Vikings make it official, fire Leslie Frazier

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While the Browns got a head start on Black Monday last night, we have our first firing of the day, as Leslie Frazier has been let go by the Vikings

The Vikings announced the move via their Twitter feed moments ago.

“Unfortunately, we did not achieve consistent success and did not achieve the progress we expected,” Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman said in a statement. “We believe a coaching change is needed to help build a successful team moving forward.”

The Vikings fell off a cliff this year, following an impressive playoff run with a 5-10-1 mark. That left Frazier 21-32-1 in three years and change with the team.

The lack of a stable quarterback situation undermined him this year, as there never seemed to be a cohesive plan on how to develop Christian Ponder or use Josh Freeman after he was brought in. The fact Matt Cassel was their best option said more about the state of the team than Cassel himself.

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  1. This is tough, because Frazier is a really great guy. The players clearly like him a lot, and so do the fans. He’d be a great nextdoor neighbor.

    To some extent, I think Spielman drafting Ponder really shackled him. He was really patient and stuck with Ponder as long as he could, and that definitely cost him some games.

  2. Nobody really cares about Minnesota anyway. the Wilfs should move to LA. Nobody wants to play in South Canada, set the players FREE.

  3. So long Leslie……according to all the media dipsticks around here you were a nice guy! A nice guy doesn’t cut it in the NFL. Is Spielman right behind you?

  4. If Leslie is gone then Rick should be too. That’s why he was hired as GM in 2012, they wanted one guy to be at the helm and responsible.

    Rick has been involved in the decision making process since 05, and has now gone through 3 head coaches.

    Anybody who thinks Leslie had any control over the qb situation before week 7 of this year is blind.

    No high demand coach is going to want to come here and play puppet to Rick. If they want a high quality coach, that coach is going to want FULL control over personnel and game planning.

  5. As a Vikings fan, I am proud of our franchise.

    After completely obliterating the Seahawks with an amazing trade that helped acquire Greg Jennings & Cordarelle Patterson and trading a $12 million dollar headache known as Percy Harvin who has spent the whole season IR.

    We have made roster moves that will help setup the impending Vikings dynasty for years to come. With extreme talent on both sides of the ball.

    After drafting our franchise QB, we will be the best team in the NFL.

  6. “He didn’t go win the big one with all the quarterbacks I furnsihed for him..” – Rick Spielman said in a statement.

  7. Spielman must have dirty pictures of Ziggy stashed away… or maybe he’s the greatest politician in history, because by all rights, he should be on the same bus out of town as Frazier.

  8. Complete insult to Leslie. He did much more with less talent than schwantz did. Lil jimmy should have been the first “coach” fired. The lions continue to embarrass their fans intelligence.

  9. This is the nature of the beast, in the NFL. If your team does not perform, a change will be made. Sorry Leslie, you ARE a good guy. This is incomplete unless Spielman goes, as well. The QB situation, alone, should get Spielman shown the door. All that being said, the Vikes showed promise and have talent, and if they can sign or draft a good QB, there is much reason for optimism for the Minny-faithful.

  10. Frazier was a decent football player and a nice man, but a terrible game manager and talent evaluator. He played Ponder when he should have played Cassel (one a little better than the other). He played Erin Henderson when Audie Cole was clearly more talented. Cordarrel (sp)Patterson should have started day one instead of when the season was lost. He hired bad assistants and was over his head when it came to making calls on game day.

    He needed to go. Hopefully they choose wisely on the next one.

  11. Since the Vikings are playing outdoors for the next three years, they may want to interview an eskimo or polar bear for the job.

  12. As a fan “I believe a General Manager change is needed to help build a successful team moving forward”.

    Suck it Rick. You are more to blame than anyone.

  13. The season is over and now adrian peterson will have more time to avoid meeting his illegitimate children.

  14. I’m always reluctant to blame Frazier for all of it like some people do. You give anybody chrisitan ponder to work with, and they will get fired too. You also have guys like Chris cook on defense who just can’t hack it, and a massive shortage of linebackers to anchor the defense.

