Art Briles admits he’s intrigued by challenge of NFL


Baylor coach Art Briles said that he’s focusing on his bowl game, and that someone else is holding his cell phone, but he admitted Tuesday that the idea of the NFL intrigues him.

Given that there’s a coaching opening in Washington with his star pupil, quarterback Robert Griffin III, those dots are going to get connected.

But from an official transcript of his Fiesta Bowl press conference today, Briles said he’s had no contact from the Redskins or any NFL team yet.

“I don’t think I’ve got a missed call from Dan Snyder, do I? Okay,” Briles said. “It’s all rumors and speculation. I haven’t had any contact with anyone collegiately or NFL.”

He then went on to say the thing college coaches always say, about loving the job, and how great it was and how singular his focus was in the upcoming huge game against Central Florida.

But then he kept talking, and it got more interesting.

“As far as interest in the NFL, if we’re just being honest, which I like to be, the thing that would interest me would be our style of play at that level,” Briles said. “That’s the only thing that would attract anybody I think in a position that I’m in, would be the style of play. I like how we play from a philosophical, schematic standpoint. I know the rules are different. The limitations on the number of people available in a game. To me that works to an advantage. If they have 46 guys available, there’s going to be a few of them getting tired on one side of the ball.

“That would be the only thing that would spark my interest a little bit on that end. But it’s not something I would pursue.”

Of course, he’s not holding his own cell phone right now, so it’s hard for him to be pursued. But it sounds like he might listen.

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  1. Art Briles is an outstanding Coach and Human Being. That said, he should stick to College, instead of thinking of going to Washington; even if his former QB is there. Plus, if the Texas job is offered, take it. You could retire in that job. Why screw around with Daniel “the Wiesel” Snyder.

  2. As I watched last nights oregon and texas game, it became apparent that football as we knew it is dieing due to concussion lawsuits, a desire for offense by owners and tv execs, and defensive rules that no longer allow physicality. The devolution of football has started. The chip kelly’s of the world will take over and the contact will be removed from the game and scores will become 40 to 50 point shootouts weekly. Just not great football. Hoping to get 1-3 stops a game and holding your own serve is going to be painful to watch. does anyone else feel this way about the direction of what once was a great game.

  3. Stay away, Art. Don’t be seduced. Stay being the big fish in the little pond; there is certainly nothing wrong with Baylor.

    Besides if you leave, Mike Singletary will apply for the vacancy.

  4. Ok, I agree he should not go to the Skins, no one should who has a decent job already. But no one has said that the Skins are his only NFL opportunity. His name has come up when talking about any vacant NFL coaching gig. The dude is a hot commodity at the moment & there isn’t any thing wrong with cashing in when your stock is high.

  5. All these people saying “stay”. When you can probably double your salary, how con you not be intrigued?

    Easy for you to sit back and say “be the big fish” in a little pond……but when somebody blows your doors off financially, most take the money.

    Most people work for money by the way….it’s called a job!

  6. Bring on Briles. As long as he hires the best guys for the job as far as is coordinator staff is concerned, not just his buddies, then I’m good. The players should be good with that as well.

  7. Just a few quick thoughts on Art Briles; the guy is almost 60 years old and has zero NFL coaching experience. How many guys with that resume have been successful? Briles has limited college experience having spent the bulk of his career as a stellar high school coach. Is he a guy who has the connections to put together the kind of staff necessary at the NFL level? If you were already making the kind of money that Art Briles is making, how much more would it take to put up with what the next Skins coach is going to walk in to? Sure it’s an NFL Head Coaching job and it’s not as if there are a whole bunch of those jobs available, but NOBODY who has worked for Dan Snyder has left with a winning record. Anybody think that is just a coincidence?

  8. RGII should be given a role also, as an assistant QBs coach or perhaps a special offensive consultant. RGIII’s mother could also play a vital role in this fine organization.

  9. Briles has no interest in the ‘Skins. Whoever goes to Texas will have to play for the NC in three years or they will be on thin ice. At Baylor, a coach can secure his job with a bowl bid. A conference crown gets a contract extension and a raise. At Texas, anything less than a national crown is unacceptable. As idiotic as it may sound, Briles can accomplish as much at Baylor as he could at UT, do it on his own terms, and dodge a lot of stress. Oft times those things can mean more than money. I doubt Briles will retire at Baylor, but he’d be foolish to leave now, even for the ‘Horns.

  10. 21 million for 3 embarrassing years in DC? And his family and kids and grand kids set for life ? And his grand kids kids?? The big payday he deserves ? He would be a fool not to take it if it’s on the table.

  11. They should call the team the Washington Titanics.

    Snyder yelling drive faster, Briles setting the gps for the iceberg and RG3 closing his eyes and stomping the gas.

  12. One billion isn’t a lot of money for the NFL. That’s D Snyders problem, He’s not a Jack K Cooke so he uses the hatchet approach and hires coaches that he can use their dark side, like Shan. If he hired Briles it would be like Gibbs and then he would resign before he allowed Snyder to lure him to the dark side. It’s takes constant millions year after year to build relationships trust and team chemistry, respect, ask Kraft and Bellicheck, who eases the hatchet in sparingly, Snyder isn’t that brave or rich to build a family organization.

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