After big bowl game, Brett Hundley still undecided on the draft


If UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley is done playing college football, he went out in style today: Hundley passed for 226 yards and two touchdowns, ran for 161 yards and two more touchdowns, and led his team to a 42-12 Sun Bowl win over Virginia Tech.

But it’s not clear yet if Hundley is done playing college football. Asked on CBS as he walked off the field whether he has made his decision about entering the 2014 NFL draft, Hundley said he isn’t sure if he’ll turn pro or return to school next year.

“I’m going to sit down and talk to the right people and I’ll make [a decision] from there,” Hundley said.

One of the tough things about being a 20-year-old NFL prospect is figuring out who “the right people” are. UCLA coaches may want him to stay in school for their own selfish reasons, while friends, family members or agents might want him to turn pro for selfish reasons. During the season, a report surfaced that Hundley wanted to enter the draft, but people around him were advising him not to.

One man’s opinion: Hundley should jump to the NFL now. Hundley has undeniable NFL talent, and although he could use some time to develop that talent, there’s no reason he can’t get paid while he develops in the NFL, instead of playing for free at UCLA. Furthermore, the 2015 NFL draft might turn out to be deeper at quarterback than the 2014 draft, with Florida State’s Jameis Winston and Oregon’s Marcus Mariota likely to be the top two quarterbacks drafted in 2015. Even if Hundley has an even better season in 2014 than he had in 2013, there’s no guarantee that he’d be drafted any higher.

And there are significant risks to returning for another season, as former USC quarterback Matt Barkley found out the hard way: Barkley was viewed as a potential first-round pick when he eschewed the 2012 draft, but after struggling through a tough senior season, he ended up going in the fourth round in 2013.

So while Hundley doesn’t know yet what he’s going to do, there are very good reasons for him to jump to the NFL now.

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  1. I’m a Bruin and have watched Hundley play, he’s alright but I don’t think he’s the top prospect yet. He tends to get happy feet, has a good arm but his accuracy can be suspect. I’d compare him to a little smaller version of Cam, he doesn’t have Cam’s speed or running ability but potentially could get there. Kid needs to work on his accuracy a bit too.

  2. Ya said accuracy twice there hair plug. In today’s nfl qbs are given no time to develop. Which is odd considering how cheap they are the first few seasons. If you don’t produce immediate results you must be a bust in today’s logic.

  3. I don’t think that player’s “draft stock” varies all that much from one year to the next. Except in the eyes of the internet geeks. Unless they suffer a chronic injury or get charged with a serious crime. Otherwise they probably end up being drafted roughly where they would have the previous year. Scouts have been following them since they were 15. Not much changes between their junior and senior college season

  4. No sense waiting……QBs are needed now in the NFL and the sooner you get started the sooner you get passed that first “rookie” contract.

  5. IMO if he he comes out and gets picked by a team with an older qb he would be better off learning with pro coaches and having a mentor if it looks as though he would be grabbed earlier and rushed in to start for a team w/o a good o line and/or weapons he would be better getting another year in the college game.

  6. From a money perspective he should come out now. From the perspective of becoming a top pro QB he could use another year worth of snaps at the college level to sharpen his passing and recognition skills. If he comes out, best case scenario is being drafted by a team that doesn’t need him to play right away and can take time to develop him, but that scenario is becoming increasingly rare – most teams that take a QB high are forced to toss him in right away. Which leads to the worst case scenario, getting clobbered on a bad team and becoming the next David Carr or Blaine Gabbert.

    Good luck to him whichever way he goes – he’sa class guy and has been a huge part of UCLA’s success the past two seasons.

  7. How about this for a novel idea. Stay one more year and graduate, then enter the draft. If it doesn’t work out (avg. nfl career about 3years) at least you have your degree to fall back on.

  8. Hundley is good enough to be picked in the first two rounds, but there’s no doubt it would help him to stay another year. Then he could potentially be a top-10 pick, although he would still be behind Winston and likely Mariota (I’m a little skeptical about MM still for some reason). Now that would be a deep QB class right there. But, if Hundley comes out this year, he has a better chance to learn under a veteran. The Cardinals or Bears could pick him up later in the first round and he could take the reins from Palmer or a franchised Cutler in 2015. Or the Browns would snatch him with the Indy’s pick late in the first. Or maybe this: Hundley to KC, where he takes over for Alex Smith after a year or two. I don’t know that Hundley can make a bad choice here. I don’t see a Barkley situation happening to him, either.

