Tomlin says a “lot of work needs to be done” regarding officiating


On Sunday, the Steelers missed the playoffs due in part to a blown call at the end of the Chiefs-Chargers game.  On Monday, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin commented on the officiating errors, both specifically and generally.

Tomlin said Monday that a “[l]ot of work needs to be done from an officiating standpoint,” via Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  A member of the Competition Committee, Tomlin said he looks forward to being a part of the process.

Asked for his reaction to the failure to penalize the Chargers for illegal formation, which would have given the Chiefs another chance to kick a field goal that could have put the Steelers in the playoffs, Tomlin was blunt.

What do you think?” Tomlin said.

The issues with officiating stretch far more broadly than the failure of a pair of officials to notice that the Chargers had seven guys on the line of scrimmage to the left of the Chiefs’ snapper.  While the league has done an admirable job under new V.P. of officiating Dean Blandino to admit the errors, there have been too many errors this year.  And far too many high-profile errors.

Improvements won’t be easy; it’s possible the NFL has coaxed the best performance possible out of the current officiating model.  Moving forward, the league needs to consider creative ways to improve the model — starting with the centralization of replay review and the ability of coaches to challenge any and all calls.

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  1. well, careful what you want there Mike –

    Better officiating gives you a penalty for being on the field. Better officiating most likely gives you a loss against Cincy.

  2. I’d also add flagging a head coach for illegally stepping out onto the field of play for unsportsmanlike conduct to the list of work that needs to be done to improve officiating in the NFL.

  3. So the guy who wanders onto the field of play and alters the game…is offended that an obscure new
    (never before called) rule is not called…which could distract from him leading his team to an 0-4 start…
    yeah, no problem Mikey.

  4. Tomlin fits right in with Pittsburgh, a crybaby coach for a crybaby fanbase. The rest of the NFL hopes Tomlin stays coach of the Steelers for many more years, so they can stay irrelevant.


  5. LOL- A coach complaining about the officiating in a game his team didn’t even play in? And a coach who owes one of his two rings to bad officiating?

    Titans. Raiders. Vikings. Beat any one of them and you’re not even worrying about the Chiefs/Chargers game, Coach.

    Seriously- take care of your own business.

  6. Asked for his reaction to the failure to penalize the Chargers for illegal formation, which would have given the Chiefs another chance to kick a field goal that could have put the Steelers in the playoffs, Tomlin was blunt.

    “What do you think?” Tomlin said.

    I think your team should have won more than two games midway thru the season.

  7. Hey, Mike, stay the hell off the field and learn to clock manage. You’ll have your hands full correcting your own deficiencies…

  8. Like his team hasn’t benefit from the refs. I mean really tell Omar Epps to stop being a baby because the ref’s have helped his team out in at least 2 games

  9. The officiating in the league was fairly poor this year. Penalties were not called consistently and at times the officials seemed unsure of the rules.

    Replay being centralized would be a fair place to start. Coaches being able to have any play, including penalties reviewed, would be a good addition. Finally, clarifying the rule book a little bit wouldn’t hurt either. You shouldn’t need a license to practice law in order to officiate.

  10. Don’t lose so many games to start the season, and that will help with the crying over officiating at the end of the year. He sure isn’t crying over all the beneficial calls that went his way.

  11. fans of other teams cry more about the chiefs chargers game than the steeler fans do…I think its hilarious! bengals fans were so scared the steelers were gonna get in! and you know its true bungles!!

  12. It’s disgusting that NFL should be handcuffed by the officials union. Last year, if this was a replacement ref there would be torches and pitchforks calling for his head. Just because their unionized, they should get differential treatment when making similar blunders? Ridiculous. The NFL needs to get rid of the officiating union. They should be allowed to fire some of these incompetent referees without being held hostage..

    The NFL also needs to adopt a replay system like the NHL.

    Challenges should also be allowed on any play.

  13. Why the league doesn’t use full time refs is beyond me.

    They could recruit guys from college ball and train them up at a common facility. Get them used to working with each other. Train them properly in the way the league wants the rules applied. Give them “practice time” and conditioning drills. Daily quizzes on the rules and game situations. Post-week “film study” and grading. In short, treat the refs like a 3rd team on the field. Because that is what they are.

