Top 20 picks in 2014 Draft set, with two exceptions

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While 12 teams are busily preparing for the postseason today, the other 20 are busy making pre-draft plans in an effort to get back there next season.

And those 20 teams, with two exceptions, now know where they’ll be picking in the 2014 NFL Draft order.

Via Albert Breer of the NFL Network, the league announced the full order of the first 20 picks after yesterday’s results.

The Texans clinched the top spot with yesterday’s loss, and will be followed by the Rams, via the Redskins from the Robert Griffin III trade. The Rams also hold the 13th pick, their own, which should give them to opportunity to again move throughout the board to collect talent.

The Jaguars pick third, followed by the Browns, Raiders, Falcons, Buccaneers, Vikings, Bills and Lions.

The Cowboys and Ravens will pick 16th and 17th, but since they’re tied in both record and strength of schedule (that’s how draft ties are broken, rather than head to head) they’ll flip a coin at the combine for the spot.

The full list can be seen here.

Prepare your mock drafts accordingly.

17 responses to “Top 20 picks in 2014 Draft set, with two exceptions

  1. Why do the Jags pick ahead of the Browns? They beat the Browns this year head to head. Shouldn’t that be a deciding factor over strength of schedule?

  2. As a Browns fan I pray to god we get a QB, I’ll even take Manziel at this point that’s how desperate I am even if it creates a media circus that The Browns don’t need at the moment

  3. Instead of flipping a coin at the combine the Cowboys and Ravens should have Flacco and Romo each throw 25 passes to a covered receiver and whoever throws the least amount of interceptions gets the better pick. Would be interesting and boost the combine ratings!!

  4. jmblosser82 says: Dec 30, 2013 10:22 AM

    Sucks to be the ravens, they finish behind the steelers in the division and they will draft after them
    It really sucks to be the dolphins, they finish behind the jets, the cowboys, the ravens, and the steelers per the playoff tie-breaker rules, (NOT THE DRAFT ORDER TIE-BREAKER RULES) and they will draft after them.

    All because they played just as mediocre, with a tougher schedule.

  5. I cannot see a feasible situation where the Ravens use their first-round pick on a position other than offensive line or wide receiver. I’d prefer o-line, considering how putrid their pass protection was this season, but I’m just an armchair GM.

  6. I cant believe an organization that makes as much money as the nfl goes “crap, oh well I guess we’ll just… flip a coin?” on something as big as draft position

  7. The first 15 picks are usually looked at as the picks who make the most impact… but if a team has a good draft, its usually by drafting good players in the later rounds.

    Good luck to all the fans of the teams that need a boost to be competitive.

    Its nice to have a team where the gm and coach seem to make all the right picks like the Hawks. I feel for all the fans whose teams blow it every year. Ive been there and know the frustration.

  8. At least the skins can’t screw it up they haven’t finished paying for the RGME debacle . That dude is a clown as a QB

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