Jay Cutler: Obviously I want to stay here


With the regular season over, the burning issue around the Bears is quarterback Jay Cutler’s future with the team.

Cutler is set to become a free agent in March and he discussed the uncertain future during an appearance on WMVP in Chicago on Monday. Cutler said he believes that a deal will get worked out that keeps him in Chicago for 2014 and beyond, but admitted that “you never know how it’s going to go” while making it clear he’d like to continue throwing passes to Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery.

“I think if you polled quarterbacks around the league, everyone’s going to want to come here,” Cutler said, via the Chicago Tribune. “Why wouldn’t you want to play here? We’ve got a lot of guys who can make some plays. It would be fun to stay here. Obviously I want to stay here.”

Cutler said Monday that he’d be “disappointed” if negotiations continued past the start of the new league year, at which point the Bears will not be the only team negotiating for his services. The Bears can keep that from happening by using the franchise tag, something General Manager Phil Emery has said he’s willing to do even though he’d prefer to avoid it.

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  1. Chicago is gambling with their future if they don’t sign him.

    Sure… he could be mildly above mediocre again… but… his mild above-averageness is much more attractive than picking some college kid with your fingers crossed.

    A bad pick will put the team in a hole for 2-3 years (AT BEST).

  2. Cutler has possibly the best arm in the NFL that I’ve seen. With that said he makes’s the worse decisions and is careless with the ball. After all of these years he hadn’t improved at all. He is what he is… Basically an average QB.

  3. I hope they get a deal done. With Trestman, Jay finally has an offensive-minded coach, and a great collection of playmakers around him. Next year should be fun.

    Just need to fix that defense.

  4. “…he’d like to continue throwing passes to Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery…”

    As well as half the DBs in the league.

  5. Good QB’s are slim to none in the NFL. Cutler may not be that “elite” QB, but he’s pretty darn good most of the time. He may not always make the best decisions or be the most accurate, but he has a great arm and 2 great receivers.

  6. Dude hasn’t won anywhere he has played. Always an excuse for him.

    At what point is it understood he is just an average QB that makes a wicked throw then and again?

  7. 5 year deal with zero $ guaranteed after year 3 and Bears draft the future this year or next year. With Trestman teaching him they could draft a 7th rounder and he would be a future MVP.

    As for the defense? Oy vey….

  8. I’d like to see any QB thrive with as many OC changes Cutler has had since coming to Chicago.

    The Bears aren’t stupid like Detroit or Baltimore’s brass so they won’t give up the world for him and it sounds like Jay is willing to bend. Can’t say as much for Bus Cook. He could be the one that drives Cutler out of Chicago.

  9. Its funny, lot of griping about how bad the NFC North is this year and how a division champ at 8-7-1 shouldnt have a home playoff game… I think the NFC North will be right up there with the West next year as one of the best divisions in football. The Bears will shore up their defense (get some youth), the Lions will get a new coach (get some discipline), the Vikings will get a quarterback (get some leadership) and the Packers will get a fresh start (get some health) and we have 4 very competitive teams in 2014.

  10. Does he not see the field?
    Does he lack the ability to get beyond his first and second read?
    Those are serious questions.

    It seems like more than half of his drop backs end up with him patting the ball in the pocket, looking confused for a second or two, then stepping up or sideways and trying to go downfield and too often into double coverage.

    Does he anticipate throws or does he wait till a guy comes open?
    My conclusion can only be its the latter.
    Why else would a journeyman QB out play him?
    We all know Cutler can make all the throws and that McCown can’t.
    But that is why McCown looked better. McCown ran the offense and taking what the defense gives him, Cutler was trying to make plays that just aren’t there.
    I think Shanahan knew that in Denver and kept him on the move.
    I’ve been a Cuddler since that great day of April 2 but I also know his shortcomings.

    An NFL QB can NOT be elite if he cannot anticipate most of his throws. The ball needs to come out when the WR is covered, not when he is open.


  11. As if it is only Jay Culter’s fault he is 1-9 against the Packers.

    Chicago’s Defense was ranked 30th in the NFL.

    Cutler’s Chicago Defenses have finished ranked – 21st, 4th, 14th, 3rd, 30th).

    Cutler had Hester and Knox as his #1 receivers his first three years in Chicago.

    Gimme a Break!!!

  12. If anything…. Rodgers statistics have been inflated playing against average to poor

    Minnesota PASS Defense = 30th in the NFL
    Detroit PASS Defense = 23rd in the NFL
    Chicago PASS Defense = 15th in the NFL

  13. Even though I have lived in Boston for 20 years, I still love my Bears! I still follow them religiously. And I sport my Blue and Orange proudly out here in Patriot land. So what is my advice to Da Bears!

    You really only have 2 decisions here.

    1. Bring Jay Cutler back. Cross your fingers & hope it works out. Cutler is a supremely talented passer IMO. But a very average QB. He is an aloof & poor leader. He has very poor ball handling mechanics. Ever notice how he stands and stares down Forte and his runners after handing them the ball? A no-no taught to every QB at the Pop Warner level. It takes the defense right to the RB in their secondary reads! Jay is a decent QB for a small market like Jacksonville. Chi-Town deserves charisma, swagger and better.