    To me, most defenses in the league are pretty bad,so it all goes back to the quarterback. Whoever was involved in drafting ponder and keeping him around for this long are the ones who should be fired immediately. That move set this franchise back another three years.

  15. Crazy seeing these orgs firing coaches when they gave their coach no chance to win. Chud got fired with a horrible group of QB’s he had to work with. Now Frazier gets fired with that group of QB’s he had to work with. Give the guys good players to work with before you make the losing season out to be their fault and fire them.

  16. 15-16-1 over the last two years with Ponder, Joe Webb, Freeman and Cassel as your QBs is probably a pretty decent coaching accomplishment. I suspect Frazier is a decent NFL coach, not a good one, about average. Which is why I don’t really care much as a Viking fan if he’s the coach or not.

    Spielman drafted Ponder and that has cost the franchise 3 years of wasted development and now likely forced their hand to draft another QB with a first pick in a draft where 4-5 teams ahead of them also want a QB. Sounds a lot like 2011 when they reached for Ponder.

  17. Sorry to see him go as a person. A real nice guy I hear. Unfortunately its a business and wasn’t being run with the right people.
    Over the years we’ve all seen coaches buy into a QB that doesn’t pan out and it takes them down with em. In Fraziers case it was Ponder.

  18. Frazier is a good football coach, and this is a step back for the Vikes. Frazier couldn’t fix the mess that Spielman created at QB, and paid for it with his job. Unreal.

  19. Spielman should get another chance after he has drafted very well the last two years. You give him the ability to draft a QB as the GM and draft as well as he did the last two years, and he could make a great team.

  20. Vikings have a lot of talent, so could easily compete next year if they can figure out the QB situation.

  21. The firing of Coach Frazier is getting quite a mixed reaction.
    SUPPORTERS: On the one hand, many fans like Coach Frazier for his consistency and his personality.

    DETRACTORS: Many fans do not think that Coach Frazier can outperform as an NFL Head Coach – what does he bring to the table in terms of scheme and football philosophy?

    THE REAL ISSUE: Coach Frazier is not Belichick (or has never proven to be) – so his ability to outcoach another coach has not been proven. That being said – THE ENTIRE SUCCESS/FAILURE was tied to a lack of a Quarterback – whose fault is that? Frazier, Spielman, Wilfs – or all of them. Spielman has made great draft picks but has failed at QB. Frazier’s choice of coordinators seems very poor so did himself no favors. IN THIS LEAGUE – IT COMES DOWN TO THE QB – look what Favre did in 1 great year….This organization has not been able to make a great QB draft choice in the modern era – and the tide will turn when they figure that out.

  22. Kinda depressing to see Les fired before Rick.

    Frasier did what he could with the players he was given. He was close in a number of games. But if Rick was giving Les a few more players here or there, that could have been the difference in some of those games.

    Rick has say, and more say than anyone in all personnel moves. Not even offering any sort of contract at all to Kevin Williams, Jared Allen, and a couple other players. And also not even making a valid attempt to communicate with Winfield last winter about his contract and just cutting him hurt this team. He’s letting all of his true leaders on this team just walk away. That’s going to hurt an awful lot! I think if Winfield would have been here, maybe the defense wouldn’t have collapsed so badly in a few of those losses.

    Then there’s the whole Ponder reach… Don’t reach for a 3rd round back up QB at the 12th pick! Just because you need a franchise QB, doesn’t mean you need to reach that badly. That’s a spot that could have been used on Defense.

    Spielmans inept managing of this team is what has caused it to become a bottom dweller in the North right now. And until we get a better GM, I just don’t see the improvement coming to be a consistent contender.

  23. Spielman is the source of the Vikings pain. He’s done well on a few draft picks but can’t find the right QB.

    He looked good by bringing in Favre in 2009 but that decision was more Favre than Spielman.

    Spielman might see the handwriting on the wall and make a blockbuster trade for a bunch a draft picks for Peterson. Peterson still a dangerous player but past his prime.

