Broncos not having trouble selling playoff tickets

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Amid news of struggles by the Colts, the Bengals, and the Packers (yes, the Packers) when it comes to selling playoff tickets, one of the teams getting ready to host a playoff game has experienced no difficulties at all.

Via, available tickets to the Broncos’ divisional-round game disappeared quickly on Monday.

The tickets became available at 10:00 a.m. MT.  Twenty minutes later, only single tickets remained.  Within two total hours, all tickets were gone.

Even more could have been sold, based on complaints from folks who weren’t able to make their desired purchases.  If they really want to see NFL playoff football in person, they can make a weekend trip to Indianapolis, Cincinnati, or Green Bay.

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  1. Seahawks tickets sold completely in 20 minutes. I was online at 10:00 and couldnt get tickets and i didnt stop trying until they announced they were sold out. Why does the broncos story rate higher than literally the exact same seahawks story?

  2. I recently moved to denver, and if I thought the media was obsessed during the regular season, I can’t imagine local news during the playoffs. They had two hour pre and post game shows in the pre season…

  3. The remaining tickets for the Eagles game sold out in 5 mins…1,000 tickets!! But you probably wanted to write that we were to busy throwing snowballs at Santa to get on the phone or computer to buy tickets!!! 20 mins!!?? Come on man!!

  4. Has it really come down to.. “My team sold out it’s game quicker than your team”? Unless your team can’t sell enough and is blacked out.. it really doesn’t matter.

  5. The Seahawks have been good for what, three years now? How did their fans morph into such a band of A-holes so quickly? Great team; the attitudes of the “12th man” and a certain cornerback whose name rhymes with Herman, not so much.

    p.s. – The length of time it takes to sell out a large number of tickets often depends on server speed of the ticket seller in question. It’s not always an indicator of demand.

  6. Anybody ever notice how the Seahawk fans start crying like the only adult at the kiddie table when they feel left out? Oh wait…that’s right, you’re over there for a reason.

  7. The Broncos don’t have the longest sell-out streak ever in the NFL- that still belongs to the Packers, who have been selling out since 1958, 1959, 0r 1960, depending upon who the source is.

    However, the Broncos are the only NFL team to have sold out every one of their home games in their NFL history. The Broncos became a member of the NFL in 1970 in the AFL/NFL merger.

  8. You all know how it is on here.

    X team hasn’t won anything in X years, or ever (depending on the team) so X team will never do anything.

    If X team will not win because X team has never done anything, then the Rams, Saints, and Tampa (most recently) wouldn’t have won super bowls, right? (and technically all teams by the logic stated). Surely (I did call you Shirley) the internet didn’t change fans mindset that much from the, say 1970’s to now. Or did it?

    This mindset is silly. I hope the Seahawks win it all this year. Not because I’m a fan but, more importantly, it will give those people who state the above, on a weekly basis it seems, something to really complain about.

    Plus, they would have to move on to the next team that hasn’t won a SB and spew the same crap.

  9. Wow, Seattle fans self conscious much?? Three of you felt the need to post how your team sold out faster. Seattle has a very talented football team but their fans are becoming obnoxious.

  10. Part of the ticket sales problem is that you can’t go to the box office to buy a ticket as you should be able to. The extra fees make an already expensive pair of tickets over the top.

  11. Not that it matters who sold out quicker, but I’d just like to point out to Seahack fans that your stadium has a capacity of 9100 LESS seats than Denver’s, it’s probably easier to sell quickly when you have less tickets to sell.

    And for the Raiduhs fans on here, how’s your playoff run going? Must be pretty special being the only AFC West team not to have made the playoffs this year, or any year since 2002 for that matter.

  12. My apologies for coming off as taking a shot against any other team(s) fans. Good points regarding numbers of tickets and speed of servers. It is true that the Hawks may have had less open tickets to sell and that the servers being run by Ticketmaster probably work better in Seattle, for some reason.

    I initially posted not to boast. but to point that other teams had done what was being reported to be something spectacular by Denver. I also submitted the post as soon as I read the blog and seemingly the other two Seahawk Fans did likewise. We didn’t do it in concert so you will just have to accept that sometimes people can have the same idea and submit them about the same time. It was not meant to be a slight against what I felt the readers intelligence level was and that redundancy was required to get the point across. In fact, I will stop now, rather than repeat myself, further.

    Go Hawks!

  13. Seachicken fans shouldn’t be concerned about who’s team sold out faster. They should be concerned that their offense largely disappeared over the last six weeks of the season.

    Seachickens: One and done… see ya next year.

  14. Season ticket holder here in Den. I think the reports that there were only single tickets left after 40 minutes is untrue. I logged on to Ticketmaster at exactly 10 am. Mst. Tried for only 1 ticket and not one was available after trying for 30 min! Don’t outside ticket brokers get first stabs? Ticketmaster is a total joke the way they report and handle ticket sales.

  15. I spent a couple years in Seattle once. Their fans are as fair weather as it gets. Sure, they’ll buy up those Hawks playoff tickets now, but just wait’ll the Hawks eventually slip a bit as all teams eventually do. Then you’ll see those same “fans” go back to their stupid lattes and locally produced whines.

    By contrast, Bronco fans have stuck with their team through thick and thin for 43 years worth of sellouts. They will trudge backwards while blindfolded through deep mud in a blizzard to buy tickets to ANY game, not just a playoff game.

    Seattle “fans” are more hot air than not. Bronco fans actually walk the walk. Go Broncos!

  16. Typical raider fans, only team in the AFC that didn’t make the playoffs so they wanna hate. Instead of being on other teams blogs, how about worry about how your own team is gonna spend 66 million in cap this offseason, it’s only the most cap in league history. As for you hawk fans bragging about how much faster your team tickets sold out, how many rings does Seattle have? If you stay off broncos blog and go to your owns, you’ll know that articles are being written about all the home playoff teams ticket sales, maybe y’all should bash the Seahawks writer for being so slow to publish your team’s updates.

  17. Seahawk fans=Chokeland fans that finally got tired of rooting for a perennial 10+ loss team.

  18. Reading these Hawks bashing comments is making me dislike Broncos fans almost as much as I hate the 9ers. Last time I checked, both teams ended the regular season with the same record. And I seem to recall the Hawks making it further in the post season last year than One-and-done Peyton, so who’s the choke artist now? Broncos should have no problem getting past those weak AFC defenses. But don’t for one second think Ol’ Dog P will put up MVP caliber numbers against the LOB.

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