    2. Draft Johnny Football Manziel at all costs. And move up to get him if you must! He is the perfect showpiece for that talented band of big time receivers. And his ego is bigger than theirs. Very much Jim McMahon like. And he’s a flat out playmaker, who is ready to lead the right team, right now. Da Bears is that right team.

    3. I know I said 2 things. But rehire McCown as interim starter immediately. and force Manziel to beat him out.

  14. “If you can’t beat the class of the division (stats be damned), you aren’t going to last long in Chicago.”

    If I won the division at 8-7-1, I would not call myself the class of anything. None of the teams in the division have any right to boast right now.

    Now, if GB manages to win a playoff game or two, that’s another story.

  15. Cutler is soon to be the Tony Romo of the Bears. Some people would take that as a compliment, but it’s not meant to be. The Bears should be smart and take McCown for another few years and try to build up a QB, a change should be a must.

  16. Jay is a fairy. And this ain’t know fairy tale. He should retire and move out to Laguna Beach with his broad and “live the medicinal” life.

  17. Cutler is not the answer, yet the Bears are built to win NOW.
    Thing is that you just can’t find a QB (see Minnesota & why Ravens paid for hot mustard Flacco).
    Bears are kind of forced to pay Cutler, which is sad.
    In fact, the Bears should pay McCown around 5-6mill and let Cutler walk (to Minnesota I presume).

    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  18. Jay Cutler to the Browns makes a ton of sense. Think about it:

    1. Norv Turner is a vertical throwing offensive Coordinator and Cutler’s best years were with the Broncos in a vertical offense.

    2. Josh Gordon is arguably already the best WR in the NFL and the Browns can give him a great compliment from the draft. Along with a great RB because of their extra first round pick.

    3. Browns already have a good offensive line too.

    If Cutler goes anyplace, he’d be hard pressed to find a better fit then Cleveland.

  19. Cutler played the smartest game I have seen him play, his only INT was at the end of the game. Trying a hail mary. He isn’t the one to blame for their loss the other day.

    I think he will slip into old habits if he does sign with Chicago.

    I don’t mind though. I’m a GB fan.

  20. Face it, he’s better than the alternatives out there . . . . . says this Minnesota Vikings fan who has only watched decent QB play 2 years of the last 20.

  21. Never seen a QB get paid so well for accomplishing so little.

    Cutler has never won a big game, but he’s a top 3 QB?


  22. he is not the reason the Bears lost to the packers or did you expect him to play defense to? for the first time in franchise history the offense carried the team and you want to break that up? injuries combined with age killed the defense this year but emery fixed the offense in a year so I say give him year or 2 at most and then you will have a complete team that will do damage. I would have loved to see any other qb play in the offenses and behind the lines that Cutler had before this year and see if they would have survived let alone put up the numbers he did. if you really think rodgers brees or brady would have won then you are delusional. where are those guys who served as his offensive coordinators at today? that should tell you how good they were at their jobs.

  23. Bears fans like to dump on Cutler, but he’s still an above average QB. They’re hard enough to come by on their own, let alone improve upon. They’d be foolish to cut him loose and gamble on a draft pick. If the Bears keep him and significantly improve their defense in the offseason, they’ll be fine.

  24. mccown played better in trestman system. At best franchise tag him. Give him one more year to prove he is worth the extension. Im still not convinced.

  25. Cutler is a good QB. The problem is good QBs are overpaid in the NFL. They could obviously do better at the position, but they could just as obviously do worse. I guess they should keep Jay and Josh and try to fix that D, which should be easy for a decent front office to do given a decent amount of cap space and an offense that is top 5. Bear Down!

  26. Use this analogy as to why Culter should be let go. You make 110 grand a year and decide to by a 300,000 Ferrari. Payments are 4,500 a month. You now have a great car in the garage but you can’t make your house payments or afford the NFL ticket or even your food. Either the car goes or you lose your house. The Bears can’t afford 15 million a year for 4 years with all the other holes they need to fill on D and can’t fill by draft alone. Cutler is not at the Brady/Manning level but he is better than most, just too good for the Bears right now to afford.

    All the posters here who think this is stupid don’t have to deal with the salary cap.

  27. He’s gotten hurt the last 3 years. He will get hurt again. He’s a great talent but holds onto the ball too long. There is no excuses for Jay, he has the best WR duo in the league and one of the best RB’s and the bears have missed the postseason the last 3 years.

    I’ll give him credit he does have a hot wife

  28. One playoff win in his entire career. He’s never finished with a 90 QB rating.

    The guy gets by on his strong are reputation, but with nothing of substance to back it up.

  29. Depends on where Lovie Smith signs…I’m thinking with all that the Bears have …playoffs?? Nope, so I am looking at Houston as another landing spot for Cutler or at least a leverage in negotiations.

  30. It’s been said enough already but who are you going to bring in to replace Cutler? McCown is going to be 35 years old and he played well against bottom feeder defenses so his stats were inflated.