    There might be some growing pains but the current system is not a real high bar to clear in terms of quality of officiating.

  14. For the millionth time. Honest Mike “Twelfth Man” Tomlin is 1-1 in Super Bowls. Cowher has the other win from the Big Ben era. Capiche?

    It is a joke that a cheating and lying coach is actually on the competition committee though.

  15. Let the whining by Steelers’ fans begin!

    Officiating errors are a part of the game. They happen all the time and there were other errors in the Chiefs-Chargers game. Sometimes they help your team, sometimes they hurt your team. Just accept them and move on.

    Besides, does an 8-8 team really deserve to be in the playoffs? Stop your whining Tomlin and grow up. And stop cheating!

  16. I wish we all would stop complaining about officiating, the better teams usually win.

    Bad calls are part of the game. If your are good, you overcome them.

    My team (Ravens) are not in the playoffs because they don’t deserve to be, they arent good enough.

    Stop the crying please.

  17. Hey Mike. Don’t start the season 0-4 and you wouldn’t have had to count on the Chiefs to win. Typical Steeler blaming their issues on everyone else. Funny how this guy, of all people, is complaining about the officiating. If we go back, I gurantee we find a game decided in Pitts’ favor from bad officiating. Pot…meet Kettle.

  18. hscorpio:

    But who is going to train them? If there is some team of people that are so much better at understanding the rules of the game and how to be an official, then why not just make those guys into referees?

    The problem is it’s not a simple problem and solution, well actually I think it is kind of simple, but not from the mindset and perspective that the NFL and it’s committees operate from. Even if they wanted to fix EVERY officiating problem, then it would still take them 5-10 years just to get all their committees in a row and on the same page. They haven’t even gotten to the point of acknowledging that there is a problem with the officiating, let alone shrewdly identifying what the problem is and how to address it and actually implement a solution!

    Finding more refs or doing more training with refs isn’t going to help hardly at all I’m sorry to say.

  19. can we just get on with the Denver vs seattle super bowl already! the rest of this stuff is just fodder! we all know it… stop kidding yourselves that your team has a chance.. bungles, chargers, patriots, colts, chiefs LOL!!!!!!

  20. gps chips in the front and back end of each ball, with some sort of grid-style laser measurement system on the field.

    take spots and other things like that out of the equation, with technology, and make the refs focus on player penalties like holding or whatever.

    it’s almost 2014. get with the program.

  21. For those calling for replays on penalties, don’t open that can of worms. There would never be a play that wasn’t called back. There’s holding on just about every play, and plenty of other uncalled penalties. Even ridiculous things like ‘seven players on one side of the center’ are now listed as penalties.

  22. So he’s not right?..the man was asked a question, what was he supposed to say? Disappointed they didn’t get in yes..mad no..they should have not lost their 1st 4 games to bad teams..and damn sure not to Miami IN PITTSBURGH in the snow..but that doesn’t excuse those 2 missd calls especially the FUMBLE by Weddle..and yes it was a fumble

  23. Let’s not forget about the penalty called against the Chargers in week 1 for illegal contact against the Texans long snapper that the league said shouldn’t have been called. If the outcome of that game is different, the Chargers are 9-6 before yesterday’s game. Locked into the 6 spot and the Steelers have no chance. Like Dana White of the UFC says, “Don’t leave it in the hands of the judges”.

  24. Over half of these comments state the same thing “well he stepped on the field” who the hell cares that’s so last month get over it and for the record I agree with Tomlin officiating itself has cost several teams games and something needs to b done. I love/hate NFL

  25. The only thing this proves is there are way too many ways to penalize a team. What is the significance of the penalty in question? If you want to make the job easier, then it is time to cut back on the rules. They have got so caught up making sure no one can take advantage that there is a penalty for everything.

