Welcome to the offseason

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Every year at this time, we say the exact same thing.

“Welcome to the offseason.”

For 20 teams, the offseason has begun.  And with that comes the inevitable change that will occur as owners consider the fact that the Chiefs managed to turn a 2-14 record into a playoff berth after only one offseason of major organizational surgery.

The changes already are happening, Browns coach Rob Chudzinski out and more firings surely to come today.

So for the fans of the 20 teams who have commenced the process of finding reasons to be hopeful in 2013, we’re here for you.  And for the 12 teams who still have a chance of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy, we’re here for you, too.

Hell, we’re always here for you.  And for anyone who can type in the domain name or download the NBC SportsTalk app.  But now that the regular season has ended, even more of you will be, too.

So welcome aboard.  Make yourselves at home.  Have a seat.  Kick your shoes off.  Grab a Fresca.

But if you use the facilities, flush twice.

33 responses to “Welcome to the offseason

  1. Thanks for always being there for us. You and your team always seem to be on top of every little and major NFL new nugget out there. I appreciate all you guys do.

  2. The Minnesota Vikings have now been decided as the symbol of greatness. The Minnesota Vikings are a franchise that has dominated for decades with a .538 overall winning percentage to prove it, ranked #3 in the league worldwide. We also have the most NFC North titles with 18, 7 more than the second closest “rival”. The NFL has recently scammed the Vikings out of multiple Super Bowl rings because they envy our greatness, jealousy like this prevents the Vikings from this, but we will succeed. The impending Vikings dynasty will soon follow, multiple Super Bowl rings will be coming our way and our greatness will be shown worldwide.

    Many of you so called “haters” will say this is not true, but haters are known to envy greatness. Martin Luther King is a great example of a person who resembles the Vikings organization, he changed the world and was hated for it, but people recognize him for greatness

    The Minnesota Vikings are the prototypical franchise. We are the Lambourghini of cars, the iPhones of cellular devices, The Kate Uptons of females, and our presence can be felt worldwide by our profound greatness. We are the boat floating proudly on your favorite teams tears, sailing to multiple championships.

  3. Dear thepftpoet,

    Your glass that is half full is full of crap. Stats may tip your hand in the favor of your defense, however, the stats that you neglect are the ones that make the Vikings franchise one of the more sad ones.

    Don’t get me wrong, the organization is entertaining, but in a comical sense. The swings and misses this franchise makes are much more bountiful than the home runs hit.

    If they were wise, they would get rid of Spielman, keep Fraizer and Cassel, don’t draft a QB, and consider bringing in Free Agents to teach the other positions. Antoine Winfield and Jared Allen did more for this team as leaders than any Coach has. The Vikings hit on a few drats, but miss way too often. They will be better served drafting at other positions and be a free agent QB Team. They can not develop QBs.

  4. Pftpoet, I love the sarcasm. This story is Stephen Colbert worry. Anyone voting thumbs down or taking this story seriously needs to lighten (for one day at least).

  5. @thepftpoet

    “our presence can be felt worldwide”

    (Chuckles) not sure it’s presence is even recognized in the states let alone “worldwide”, but it’s okay to dream i guess

  6. thepftpoet says:

    We are the boat floating proudly on your favorite teams tears, sailing to multiple championships.

    Everyone (with the possible exception of you) defines “Championships” as winning the final game of the year, and in the case of the Vikings, that something they have never done in 53 years.

    If the Vikings are famous (or infamous as the case may be), its for the opposite, choking like Linda Lovelace never would. The Vikings are 0-4 in all four of their Superbowl appearances although their last one is decades ago, and the Vikings have lost the last 5 NFC Championship games they appeared in. Don’t believe me, ask BrINT Favre and Gary Anderson.

  7. As a Redskins fan, I can truthfully say, “Now we get to the exciting chapter of the story”………….Can’t wait to watch this disaster unfold

  8. PLEASE MR. ROSS, FIRE JEFF IRELAND!!! 5 straight years of mediocre football with one lucky random Tom Brady, wildcat playoff appearence. Jeff Ireland does not deserve to be a GM in this league, how do you trade up to the #3 overall pick and not even use that player? I dont care if he becomes the greatest DE to ever play the game, you spent a hundred million dollars in the offseason of Ross’s money to win NOW and again your team went 8-8 and now have the absolute worst draft spot possible. Philbin looks lost out there but if the new GM wants to keep him fine, but Ireland has to go (so does Sherman, what a dinosaur).

  9. I agree, fire Jeff Ireland, Mike Sherman and Coach Philbin, and let’s start all over again. Those last 2 games were unacceptable to the fans, it was horrible.

  10. I have to agree with my Dolphin bro’s here. I think Philbin could be a decent Coach, but we need to clean house. Ireland and Sherman are horrible!! I have been a loyal fan for over 40 years and this was one of the toughest seasons to endure. This is a team with talent enough to have easily 12 wins or more, but instead played down to loser teams (when it counted most) and teased us with real quality wins. This is a sign of bad coaching, not an excuse for injured key players or bad Ref calls (and their were many this year). Good Riddance to every Free Agent except Brent Grimes who will not want to stay nor can we afford. Solai and Starks are not worth what they will ask and Ellerbe, Wheeler and Wallace need restructured Contracts or bye!

    As for you, Mr Ross, your best bet is to paint pictures of people on those orange chairs because it will NEVER Sell Out again. We fans are tired of the hope being crushed when the end of the year inevitable wheels fall off the cart! I am still a fan and will always be, but a very embarrassed one !!

  11. This reminds me of some advice my father once gave me. Not a big talker, my dad, but sometimes we’d take the rods down to the river, and if the sun hung low enough and the bass were too lazy to go at the flies, well, the old man’s tongue might loosen a bit. I learned alot about how to rebuild a flathead v8, how to win and keep a good woman, and about the sorts of things a man owes to future generations. And then there was the time he blurted, “Son, never be a Jets fan, it’s a hopeless franchise that’ll never win anything and doesn’t even know how.”

    I love you, Dad.

  12. All you Dolphin fans are crazy! That team is in an upward trend. The Dolphins didn’t make the playoffs, & while its frustrating, realistically, they are a couple pieces short of going all the way. It could be far worse than y’all are now!

  13. Steelers just got the call from the League office. Both the FG and fumble were called wrong. This is not a guess. I just heard.

  14. @weepingjebus… that’s the post of the day!!!

    We’re Detroit natives and my Dad had similar statements about the Lions.

    Looks like we should love them both for that wisdom, among many other things!

  15. I feel like the season is just starting, because the Raiders wait is finally over and the team can start building now.

    The Donkeys pushed all their chips in the middle of the table and their future is now, not next year or further.

    The Chargers best years are clearly behind them too and need to be blown up and the Chiefs are simply a fraud, they’ll come back down to earth next year.

    Let the season begin. 🙂

  16. bad good

    Browns coach Rob Chudzinski out===is

    to be hopeful in 2013============2014

    Hell, we’re always here for you. And for anyone who can type in the domain name or download the NBC SportsTalk app. But now that the regular season has ended, even more of you will be, too.=========Can’t help you here. One of Florio’s gems.

  17. For fans if teams in KC’s position last year, I pose this question to you: does your team have 6 pro bowlers? Didn’t think so. The 2012 Chiefs have to be the most under-achieving team in NFL history. They won 2 games with 6 pro bowlers, utterly pathetic.

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