Jovan Belcher’s mother sues the Chiefs

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As the proposed settlement of the massive concussion lawsuit continues to sputter through the judicial system, another former NFL player has formally initiated a civil action.

According to the Kansas City Star, the estate of linebacker Jovan Belcher has filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the Chiefs.

The lawsuit, submitted by Belcher’s mother, contends that Belcher was exposed to “repetitive head trauma” and “suffered multiple concussive and subconcussive blows to the head which caused or contributed to cause a a constellation of neurologic/brain harms, including post concussion syndrome . . . and traumatic brain injuries, such as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE).”

Apart from the boilerplate allegations appearing in most concussion lawsuits, the Belcher lawsuit makes specific allegations regarding behavior that caused Belcher to play through brain injuries.  The lawsuit contends that Chiefs officials “engaged in mental abuse to ‘motivate’” Belcher, that Belcher was told “he was just an accident, and they would get rid of him,” and that he was bullied and pressured to the point that, when combined with Belcher’s concussion issues, “caused or contributed to cause [him] to become insane.”

The lawsuit also alleges that the Chiefs knew or should have known that Belcher showed signs of cognitive and neuropsychiatric impairment, that he was knocked unconscious during a game against Jacksonville in 2009 but was not immediately taken for evaluation, and that he wasn’t given time to fully recover before returning to practice.

The Chiefs played the Jaguars on November 8, 2009, only days after the NFL began to take far more seriously the issue of concussions and, specifically, the rules regarding a player’s ability to return to practice or game action.

The claims filed by Belcher’s estate extend beyond the handling of concussions, alleging that the Chiefs acquired a “duty to provide competent healthcare” by ordering him to see a counselor in October and November 2012, only weeks before he killed his girlfriend and then committed suicide in the parking lot at Arrowhead Stadium.

Belcher’s body was exhumed earlier this month.  Tests are planned on brain tissue to determine whether Belcher suffered from Chronic Traumatic Encephelopathy.

The Chiefs had no comment to the Star regarding the lawsuit.

95 responses to “Jovan Belcher’s mother sues the Chiefs

  1. There is no possible way that they can prove any of these allegations. However, it is likely that she gets paid a million or so to go away, as a trial will cost as much in attorney’s fees, not to mention opening pandoras box.

    The language will state that there is no admission of guilt on the part of the Chiefs organization, or the NFL.

  2. Sue the Chiefs organization for your son’s suicide after he killed his GF? Are you high??

    Any moneys that should be awarded to her should immediately be payed to the family of the young woman he murdered.

  3. LOL. So after she failed to gain custody of the child, a pursuit driven by money, she now wants to sue the Chiefs. She didn’t even check the brain until after she knew she couldn’t make money of the child. Instead she waited until after the denial to exhume the body to check the brain.

    I am sure her intentions are sincere. lol.

  4. I do not believe that a deceased player can initiate a civil action. However, I am not a lawyer, so maybe you could consult with a competent attorney. Do you know any?

  5. And the team should in turn sue the mother for failing to pick up on the signs and recommend him for counseling and medical treatment as well. I mean…since it caused the team to lose a valuable asset and create bad marketing and cause undue emotional distress to all club employees.

    Nothing quite like an opportunity to live off someone else’s dime…hope it makes her feel better.

  6. Sure get sick of seeing this stuff. Your kid played football and you all knew the risks. Even with all the new findings on concussions you would have to be an absolute moron to not think playing that game at that level, or any level for that matter, is not a hazzard to your health. Where were you as a mother when all this stuff was going on. I hope the girlfriend parents sue you for being a god awful parent yourself.

  7. I’ll bet my last dollar that if the get a settlement they will put the whole amount in a trust fund for their granddaughter….lol…tongue firmly planted in cheek….

  8. So, let me get this straight… gets whacked in the head a few times then feels compelled to kill his girlfriend…..and then himself?

    I’ve had a few concussions and feel bad after stepping on an insect.

  9. …and I suppose all that booze he drank the night before was the Chiefs’ fault too.

    I’m also certain that Javon (sic) Belcher’s dear old mum is earmarking all the proceeds for Zoey.

