Drew Brees wins NFC offensive player of the week for third time this year


The Saints closed out the regular season with a win that came a week too late for them to win the division crown, but it was enough for them to secure a playoff berth.

As is often the case when New Orleans wins, the play of quarterback Drew Brees was one of the headlines from the game. Brees strafed the Buccaneers secondary on Sunday, completing 24-of-31 passes for 381 yards and four touchdowns in a 42-17 win that guaranteed them a trip to the postseason even if the Cardinals had beaten the 49ers later in the day.

It’s the third time that Brees has taken home weekly honors this season and the 19th time he’s been honored — 17 of them with the Saints — over the course of his career. That’s third all-time behind Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

A big reason why the Saints and Brees aren’t hosting a game in the playoffs is because of the way the team struggled when they played outside the Superdome. They’ll be in Philly on Saturday on what’s expected to be a very cold night, which makes it a very big test for the reigning player of the week.

16 responses to “Drew Brees wins NFC offensive player of the week for third time this year

  1. Obviously Peyton should have won this…

    He went out there and played a full game in half a game, attaining all his goals…

  2. I can think of an alternative quarterback selection for NFC offensive player of the week but thats fine, I like Drew Brees. He led his team to a playoff securing win over a 4 and 12 team at home. If there was a quarterback who came back from an injury to lead his team over a division rival in their stadium in challenging conditions with a 4 minute game sealing touchdown drive that included three fourth down conversions; that quarterback might also warrant consideration for NFC offensive player of the week.

  3. For some reason people love to hate Drew Brees, and turn a blind eye to the biggest QB jerk in the NFL Peyton Manning…

  4. Brees won NFC HONORS. Morons. I think Pumpinhead Manning plays in the AFC. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

  5. Mrlaloosh, I thought the same thing. Peyton Manning is AFC, this clearly said NFC player of the week. McCoy could be the NFC player if the month for December but that Minnesota game’s 8 carries isn’t going to get that done more than likely.

  6. Brees is the NFL’s golden boy. Underrated receiving corps, a great offensive coach, and the lack of a running game make him seem much better than he is. I will admit he is hands down the best dink and dunk passer in the game but you could replace him with 10 other QBs and get the same numbers. Brees is SOFT and SMALL.

  7. Re: “Brees is soft and small” maybe you should go back and take a look at how many games this soft QB has missed in the last 8 years…the last time this soft QB missed a game due to an injury was in 2003.
    find another QB to pick on, you have the wrong guy.

  8. Will go down as one of the greatest of all time. Won’t be fully appreciated till after he retires and we’re still seeing his name up there on SNF and MNF graphics years later.

  9. Yes Pumpkin head cabbage brain Peyton Manning plays in the ADC West, Denver Broncos are AFC West. Therefore, even though he is a cabbage brain, he cannot compete in this one. Drew Brees is a good choice.

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