Packers “optimistic” there will be no playoff blackout


While other precincts are fretting over the possible blackout of a home playoff game, the Packers vowed Tuesday that they’d be on local television Sunday.

As recently as last night, they were telling folks they had 15,000 seats left, and had only knocked around 2,000 off that today.

According to Don Walker of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Packers expressed confidence the game would be sold out, even though there were 13,000 tickets left in 80,750-seat Lambeau Field.

We’re optimistic,” Packers spokesman Aaron Popkey said.

The Packers traditionally limit purchases to four seats per transaction, but they’re lifting that to try to move extra seats.

Part of the problem is that the Packers gave season-ticket holders the option to not pay for playoff tickets when invoices were mailed out in November, and half of them did since the Packers seemed lifeless then.

Between that, a quick turnaround, an expanded stadium, and bad weather in the forecast, sales were slow.

The Bengals and Colts are also having problems, and haven’t yet expressed the same optimism.

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  1. Hahahahaha! And Packers fans still think they have the “greatest fanbase” in all of football. Hilarious.

  2. 5000 more seats unsold than the bengals yet pft insists on leaving the bengals article on top for 8 hours today. Is it to make the bengals look bad or because of all the hits generated by steelerraven haters?

  3. At the end of the day, the Packer fans are no different than anyone else. I’m not criticizing them. I’m just saying, the economy, weather, holidays, a mostly dismal season, all lead to Packer fans wanting to sit at home on their couch and watch the game. Not to mention, the 49ers are favored.

  4. Could it be the fact that all these ticket broker websites(,,, etc.) use their computers(ticket-buying bots) and staff to grab all the tickets the minute they are available at face value($50.00) then turn around and sell them for $1,500?

  5. Times are tough economically for most of us. For there even to be a possibility that Packers fans, or any fans, would not be able to watch their team on TV is disgusting on the part of the NFL and their “blackout” rules. Its all about greed….that is all.

  6. If Aaron Rodgers would just come out, the Packers would avail themselves to a whole new group of fans, and sell that thing out lickity split.

  7. Too funny. What about the “waiting list”? Funny there is a lack of comments from the Packer fans…..oh wait, it is 6:00 PM on New Year’s Eve – they’re all drunk by now.

  8. Patriots fan here.

    The fact that two other games on Wildcard Weekend are facing blackouts tell us all, this is a case of economics, as in the fans feel there is something better to do with the money. Hey, maybe they are doing something that Americans need to do more of; pay for what you consume.

    Not gonna pound on any fanbase here. Playoff tickets aren’t cheap and Green Bay is a working class town.

    Let’s see how many of the four top seeds sell out next week.

  9. Come to the Northwest and we’ll show you what REAL football fans are. We sell out preseason games..they can’t sell out a postseason game.


  10. Sure are a lot of these people afraid and jealous of the packers and their organization. Should be a good game tho. Freezing cold weather and the Rodgers return gives Pack confidence they need to beat a team that has got them last three times out. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

  11. Did anyone stop to think-it’s the end of month and trailer@lot payments are due!!. Also did anyone stop to think maybe the cheese heads already spent what available cash they had on one last piece of fake stock,so they could frame it and hang it on wall in trailer.

  12. To anyone using “the economy” excuse – you see, the Pack fans said that was never an issue and should never be an issue to a true fan – back when the bad economy really was an issue….and of course, you should all know, they have a season ticket waiting list. Now that the economy is better (at least that’s what the King and his minions tell us), it can only be that the Pack fans realize the team has no shot to beat SF, so why bother showing up? Great fans.

  13. As a Packer fan I am pleased that the game is not sold out yet… it gives the NFC north trolls something to cling on to.

    The Lions, Bears and Vikings walk into a bar.

    To watch the playoffs.

  14. Work is hard to come by here, but we are faithful fans, and it would be Wisconsinful to have a blackout of our only source of pride and meaning in this cruel world. I feel so angry about the locals around Green Bay not supporting our team, I could cry. At least I don’t hurt anyone when I feel like this, as far as anyone knows.

  15. By the time you pay the huge mark up to the ticket agencies, $40 parking, $10 beers, $15-20 burgers and sandwiches, dealing with the badly drunken idiots and obnoxious security, and you add in the watered down product with horrible officiating the NFL has fielded this year, I can understand if none of the games were to sell out.

    Why would anyone want to pay that much money to see the possible crap that will be going on onfield when they can sit home and watch their 50″, 60″ or 70″ HD tv and eat and drink like a king for far less than they’d pay at the stadium.

    I can already hear the crying that will be going on by losing teams and their fans when the refs inevitably screw up badly during at least 1 of these games.

  16. Oh give me a break with the excuses about the economy and ticket prices. Packer fans gave Vikings fans grief about the false accusation of a playoff game blackout. Fact is it was never a threat and it was sold out. Now that the shoe is on the other foot we start hearing these excuses from the very same fan base that claims an 80k waiting list. Where are all those die hards at!?

  17. Of course there won’t be a black out. The Packers have taken measures that it isn’t just scalpers buying up the tickets Had they not done that they would have sold out in a few hours like everyone else.

  18. I hate the Packers and their fans as much as anyone, but the problem here is the greedy way the team tried to distribute the tix.

    Yes, they were offered to season ticket holders, but you could not just purchase one game. They assumed the packers would have at least 2 home games so they charged double the normal price. And has been previously stated, this price was NOT refundable.

    So back in November, when the team stunk and Rodgers was hurt with no guarantee that he’d return this year, and now they’re surprised they’ve got tix to sell??

  19. What did TO once say about Garcia… If it looks like a rat, and smells like a rat….

    Hmm… Rodgers, are you listening?