    That, or hope they can find a franchise in rough with the draft. There won’t be any QBs on the board worth taking in the first round (Texans, Browns, and Jags will take the ones that are).

    They might be stupid enough to take Manziel. If so, they’d better find a hardas$ coach to control him.

  24. The QB decisions were baffling but it was the defense that really hurt MN. There were games at HOME where teams did not punt and sure enough when MN had leads with 1:00 to go, it was an easy win for the opposing team. QB, MLB, and CB should be the priority this year. Make some moves in FA and get a nice pick at #8.

    If you can’t draft a QB at#8 go for LB. Vikings are desperate for a defensive leader now that Antoine is gone.

    p.s. if a coach doesn’t want to come here because the Vikings are playing in the “elements”, I don’t want you as the coach. Bud Grant yesterday had a great speech at the end of the Dome Funeral yesterday and concluded it with “Now, it’s time to go back to the ELEMENTS”. Hire Grant for two years if you gotta, haha.

  25. davetrembley says:
    “What has Rick Spielman ever done to warrant his extended tenure as GM? Can anyone name one thing?”

    Well he traded away an injured unhappy player in Harvin for a 1 and 3. He fleeced Cleveland for some picks when he dropped down one spot and picked the guy he wanted anyway (Kalil). His last two drafts have landed Harrison Smith, Kalil, Floyd, Rhodes, Patterson, and a decent kicker and punter

    But he also made a disastrous pick in Ponder and seemingly let the lb position go completely to waste.

    I think Spielman is much like Ponder, about average, does some good things and some stupid things. Average is not what you need in the GM and Coaching positions. I would have fired them both.

  26. Now they are going to draft another quarterback in the first round and again not have the staff to properly develop him. Unless they hire Gruden…let’s see if he’ll fit in in Minnesota.

    Is he passive aggressive and afraid to take a stand on anything? No.

    Is he dull, lifeless and devoid of any personality? No.

    Has a failed to develop a quarterback at any point in his 50+ years of existence? No.

    Does he need constant affirmation that he is a member of an elite and sophisticated society? No.

    Has a never won a Super Bowl? No.

    Probably not going to work…

  27. The Viks have the foundation to be a special team if they can find a QB. Given they are playing outdoors next year they’ll need to find someone who can throw in temperatures below 40 degrees…..#madness

  28. Doesn’t matter who the coach is, if the Vikings don’t get a Q.B. they are going nowhere.

  29. I’d like to get rid of Spielman as well, but I can’t come up with an obvious replacement. The Josh Freeman debacle should be reason enough to get rid of him. I figured there would be a coaching change, and there needed to be one. Both co-ordinators should be looking for work shortly as well. I feel the job of a Coach and Co-ordinator is to motivate and to teach. I saw some motivation…but it was by the players. And, aside from our rookies, did any of our players learn much this year? Certainly not enough to make effective halftime adjustments. I love the Vikes and will stick with them through ‘thin’ and ‘thin’. But it’s hard not to get impatient when our team can’t benefit from the collapse of the three other NFC North teams this season…

  30. I don’t follow the team closely, but this seems like a good move.

    I’ll get a fair share of thumbs down for this, and I don’t know Adrian Peterson’s contract situation, but it may be time to let AP fly to a contender and use his trade value to hoard picks and trade up for a top tier QB.

  31. Rick Spielman should be following him. The coach gets the blame but who the hell would draft Ponder 12th pick? Could’ve got him in 3rd or 4th Round no one else had any want for him. We might lose Jared Allen since he’s open to the Free Agent world now. Should’ve extended him during season.

  32. Frazier didn’t know how to coach on game day, nor did he know how to shuffle players. He tended to be more loyal than smart when it came to playing time. That doesn’t work in the NFL.

    Spielman has made many good moves as GM, many more than Frazier made plays as a coach. His big mistake was reaching for Ponder.

    Hopefully they get it right the next time.

