Gabbert’s future in Jacksonville tied to club’s other QB decisions


The Jaguars have multiple calls to make at quarterback in the offseason.

For one, Chad Henne is slated to be an unrestricted free agent. However, Jaguars G.M. David Caldwell indicated Tuesday that the club could potentially re-sign Henne before the new league year begins, according to Vito Stellino of the Florida Times-Union.

Henne started 13 games for the Jaguars in 2013, completing 305-of-503 passes for 3,241 yards with 13 TDs and 14 interceptions. He turns 29 in July.

Then there’s the matter of whether the Jaguars will take a passer with the No. 3 overall pick in May’s draft.

The franchise’s last attempt at drafting a foundation quarterback hasn’t quite worked out, with 2011 first-rounder Blaine Gabbert struggling in his first three NFL seasons. Gabbert is under contract for 2014, but if the club drafts a quarterback in Round One and brings back Henne, Caldwell indicated Tuesday that Gabbert’s future in Jacksonville could be tenuous, Stellino reported.

At his Tuesday press conference, Caldwell said he would be happy to have Gabbert back on the roster before later telling reporters that having Henne, a rookie first-round quarterback and Gabbert on the roster could leave Gabbert in a tough spot, Stellino reported.

Were Gabbert to become available, it would be interesting to see what teams might be interested in the former Missouri star. Though his NFL tape has been lacking in quality, he is just 24 years old, and teams likely did quite a bit of homework on him leading up to the 2011 draft.

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  1. Gabbert has to be arguably the worst QB in football. He has not pocket presence, gets shook when someone is within 2 feet of him and tends to overthrow his WRs. Lets label him a bust and call it a day.

  2. Why not just cut your losses and quit wasting time on a guy who obviously can’t be an NFL starter. That is of course if the bar is only set at 2-4 wins a season. If that is all Jacksonville wants then Gabbert is the guy. Bring in Vick to compete with Henne if they’re too scared of missing on another QB.

  3. If Jacksonville is going to continue to lose 10+ games per year, than they might as well just bring in Tebow and make some money while losing 10+ games per year.

    Someone said to bring in Vick, and that’s a possibility, but I’m convinced that a team like the Jets, who love to bring in players only to drop them head-first into their NY media shark tank, will snatch up a story-churning guy like Vick.

  4. Gabbert is, at best, a 3rd string QB or a poor 2nd string QB behind an ironman QB… a la Curtis Painter.

    Caldwell seems like an extremely conservative GM. He did, after all, draft a tackle at #2 overall last year despite already having a very good tackle (Monroe) on the roster. He needs to understand this isn’t a 4-5 year rebuilding process. Nowadays coaches and GMs have as little as 1-2 years to turn things around, or they will be canned. That being said, the #3 overall pick absolutely has to be a QB. And that rookie QB needs to lead this team to at least a 6-7 win season in order for Caldwell to justify not being fired.

  5. You’re talking about a league that is, apparently, so short on QB talent that a team recently in contention brought in a 41 year old high school teacher as an insurance policy. Gabbert will get a look someplace.

  6. Wasn’t it once said that “football is 90% mental, 10% physical?” If that’s the case, Blaine is lacking 90% of what his team needs from him in order to be a Franchise Quarterback. Hopefully Bortles, Manziel McCarron, Fales or Carr have that 90 we need from our next QB or it’s going to be a long year again come next September.

  7. Caldwell showed absolutely no interest when Henne’s name came up at the press conference, but was pretty definitive that Gabbert would be back. Which is perfectly logical. They stayed with Henne because they were tired of switching back and forth with all of Blaine’s niggling injuries. Not because Henne is the better QB. There is no one in the draft that will give Gabbert a run for the starter job next year either. He is a better prospect than Bridgewater or Carr.

  8. I almost don’t even know how to reply to that last sentence without being extremely rude. All I have to say is WOW……………………………

  9. 16 out of 24 teams thought he was the best QB in the 2011 draft. Which also included Newton, Dalton, Locker, Kaepernick, Ponder, Mallett, etc., etc. So yeah, I’d say he would be in demand if the Jags cut him loose, which they won’t.

    Rodgers, Brady, Rivers, Palmer, Kaepernick, Foles, and a handful of other current starters had yet to make their first start in the NFL when they were the age that Blaine is now. Drew Brees at 24, was coming off a 2 win season in San Diego and the Chargers used the top pick in the following draft to find his replacement.

  10. He’s as bad a QB as this league has ever seen and those who still can’t see that must be totally blind.


  11. I don’t think anyone takes anything that Vito Stellino says seriously. He may look like Ichabod Crane, but he is older than Ichabod would be if he was still alive. Not of sound mind.

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