E.J. Manuel not sure if he’s having knee surgery

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Bills quarterback E.J. Manuel missed the final two games of the regular season after injuring the LCL in his left knee and his offseason will start with a decision about the best way to handle the healing process.

Doctors have told Manuel that he can have surgery to repair the injury, but that it isn’t required. If he does have the surgery, Manuel is expected to be ready in plenty of time for the team’s offseason program and he said that he’ll also be doing work this offseason in hopes of avoiding future LCL injuries after dealing with them in both knees this year.

“Just physical therapy, just strengthening things up and the things I was doing the past two weeks when I wasn’t playing, the same things and just sticking with it,” Manuel said, via the team’s website. “When I had the right LCL it was the same thing, now that one feels fine. Now I have it on the left again and I have to go through the same process as far as getting the strength back up.”

Coach Doug Marrone and General Manager Doug Whaley both said that Manuel is the starter heading into next season, but they’ll need to see him for more than the half a season they got this year to make a real judgment about whether or not he’ll be the right man to lead the offense for the long term.

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  1. A player who can not stay healthy is not the player of the future, regardless of position. The Bills need to draft another QB this year and if one is there in the first round, take him.

  2. if you want to be a leader have the surgery and get cleaned out and heal and work your tail off this off season. Bills front office this was a shaky pick at best, lets not screw up in April.. plan for the present the future is NOW no playoffs in 14 years cant afford to rebuild again. Coach if you want to be a leader than there is a open QB race in camp.. Thad proved to be a very ample NFL QB this year he deserves a shot.

  3. It’s a good thing some of you Bills fans arent the GM.

    He showed flashes of good play, and most importantly (to me) on multiple occasions he showed poise, confidence and solid play late in the game when trying to comeback or seal a win, and in a few cases, his supporting cast blew it, not him. You drafted him in the first round. The QB class is not good enoguh this year where there will be a guarenteed franchise guy around at #9. A first round pick again would be an ABSOLUTE waste. Thad has proven capable as well- so if EJ continues to crap the bed next year, put Thad in.

    If in a year the Bills are still not in the playoffs and improvement from this year is only marginal, and the QB play can be pointed to it- then make a move to draft someone like Mariotta. Otherwise let it be. Things take time.

  4. leave it to the bills to wait 30 years to take a qb in the first round the draft again and do it in the wrong year and with the wrong qb…..they shoulda kept fitz an extra year or 2 and then go after one of the qbs this year or next…..nothing is getting better in buffalo till ownership changes…..

  5. yeah they shoulda kept Fitz. right. that would have been the call for “the same old bills” this was a new monster, ground up. like every other fan I had high hopes but realistic patience needs to b considered here. this years bills team was frustrating to watch only because you could see how good they can be unlike the last umpteen years. ej’s knees are the only real concern if he stays healthy this coming year we’ll know if he’s the Guy. drafting another early qb would be a waste. first year Andrew Lucks don’t happen often. and sounds like a lot of u expected exactly that.

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