  33. I don’t know about Gruden not fitting in with the Vikings. The Packers do fine with Mike McCarthy and I don’t believe he’s married to his sister…

  34. In 2014, Rick Spielman will draft a quarterback bust.
    The Vikings will hire a bad coach who will last 2 years.
    The Vikings will finish in last place in both 2014 and 2015.
    The cycle of madness will then repeat until the end of time.

  35. Frazier is a very classy guy and nobody has question his character. however he has been making boneheaded mistakes which we were more than willing to overlook so long as he learned from them. Instead he feed us the horrendous orders from ownership and G.M., ” Ponder Gives us the best chance to win”. I don’t understand how organization can force a coach to play inferior talent then expect tremendous results. It is becoming evident that no quality coach will take this opening due to the preset that Mr. 1-15 Dolphins and Mr. Racketeering will not only pick the talent, but also who he plays on Sunday.

  36. No QB, soft dome team moving outside for two years. Worst team in the division. Should have kept Frazier. Nobody is going to be lining up to captain this love boat.

  37. I agree with the above poster who indicated that QB play wasn’t the biggest problem. It was defense — we had leads we couldn’t hold.

    I really liked Frazier, but the fact that our DB play was terrible and that was his position really stands out.

    Also, though he may have had little input about the QB, he got to choose his coordinators — neither of who I thought were particularly good.

  38. As a Bears fan, please bring in Frazier as the D Coordinator and fire Mel Tucker. The guy is a good Defensive coach. Mel Tucker is brutal at playcalling, how is he on a list for potential head coach positions???!!!

  39. Viking Fans…I tend to agree with most of you that Spielman should be out the door with Frazier.

    I do agree that it is all about the QB, especially in the 4th qtr…your D played well enough to win some of the games you lost this year.

  40. Frazier was in a no-win situation with the QB circus this year. Still, he managed to get the Vikes playing better well after their season was over, at least as far as the playoffs go. I think that speaks volumes about how the players felt about him.

    I wouldn’t mind reversing the GB to Minnesota pipeline with a hire of Leslie Frazier to be the Packers DC in 2014. It is pretty clear the Packers need a change on defense. And equally clear that they don’t have the talent at LB to be an effective 3-4 defense.

  41. “thepftpoet says: Dec 30, 2013 9:21 AM

    As a Vikings fan, I am proud of our franchise.

    After completely obliterating the Seahawks with an amazing trade that helped acquire Greg Jennings & Cordarelle Patterson and trading a $12 million dollar headache known as Percy Harvin who has spent the whole season IR”

    Yeah, the Seahawks really look “obliterated”.

  42. Ah, the Master Plan is going just as expected. Fire Frazier to create a smoke screen so nobody will notice that the GM couldn’t pick a QB to save his life.

    This will allow Spielman to whiff in the draft and stick the Viking’s will another draft bust, and another first rounder at that. The ensuing consequences will be another 3 to 4 year set back and the Vikings set up permanent shop in the NFC North basement.

    Brilliantly done!

  43. Please, stop defending this guy. He was piss-poor at his job and hence got what he deserved. The head coach has final say on who starts, period. And he chose to play an inept quarterback, hire inept coordinators, make poor in-game and time management decisions, and got out-coached almost every game this season. I think we should all breath a sigh a relief that his circus is heading out of town..

  44. Whoever was responsible for the Josh Freeman fiasco should be fired. Spending 2M on Freeman then not letting him play three or four games especially when we were out of the playoffs anyway to evaluate his potential was a waste of money and time. We picked up Cassel in the off season to evaluate his potential. Yet we only let him play a few games at the end of the season when AP was on the bench for a few of them. We knew Ponder was not our QB early in the season. We need somebody making better decisions.

  45. Good coaches make their players better. Most guys who make it to the NFL have the ability to succeed if given the proper guidance. Frazier is married to the pathetic cover 2 defense and doesn’t know anything about offense.

    He may be a nice guy, but in 3 years I never once saw him talk to a player on the sideline, show any emotion, or really do anything at all. He just stands there like a statue.

