Jason Hatcher isn’t giving any hometown discounts


The Cowboys defense was not good this season, leading some to wonder whether defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin would return for a second season with the team.

There was at least one player on the team who took to life with Kiffin at the controls, though. Defensive tackle Jason Hatcher thrived on the interior of the 4-3 look, picking up 11 sacks and two forced fumbles on the year while giving the Cowboys at least one place they could look to for consistent effort and production on defense this season.

Hatcher is headed for free agency, but he says neither Kiffin’s status nor his history with the Cowboys is going to be a factor when he decides on where to play his football in 2014. Hatcher will be 32 before next season starts and he’s looking to get paid first and foremost.

“I’m going to get what I deserve and get what I’m worth,” Hatcher said, via ESPNDallas.com. “Age don’t matter. Whatever. If you ain’t talking what I want, I don’t want to talk to ’em.”

What Hatcher feels he deserves and what the market tells him he’s worth could wind up being very different, but it might not matter to the Cowboys as they have to unravel some cap problems before they start thinking about new offers.

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  1. Hatcher is going to have problems getting ‘ what he deserves’ because of the age old maxim in the NFL — ‘Don’t pay age’. He’ll be 33 and he has exactly one year in which he put up good numbers playing the 3T in the 4-3. There are a number of younger DTs that can play that position as well as or better than he can (Henry Melton (27) Terrence Cody (25), Randy Starks (30), Linval Joesph (25) to mention a few).

    While the Cowboys have previously acknowledged that Hatcher deserves to be paid, they have stated that they won’t be able to pay him. I don’t think they should, even if they had the cap room to do so.

    Don’t pay age.

  2. He’s not totally self absorbed, he’s being realistic. The man wants to get paid, and he knows his age is a factor. He’s never had his one big contract.

    Personally, we need to get younger. While he was productive, he faded at the end, minus the Eagles game. If he gets looks and gets his money, God bless him. If his offers are less than Jerrah would pay him, he’ll come back and sing a different tune. If not, we’ll see him in Burgundy and Gold or Giant blue probably.

  3. He deserves it! Too bad Jerry and son Stephen can’t do math and have leveraged the future of the franchise on players like Romo, Witten, Miles Austin, Brandon Carr, Doug Free, Jay Ratliff and some others from the Parcel’s regime.

    As of Right now….Cowboys are somewhere near 31million over the cap. Another year of restructuring deals to get under the cap for draft picks…oh and no cap room for Murray, Dez, Hatcher, or any Free agents. Time to go way young and cheap.

    Jerry should take notes from the Patriots in managing personnel. The Hoody doesn’t get emotional and pay players now for for previous glory. I like what Garrett is doing by churning the bottom of the roster like Jimmy Johnson.!

  4. I personally know the Hatchers… Jason Hatcher is one of the most humble men on that team. He is a kind, decent, family man.

    Everyone knows the salary cap issues… if Dallas can’t pay him then he should look elsewhere. Are you telling me if you were offered a job for 500,000 to stay or 3,000,000 to go… you wouldn’t take the money. He has earned whatever he gets. He has made it very clear that he would like to stay in Dallas. But with the money issues for Dallas.. if they can’t get it done.. then I am sure someone else will pay him for his work.

    He understands this is a business and he has to look out for himself and his family first. That is all he is saying. If Dallas can’t get it done.. then maybe there is someone else who can.

    We personally hope he stays because I think Dallas needs a leader or two on that team.. especially on the defense. Any team would be lucky to have him. He is a stand up guy and deserves all that he gets. And his family deserves it!

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