Tom Coughlin: I do want to coach

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As the Giants played out the string of their disappointing season, there was chatter about the future of coach Tom Coughlin.

There were never an overwhelming amount of voices calling for Coughlin to be fired by the Giants, but there were some discussions about whether or not the league’s oldest coach, who turns 68 in August, might choose to step down.

Coughlin met the media on Monday and said that there are meetings scheduled throughout the week with ownership, but he made it clear that his intention is to be on the Giants sideline next season.

“I do want to coach. … I’m a young guy in this business. Everyone asks me what’s next, I hope it’s the coach of the New York Giants,” Coughlin said, via Conor Orr of the Newark Star-Ledger.

Coughlin said he still believes “very strongly” in his coaching staff, but that General Manager Jerry Reese and owner John Mara would have more details about next steps for the Giants when they meet the media. One coaching move that could happen is the return of Mike Sullivan as the team’s quarterbacks coach. Sullivan was on Greg Schiano’s staff in Tampa as the offensive coordinator, but today’s housecleaning lead to an opportunity for Sullivan to reunite with Eli Manning as Manning tries to rebound from a dreadful season.

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  1. Coach Coughlin, it would be an honor and a privilege for someone of your caliber to coach the Dallas Cowboys.

    If you are gone from the Giants, some other team will benefit from your skills as a coach and leader.

  2. He should coach as long as he wants. He won two Super Bowls with Eli Manning as his QB! Eli Manning! I don’t think Vince Lombardi could win with Eli Manning!

  3. gallaghedj311 says:

    I don’t think they fire Tom, but if they do….Detroit is a perfect fit. They need some Coughlin discipline…

    They sure do but I’d say the over/under on Suh clocking Coughlin would be about 2 regular season games.

  4. No way he gets canned. It’s not how things work for them (much like Pittsburgh hasn’t fired a coach since before I was born). The players like him, the fans still like him. Two rings get you a lot of slack.

    But part of me wishes he would retire here and now. Whether or not Reese and TC admit it, the team needs to rebuild, and I am not sure TC is the best choice for a rebuilding team that will have a lot of turnover. Never mind that I think Eli might be on a serious downslide. It really might be the right moment to retire.

    Though if there is anyone who coaches well with his seat on fire, it’s Tom.

  5. If I were a GM, and I had shackled my head coach with old, slow and injured players in the fashion Mr. Reese did, then I would step down, as I hope Mr. Reese will do, and SOON!

  6. He’s a good coach that requires discipline from his players. It took the Giants players some time to understand, and buy into it.

    Once they did buy into it, it got them two SB’s.

  7. Coach Coughlin is an absolutely great coach. Unfortunately, certain fanbases get very spoiled, lose perspective and then, act like whiny children when their team has the rare sourballs season.

    Many of my Steeler brothers fall into the category. Good thing we let Noll work though his first three seasons – where we lost 30 of 42 games. And many wanted Cowher gone when he encountered a little turbulence. We were patient – and won a Super Bowl with Cowher. Same now for Coach Tomlin — there’s a vocal group wanting him gone (after we won two AFC Titles and a Super Bowl with him) — and this is essentially the same quick-trigger group that mis-attributed blame on Bruce Arians. Unreal.

    If you want to know how good Coach Coughlin is, ask the owner of the Jaguars who fired him. Says it was the worst decision he ever made – and one of his deepest regrets.

    Coughlin is 2-0 v. Belichick in Super Bowls as head coaches. The rest of the coaches are 0-3 against Coach Coughlin. The guy should get more respect from a lot of you out there.

  8. Giants don’t need to rebuild. The need to replenish like everyone else. System is set up that way especially when you have a veteran QB that has proven he can win it all.

  9. This is a perfect job for Jon Gruden. Elite QB waffling in mediocrity. Gruden could win multiple Super Bowls with Eli. No doubt in my mind

  10. TC, there is life after football. Enjoy it. Spend time with the wife and family. Embrace the opportunity that has been afforded you. Being a Head Coach in the NFL is a very stressful occupation, that can take years off of your life. Enjoy what remains with no regrets.

  11. I doubt he gets fired, at least this year. I can see him retiring in a year or two instead, even if he is forced too.

  12. We don’t want Gruden as the head coach for the Giants, if he does coach I think he would go to the Cowboys or the Redskins.

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