    This is more about Musgrave, but they used AP sooo incorrectly this year. Every time he got the ball they bashed him between the tackle box. It just doesn’t work, the only reason he got 1200 is because he’s a great player. Every run to the outside, where he got some space, had positive results. The coaches never noticed that and they never made any changes or adapted to the opponent. That’s why its time to go.

  46. Like nearly every one else, I like Frazier. But he simply wasn’t an upper echelon coach. Here are some reasons he needed to go. 1. Patterson was clearly the best player on the field, it was evident from the start. You find ways to get that caliber of player on the field immediately, not wait until the season is lost. 2. Ponder was untested and was a huge question mark; yet he took almost no snaps in the preseason. Much like the Childress/Jackson situation, everyone but the coach could see their QB was not ready to start in the NFL until it was too late. 3. He was outcoached in many games, he wasn’t able to make adjustments needed until it was too late. The last great coach this team had retired in the early 1980s and that’s the reason for the Super Bowl Drought. We are way past due and they Spielman better make his pick a good one.

  47. thepftpoet says:
    Dec 30, 2013 9:21 AM

    As a Vikings fan, I am proud of our franchise.

    After completely obliterating the Seahawks with an amazing trade that helped acquire Greg Jennings & Cordarelle Patterson and trading a $12 million dollar headache known as Percy Harvin who has spent the whole season IR.

    We have made roster moves that will help setup the impending Vikings dynasty for years to come. With extreme talent on both sides of the ball.

    After drafting our franchise QB, we will be the best team in the NFL.

    Its ok to be proud of your team, but with at least 10 losses 3 of the last 4 years, id hold that dynasty talk.

    Especially since they play so awful they currently don’t have a head coach.

    Maybe Brett Favre will come in mid way through the pre-season and coach for them.

  48. Bullcrap! For all of you hating on Spielman, he has only been the GM since 2012. He is not the HC that is a former DC that had the worst defense in Vikings history. I don’t remember anyone standing behind Frazier with a gun making him play Ponder or making him ridiculously every week saying Ponder was going to be his starter. Cassel was clearly better. We lost enough games by close margins to win the division and he kept playing Ponder and not correcting the defense. Some of you commented that Cole was better than Henderson, I agree. Bishop was better than Mitchell too and Frazier did not want to play either one earlier, unless that’s Spielman’s fault too.(LOL) How many of you remember after the first Bears game and Frazier didn’t know why Patterson didn’t get more snaps? He’s the HC, didn’t he game plan for the guy to play. He stinks! Spielman drafted Patterson, who is a viable candidate for rookie of the year and would have been a shoe in if he had been used more, but of course that Spielman’s fault. Rhodes, based on Pro Football Focus rated a 78% completion rate(he was drafted by Spielman). Cook allowed a 140+% completion rate, so why wasn’t he benched? Oh yeah, that’s Spielman’s fault. So according to a lot of you Spielman was actually coaching too. You guys need to wake up and hold the right person accountable and stop being stupid.
    Frazier was tooo passive. Go Vikings!

  49. As long as the Wilf family keeps Rick Spielman around, there is no hope for Viking fans. Do you really think a high profile coach like Jon Gruden or Lovie Smith are willing to follow orders from Spileman and be his puppet?

  50. Spielman called the shots on the QB and Leslie gets fired…why did this happen? Because Spielman’s ego was too big to admit a big mistake which most of us Vikings fans figured out last year. Leslie did make some mistakes in being blind to the failings of Alan Williams and also Singletary and was too slow to make some changes.

  51. Everyone complains about the QB, but the reason this team won only 5 games was because of the defense, which was dang near the last in the league. On a team that keeps dirty laundry in house better than most, there was an inordinate amount of complaining about the defensive coaching this year. That, as well as the QB carousel, ultimately is Leslie’s fault. There were reasons the Wilffs didn’t extend him after last year’s playoff season — reasons that us fans will likely never hear.

  52. If nothing else, Frazier will have a good laugh next December relaxing at home watching everyone on the sidelines at TCF Bank Stadium turn blue.