  26. Coming from the Refereelers I find this absolutely HILLARIOUS since the refs essentially gave them two Super Bowls!
    Super Bowls won by Steelers……….4
    Super Bowls won by Refereelers….2

  27. the players work hard, why shouldn’t the refs. by the way, when we beat seattle in the super bowl, the best team won, trolls

  28. I do think the NFL, TV and web sites (like this one!) have exacerbated the problem with their detailed after the fact studying of every play.
    It’s just like in golf where some couch potato 1000 miles away calls in and said he saw a ball wiggle a little before a golfer hits it.
    Football is a fast game, officials are going to make some mistakes. The only unforgivable ones are the errors of commission, not omission. When they make calls and misinterpret rules that is terrible, if they miss something in fast action that’s human.

  29. Tonight’s episode features Mike Tomlin in the role of Captain Obvious.

    Yes Mike, the entire league and fanbase of the league realizes the officiating needs a lot of work.

    Go cry some more yellow tears. You’re not in the playoffs because the team you were in control of stunk it up much of the season, not because the officials missed calling one penalty.

  30. Rigger Goodell and his obedient goods will do everything in their power to prevent the Steelers from reaching #7. The league’s sabatoage against the Steelers is occurring for two main reasons:

    1. They want to maintain parity. They don’t want us to reach #7 before another team ties us at #6.

    2. They know that when we win #7 we will create the SFL and they don’t want that. We are the NFL’s biggest money-maker and they can’t afford to lose us.

    It really is a shame that every Sunday, from now on, we have to defeat our opponent (which is no hard task) and defeat Rigger’s goons.

    We will overcome. That’s the Steeler way and now we are better prepared for what to expect moving forward. Lombardi #7 next year is guaranteed, and, in fact, falls right in line with the original Prophecy.

  31. As usual, Steeler Nation loves the hater comments. The steelers will prevail over being robbed out of the playoffs this year and will eventually go on and with their 7th superbowl. Keep the hater comments coming.

  32. thestrategyexpert says: Dec 30, 2013 3:24 PM

    Finding more refs or doing more training with refs isn’t going to help hardly at all I’m sorry to say.


    I’m not necessarily opposed to any of the current part-timers being hired as full-timers.

    I am very opposed to the wholly inadequate system of training the league gives some of their most visible and important employees. The notion that successful people in other lines of work can manage the on-field product of a multi-billion dollar industry as a side job seems like a 1950s idea. It is time the NFL moved into the 21st century.

    BTW–Training helps everyone be better at what they are being trained to do. Any suggestion to the contrary is laughable.

  33. what do people want him to say??? it was a blown call in San Diego…and yes they should have call him for being on the field in Baltimore…and if they had…then the Steelers would not have to give up a draft pick???? he paid 100k…Everything aside, officiating needs to improve a lot….there might be at least two blown calls in every game?

  34. Man Steeler fans. You and your team has not been right since Rock skipping Tim Tebow embarrassed you in the wild card round three years ago. OUCH!

  35. To me it seems that the NFL could have implemented some changes or trained personnel more effectively (or, to be blunt, get these “Old Codgers” off the field and install some youthful eyes with faster reflexes, for throwing flags/blowing whistles etc! Why are we seeing some of these decrepit fossils on the field?

    What about repeat offenders? Jeff Triplette (18 year vet), Walt Coleman (17 year vet), Ron Winter (14 year vet), Bill Leavy (a 19 year vet) anyone? All are 4 of the worst Refs in the NFL and they seem to be the longest tenured (some of the longest). And all of them blow big calls (and games in some instances)!

    Then we get the good ‘ol pat on the behind when they say “The NFL acknowledges that an error was made… Blah, Blah Blah”…. It’s all well and good that they admit it but where’s the accountability? All 4 Refs that I mentioned above have long tenures in the NFL as officials (even in Superbowls)..

    So, again, I ask: “Where’s the ACCOUNTABILITY?”….. We see effect of their bad/lack of calls but where’s the real punishment/accountability by the Refs? To me this is just another “Good’ol Boys” club that really can do no wrong..

    Then again this could all be intentional (the lack of accountability) so that the NFL can use electronic refereeing (whatever concept they come up with, I’m not talking about robots running up and down the field either)..

