Manziel dances around question of whether he’s heading to the NFL

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No one thinks Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel will return to College Station for another year.  But Manziel didn’t say much about his future in the immediate aftermath of a thrilling 52-48 win over Duke in the Bowl formerly known as Peach.

“I cant even think about anything other than this game right now,” Manziel told ESPN’s Samantha Ponder from the field after wiping out a 21-point halftime deficit.  “I love Texas A&M.  I love my teammates.  Unreal.”

So what would bring him back to the Aggies for another year?

“This guy [coach Kevin Sumlin] and all this teammates I have right here,” Manziel said.  “I love them more than anything on the face of this earth.”

At least one team in the NFL will love Manziel enough to make him a first-round pick, if he chooses to leave.  Once the emotion of tonight’s game wears off, it’ll be a shock if he doesn’t.

75 responses to “Manziel dances around question of whether he’s heading to the NFL

  1. As soon as this little runt of a dude starts his dancing a jig act in the league, he’ll be plowed into the ground by grow ass men.

    I give him 4 months tops of good health. He’s just too small, and EVERYONE in the NFL is faster than anything he’s ever seen. That little dance in the backfield will never work in the big show, and it’s all he’s got.

  2. Wow, what a game! After the onside kick that Duke recovered I thought there’d run away with it. I mean, they were toying with A&M’s defense! Again, wow!

  3. The question I have is whether he’ll continue to wear youth-sized shoulder pads when gets to the NFL?

  4. Strike while the iron’s hot, Johnny. Why risk injury for glory, when you can do it for big bucks instead.

  5. The cynic’s view:
    The Houston Texans have just committed the greatest bit of football subterfuge in the history of the NFL. Did They tank their season deliberately so they could be in position to draft Manziel? Imagine keeping Johnny Manziel in the State of Texas. The fans in Reliant Stadium will be bowing to Bob McNair’s Luxury box.

  6. I would love my teammates too. But I would love a 4 year $20 mill contract a little more son.

    Go for it. What do you have to lose?

  7. I think the challenge of the next level, and of course the $ will lure him out of the college ranks.

  8. Teddy or Johnny. I don’t want anyone else for my Vikes. Go get a QB for once in your life Rick!

  9. That’s not DANCING, mike. He’s simply being humble at the biggest bowl game he’s been in that his university has offered him. He just won an incredible game with his team after a year of controversy and is celebrating with his teammates and university coaches, yet people want to intrude and ask him about the NFL, best way to handle it. He has a bright future no matter what and he knows that more than ESPN.

  10. Oh he’s coming out. And, he’ll go in the first round.

    That was a great comeback Texas A&M mounted against Duke tonight. Great game.

  11. If manziel does declare he’s NFL bound,the jags should have him high on their draft bored.with gus bradley seeing russell wilson first hand this will be a perfect scenario for the jags.

  12. This kid is a talented college player, but he won’t last two years in the NFL. He should not be drafted any higher than the third round, and even then I think a team would be wasting a valuable pick.

  13. I love these guys more than anyone else in earth. …. (that’s what I am supposed to say, right? ) All I am thinking about right now is this game (and how much I will make in the pros). I don’t trust this guys words at all. Unless he says, it’s all about me, show me the money.

  14. If he ends up going pro, would be ironic if the Vikings selected him since he would be replacing Samantha’s husband.

  15. The dude is puny. Despite Russell’s Wilson’s success, size does matter. Johnny Football is a great college player…but it’s a huge gamble to think his skill set will translate to the NFL.

    Another year of whatever passes for maturity to this kid wouldn’t hurt either.

  16. He’s staying at A&M. No way he leaves when he has a stacked team at A&M, the College Football Playoff next year, and a real chance to win a National Championship (and maybe another Heisman). I would prefer that over going to Jacksonville, Cleveland, or Oakland anyways, at least for one more year.

  17. He will never get the attention in the NFL that he is getting right now from ESPN, SEC, TAMU. Not even close. If he’s as narcissistic as he looks to me, he just might stay. I mean, they are still going to praise whatever decision he makes. So, he’s got the out.

  18. OAKLAND!!!!!!!!! we need Defense more than anything and McGloin could be okay with a better o-line and more experience but damn this kid is a baller.. he makes plays where there is no play to be made, he’s a magician.. they’d win 10-20 SBs with him at QB over the next 30 years

  19. Johnny Football looked impressive winning the Chick Filet Bowl, and you all know what Texas A & M winning the Chic Filet Bowl means right…………….absolutely nothing.

  20. He’s listed bigger than boy Bree’s and Wilson. Maybe there’s some concern with his size. Maybe it keeps him from going top 5. But NFL teams will draft a guy that can flat out make plays. My guess is many posters like to predict failure in hopes of being right. Bragging to your buddies that you predicted failure for somebody is pretty sad.

