Jaguars plan to allow Maurice Jones-Drew to test free agency

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The Jaguars are willing to let running back Maurice Jones-Drew shop around in free agency.

According to John Oehser of, G.M. David Caldwell said Tuesday that the club wasn’t expected to re-sign Jones-Drew before the new league year begins in March.

However, Caldwell noted that he wasn’t “pessimistic” about the prospect of Jones-Drew returning for 2014, Oehser reported.

Since entering the NFL in 2006, Jones-Drew has carried 1,804 times for 8,071 yards and 80 TDs and has caught 335 passes for 2,873 yards and 11 TDs in regular-season play. He will be 29 in March.

Jones-Drew rushed for 803 yards and five TDs on 234 carries this season for the Jaguars, for whom he has played his entire career.

Should Jones-Drew depart, the Jaguars would likely to be in the market for at least running back, whether in free agency or the draft.

18 responses to “Jaguars plan to allow Maurice Jones-Drew to test free agency

  1. Like so many other great RB on bad teams….it was sad to watch his prime years wasted. I expect he’ll move onto another team in 2014, probably have similar production to SJax (another guy I feel sorry for).

    Hopefully he has good health next year and finds a contending team to contribute on.

  2. A good GM would have traded him by now. Now they have a good chance to lose him for nothing. And they sure didn’t win when they had him. What a horrible result that came from banking on an incomplete team. They just wasted a ton of talent and many millions of dollars that has been spent on him and everybody else. And they don’t fire the GM? These guys are crazy.

  3. Running backs can be had in any round of any draft.. even undrafted guys can make an impact. A true tailback, that’s a different story.. But Maurice jones-Drew isn’t a true Tailback.

  4. I gotta ask again – why not trade him when he was holding out? They are clearly rebuilding and could have used the draft picks that some chump team (like Indy) would have given up for him. Live and learn I guess.

  5. There wasn’t a trade market for Jones-Drew. Not last season or this season. I don’t think he returns, he probably wants to go back to the West Coast. Henne won’t be resigned, and Lewis will be cut unless he does a massive restructure. Rebuilding teams don’t move forward with expensive players nudging 30 years of age.

  6. This is a young team in need of a wise presence in the locker room and everyone can emulate MJD. I hope there isn’t a market, honestly and we get him back. He should bet on himself. He was slow and heavy after the debacle that was his injury/surgery/healing. The old regime screwed him by not putting him on IR mid-season last year and having the surgery so he could get ready for this year. By mid-season, he was faster. Next year, he’ll be back to the bowling-ball styled runner that he is. I hope we keep him. Someone’s going to have to have some talent to help whoever the rookie QB will be.

  7. For those who don’t know the difference between a “Running Back” and a “Tail Back” in terms of definition they are the same.. In the scheme of football however “Tail Backs” don’t require a lead blocker where as “Running Backs” do.

  8. The trade market wasn’t there for a 29 year old guy coming off a Lisfranc injury who will admit he has no cartilage left in one knee. Caldwell is right to let him test free agency. Let other teams determine his value and then you can decide if you want to match it or not (which is what Caldwell said).

    Also, greatgabbert, Caldwell said he expects to resign Chad Henne and bring back Marcedes Lewis for next year.

  9. Honestly, what does it matter where he goes? As long as it isn’t Tennessee or another AFC south team, then no worries. Raiders need a running back and he’s from the Bay Area. Makes sense, but I’d guess he’s tired of being on a losing team and looks for a contender with an Elite quarterback like Fred did with New England.

  10. Running backs don’t last long in the NFL.. If he hasn’t made his cash – he is SOL going forward. If I know my fantasy football league over the years well enough – he probably won’t be a top 50 running back next year.

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