  9. What is minimum nfl pay. 400k a year? Play out rookie contract. If you arent an instant sucess. Ride the bench as a backup. Worst case retire at 20 something. Already have made a couple mil. Get a hobby. Or finish school then. Or have instant success and make more then a couple. Really dont see where the kid can go wrong. Other then risking a lower draft slot playing another year.

  10. The stay in school and get a degree angle is bunk. If he plays two years and stinks or blows out his knee, I believe UCLA or some other colleges will still exist. So he can get the degree later.
    I also think this theory that players rise or fall up and down their draft spot is also bunk.
    The prevailing wisdom was that Barkley was a high first round pick and “fell” to the 4th. Since no team openly admits how they feel about a player, it is just a guess that he would have went early 1st. As an example, in the Smith/Rodgers year only one team in the top 20 spots needed/wanted a QB enough to take one of them. That was San Fran. So Rodgers “fell.” But he didn’t. The other teams weren’t in the market for a QB. They needed something else at a higher priority. They all were not going to take a QB. (as it turns out of course, most should have..including San Fran). The Draft geeks were simply wrong at guessing what the teams would do.
    That is all mock drafts are. They are guesses as to what the teams will do. Players move up and down mock draft lists as the geeks change their guesses. It really has nothing to do with how the teams see the players. It has to do with how the geeks see the players and their guesses as to what the teams might see also.
    More specific as to Barkley’s alledged drop. He had flaws exposed during his senior year. Isn’t part of the combine, Wonderlik and other pre-draft reasearch meant to expose flaws? Saying he would have been drafted early first if he left school is to say all that predraft stuff is crap, and your final year in college is all that matters when predicting a players NFL future. The geeks were predicting he would go early. We don’t really know if that was ever a reality or would have remained so.
    That is why we often have players in the green room long after we thought they would be selected. Because we don’t really know.
    We put too much value on the predictions of people who don’t really know what the teams know or want.

  11. If he’s viewed as a top 10 pick then there’s no reason to stay. He went to UCLA for the purpose of becoming a top pick. If it doesn’t work out I’m sure the millions of dollars he makes will allow him to go back and earn his degree.

  12. This guy is not NFL caliber. Struggles when forced to stay in pocket and has accuracy issues. Kid should stay

  13. With the new CBA it’s not as attractive to leave school early. Every player now makes their real money in the 2nd contract. Better to be drafted later by a good team than be a high 1st round pick on a terrible team. A QB then has 4 years to earn a starting job and get the big money on the 2nd contract.

  14. Hot Rod Hundley needs to come out to go top 5 so DE Jadeveon Clowney will drop to #6 for the Falcons, their one & only weakness except for DT, S, LT, RG, & RT. And TE.

  15. I agree that if he can get paid to be developed he should…its just that little problem with the NFL no longer developing QB’s. Its be great ibstantly or be forgotten.

    Aaron Rogers sitting and learning for 3 years seems like an eternity nowadays….

  16. he’s projected to be picked by the Raiders in some mock drafts.He’d be wise to stay in school and avoid that disaster.

  17. Why would you pass up millions of dollars for a chance to screw around at UCLA for another year?

    You’re talking about a chance to set himself and his family up for life. Take the money and don’t look back. Just work your *** off and earn that second contract.

  18. It’s not just about “can you get drafted high” anymore. Without the old out of control pay scale for rookies there is a lot more riding on the second contract. He needs to choose what path will make him the best prepared to proform when he gets his shot in the nfl. Anymore, he may only get one shot to prove himself or get labeled a bust neverwillbe franchise qb and buried on a bench.

  19. Many GM’s won’t look at QB’s without three years starting as underclassmen for Day 1 picks.

  20. Stay in school at least 1 more season and continue to develop as a passer. Too many kids today buy in to the media hype and come out to early, a QB’s first responsibility is to pass to ball with accuracy and velocity, not make one read and run like chicken with it head cut off. The time of the running QB’S needs to come to an end.

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