  20. They expanded the seating capacity to over 80,000 and i don’t believe they had an attendance reach that mark all year. Now they can’t sell out a playoff game. They’ll end up having to sell $250 worth of useless stock so they can start tearing out seats. Ha! Ha! Ha!

  21. does anybody else find it absurd that the NFL can blackout any games, especially playoff games, funny how the tax payers built those stadiums, but damn them if they dont spend an absurd amount of money to watch the team live, when at home you get better coverage, its more comfortable, and you dont have to give over your first born to afford the “experience” of stupid drunk idiots wanting to fight you

  22. “Wisconsins” one profitable company better hope their “share holders” come through. If not, there may be no profitable companies in the village of tears to the east of the Great State of Minnesota..

  23. I’m as surprised as anyone the Pack made post season. They wouldn’t have if the Bears and Vikings hadn’t handed it to them. Of course the Pack helped their cause along the way when it counted most.

    Forget about the trash talk. Forget about the weather. New season coming up. We can discuss what kind of lousy bandwagon fans we are if and when they lose. My bandwagon days started around 1970 but call it bandwagon if you want.

    Thanks NFC north teams for the gift. Looking forward to the rematch with the Niners. Hoping for an entertaining game against a fun and talented SF team.

    Go Pack Go!

  24. I could just be biased because my team sucks, but a home playoff game isn’t a regular occurs be. It should sell out every time.

  25. In any event, GB has had a sellout of every home game going back to the 1992 season I think I recently read.

    This game will sell out. I think the unexpected playoff birth surprised many people.

    The fact that even Wisconsinites don’t like to sit out in the cold may come as a surprise, especially at these ridiculous ticket prices.

  26. If tickets weren’t so frigging expensive…a true Packer fan would rather get two months behind on their rent in order to buy some playoff tickets Too many season ticket holders wanting to scalp some suckers who are desparate to see a Packer home playoff game.

  27. Being trying for 12 hours to get through ticketmaster to buy tickets to this game to no avail. Ticketmaster site unavailable. Nice try trolls go away. Don’t belive everything you read on the internet. I’m a french model BTW.

  28. Even the delusional Packer fans know their squad has no chance against the Niners and that is why they are scared to show up.

  29. Uh oh. This sounds serious. Better have an emergency “owners” meeting to figure out which of “owners” isn’t buying tickets to see a team that they “own”.

  30. I know how they can make sure their fans buy up the remaining tickets…. Just tell tell the Packer fans that the ticket stub is an official receipt stating that they’re officially a pretend stock holder of the Green Bay Packers. The Packer fans will crawl out of the woodwork to have a crack at something as meaningful as that!
    Problem solved……

  31. I see this as another telling sign of the Goodell NFL and its slow deterioration into the equivalent of the WWE. People are losing interest, even in the historical strongholds. Good work Roger.

  32. Yeah right all these (literally) fair weather Seahawks and Niners fans pretending they’re hardcore, make me want to laugh.

    Here’s what they did to the Packers season ticket holders. After that Thanksgiving loss they told them they had to buy tickets for TWO playoff games and that (starting this year) they wouldn’t get refunded if the Packers didn’t make the playoffs, that money would instead be applied to next year’s tickets. All of this just before Christmas.

    It’s easy for you fair weather fans to say you would have bought tickets like that for your team when they’re having a good year, let’s see you have that dedication during a year like the Packers had and see if you’re still so dedicated.

    Either way these tickets are going to sell out, just not as quickly.

  33. Now we know why Ted picked Shaaron over Brett
    I hear they are installing rail tracks up to Lambeau Next year . “Mc Carthy Express Line”
    Instead of renaming a street. The Train will be leaving the station after next season!

  34. It’s not really about fan loyalty. The Packers sold out Lambeau through the 70’s and 80’s. It had more to do with economics and the perceived outcome of this season.

    I have the Milwaukee package tickets. This year it would have cost me $1,500 to get into a playoff ticket pool, seeing as there are two ticket packages for season ticketholders. If you didn’t get select I think that money when towards next season’s tickets.

    Then I would have had to pay for my four seats if selected (I believe). The Milwaukee (Gold) which receives two games a year, and the regular (Green).

    I received this information about a month ago when it looked like the Packers were out of the playoff hunt.

    Besides I picked up four tickets from ticket masters for about $115, which is cheap for a Packer game on those ticket sites.

  35. Hey hawks fans you have sold out your stadium since 2003 the Packers since 1965 looks like you got some work to do. Keep it up though shows great enthusiasm, and your great lack of reality. Seahwks are not even near the top 20 in consecutive sell outs.

  36. Of course the game will sell out; however, it is absolutely hilarious reading the same cheeser excuses made by Vikings fans several years ago (in response to Pack fan jabs on PFT) when our playoff game didn’t immediately sell out. Pot calling the kettle black indeed.

  37. I love the excuse making Packers fans are making in this comments section! You can tell it really bothers them that they are fair weather when the team wasn’t doing well.

  38. Of course the game will sell out; however, it is absolutely hilarious reading the same cheeser excuses made by Vikings fans several years ago (in response to Pack fan jabs on PFT) when our playoff game didn’t immediately sell out. Pot calling the kettle black indeed.

    I went to the Packer game with some friends at the Metrodome. At that point, the Vikings were still offering season tickets for the 2013 season.

  39. First of all, this is a non-issue — the game will sell out. Not a doubt in my mind. Green Bay didn’t even know they’d be hosting a playoff game until Sunday. I presume the entire state has been drunk from the end of that game through New Years.

    On a more serious note, Philadephia has a population 15 times higher than Green Bay, not to mention that Lambeau Field now has 80,000 seats, versus only 68,000 in Philly. In other words, they’ve already sold more tickets.

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