Packers have some tickets to move before Sunday


Empty seats aren’t a common sight at Lambeau Field, but the team isn’t sold out for Sunday’s playoff opener with the 49ers.

On Monday night, the Packers said, via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, they had about 15,000 tickets remaining for the game and Vic Ketchman of the team’s website was pushing fans to help keep the 49ers red out of the stands in a Q and A on Tuesday morning.

The glut of tickets is due in large part to the uncertainty about the team’s playoff chances while Aaron Rodgers was out. Season ticket holders passed on the opportunity to secure their seats, leaving plenty of them for the general public. The weather could be an issue for some people as the temperatures are supposed to be in the teens for the game, but that hasn’t kept fans from filling Lambeau for playoff games in the past.

That history would lead you to believe that the tickets will move between now and gameday, but there are still lower bowl tickets available online as of noon E.T. on Tuesday.

77 responses to “Packers have some tickets to move before Sunday

  1. Just a hunch – I doubt the Packers are worried that there will be even one open seat available.

  2. Wow. And Packer fans rip Viking fans for having trouble selling out a playoff game in 2008, which they did sell out. Where are you now? I guess you can come over the border and watch the game in Minneapolis. We’ll be enjoying the 49ers blowout and would love to have you.

  3. They filled the stands at Lambeau when it was -2 before the invention of HDTV. I’m sure they still can’t believe Chris Conte was that terrible and the Lions and Vikings imploded. Green Bay backed into the division title, but they could get their revenge with freezing temps for the 9ers to deal with before losing to Seattle or Carolina.

  4. HEADLINE: Bengals have 10,000 to sell for Sunday

    HEADLINE: Packers have some tickets to move (15,000).

    Ahh… just some tickets… uhh…. not a lot of ticket… just some… you know… just a couple…. you know…. just a few.

  5. It’s simple. People didn’t know we would be in the playoffs so they didn’t feel like forking over the $700+ for the possibility of the playoff tickets and no refund. They opted out. (The $700+ if they didn’t make the playoffs would be used towards next years total). People are buying them up like crazy in my office today.

  6. Research might want to be done before posting an article like this or commenting. The season ticket holders had rights to the tickets first starting yesterday. General public now can pick up the rest that are available. Trust me being sold out since the 80’s there are no worries.

    As far as the viking trolls still trying to be relevant with childish comments you should know better than anyone that the Packer fans are true to their team evidenced by having more fans at the metrodump game this season.

  7. Nice try haters. This is a no-brainer. There won’t be any unsold tickets. Are you kidding me? Heck, there are fans living in Green Bay that still have never been to a game! If some season ticket holders decided to wait….too late. Their loss. It’ll be great.

  8. All of these stories about tickets available is ridiculous. Not just Green Bay. There are 10-15% of tickets available at these stadiums 2 days after they made the playoffs. I’m sure all these games will be sell-outs or near sell outs.

  9. So tickets went on sale yesterday morning at 10am? And they had 40,000 remaining when they went on sale? So in less than a day, they sold 25,000 tickets?

    I don’t think anyone is too worried about this game not selling out.

  10. Of course they’ll sell all 15,000 tickets.

    Even Packers fans don’t want to miss watching the 49ers knock them out of the playoffs again….

  11. Are these doofus commentators the same ones that kept yapping about how “it’s the bear’s year!” – “it’s the lion’s year!” – “Haha – The Packers are done!” ?

  12. These Vikings fans posting here aren’t too bright.

    The reason for all the unsold tickets is that the Packers didn’t clinch the division until Sunday evening. People won’t buy tickets to a game that may or may not happen.

    I hope that clears things up for all you purple-clad last place losers.

  13. Ha. Look at Vike fans, think they have something to crow about. That’s so cute. Game will be sold out, no worries there. Besides, shouldn’t you be out celebrating the firing of the wrong guy over at winter park?

  14. Just bought my plane and game tickets. 4 seats in the lower bowl. Going home to meet my buddies and rock out Lambeau Field.

    This game will be EPIC indeed!

