years and years of disappointment. Scwartz may not have delivered enough of that yet! and I’m not joking.

  32. They are going to have problems if they keep Allen as GM. Nothing personal, but he is a cap guy, not a talent evaluator.

    Even though he was technically hired before Shanahan, it was pretty much common knowledge that Shanny had recommended him to Snyder to be the cap guy while Shanahan himself made all of the personnel decisions.

    Leaving him in place now virtually assures them of having to hire a coach who wants say in personnel decisions, which in my opinion is almost always a bad idea.

  33. Kyle will coach Houston. Mike will count his money in his Colorado mountain estate. Kirk knows that everyone knows the Skins would have been better than 3-13 if he played the whole year. RG3 knows that the team is married to him for better or worse. Snyder knows his own finances and he knew the parachute payment was gonna be 7 million. Only ones losing out are the Redskins fans. Luckily Lovie Smith is coming to save the day. He’s already worked with Rex Grossman. We all saw Lovie’s D (Bears kept it in place to minimize transition) and his holdover player Chris Conte shut down the Packers last night. Lovie is the right man. Rooney Rule requires it. Pull the trigger Dan. Bring in Da Man. Lovie Smeeeeeth!

  34. @peymax1693

    RGIII was the ROY, set a record for rushing yards and QB rating. All on a team with no defense. Oh, and he was playing pretty well against Seattle before his knee collapsed.


    It doesn’t take a team of trolls to point out pal that was last year your talking, the rest of us are into this season that just ended poorly. He came, he saw, and he was conquored.

  35. smarterthanyou says: Dec 30, 2013 10:04 AM

    Russell Wilson in the 3rd round . Who is the best QB in the game today


    The BIG guy drafted a year earlier than RGIII,Luck and the other young lions. His name is Cam Newton.

  36. Good luck finding a replacement. Not that Shanny should have stayed, but there reallly arent any good candidates out there this offseason. Anyone can see that. Danny will prob be forced to gamble on a no-name from the college ranks. Good luck with that.

  37. The only thing he could do for the fans is move the team away and never come back. Anyone who gives money to this organization is killing an albatross.

  38. Anyone deserves better than the hiring of a coach whose record was skewed by being in Mile High Denver! Elway and Shanahan got those Superbowls because they often had homefield advantage throughout the playoffs because their home games are almost an automatic win. Visiting teams aren’t used to (1) the thinner air and (2) the way the that ball floats a little more. More balls are dropped. Pay attention, sometime. You’ll see balls bouncing off the fingertips of receivers.

    Shanahan and Elway aren’t as good as their records show.

    Washington needs a good coach.

  39. Of course the fans do. And this applies to most, if not all, of the multi-million dollar franchises that strives mainly from fan support.

    But, and he’s still missing the point, and as quite a few skin fans themselves have pointed out, he needs to invest in some mirrors to strategically place in his mansion.

    The skins will remain the same “basement-dwelling” joke of a franchise as Snyder suffers from the Jerrah Jones Disease.

  40. The Redskins have been amassing the talent…

    Shanahan is an overrated coach who isn’t trusted by players…

    Was hoping Snyder would keep him another season so the ‘skins could continue to suck…

    Right move…

  41. Your fans deserve a better owner. Seven coaches since you took over. Yeah, it’s a coaching problem. Wow, the millions you’ve spent firing and hiring coaches is beyond ridiculous. Good luck Redskins fans. You’ll never see success again with this goofball owner.

  42. Dan Snyder learned from the Jerry Jones “School of Ownership” (i.e. the one where you run your franchise into the ground with horrible decisions and bad signings). Snyder’s sad devotion to RG3-13 (and the cost to get him) will prevent his football team from being successful in the weakest division in the NFL.

    Cue up those VCR’s Washington fans, those are the only happy memories and positive highlights you’ll be seeing for quite some time.

  43. RichRob81 said it. Move Allen to team president. He’s a money guy, not a talent evaluator. Either Morocco Brown from within or find a GM. Let them GM select the coach. Give the coach all the power over the on the field decision. Keep Snyder from giving RGIII preferential treatment. Checks and balances people.

  44. RGME won’t last as long as TEBOWS in the NFL. He is not a good NFL QB he can’t read Defenses and you take away his running ability either by his injury or lack of running room what do you have? And 1st round pile if garbage. Nice trade Skins make another when cousins gets moved.
    When will the Die hard RGMe guys see the light? Luck is playing Great

  45. I am NO DANNY NAPOLEON fan, but honestly, how could Snyder be a better owner?

    He pays well and has grown to show more maturity in his decisions – he stepped out of the way and didn’t meddle like he used to. He improved the players’ facilities.

    Yes, he is an arrogant fool, but he has really done no worse than that Schmuck running the Cowpies – regular season is meaningless and the Cowpies have done nothing in the playoffs in decades.

    Now, if Snyder was instrumental in getting the Gimmick, the pretender of a QB, he should be slammed.

    But right now this team is suffering from the hope that Shanny would improve with age and didn’t.

    But thanks to Allen and Company, there is no salary cap issue (the NY Night Mara fake and made up fine claim actually helped in the long term). Aside from squandering four draft choices for a QB with undrafted level of talent to play a QB position, the Redskins are operationally improved.

    The question will be whether the press will give the organization time to improve or if they’ll pull their racist crap out again to sink the next coach.

    The media loves nothing more than to invent racism where none existed.

  46. For those who thought Norv Turner was a good coach – remember when his teams weren’t in condition to play well in the fourth quarter during season openers? Remember when every game with him was like Ground Hog day – same issues arising every game – the same results quarter by quarter?

    And that was before Danny Napoleon arrived.

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