  21. The kid is certainly a hot button topic. The thing he does have is great leadership and competitiveness. The wary he was rallying the trips on the sideline is exactly the leadership u want in the NFL. He’s got the “it factor” u look for in great QB’s. Everybody has an opinion and the great thing about it is we’ll son find out who’s right or wrong. He’s got a nice arm, he’s got great footwork, and he can extend plays with his feet. All great qualities ulook for in qb play. I was on here telling the world Newton would be the best qb when everyone else said gabbert. And I’m here to say now that Johnny will be the best of this class. Not Bridgewater or Bortles. We’ll see…

  22. Watched him closely the past two years. I’m still wondering as a pro if he’s going to be a first one in, last to leave guy or if he’s going to be consumed by the other stuff that he likes so much … cause for concern – in addition to his size.

  23. He shows flashes, but if you watch the LSU game, a team that had 8 defensive players drafted in 2013 and has reloaded with young talent, he looked pedestrian. They took away his ability to run and forced him to make throws. He isn’t there “yet” as a pocket passer and he is in a shotgun system. In MN with Peterson to take advantage of play action he’d have to become a drop back passer. That just isn’t going to happen and it takes away from what Manziel is good at. He may be an NFL QB, but not for the Vikings.

    Also, Speilman, please don’t draft Carr, he is Ponder with just a bit more fire. Figure out a way to to get Blake Bortles, now there is a future NFL star.

  24. As a Heisman Trophy winning QB, history is not on his side for future success in the NFL. Every single winning QBs since the early 1990s has been below average or a complete bust.

  25. Here’s one BIG reason to stay in school Johnny…

    The Cleveland Browns have you square in their sights.

    From “Johnny Football” to “Johnny Spaz” in one season or less.

    Trust me Johnny you don’t get the nickname “The Factory of Sadness” for nothing.

    Don’t be a fool…STAY IN SCHOOL !!!!!!!

  26. 4 years and 20 million dollars guaranteed and never having to work a single day for the rest of your life or more bonding with guys that with the same opportunity would bolt for the NFL over brotherly love? Even if you do make it past the four years and flourish in the NFL, Its still not a job, Its a game. Something millions of people would play for free and do.
    Be smart Manziel, enter this years draft.

  27. You grab a guy 5 seconds after miraculously winning a game in which his team had been trailing almost the entire way, while the team is still celebrating on the field, and you ask him whether his is leaving for the NFL?

    You’re lucky he answered the question at all. What do you expect him to say?

    It would have been funny if he had said “Don’t worry, Sam, I’m not coming after your husband’s job”.

  28. I have a prosthetic leg and I’m 42 and the odds of me being Texas a & M’s QB next year are a better bet. He’s going pro, he’s going top 5, and he should send Russell Wson a cut for opening the door for him to go so high.

  29. Seriously. You do not want to draft a QB in the top 5 who doesn’t have the attention span, focus, and sense of responsibility to get his degree. All 3 of those attributes are required to be a successful professional QB. It could work like in Big Ben’s case…but more often than not QBs who didn’t get their degree became busts

    Wouldn’t doubt my Raiders drafting Johnny Football though.

  30. I’m new at this…But have a question…is Mr. Johnny Manziel really 6′ 1″ and 210 lbs…as stated by the telecast before the kick-offs ?…….I feel he looks like 5′ 10″ and about 185 lbs at best……I could be wrong..

    I’m a big fan of his but feel this isn’t the 1940’s or 1950’s….playing as a quarterback….he’ll be up against much faster and bigger Pro’s than the college kids…

    I enjoy watching him play…he has a lot of talent and “Gut’s”…but will get hurt if he plays with the Pro’s…Just my opinion.

    Thank you….

  31. He’s Joe Flacco (i.e. throwing up jump balls) with more mobility. But shorter. And not nearly the throwing power.

    He’s going to find out he isn’t out-running LB’s and CB’s like in CFB, and when he throws up prayers they’ll be promptly picked off.

  32. The Great Ted Thompson the Genius says: Jan 1, 2014 12:02 AM

    Speaking of Samantha Ponder, I’d like Manziel to replace her husband. I mean, as the Vikings quarterback.

    duece5 says:

    First of all Great Ted, I love the screenname!

    I know you were Spielman is a Magician prior, which I liked as well……

    I was laughing with friends about Sam Ponder interviewing Manziel, how Manziel SHOULD have answered her inquiry:

    “I look forward to replacing your husband in a few months…..”

    That would have been the greatest soundbite ever!

    Seriously, I look for the Vikings to move up to grab the number #2 pick overall.

    Yes, it will come with a huge price, more than likely a swapping of our #8 overall AND our 1st rounder for 2015.

    But if Manziel, or to land any of the highly coveted QBs the Vikings want, they must move up!

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