    Go Pack Go!!

  15. I can 100% guarantee that these seats will be filled. As soon as word is out that there are seats available at Lambeau, there will be a line that reaches around the corner.

    These are some dedicated fans!

  16. The hapless, tasteless Packers can’t even sell out a playoff game, a game they don’t even deserve to host. Oh well, the Niners will kick their butts anyway.

  17. With a -20 degree thermometer reading yesterday we were all moving a little slower than usual.

  18. I seem to recall a lot of you people saying that Indy was pathetic and doesn’t deserve a team when it was announced earlier that they still had 7,000 tickets left to sell.

    So, based on this article, Green Bay fans must be the least loyal, least passionate fans in all of sports.

  19. The point Viking fans are making here cheesers, is this exact thing happened to the Vikings when they won the division in the last week of the season (and they sold out), and Pack fans squealed with PBR-induced delight that the game wasn’t sold out in 24 hours. In other words, don’t throw stones from your glass trailer.

  20. And if the packers win Sunday, Viking fans will be on here all next week saying that they’ll lose to Carolina or Seattle. Never gets old. They’ve been jealous of us since they began their football existance in Minnesota. Fact is is that your team sucks and is in last place in the worst division in football. What does that say about your pathetic team? They’re garbage just like their fans.

  21. Anyone ripping on the fact that the game is not sold out lacks common sense and just aren’t use to their teams being in the playoffs.

    1) There was a win and in game on Sunday, so there was no guarantee that there would be a playoff game. Why not keep your money in your checking account to gain interest? Duh.

    2) Packer ticket holders get first crack at ordering.

    3) Tickets went on sale to the general public yesterday @ 3pm (people may have been still at work).

    Anyone who doesn’t think this game will sell out obviously doesn’t understand the fanbase of the Green and Gold!!!

  22. Wonder how many tickets will be available for Viking home games during the month of Nov-Dec. as they play outdoors? It’ll be too cold for those “fans” to see a team that has no plans on playing in January.

  23. What this article leaves out is the fact that they had about 40,000 tickets to sell as of Monday morning. Meaning they sold 25,000 ticketsin about 12 hours.

  24. here’s how to eliminate the packer ticket waiting list. build a gigantic stadium that holds lets say 700,000 fans. not only would the waiting list go away, all the home games would be blacked out. another note. how dumb are packer fans? they didnt know rodgers would start? they knew last thursday. packer fans=iq of donuts

  25. The Packers will sell out by today, there is no need to have your star DE go on Tv and beg the fans to buy tickets like a certain franchise to the West.

    Speaking of which, what time are the Vikings playing this weekend?

  26. If you’re truly the greatest fans in the NFL, then the stadium would have been sold out the day the playoff tickets were put up for sale. They didn’t, so you’re not.

  27. Because trying to raise a family of four on 45,000 a year does not afford packer fans the luxury of going to games like this.

  28. Hey guys, be nice to the Vikings fans. A playoff game is like their Super Bowl. Of course they would jump on those tickets asap. Packers fans have been there before and have much higher expectations.

  29. The Packer office probably wanted to save 5K tickets for each of the other teams in the division.
    The front office just wants to make sure that those poor, long suffering fans get to see an NFL playoff game before they punch out.

  30. The difference here is that the Packers will have this game sold out by the end of today while the Vikings need corporate bailouts to avoid blackouts for playoff games.

  31. There’s no chance Lambeau Field won’t be full on Sunday. None. The reason there’s a glut of tickets is because the Packers, like most teams, wanted their season ticket holders to commit (pay) for two rounds of playoff tickets in early December – just after they got their asses kicked by Detroit – with no refunds if they didn’t make it (credit to be applied to next years tickets). Even the most die hard Packers fan thought their playoff chances were slim to none at that point. Why front $800 or more for two tickets to something that probably isn’t going to happen right before the holidays? It’s not usually hard to get tickets to Packers games in Green Bay. Usually you know someone, or know someone who knows someone else, who is a season ticket holder that can’t make it. It’s amazing people are even worried about this…