    Hey, Dean Blandino, “Head of NFL Officiating”, you awake out there? Care to chime in you chud?

  36. I really wish he would have said this right after that kick run back interference that wasn’t called. It would have actually meant something. Now, it just feels like whining from someone who needs to kicked off the competition committee. I’m told that Tomlin is a “great guy”.

  37. Bottom line, there are too many rules. Reduce the rule book, remove some of the burden on the refs. Let the players play ball.

    It would have the added advantage of shortening the games. It’s beginning to resemble basketball a bit, where the last 3 minutes takes 45 minutes to play.

  38. Be careful what you wish for…you are the least penallized team in the NFL! Just ask Kevin Huber!

  39. I don’t see any Steeler fans whining at all! For some reason all these Bengal and raven fans are telling Steeler fans to stop complaining, yet no one is!

    It’s simple, Tomlin was asked a question, he answered it. What do you expect him to do?

  40. Did you even read his comments? Tomlin commented on what he thought of the incorrect call. he didn’t even talk about the worse fumble call in the same game. And both calls were game defining calls, not like the nitpicky calls Seattle keeps whining about. Steelers are not the only team to get shafted. But I laugh when I see cinci fans complain about a non call in a game they were losing badly already and Seattle complaining about some minor calls in an 11 point loss., By seattle’s whiners standards, then evry teams fans should be whining about calls a good fifth of the time.

    I sympathized with teams that get robbed by calls, not just Steelers or KC or even SD in the past which got robbed by refs on more than one MNF game. Seattle, you have no reason to whine. None of your calls even count in the worst 100 calls made in playoff history. Hell, Steelers were victimized by a worse call in the Indy ploayoff game of that same SB year and still overcame that. KC did bungle with the messed up FG , but with that miss, KC got shafted on each of the three final drives of the game(missed FG penalty, missed fumble/first down spot based on your perspective, and then the convenient choice of illegal contact instead of the more serious PI on the final drive). Seattle has bee complaining aobut the equivalent of that third call , not the first two more serious calls. Guess what. many teams get victimized by that. So until you lose a game by a FG or a TD at the end, don’t whine about ref calls. GB got shafted on MNF to that call and Seattle benefited. So give I up 6 years later. you whined for 6 years. I think Steeelrs fans can whine for 6 days.

  41. One would hope that all of this cry and furor over bad officiating would be sending a signal to the zebras that NOW is the time for them, to “up their game”. Now is the time for them to become more proficient, more professional in their efficiency. If drastic changes come in the future, they may not be “better” for the striped shirts.

    Something for the “officials” to chew on, while they contemplate a future NFL, that may not rely on their individual skills going forward.

    Interesting that Leavy, once “helped” the Steelers with his “interesting” calls, and this time screwed them over.

  42. hscorpio:

    Yeah I totally agree with you on all points. I’m just looking at it functionally and I don’t think the lack of full-time refs or the training issues are the biggest contributors to the problems with officiating. They are nevertheless noteworthy problems that also need to be addressed and have no business being issues as you have pointed out. It’s embarrassing and fans should be bragging about how awesome the NFL is operated as a business and a sport, instead of making fun of how unprofessional and sloppy they are at basic things. If the goal is to have less things to complain about from a fan or team’s standpoint, then it’s the process and system that need the biggest overhaul to get into a position where games are being called correctly. No matter how many people you have or how hard they train, they can’t avoid missing some calls or making some bad mistakes here and there. It’s inevitable that they will screw up. So to me it makes more sense to look at the broader picture and find the best ways to officiate these games fairly and professionally.

    More training and more full-time refs sounds to me like a way to greatly increase costs and reduce profits while missing out on solving all the problems that are needing to be solved. It will only solve a portion of the problems, but not enough. It’s a quarter-measure towards fixing the global set of problems, and we need a full-measure.

  43. I would like to see the NFL amend the player protection rule to say ” players may not initiate contact with the head or neck of opposing players by targeting that area.