  53. If I was Ziggy, I would ask Tony Dungy what it would take to get him here and then proceed to do it.

  54. Hearing that the Vikings have already reached out to Broncos OC Adam Gase and Broncos DC Jack Del Rio.
    Would love Gase to come in and be the guy to coach the offense and get this thing going! I am sure Del Rio is a favorite and many Viking fans would love that move!
    To me, Gase is exactly the offensive mind set we need, Hope he comes and becomes the next Sean Payton!!! HAVE TO get that QB though!
    Spielman will probably like him as he has job security and Gase does not take away his “power” as GM

  55. To be fair, when Ponder was drafted.. Frazier had 1/3rd control over the roster. Part of the decision to draft, live, and die with Ponder was his. It wasn’t until the next draft that Spielman took full control of the roster.

    That said, I’m excited for the new coach and QB, but I have no faith in Wilf hiring a competent head coach (Childress/Frazier), or Spielman to find a competent QB (Ponder/Freeman/Cassel).

    Did they at least afford him the opportunity to reapply for the job so we don’t have to satisfy this ridiculous Rooney rule?

  56. @shaggytoodle –

    Well ya know the Wilf’s pilot does know the way to Kiln and being Brett’s team did just win a state championship, he may be a hot commodity…but you are correct, the Vikes would have to eliminate training camp and just show and play the games.

    Yes, I am joking.

  57. Frazier is gone for more reasons than only Spielman’s reach on Ponder. (I think Spielman should be fired, as well)

    Frazier makes bad in-game coaching decisions and he is incapable of making adjustments to opponents’ game plans.

    Frazier’s standard press conference answer to the questions about the team’s last loss was to state that he will look at the tape and fix what is wrong. Obviously, nothing was fixed in a 5-9-1 losing season.

    Patterson should have been on the field from Game 1, not Game 10.

    The OC and DC are terrible. Frazier never held them accountable for their poor performance as coordinators and poor game-planning.

    If Frazier was against the signing of Freeman and threw Freeman to the wolves against the Giants, knowing Freeman would fail miserably, than that alone, knowingly throwing a game to prove a point, is a reason to be fired.

    There are more reason’s than Spielman’s butt-covering over Ponder why Frazier is now unemployed. Frazier is just not a very good Head Coach. It really is as simple as that.

  58. As a long time Packer fan living in Minnesota, I once again applaud the Vikings for another brilliant front office move. A few years back they connived their way into stealing Brad Childress from Ted Thompson who was left with having to sign the remaining table scrap, Mike McCarthy. In later years we saw the guy who just fired Fraiser, trade up to draft Christian Ponder and collude with Childress to give up a 3rd round draft choice for the return of Randy Moss. Now the second best coach in the NFC North is gone, that genius, Speilman, is left to fill the void and The Pack is once again in the playoffs. My only regret is that my tax dollars will be used to help fund a stadium that the gangster from New Jersey has swindled from the blockheads elected to represent us.

  59. prideof10000lakes says:Dec 30, 2013 9:18 AM

    Rick has been involved in the decision making process since 05, and has now gone through 3 head coaches.

    Spielman was hired after the 2006 draft. He was only involved in hiring Frazier and that wasn’t his decision because he wasn’t GM. He deserves the opportunity to hire his own head coach.

  60. Speilman’s job is safe despite missing big on Ponder he’s been rock solid with every other high selection he’s made as a GM.
    2006- Greenway
    2007- Peterson & Sidney Rice
    2008- Jared Allen via trade
    2009- Harvin & Loadholt
    2011- Missed on Ponder but hit on Rudolph
    2012- Kalil & Harrison Smith
    2013- Rhodes and Patterson with jury still out on Floyd

  61. davetrembley says:Dec 30, 2013 9:20 AM

    What has Rick Spielman ever done to warrant his extended tenure as GM? Can anyone name one thing?