  10. That’s like Olivia Manning suing Pappa John’s because Peyton burned his hand on a pizza oven.

    Sorry lady. But you just raised a crazy kid. He didn’t grow up to be an accountant, did he?

  11. I’m just getting tired of seeing crap like this. There were several other hundred guys in the league that year that didn’t kill their girlfriends and then themselves. It’s not that I don’t have any sympathy for his family, but this just screams money grab.

  12. Yeah, that’s it. Your son is a murderer because of the NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs, not because of the values you raised him with.

    Right lady…

  13. I do feel for the families But its always the NFL players are 5 year olds and can’t think or make judgements for them selves weather to play or not?? really?? its about money

  14. If she wants the right person to pay for damaging her son’s mental health, perhaps she should take herself to court. I’m going to go ahead and assume bad parenting was a bigger issue to him being a wack job than a few tackles.

  15. The trouble with this crap is that some slimeball attorney will take this case on a contingency, the mom has no risk whatsoever, and the Chiefs will spend hundreds of thousands defending themselves.

    Too bad the kid didn’t stop off at mom’s house before heading on over to the girlfriend’s house.

    Freaking parasite is pissed her welfare and 2 year paid unemployment vacation is running out.

  16. We all saw this coming.

    Every NFL player has a built in excuse for whatever happens the rest of their lives.

    People are evolving into slugs.

  17. This just in.

    The NFL countersues the mother for allowing him to play football in the first place.

  18. Sad. I guess she should also sue his college, Maine, and the high school he attended. Then, the estate of his girlfriend can sue his estate because he was the one that pulled the trigger over and over again.

  19. What a leech…I hope they dont settle with this ghoul and have their attorneys send her back where she came from without a dime.

  20. What if she’s right ? What if the lack of medical attention given to Belcher is what caused him to snap. Along with the booze.

    I’m not agreeing with Belchor’s family just pointing out the other side.

  21. So I guy who made millions of dollars family thinks they need more money. I’d take a couple blows to the head to never have to work to hard again. This stuff is ridiculous. Imagine if Veterans could do this stuff. You know, people who actually do something good for society.

  22. I would think that long-term use of steroids, which could only be attributed to her son alone, would be a more likely culprit of his violence. I think that like most mothers, she does not want to accept the fact that her son was just violent, and therefore, she wants to blame anyone else so she can keep thinking of him as her “baby”.

  23. Worst KC lawsuit since Derrick Thomas’ family tried to sue GM, because obviously you should be able to drive an SUV 100 mph in a blizzard, not wear a seatbelt, and be OK.

  24. It’s modern America … where nothing is anybody’s fault. Everyone is a victim. And the only way to seek proper redress is to file a lawsuit seeking exorbitant sums of money.

  25. Still trying to cash in? Didn’t he give then enough money when he was alive?
    Let the guy rest in peace…

  26. Well her son was supposed to be her cash cow, but the piggy bank decided to off itself, so gotta get dat doe somehow!

  27. If she can sue then I suggest all the lavender Larry toads should sue the vikqueens for 53 years of psychological distress that has led to their pathological need to feed the illusion that any of their opinions matter.

  28. Just another leach on society. Obama says others should pay me, so I’ll sue to get some money so I don’t have to work. Courts already ruled she was unfit to raise the child he idiot son killed with 9 freaking shots, so a hustler lawyer convinces her to sue the Chiefs, and when that fails, she will sue the NFL, and when that fails, she will sue the United States. because somebody owes her some money for the idiot that was paying all her bills. Try getting a job you worthless drain on civilization.

  29. He told another of his gf’s that if kassandra didn’t leave him alone he was going to shoot her. Yeah, it was all the Chiefs fault…. Right… Pathetic. I hope his mother gets nothing.

  30. If this doesn’t work she can sue the gun manufacturer next. If that doesn’t work then maybe the manufacturer of the car he drove there.

  31. > Her son dies and the main thing on her mind is money, people like that make me sick.

    Suing someone isn’t always about money. If she feels the Chiefs wronged her son, then it’s about getting justice and embarrassing the organization for committing those wrongs.

    I think it’s pretty screwed up that you assume “the only thing” on her mind is money. You don’t know anything about her or this situation.