  44. Killing the Bengal punter had no impact on the game. Nugget had several nice punts, the steelers dominated the game until they went into prevent mode. Killing the punter would have taken the return off the board but it still would’ve been steelers ball and at that point the Bengal defense was doing squat to stop the steelers.

    Enjoy your short playoff run Bengal nation.

  45. Just a couple notes:

    Improving the officiating would have Tomlin penalized, and could have cost the Steelers the Bengals game. Which IMO, it should have.

    Keep in mind, I’m a Steelers fan.

    The great thing about reading the feedback here, is all the Raven’s fans. They do make me laugh.

    Well, at least well all be watching the playoffs together!

    Go Broncos?!?!?!?!?!

  46. It’s funny to hear people still complain about Super Bowl XL.

    The push-off was a push-off. The hold was a textbook hold. And Haggins (and Hampton) were being held the entire game.

    The only truly bad call that went against the Seahawks was the unsportsmanlike on Hasslebeck for going low on Taylor. That was a joke, But so were the 40 missed holding penalties.

    Does anyone else remember what happened in the Indianapolis game in 2005? Bad officiating took an interception away from the Steelers.

    How could anyone possibly argue that they are always the beneficiaries of bad calls?

    Here’s the bottom line: All teams benefit from and suffer from bad officiating from time to time.

    It usually evens out over the course of the season.

    Rarely does bad officiating actually affect playoff seeding though.

    Anyone who cares about the integrity of the game should be mad, regardless of how irrational their hatred for another team makes them.

  47. Also, to the Bengals fan griping about the punt return: Had that been a legal block, Brown would have scored anyway. It’s not like that was a missed holding penalty that sprung Brown free; it was a straight up block that would have been legal, except for that fact that it happened to punter.

    Yeah it was cheap. I don’t deny that. But it had no effect on the return. So griping about the missed call is pointless

  48. I expect bad calls for all teams during the season, but this season was just horrible. I could care less that the steelers got screwed out if the playoffs, this is a multibillion dollar business and the standards need to be higher

  49. Jeff Triplett gifted Cincy a touchdown (and momentum) after a great Colt’s goal line stand and the end of the half , and he is still working games. Nothing will change while there are no consequences for repeated officiating errors / poor decision making.

  50. First, it was a judgment call whether the San Diego defender on the end was “up on the line of scrimmage”, and judgment calls like that are not reviewable.

    Second, it was SAFETY rule, not a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE rule. So, its violation (if it did happen at all) did not effect the outcome of the game.

    Third, Tomlin should remember that his stepping on to the playing field and interfering with the path of a running back IS A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE RULE that he did NOT get flagged on.

    So, Tomlin. When they start flagging you for effecting the outcome of a play, THEN maybe you can start complaining about a non-call that DIDN’T effect a play. Until then, shut up.

  51. This clown, Tomlin, needs to get over himself.

    Had he done a better job of coaching and gotten his players to win one more ball game, he’d have been in the playoffs.

    Meanwhile this jerk showed his professionalism by intentionally interfering with a player on the field.

    Slime deserves what it gets – an offseason to whine.

  52. – Aside from the obvious hypocracy coming from Tomlin concerning officiating and playing by the rules, its a 15 yard penalty for singling out one play that didn’t go your way cry babies. I could site examples from at least 4 of the season games that got “pfficiated” away from the Chargers during the year, that if called correctly, they wouldn’t have needed a win againt the Chiefs at all to be in the finals.

    – Selecting just one example from the year and trying to pretend that was the whole ball of wax is total BS, and the people whining know it.

  53. Typical Squealers and their fans…

    When they benefit – which is a lot – they tell everyone it’s part of the game. When it goes against them it’s whhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Have fun with your QBs contract.

  54. Hey, Mike, here’s an idea ……..

    If you want your team to make it to the playoffs, don’t pin your hopes on the officiating in a game you’re not even playing in, do it the old-fashioned way:


  55. It’s amazing and ironic in light of the hub-bub about the officiating from the replacement refs…

    Think about how the refs themselves have composed a significant amount of how the current playoff scenario has come to be.