  32. I’m sure the Packers will sell out but this is becoming a problem acorss the league.

    1. Maybe we’re finally arriving at the point where the average fan has been priced out of the stadium.

    2. Maybe HD TV is making attending the game less on an attractive option.

    3. Maybe it’s both.

  33. So Philly is the only team to sell out they game in minutes. What a terrible city and fan base huh. But make sure you point out the 60 year old Santa story or if there was a fight by fans

  34. The 15,00 tickets are held for season ticket holders that have NOT sent in there money yet. If they don’t want them, they go to the general public, usually 24 hours later.
    Sorry all you haters, the Packers will sell out, go back to your basements

  35. In other news, the Seahawks sold out the Jan 11th Divisional game in Seattle 30 minutes after tickets went on sale this morning.

  36. the packers have a 100,000 deep season ticket waiting list, and 2 different sets of season ticket holders(roughly 150,000 season ticket holder when you count 2 Milwaukee games). the letter went out to season ticket holders right after the packers got buried by Detroit and nobody would have predicted we would get a home game. having 40,000 tickets open to the public has never happened in green bay history. I don’t even know what it is like to buy tickets not on secondary market until this game. the only single game tickets for normal games are roughly 8000 seats and you have to be a brown county resident. This is a weird circumstance due to the way the season played out and the season ticket holders not sending their money in. maybe part of the reason is most packer fans are of the mindset that you can’t just go to the ticket office and buy tickets for games like other teams, except in this rare circumstance.

  37. Sunday must be a big cheese festival day. You know those porkers in Wisconsin can’t pass up a Cheese-Fest.
    And, they’ll be one & done anyway.

  38. Perhaps they were waiting for the dividends on those stocks to purchase the tickets. I’ll take the 9ers and the points.

  39. This year the organization has changed up some of the fine print regarding season ticket holders buying playoff tickets. In the past, if a season ticket holder was to purchase playoff tickets, the money needed to be sent in 4 or 5 weeks prior to the end of the season. Say the Packers missed the playoffs, the Packers organization would hold the money submitted by the fans for their playoff tickets and refund that within 30 days of mathematical elimination or playoff elimination. This year, when season ticket holders received the letter from the organization, it stated that the money for playoff tickets needed to be sent in by December 6th, at which time most fans figured the Packers would not make the playoffs. No big deal though, because if the Packers missed the playoffs, you would be refunded within 30 days and move on right? Not the case, the fine print this year stated that if the Packers didn’t make the playoffs, the organization would hold onto that money submitted and would apply it towards next seasons tickets. Less than one month before Christmas, fans were stuck with a hefty price tag that statistically was going to sit in the pocket of the Green Bay Packers and would not be available to them until September of 2014. Most fans decided this was their way to voice their opinions and have decided to not submit playoff ticket money. It had absolutely nothing to do with the Packers not winning and everything to do with the Packers holding onto your money for almost a year and not returning it.

  40. Since the season ticket holders get first crack @ those tickets which was about 4 weeks ago.

    People declined them, because they figured there weren’t 100% positive if they were going to make the playoffs.

    That’s why so many tickets are open to the public, but even like the Falcons game that was very cold a few weeks ago. Those seats will be filled like normal.

  41. Packer fans don’t understand karma. Most Vikings fans and others in the division have been ridiculed by Packer fans about black-outs when we know there won’t be one. They then go on to brag about how they have the best fan base in all of Sports with their 50 year waiting lists and buying paper stock worth absolutely nothing but a status symbol.

    If you’re the GREATEST fans in the World of Sports you would already have sold out the stadium long before it hit the news. In reality you’re just like every fan base who wants a winner before you shell out even more money…

  42. The last time an article ran like this was before the Viking tie a month ago and actual attendance was nearly 80,000. The Packers actually sell out unlike the empty seats in the, soon to be former, domed stadium just a few hours west of Green Bay.

  43. So, is Aaron coming out of the closet before, at halftime, or after the game with those guys from San Francisco?

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