LeGarrette Blount is the AFC offensive player of the week

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The Patriots have mixed and matched running backs all season and Week 17 found LeGarrette Blount taking the lead role in the backfield.

It worked out well for New England and for Blount. The Patriots beat the Bills 34-20 to clinch a first round bye in the playoffs and Blount was named the AFC offensive player of the week.

Blount ran for 189 yards on 24 carries and scored a pair of touchdowns to propel the Patriots to victory. The game capped a strong season for Blount, who averaged five yards a carry while gaining 772 yards on the ground. That’s far better than Jeff Demps, who was traded to Tampa for Blount during the offseason, was able to do in the one game he played for the Buccaneers after an extended period away from the team to pursue his track career and before landing on injured reserve.

Blount also could have been a reasonable choice as the special teamer of the week in the AFC. He returned kickoffs for 83 and 62 yards to set up a pair of Patriots scores in the second half.

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  1. The dude is a tank, it’s fun watching him carry the pile 3-4 more yards after contact. It’s always nice to have a RB that teams get visibly tired of trying to tackle after a while, and the Pats haven’t had one for a long time.

  2. The Pats are a much different and scarier team with the double headed monster of Blount and Ridley. Mix that in with Shane Vereen catching balls out of the back field and the Pats might have D’s cheating up enough to sneak one over the top even with their lack of talent downfield.

  3. Did you see how happy this guy was on the field and on the sidelines? Did you see him with his arm around Brady? Did you see him hugging Brandon Boldin and Bill Belichick? The roster is depleted but there is something about the chemistry the team displays and the way they fight to stay in games that makes me believe they really do have a chance to win another SB this year.

  4. Think of the NFL as the Hunger Games and it is hard not to root for Brady and Blount, two guys that have no quit in them. That’s contagious to your teammates. Did you see Logan Mankins come back into the game after being on the sidelines for one series with an ankle injury that required him to be carried off the field? Marsha and his teammates are looking awfully tough.

  5. Great trade by the Pats, giving up RB Jeff Demps (who prefers to run track) and a 7th round pick for Blount. Of course at the time, the “experts” thought Blount had zero talent, e.g.: “It’s stunning Bucs GM Mark Dominik was able to get anything for the one-dimensional, talent-deficient Blount…”. Live and learn.

  6. Mark Dominik was a great GM to draft Legarrette Blount and Mike Williams, Gerald McCoy, Mark Barron, Doug, Lavonte David. I hear that the Glazers fired him. Not sure why. I hear a lot in Tampa that they just like to fire people because of power trips.

  7. Schiano’s parting gift to the Bucs… sure, we’re down to a 4th string running back but at least we got a 7th round draft pick out of it – not to mention the Talib giveaway.

    Thanks again Schiano you piece of Jersey trash.

  8. I hate the Pats, Brady, and Bill,


    I absolutely love this kid. I loved him when he was at Oregon. And I loved him when he busted that racist kid in the mouth from Boise. I had hope for him when he went to the 9’ers. And I loved him when the Titans signed him. I always hoped he would stick somewhere and get the career that he worked (and continues to work) for.

    Thus, the evil genius of Bill B. was the only one who saw how much heart this kid has.


  9. Funny to hear Tampa fans come on here and talk about how they got taken by the Patriots with the Blount and Talib trades. I still remember these same fans saying Talib can’t play man coverage and gets beat allot. Oh and let’s not forget how Blount can’t move a pile/stinks in short yardage. Classic

  10. Um. If Belichick is such an amazing evaluator of talent, why did he wait so long to pick this guy up, or play him for that matter? Don’t get me wrong I like Blount but he blew up for 1 game.

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