Bills say they want to re-sign Jairus Byrd

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The Bills and safety Jairus Byrd spent most of last offseason staying far apart from each other after the Bills used their franchise tag on Byrd and the two sides couldn’t agree on a long-term contract.

Byrd eventually reported to camp, but quickly hurt his foot and missed the first chunk of the season. There was trade talk around the deadline and some airing of grievances from Byrd as well and the sheer weight of all it made it seem highly unlikely that Byrd would be back with the team in 2014.

Byrd’s play remained strong in the 11 games he did play, though, and he made the Pro Bowl last week. That’s led Bills General Manager Doug Whaley said he and CEO Russ Brandon have decided to make a push to bring Byrd back despite the unpleasant way things played out last year.

“We’ve had a conversation — myself and Russ — sat and talked to Jairus, and we’re gonna make an offer to the guy and we’re gonna try to keep him,” Whaley said, via “We’re gonna try to the best of abilities because we’re in the business of collecting good players and he’s a good player.”

Byrd reportedly wanted to be the highest paid safety in football last year, a case the Bills didn’t buy. Byrd’s play this season probably didn’t do much to hurt his opinion of his value, so things may not wind up going much more smoothly this time around.

9 responses to “Bills say they want to re-sign Jairus Byrd

  1. At this point, I wouldn’t even mind if he was paid top safety money. Is he the best? Probably not, but he’s close, and the Bills have tons of space and we’re all kidding ourselves thinking that they’re going to be coming close to the cap limit anyways. I say, keep him on the roster and keep drafting well, because I think the team they have constructed is close to being a contender in the weak AFC. If it doesn’t work out, cut him in 2 years like every team cuts bait with top paid, overvalued guys. There may be no talking him out of it, as there is always the possibility that he just wants out of Buffalo, but I don’t really see the harm in trying – he is a very good player.

  2. pay him. he can be cut early and Spiller’s price tag shouldn’t be as big as it looked like it was going to be before the start of the season. 29 mil in cap space? just get it done.

  3. actually if they were in the business of collecting good players, jason peters would be playing left tackle.

    they are in the business of making money from a fanbase that longs for a return to the days of kelly and thomas.

    hopefully when ralph wilson lets go, there will be someone with buffalo roots to resurrect this once proud outfit. as it is, they may as well be in cleveland.

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