    He’s only been GM for two years. In that time he’s drafted Matt Kalil, Harrison Smith, Jarius Wright, Rhett Ellison, Blair Walsh, Audie Cole, Sharrif Floyd, Xavier Rhodes, and Cordarrelle Patterson.

  62. 35 years of being a vikings fan. i am embarrassed by this move by the organization.

    there was a post the other day by someone that basically said ‘good coaches have good quarterbacks’, and this is the brutal truth.

    frazier has publicly stated on multiple occassions that ownership and mangement (wilfs and spielman) were consulted every time there was a move made at the qb position. he was freaking handcuffed.

    rick spielman has hoodwinked the fans by convincing them that a few decent draft picks make him a good gm.

    let’s talk about some of the bad calls spielman has made to counter that point – releasing winfield, signing freeman, giving away a 3rd round draft pick to the patriots for randy moss who was clearly done, clearly reached for ponder with a 1st round pick – DIDN’T EVEN TRY TO INTERVIEW PAYTON MANNING WHEN HE LEFT THE COLTS – yet this toolbag expected frazier to come in, after a lockout, with ponder/mcnaab/webb/casssel/freeman, be a consistent winner?

    are you kidding me?

    piss on this turd. fire rick spielman.

  63. I like Frazier but when you hitch your wagon to Ponder and are clueless as to his actual ability, you’re doomed to fail. I’d rather turn over the reigns to a vet QB that has some warts than give the keys to a 4th round QB that you took 12th overall and not even make him fight for the job.

  64. Here’s an interesting fact. If the hapless and tasteless Vikings had been able to beat Green Bay even once this season, the Packers wouldn’t be advancing to the playoffs.

  65. Leslie Frazier is the fall guy for a horrible QB situation. Fair or not, coaches are tied to their QBs. T-Jack took down Childress. It looks like Ponder took down Frazier.

    On the flip side, guys like Mike McCarthy and Mike Tomlin are considered very good coaches. You take away Rodgers and Roethlesberger, and are they still? I think we saw this season that without Rodgers, McCarthy is just like any other average coach.

    But down goes Frazier. Not fair, but the way things work.

  66. The Great Ted Thompson the Genius says:
    Dec 30, 2013 11:32 AM
    Not this one. You have no idea how good it feels to watch Iron Aaron Rodgers lead his team to another blowout playoff loss.

    Sure. Sure. You’re stretching. The fans that equate greatness with Division Titles are now going to convince us that None and Done is preferred over (the possibility of) One and Done? Sure.

  67. Frazier is better off as a defensive coordinator than a head coach. Whoever is brought in as head coach I hope they retain Frazier as a DC.

  68. A coach can’t win without a quality QB and stability in that position. See also Buffalo, Cleveland, Jacksonville, Tampa, Houston, etc.
    There’s not enough in FA or the draft to improve all of these teams and now some will be starting with a new system to boot.
    Most owners and some GMs are simply clueless. Money and normal business sense doesn’t automatically give you the ability to run a professional sports team.

  69. frazier was coaching with a team he fielded based on spielman’s roster moves. i kept wondering what spielman was doing this offseason letting key veterans go and somehow thinking that guys with little to no experience were going to magically step up. not to mention the qb situation. i thought frazier did a pretty good job with what he had and spielmans job is saved because he has had a few hits in the draft while making a lot of other terrible personnel decisions. those guys played hard for frazier but our team just is not that good. i don’t think leslie is there yet, but give him a good qb and a better defense and i think he would be an excellent coach in a couple years. i think its pathetic that frazier got fired and spielman didn’t…what a joke.

  70. hazelmn says:
    Dec 30, 2013 11:47 AM
    Leslie Frazier is the fall guy for a horrible QB situation. Fair or not, coaches are tied to their QBs. T-Jack took down Childress. It looks like Ponder took down Frazier.

    On the flip side, guys like Mike McCarthy and Mike Tomlin are considered very good coaches. You take away Rodgers and Roethlesberger, and are they still? I think we saw this season that without Rodgers, McCarthy is just like any other average coach.

    But down goes Frazier. Not fair, but the way things work.