    Everyone’s been coming up with several. Here’s another one:

    This same sort of call (or non-call) of a little used newly instituted rule at a critical part of the game meant the sole difference between the Patriots having the #1 vs. #2 seeds.

    Of course everyone says “win more games”, but at some point, every little thing matters–it’s that close. And you want it to not be the refs that incorrectly make that critical difference that is not reversible. If we had replacement refs right into the season, I can only imagine the furor… but alas.

  56. Tomlin is hardly a good coach.
    He has just ridden along, since getting the job.
    Hasn’t done much in shoring up the holes in the team since he got there.
    He is another black coach that does not understand offense.
    When big Ben comes off the field, during the timeouts, he is never discussing the next crucial play with tomlin, because tomlin doesn’t understand what they need to do.
    BUT, there has to be a certain amount of black coaches in the NFL, so,,,,,,

  57. I say go with belichicks idea of allowing coaches to challenge everything. If a team misses it then it’s ultimately their fault. Still only 2 challenges and a third if you got first two correct.

  58. jm….when you are right you are right. and you are dead on right. its a weekly embarresment what the officials are doing to the game. it needs to be fixed.

  59. So, your team is 8-8, and started 0-4 for the season playing some of the worst football I have seen all year. Are you really blaming a missed 41 yard field goal as the reason your mediocre team isn’t in the playoffs?

  60. Well, fluke Saints should not be in the playoffs either with blown Brees calls against 40-whiners. It should be AZ, not NO NOs

  61. What does Tomlin being black have to do with knowing offense? Plus the only requirement for hiring a coach is you must interview a minority candidate, there’s nothing saying there has to be X active minority coaches.

    I agree Tomlin has done a poor job getting young talent but it’s not all in him. Unless your in the room during the process you have no clue who is making the final decision.

  62. Make up your mind haters. Either the Steelers are a fraud because they always have the refs on their side, or else it’s hilarious to see them lose on a now admitted blown call. So laugh, and admit your whining in the past about refs was unfounded all along.

  63. Simple solution: Fire every ref after the Superbowl and then find professionals who won’t do their part to fix games for specific teams (Packers, Ravens, Patriots, etc.). If that’s too much, perhaps an investigation into fraud for the NFL might be suffice. Remember what happened with the refs in the NBA? It’s almost looking like that’s happening in this league – which is negatively impacting the integrity of every game.

  64. Helps to hear the whole press conference and not just pieces.

    Tomlin indicated that he will be plenty vocal during the competition committee meetings that take place during the offseason. But he also made it clear that the Steelers have only themselves to blame for missing the playoffs following an 8-8 season. “I’m not looking to assess blame on anybody else about our current position other than ourselves,” Tomlin said.

    People can’t see the forest for the trees. Sooner of later these bad calls will affect your team. This time it was the steelers who got screwed, as well as all of those back up chiefs playing their hearts out. During the playoffs some team will get screwed, and those fans will complain. Do we all turn our head and say “who cares?” I hate that team anyway? Remember when James Harrison was being fined for hits? Some fines were deserved, others were not, but steeler haters ate it up. But then the defenders of those fans teams started getting fined for similar hits, and suddenly everyone hated Goodell, and said these fines weren’t fair. Sooner or later the problem comes to rest at your doorstep. So when your team in the playoffs gets screwed, think twice before you post about the whining steelers.

  65. Yea I agree with bad officiating… but really tomlin… should have won maybe one outta your first four games(raiders/vikings) and none of this would even be on your mind… you wouldn’t have even have watched that game. ………. nvm I never heard you complain when u won a super bowl on bad officiating

  66. Exactly. I don’t see many steeler fan whining but if they did they certainly have probably cause too. The playoffs were on the line. It was just not another regular season game where you get a shot at it again next week. I have seen fans of other teams complain about calls all year long and there wasn’t even playoff implications. The refs cost the steelers a playoff spot not a game.