    The offense is too close to being great for them to bring in a new guy and start over. They were second in the league in scoring behind only Denver with a rookie head coach and a first year system. They have too many defensive needs to worry about getting another QB to come in. What they need to do is this:

    1. Re-sign Cutler to a 3 or 4 year deal.
    2. Re-sign James Anderson and DJ Williams to shore up the linebackers.
    3. Re-sign Tillman only if he is healthy and it’s a team friendly deal. If he gets offered a lot of money in free agency then let him go.
    4. Get rid of Mel “can’t get to the quarterback” Tucker.
    5. Draft safeties for obvious reasons.
    6. Draft defensive linemen for more obvious reasons.
    7. Draft a center or grab one in free agency. Garza is too long in the tooth to be a viable option next season.
    8. Pick up a CB in free agency
    9. Draft a QB if you can find some value in the 3rd or 4th round and see what Trestman can do with him.

    What hasn’t been getting much attention is what will happen with Brandon Marshall if Cutler leaves. With them being as close as they are Marshall might not take it too well if his boy gets let loose.

  31. If Trestman is the QB guru that Bears fans make him out to be, then move on. If he can improve Cutler, he can improve a much cheaper version.

    As a Packers fan, please re-sign Cutler. Let him eat up cap space and throw INTs.

  32. 1) What alternatives do you have, that won’t also make your team worse? McKown? Um…no.

    2) Cutler will play for whatever team gives him the best contract. They all do. And you would too.

  33. Only way he has success in Chicago is if they continue to invest 1st-4th round picks in the O line this year and next year.
    It never ceases to amaze me how clear the correlation between making those investments on a consistent basis and having a highly competitive team year in and year out is. And yet there are owners, GM’s, and coaches who apparently refuse to take this approach.
    It does not matter what else your team has if they do not consistently draft for the O-line. Even after you have your starters, you should be drafting an o-lineman between rounds 3-5 every single year.
    Find me a team that has perennial success, and QB who “wins” that doesn’t have this. A bad QB can make a good oline look bad (michael vick (because he was terrible when the line was healthy and when it was injured)). And a good QB can of course make a terrible O-line look somewhat better.
    But the Bears have invested as little in the O-line over the last decade as any other team in the league. Just like all terrible teams, they occassionaly grab a top tackle prospect, as if that solves everything.

  34. I’m a loyal and objective Bears fan and the Bears should definitely keep Cutler. You can go unproven QB or McCown but before this year McCown was crap. Anyone remember when he replaced Cutler in the NFC championship game? That was a disaster! Anyway, for those of you bashing Cutler, lets see ANY great QB try to make due for the first 3 years with an offensive line that would make the Giant’s O-Line look like all pros. J’Marcus Webb was freakin starting for this team for a couple of years. Then Cutler’s best WRs before he got Marshall were: Johnny Knox, Devin Hester, Devin Aromashidu & Earl Bennett oh and lets not forget Desmond Clark and Kellen “Stone Hands” Davis. The one guy who could catch Greg Olsen they sent out. Where in there do you even see a number 3 WR? Yes the defensive were good to great during those years but when you consistently change OC and employ Mike “Randy Ratio” Tice as your OC your team is going to be successful. Bears should keep Cutler for a year or 2 see what they have, draft a QB in the draft (2nd round because God knows the defense needs to cut) and hope for the Best.

  35. It’a not about getting rid of Cutler! It’s about NOT overpaying him with Peyton Manning like money. (It’s called “stupid money” ) You cannot justify $16-$20 million/year for Cutler! This Trestman offensive system is “user friendly” enough to work without a superstar….. McCown already proved that! Would it be nice to have Cutler locked in for the next 4 years, absolutely! But, let’s put Cutler’s loyalty to the test and see if he’s truly a team player and see if he’ll be willing to sign for a home town discount so Emery has more CAP room in which to invest in the defense which will help the entire team! It’s called a WIN-WIN deal… 😉

  36. So many Packer fans interested in Cutler’s contract? I wonder why? It’s obvious the high powered Bears offense will be humming in year 2 of Trestman’s offense with Cutler at the helm. Secretly, you’re hoping that he sign elsewhere.

  37. “…before this year McCown was crap. Anyone remember when he replaced Cutler in the NFC championship game? That was a disaster!”

    That was also Caleb Hanie.

  38. If he wants to sign for $10 to $12M a year, then the Bears should consider it. If he wants $20M/year, he needs to pound pavement.

    That’s a lot of money that can be used to retool the defense, resign McCown for another year or two and draft a future QB.

    The Bears haven’t had a couple young QBs in the fold since Grossman/Orton. It’s not like young QBs could help the Bears make it to the Super Bowl or anything…oh wait…..

  39. I love how Jay Cutler is judged by how well the entire team plays against the Packers and in the playoffs. Rex Grossman was our QB for how many playoff games and a Super Bowl? If that is your only yard stick: how many playoff games and how many Super Bowls did Marino, Elway and Jim Kelly lose over the years? Don’ t hear them called losers or washouts. Opinions of Jay Cutler are subjective to how people feel about him as a person. One of the most hated quarterback is the league despite he isn’t in your face every commercial break, didn’t engage in sexting, not accused of rape or arrested for anything for that matter. He is one of our best assets period.

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