Vikings interested in Seattle coordinators Bevell, Quinn


The Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks have been frequent partners in exchanging players and personnel in recent seasons.

From the trade of Percy Harvin, to Seattle signing Tarvaris Jackson, Sidney Rice and Heath Farwell or the Vikings signing John Carlson, the two organizations have been frequently linked together in offseason moves. The trend could continue this offseason as the Vikings search for a new head coach following the firing of Leslie Frazier on Monday.

According to Jason La Canfora of, the Vikings have asked for interviews with Seattle coordinators Darrell Bevell and Dan Quinn for their head coaching vacancy.

Bevell joined the Seahawks in 2011 after serving as the Vikings’ offensive coordinator under Brad Childress from 2006-2010. Carroll elected to fire offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates after one year and brought in Bevell after Childress was fired in Minnesota. Seattle finished the season eighth in points scored, fourth in rushing ans second in yards per pass attempt.

Quinn is in his first year serving as Seattle’s defensive coordinator. Quinn replaced Gus Bradley after he was hired as head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars last offseason. Quinn had previously served as defensive coordinator for two years at the University of Florida after two seasons as defensive line coach under Carroll in Seattle. Under Quinn, the Seahawks defense finished first in points per game (14.4), yards per game (273.6), pass yards per game (172.0), interceptions (28) and turnover margin (+20).

Carroll spoke fondly of both coaches on Monday as teams began approaching Seattle in search of their next head coaches.

“One guy is a defensive guy, one guy is an offensive guy, it just depends on what you’re looking for, but both of these guys are fantastic football coaches and they’ve been highly successful, and they’re leading really good units, and they can make all of the decisions and the choices and all of the stuff that you have to make,” Carroll said.

“Neither one of them have been head coaches before and there is still a curve there for them, but they’re as qualified as anybody could possibly be. I’m particular fond of these guys because they’ve been through our program and I know what they know. They’ll bring great order and structure to the next place they go.”

48 responses to “Vikings interested in Seattle coordinators Bevell, Quinn

  1. Viking fan prophecies 2013: 1. The Vikings will sweep the Packers. 2. The Packers will finish last in the division. 3. The Vikings will win the division. 4. Adrian Peterson will lead the league in rushing. 5. Adrian Peterson will be the MVP again. 6. Eddie Lacy will be a bust. 7. Greg Jennings will have more receiving yards than any Packer receiver. 8. Christian Ponder, with a full offseason under his belt, will improve upon his best game of last season vs. the Packers. 9. Adrian Peterson is a stand up guy. There’s no way he would have any illegitimate children. 10. Cordarelle Patterson will be the Offensive Rookie of the Year. As I see it, you’re 0 for 10. At some point, you’ll be right about something. Especially if you start betting against the Vikings and betting on the Packers.

  2. I was hoping for two years or so before we started losing coaches and players. It goes to show you the talent that the Hawks have in place. Wouldn’t want to hold them back, but Damm…..

  3. HEY!!! Hold On!!! The Vikings are OUR training camp!!! Not the other way around! Why would Darrell and Dan, want to go from THE SHOW, to the minors? Doesn’t make any sense.

    Buuuuut, if one of em’s gotta go, don’t let the door smack ya in the keester on your way out, Darrell.

  4. The only good games I saw Bevell call were with Favre and he changed the plays that Bevell sent in.

    Musgrave called much better plays once Cassel was starting.

  5. I dunno about Quinn. I’m sure he’s a fine coach but he inherited a very favorable defensive situation that included the best secondary in the NFL all hitting their prime at once. He might be fools gold.

  6. “Well now that we fired our coach, what in the world are we going to do now?”

    “I don’t know. Who is the #1 seed in the conference?”


    ‘Let’s try and get one of their guys.”

    “Brilliant!! That’s why you’re the boss.”

    “What if we need a plan B?”

    ‘We won’t until next week.”

  7. I was originally thinking that Bevell might be a good pickup since he already knows guys on the team from his stint at OC under Childress, but now that I think about it I believe the only player left on the Vikings offensive roster from that point is AD. Rice, Harvin, Jackson, Favre, Hutchinson, and Shiancoe are all long gone. Time flies in the NFL.

  8. So if the Seahawks are all cheaters, and the Vikings are on the hawks tip for a coach, what does that say about the vikes?
    You want to be us so look bad

  9. Where have I seen this before? Hmm a Coordinator interviewing right before a playoff game?

    Can this not wait until AFTER the postseason?! Deny them access until after the postseason, and if they (teams or coaches) don’t understand why then obviously they shouldn’t be running a program.


  10. Gus Bradley looks like he’s gonna turn the Jaguars around, so it’s no surprise these guys are getting looks.

  11. Such is the price of success; your coaches get poached by the bottom feeders. That said, for as much mess as so many of you talk about Pete, this is the type of guy he really is – he knows that losing one or both coordinators will present challenges to the team (continuity, finding replacements, etc.), but he always encourages and helps his guys to find a gig of their own if they can. Please don’t hire Bevell, for he is an offensive mastermind and the ‘Hawks can’t afford to lose him. You can have Quinn, though. He stinks.
    I’m sure my reverse psychology is pretty transparent there.