    We all know the steelers should have taking care of business earlier and it wouldn’t even have come to that. But it still doesn’t take away from the fact that the steelers should have advanced to the playoffs and the refs took it away from them. The same ignorant people can talk about whining all they want but it doesn’t take away from the facts that the steelers were robbed. I even see people talking about karma. karma will also come back to help the steelers someday when its really needed. Watch. I can’t then wait to hear whining from other teams fans who claim steeler fans are whining now.

  67. Funny, no one in this organization was calling for review of officiating when they were handed a Lombardi trophy in 2006, after some HIGHLY questionable calls all throughout the game.

  68. Just a lil’ karma for the awful officiating in the Super Bowl which which the Seahawks was screwed, and the Steelers had ‘stolen’ that Super Bowl


  69. Step 1… Make these incompetent fools available too the media…

    Step 2…More suspensions for officials. Have a taxi squad of officials

    Step 3…FIRINGS

    Step 4…Paycuts for continued poor performence

    Step 5…3 blown calls and your replaced by a taxi squad official and you only get back in when someone else screws up. Once you get demoted, you can’t do any playoff, or key matchups during the regular season

  70. blosser:
    Unless you live in the Pittsburgh area, you have no clue as to what clue we Pittsburghers do have.
    During the course of the season, Tomlin was asked by Joe Starkey of the Tribune-Review during a weekly presser who had the final say on draft picks. Tomlin accepted full responsibility, quickly adding, “because it’s the truth.”
    Perhaps he was taking the blame for Cobert. I don’t know. But I do know what he said, but I have no reason not to take him at his word.

  71. Everyone that is commenting on Tomlin being on the field is missing one huge factor…I did not affect the outcome of the game or who qualified for the Playoffs and who didn’t. Lets not also forget Tomlin was fined 100k and lost a draft pick….

  72. All the Ravens, Bungals, Browns fans hatin on Sixburgh and the snivelers still crying about the Seattle Superbowl in which Seattle was thoroughly outplayed. Bad officiating is bad officiating no matter who you hate on. If you don’t want it too cost your team things need to be changed…Period!!
    Like when the Chargers RB’s forward progress was not stopped until he got pushed Rugby style for a first down,but the instant he passed the first down line of gain the play was blown dead and the chiefs got robbed of the fumble. Any play should be challenge able and that goes for the inadvertent whistle or any whistled play. The Chiefs backups showed much heart in beating SanDiego and getting robbed by the blind old men that call themselves NFL officials….SIXBURGH FOREVER

  73. Colbert makes the picks..Khan is the $ Guy..I’m sure Tomlin has input but ultimate decision is Colbert’s he’s the GENERAL MANAGER..but as in everything else he takes full responsibility like a head coach should.Do all this talk about not drafting the right players is crazy

  74. All the other coaches are talking about the best ways to improve their teams moving forward and the Steelers are still whining about bad calls. Why don’t the fans just file a class action lawsuit? Or rather, a no-class action lawsuit! Hahahahahaha! Cry babies!

  75. Funny how there are so many comments about Tomlin whining. I actually watched the whole press conference and he went out of his way to make it clear the SD-KC game was not the reason his team missed the playoffs. His “what do you think?” comment was just a frank answer to a direct question about his feelings after the game.

    As for the sideline interference non-call in the Baltimore game, it would take a whole lot of pre-planning to intentionally interfere in that case. He was actually watching the return on the big screen for a whole-field perspective. I believe he was standing around mid-field or even the Ravens side of the 50. Btw, before that return, that was the first K/O return against the Steelers that made it past mid-field all season.

    And on the case of refs helping him win a SB, I assume you are talking about XL where the Seahawks still can’t quit crying. Cowher was the coach, not Tomlin. Unless you think the refs gave them the one against the Cards.

  76. I don’t like the idea of a head coach that tried to intentionally trip a player on a kick-off return for a TD and then lying about it being part of a rules committee. It doesn’t look good. Are all of the coaches on the rules committee? If not, then why is he? I smell a rat.

  77. Tomlin is part of the “we need to supplement our incomes” betting officials committee. How else do you cover a 2.5 point spread without winning the game that historically is always won by a FG. Only an idiot would think his illegal “blunder ” didn’t affect the outcome of the game.

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