    You’re pinning a lot of these things on the HC when they should be on Spielman. For all you and I know, Spielman may have called the shots on the musical QB mess.

    And…..McCarthy and Tomlin are no different than any other team in the NFL. Where do you think the Broncos are without Manning, Patriots without Brady, or the Saints are without Brees? You of all people should realize the importance of a QB after watching the dongslinger carry you for a few years.

    They have to draft a stud QB, because had they signed someone like Peyton Manning as a free agent and then paid Peterson, Allen, and Jennings, etc…..they’d have about $40 left. Paying Peterson QB money will only make him a financial liability as his contract escalates over the next few years, and it will handcuff the Vikes more every year. I bet he’s out of MN by 2016.

  71. Leslie Frazier is a great guy, but the decision to let him go was a good one.

    I don’t blame Frazier so much for the QB situation- I think Spielman owns that one. But I do blame Frazier for a 31st-ranked defense. The Vikings had much more talent than that on defense, and Frazier came from the defensive side of the ball.

    Vikings definitely need new blood at both OC and DC positions to better utilize the talent they have.

  72. LOL! To you who feel sorry for Frazier…..did he or did he NOT take the interim coaching job after Childress was fired in 2010? Did he or did he NOT interview for the head coaching job in 2011? He knew what he was getting into, he knew exactly what he was getting into when Favre was clearly finished and the Vikes basically had Tarvaris Jackson on the roster. He knew all of this. He also knew damn well what he had for talent going into this season. He did NOT get the most out of the team, not even close!

    Yes Speilman whiffed on Ponder, but he did not have the GM job until last year… best go check the last two or three drafts before you bash his decisions on personnel. Do you realize how many GREAT G.M.s have whiffed on QBS in the draft?

  73. Herm Edwards
    Billian Billick
    Eric Mangini
    I hope you get interviewed and one of you gets hired!

  74. mnrunleft says:
    Dec 30, 2013 11:27 AM

    Speilman’s job is safe despite missing big on Ponder he’s been rock solid with every other high selection he’s made as a GM.
    2006- Greenway
    2007- Peterson & Sidney Rice
    2008- Jared Allen via trade
    2009- Harvin & Loadholt

    Give that man an extension thru 2020!

    Harvin was an awful pick, he doesn’t even play there anymore, the only thing smart he did was trade him away but he should have avoided him.

    I could have drafted Adrian Peterson and Kalil. Those were no brainer picks.

    Its in the later rounds when you build the team that are important, if you want to make it to the playoffs.

    Sure Patterson is ok, he wasn’t even the best WR on his college team. I am glad the Vikings didn’t take Hunter.

  75. I am glad they kicked him to the curb, they should boot anyone who had a hand in ruining the last two seasons worth of picks.

    We had a shot at the 1st over all but we won a game that was meaningless and didnt get the colts pick. Also this year the season is lost, why not play some of the newer guys more to see what they can do ? The vikings had a golden opportunity this season to really get a feel for the talent on their bench.

    Tired of this team not being focused on the future.

  76. Viking fan prophecies 2013:

    1. The Vikings will sweep the Packers.

    2. The Packers will finish last in the division.

    3. The Vikings will win the division.

    4. Adrian Peterson will lead the league in rushing.

    5. Adrian Peterson will be the MVP again.

    6. Eddie Lacy will be a bust.

    7. Greg Jennings will have more receiving yards than any Packer receiver.

    8. Christian Ponder, with a full offseason under his belt, will improve upon his best game of last season vs. the Packers.

    9. Adrian Peterson is a stand up guy. There’s no way he would have any illegitimate children.

    10. Cordarelle Patterson will be the Offensive Rookie of the Year.

    As I see it, you’re 0 for 10.

    At some point, you’ll be right about something. Especially if you start betting against the Vikings and betting on the Packers.

  77. spielman that weasel- drafted ponder – He has no backup plan. Spielman needs to be fired. Next year – circle the wagons if they start losing – It won’t be coach out.

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