  12. Bevell would be a perfect coach for the Vikings. He has ties to Brett Favre, Brad Childress and lousy QB play. That way the Vikings wouldnt miss a beat after they took themselves out of the chance to draft a decent QB with a win against Detroit.

  13. We were being told by all the lavender Larry toads that Gruden was a sure bet even though Gruden said no. This must be another one of those clever smoke screens the vikqueens use so skillfully on the SeaHawks like the one they used to dupe them in the Harvin trade.

    That trade gave Minnysoda such a huge boost that they went from a 10-6 season to a 5-10-1 season. Meanwhile the Hawks only won a NFC high 13 games. Boy those vikqueens are a treacherous bunch. LMAO

    This report will spur Gruden into action or he’ll lose the coaching opportunity of a lifetime. But hey, what coach doesn’t want to lead a team with a 53 season history of abject failure?

  14. Can we hire a proven HC for God’s sake!!!!! We already tried this coordinator crap w/ Frazier. Bevell has already been here. I don’t want anything to do with anyone who worked under Childress!!!

  15. I wish Bevell the best and that is why I would hate to see him have to go coach Minnesota. He’s a Wisconsin guy and deserves better. Please Darrell, don’t do it. Wait for a good job, not a job coaching Packer fall outs.

  16. Would Bevell bring back his west coast offense? I’m not so sure this is a west coast offense team anymore. Especially if you think about Cassel opting out, and being stuck with Ponder. West coast offense is all about timing. Three step, plant, get rid of the ball. That’s something Ponder isn’t capable of.

    Quinn might be a good choice. Defensive minded head coach. But, didn’t we already have a defensive minded head coach? Isn’t that what we just fired? Our defense flat out stunk!

    I’ve always liked Bevell. He’s had a pretty good Offense just about everywhere. As long as he has had a decent QB.

    Either way…. Longwell’s tweet was on the money yesterday.. Look it up!

  17. No to Bevel; saw enough of him while he was in Minnesota. Joe Lombardi of New Orleans and Jack DelRio are the two front runners from what I hear.

  18. Quinn better stay, I can’t see him getting a head coaching job so soon. I think he means more to Seattle than Bevell. Gus Bradley left and our defense has improved.

    Bevell still has some terrible calls in games. I think he is a decent coach because some of his schemes are great and he showed that last year and only flashes this year. For fans worried about the west coast offense, its modern offense. If you draft a young mobile QB, with AD in the backfield. It would be the ideal situation.

  19. Hey, this is not a draft situation.

    Somebody actually has to agree to take over the crummy vikings situation.

    The vikings (one of the lowest revenue teams) have to meet the demands of the candidates.

    Would a guy leave a good Seattle to coach the vikings on the cheap? Of course not.

  20. Does it really matter who the HC is?? I mean really….if he’s not calling the offensive and/or defensive plays, what does it really matter?? He’s just another worthless figurehead to piun the blame on. It’s the OC and the DC that makes all the difference. Who cares if Frazier is gone. It won’t matter. Fire all 3 of them and start over. We suck on both sides of the ball and a new hwad coach will not make any difference. Let’s spend time pondering (no pun intended) who can really make a difference in our performance on the field, not in the locker room.

  21. Either one of the PEDhawk Assistants can teach the Vikings the ins and outs of taking illegal supplements and hopefully not getting caught at the same rate as Seattle.

    Just don’t expect the same rate of success.

  22. I love the new money attitude of seahawks fans, but let’s run the numbers on these 2 storied franchises.

    Seahawks (est. 1975) Total ——– %
    Playoff appearances: 13 ——– 34
    Division champs: 8 ——– 21
    Conference champs: 1 ——– 3
    Superbowl champs: 0 ——– 0

    Vikings (est. 1961) Total ——– %
    Playoff appearances: 27 ——– 52
    Division champs: 18 ——– 35
    Conference champs: 4 ——– 8
    Superbowl champs: 0 ——– 0

    Let’s not even talk about great players. The fact is neither team has achieved the ultimate goal, but the seahawks have wallowed in misery much longer than the vikings. I can’t believe any Seattle fan would bring up the Harvin deal, like that’s really worked out for you. In the words of CC (just one vikings legend)…..C’mon Maaaannnn!

  23. Quinn….. Not so fast he has built the best defense in the NFL hands down and made a trademark for the Hawks.

    Bevell on the other hand is also great however some of his play calls have been less than great when big games count.

    Take Bevell but Quinn is staying.

  24. He better ask for a guaranteed 5 year deal because you know how fickle these dumb owners are…after one season, they’ll fire you even when your main stars are injured.

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