Jerry Jones on coordinators: They’re under contract


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones gave head coach Jason Garrett a vote of confidence a while back and hasn’t wavered from it whenever questioned about Garrett’s status over the last few weeks.

Jones hasn’t been so solid when it comes to queries about offensive coordinator Bill Callahan and defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin. Jones passed on a chance to comment after Sunday’s season-ending loss to the Eagles and didn’t offer much more during his weekly radio show on KRLD Tuesday.

“I think this: I think you’ve got to assume that their contract status is [their status] until we do differenty,” Jones said, via Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “Those guys you just mentioned are still under contract. There are others that under contract. There are others that are not. The real world is since I haven’t, we haven’t, addressed this thing is whatever their contract status is, and I don’t want to get into what that status is, but whatever it is, it is.”

In terms of Kiffin, Jones did add that he believed the defense “didn’t necessarily have a rough year because of coaching.” That’s likely a reference to the injuries that plagued the Cowboys on that side of the ball all season and could earn Kiffin a second year in Dallas in hopes that better health leads to better results.

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  1. So were the 6 coaches that got fired yesterday.
    Jerry, just admit you want to keep them, despite the fact that they appear grossly mediocre at best.

  2. ay ay ay. Keeping either coordiator is a mistake of disastrous proportions for the Cowboys. Then again- the Cowboys are .500 since 1997. It’s no coincidence that 1997 is also the the same time when all of the guys from the superbowls (that the previous GM assembled) began fading and Jerrah took complete control.

    Dallas Cowboys (Adj): A franchise destined for nothing more than mediocrity and unfulfilled hope so long as Jones remains at the helm.


  3. Jones will never admit that dumping Ryan for Kiffin was a mistake, just as he will never admit that the GM of the Cowboys is responsible for the pathetic record of all of his post Jimmy Johnson-built teams. If I were a Cowboy fan, I’d be looking for another way to spend my money.

  4. Fans need to STOP buying merchandise and STOP buying tickets to games.

    Plummetting sales and a near empty stadium, maybe that’ll get Jerry to change things up.

  5. JJ….Show Monte where he left his Depends…

    He’s the Joe Papa of NFL… He’s too old to coach and if JJ don’t realize that, he’s more dumber than I thought…

  6. Getting so tired of Cowboys non news. Until Jones fires himself or Garrett, 8-8 will be the best they can do. Team needs a culture change not a head coach that says we’ll keep battling and eventually prevail. Get rid of all the coordinators you want and Garrett can throw whoever under the bus, anyone who knows anything about football knows this team needs a real GM and a new head coach or a head coach who has complete control over the program.

    Should have pulled the trigger on Jeff Fisher when he was available Jerry!!!!!!

  7. Y’all leave Jerrah alone. As long as he’s running things the NFC will come down to the other 15 teams in the conference. Dallas is no factor in anything but ridicule.

  8. The problem with the Cowboys is that the fans continue to fill the stadium, watch their games on TV and buy their items, even after a disaster season. That is why Jerry Jones don’t need a GM.

  9. As a long time Bucs fans I’ll just give my thoughts on what I saw from Kiffin’s defense in Dallas.

    First, I’ve never seen so few plays from a defense when the players are in the correct position. Time and time again the players are in the right spot and just don’t make plays. That isn’t scheme, that’s technique and lack of talent.

    Second, in Kiffin’s 13 years in Tampa he only finished outside of the top 10 twice and the worst was 17th. The defense relies on a strong pass rush and middle linebacker that can cover a ton of ground. As you have to 2013 they blitzed a lot more than past Kiffin defenses, this was due to the lack of a consistent pass rush. If you don’t pressure the QB with your front four then the defense doesn’t work – thus you have to blitz and if you blitz your players need to make plays, which they didn’t.

    Third, in his last days in Tampa Kiffin didn’t have a lot of talent yet in his last 4 years he finished 1st, 17th, 2nd and 9th. The issue isn’t the scheme or the coaches, it’s the players in Dallas and the lack of playmaking ability.