    But let me guess. You’ve read a bunch of stories about frivolous lawsuits on the internet, and believed the media’s version of all of them.

  32. Pathetic.

    Clark Hunt pays out the remainder of Belcher’s contract to his daughter in the form of a trust fund and you repay him by sueing him? Real classy.

  33. Now you know why the lawyers run the NFL now and why Goodell implemented all those seemingly ridiculous rules about head shots, “defenseless” receiver hits, helmet hits, etc.

  34. Boo Hoo. While it’s a shame about what happened it’s not the Chiefs fault. Nobody forces these guts to play and even an idiot would know you’re gonna get hurt playing this game. If you don’t want to take the chance suffering an injury then QUIT; find a real job like the rest of us and I agree this woman’s son dies and all she cares about us howuch she can make off of it – she’s pathetic!

  35. and I bet all those people bitching about this lawsuit bitched about the NFL changing the rules to protect against these lawsuits.

    Without knowing what this person did or did not do with money, the only power she has to change the system is to sue and good for her. People won’t get to keep their gladiator sport without some sort of change, or waiver system, and since neither of those options have happened the lawsuits will happen.

  36. Being in the area they’ve been floating this balloon for about 10 months in the paper etc so it’s no surprise. Is she going to sue Hennesey since he was still drunk from the night before? Sue the KcMo police who found him sleeping in his Bentley 4 hours before this happened and tried to do the decent thing and tell him to go inside (his other girlfriends apartment). Is she going to sue Colt for making the handgun? It’s a horrible situation but to blame the Chiefs reeks of the litigation happy world of lawyers we now live in.

  37. I’m sure she had no issues when he was taking home a pay check. All of a sudden the pay check is gone and now her son has a concussion case. Can’t fix stupid or greed apparently.

  38. If any one should sue it’s the girlfriends family who should sue belchers estate ,, let’s see how she reacts to that ,, she”ll rot in hell just like her murderous son !!

  39. It’s a tragedy all around but time for Momma to hold her Son accountable for HIS OWN actions instead of blaming everyone else. Maybe if she held him accountable for his actions in the first place, he might not have turned out to be an alcoholic, a woman beater & a killer.

  40. if she wins this lawsuit, I am going to sue the chiefs for not affording me the opportunity to play professional football, and for telling me I suck and thus have crushed my dreams and my confidence to the point that I can no longer function as a human being.

  41. I wanted to play football SO BAD when I was a kid. My folks never let me. I could never understand why. They kept me limited to baseball, soccer and hockey which can still cause injuries… that was before anyone even thought twice about the head trauma.

    These players and parents need to recognize the risk and accept it beforehand. Dont sit there and think that your son is gonna be fine after beating his head and body up for 10-20 years. Then hold someone else liable after the effects set in. Its kinda calloused to say, but they chose the football life.

    My 6 and 8 yr old sons both want to play football. I want to let them. Even more than I want to let them, I dont want them debilitated.

  42. A smarter person would listen when we tell not to lead with your head. Maybe the girlfriends parents should sue this so-called mother of having a kid in the first place.

  43. Yes, she’s a vulture and a parasite. Yes, her lawyer is a scumbag.

    But the NFL has already admitted wrongdoing in the handling of concussions, the consequence of CTE resulting from it, and that they are civilly liable for damages. Isn’t that why they just paid out almost a billion dollars to those few hundred players who sued?

    The woman shouldn’t get a dime, but if the examination of his body does show CTE, then there should be some money paid into a trust fund for his child.

  44. If she gets any money from this absurd suit, a judge should make her give it all to the dead girlfriend’s family.

  45. Will she give back the new house, new car and amenities that her son afforded her because he had the talent and approval to make the NFL?

    Or is this lawsuit more about the fact hat her gravy train is gone and she still wants to live the good life?

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Jovan’s wife’s family.

  46. It’s coming down to that any person that wants to plays sports will have to sign a waiver leaving the team and everyone else involved with the sports world, not liable for anything and that the player and/ or family member/friend, cannot sue them before they are allowed to play the game or participate on a practice field.
    This is what lawyers did to ruin the sports world.

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