    Fourth, a Kiffin defense tends to be undersized as it relies on quickness (not speed, quickness) – as it was in Tampa. I don’t know the Dallas roster inside and out, but I will say that if they stuck with this same formula the offense has to help out by controlling the ball and not having a lot of 3 and outs, since the defense can get worn down quickly.

    Finally, if the Cowboys don’t panic you should expect a huge turn around. If you do panic I don’t think anyone in Tampa would mind seeing Kiffin coming back.

  10. Penny-wise and pound foolish comes to mind.

    Really??? Callahan and Kiffen, Sr.??? Wow.

    And Jerry’s not getting any younger (as is anything) – but point being — he might not want to squander seasons on virtually assured dead ends.

    Not only is he squandering seasons with this mentality, but he is squandering quality years out of his stud players (who are also under contract) and likely, some measure of fan loyalty.


  11. jerry doesn’t own the cowboys so they can win, but he does own them so he can speak with reporters every single day.

    and because he owns the cowboys they listen, even when he says nothing, or tells obvious lies like last week.

    keep up the good work, jerry. in philly we think you are doing a wonderful job.

    p.s.: i’d put a little more grey in that wig, as its starting to be a bit more obvious these days.

  12. All those poor numbskulls that paid tens of thousands of dollars for PSLS at Jerruhs place sure are fleeced. The guy took your money, got you under contract at now you cant do a darn thing about it. He is gonna keep Old Man Kiffen and Garrett because its cheaper to keep them.

    Jerry fleeced the whole Cowboy season ticket membership.

  13. Jerry’s not going to change until he HAS to and the only thing that can get his attention is money. Stop buying Cowboys merchandise and stop attending games. Lower profits and empty seats are the only thing that can get that fool’s attention.

    Thanks for driving America’s team into a ditch, Jerry.

  14. so if your defensive failures were a result of injuries and not having or getting the personnel to fill the gaps instead of coaching errors, then whose to blame? u see where I’m going here Jerry? hire a GM who knows what the hell he’s doing.

  15. I think Jones does a pretty amazing job keeping the franchise at .500 considering how grossly incompetent and inept as a owner/GM he has been.

    My sense is though that it will be pretty tough going forward maintaining even that kind of mediocrity & its at the point of further deterioration where you are looking at some 3-13, 4-12 seasons coming up.

    Keeps the laughs coming Jerry….

  16. A couple of you hit the nail on the head. The only language Jerry understands is Return On Investment. When he starts getting a downturn in receipts, he’ll start to make some changes. Until then he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

  17. So if Ryan sucked while he was there and went on and didn’t suck, and if Kiffin has never sucked anywhere and went there and sucked… you see the problem might not be the coaches…

  18. I will offer $10 for 50 yardline front row PSL’s and take them off your hands. Your account and PSL balance MUST be paid in full.

  19. the coaches weren’t the problem having 19 different defensive linemen and rookies trying to learn the system in a week was a problem. I would keep it the same except is find a new strength and conditioning coach because hamstrings were a major problem there is not one reason to have that many hamstring injuries in one season that is the one thing I would seriously consider.

  20. Kiffin never sucked? I think there’s some USC fans who will strongly disagree.
    If you want the old geezer back in Tampa then hire him away from the Cowgirls. I know the a Glazers are idiots but they aren’t stupid.

  21. Jerry Jones: Owner, President, Gen. Manager, and Scout. Someone needs to fire the last three and hire someone else in their place. He’s just not the man for those three positions.

  22. Dear Jerry Jones – Another masterful 8-8 season. Your team wallows in mediocrity while you make billions. You are a pathetic old man and people are laughing at you. Keep up the great work. Non-Cowboys fans are having a ball.

  23. And EVERY one of them is hoping that he will FIRE them so they can get out of that zoo as soon as possible!

  24. I remember the good ‘ol days when being the HC meant you were responsible for the results of the team. Cowboys D sucks, get a new DC. Play calling sucks get a new OC. That tells you what you need to know about the Cowboys job. Jason is a puppet and not a good one.

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