Patriots give Browns permission to interview Josh McDaniels


It appears the Browns have someone willing to interview with them, the guy everyone assumed would be first on their list all along.

According to Albert Breer of the NFL Network, the Patriots have given the Browns permission to interview offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels for their vacant head coaching job.

Ostensibly, McDaniels would be interested, given his ties with Browns General Manager Mike Lombardi.

Not everyone seems as eager. Already, Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase has said he doesn’t want to interview for anything until his season is over, and there are indications Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles might not be interested either.

There’s a clean-slate quality to the Browns job, knowing they’re going to go get a quarterback this offseason. Whether that’s a draft pick or some veteran player remains to be seen.

McDaniels took Tim Tebow when he had the chance to do the same thing in Denver, and coincidentally, he’s available.

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  1. IF the Browns can prevent McD from drafting a QB, then maybe it could work out. Look what he did at denver when he drafted a linebacker in the first round to play QB.

  2. Anyone else believe this is going to happen, and that Ryan Mallett will end up a Brown via trade as well?

  3. Browns sign Josh McDaniels and they can look forward to the worst kind of all dissapointments: 6-0 start with a 8-8 finish. Aka hope that is violently ripped away and sent crashing and burning. Aka the last thing the loyal fans of Cleveland need.

    Dont hire McDaniels.

  4. Romeo Crennel’s record for the Browns for four seasons was 24 wins, 40 losses.

    Eric Mangini In three seasons at the helm of the Jets, his team had a record of 23 wins and 25 losses. He somehow managed to land a second head coaching position with the Cleveland Browns for the 2009-2010 seasons, where his record plummeted to 10 wins and 22 losses.

    For the 2010 season the New England Patriots employed zero offensive or defensive coordinators! the Patriots finished 2010 with a record of 14 wins and 2 losses.

    Have the Browns management not learned by now that the Patriots success hasn’t been because there bush league coaches. It’s the elaborate systematic cheating that happens between BB, Ernie Adams.

    Another perfect home record again this year eh Pats fans?

    Did you know that the statistical possibility of having 6 perfect home records in a span of 13 years is 1/7000, the same as dieing from being struck by lightning! I wonder what gives you such an advantage at home? #SPYGATE…..all NFL fan should read SPYGATE the untold story….it’s free on iBooks. I highly recommend it to all fans who want to learn how a untalented team like the patriots continues to be successful year after year.

  5. Such a Browns move. Why would they hire this guy? Did they not see what happened in Denver? Dude had a franchise QB & WR & ran them both out of town right away & then drafted Tebow.

    I actually think the Browns have some real talent on that team & would be an attractive position if the front office weren’t such morons. The defense is loaded with talent & was actually pretty damn good this year when the offense wasn’t giving the other team great field position. On offense they have a good o-line (Joe Thomas at LT is stud), a great WR, & a promising young TE. They also have 2 first round picks. They need to add a QB & probably a RB and they could turn it around fairly quickly. The problem is that no one wants to work under a front office that fires a guy after 1 season when things were kind of looking up. 4-12 is bad, but considering the QBs Chud had to work with how could they have been any better?

  6. Dear Browns managment and to Brown fans:
    Your team is young and with talent and with a bright future. Don’t let this McDaniels guy near your team. He will divide within, then ruin any chance of having a contender for years to come,,,
    –Signed Broncos fan

  7. You guys laugh… but this guy is a offensive genius. Made playoffs with total noname d-bags in both Denver and New England. Only problem really is hes a d-bag himself. But crap… if you can overcome that – imo this guy will own a Superbowl Ring one day as a HC. thats imo

  8. We’ve seen this before.

    1. Browns hire McDaniels.
    2. McDaniels signs Tebow.
    3. Browns fire McDaniels.
    4. Patrios rerehire McDaniels.
    5. Tebow leads Browns to playoff victory.
    6. Browns cut Tebow.

  9. Get a offensive minded coach
    1 qb
    1 receiver
    2 running back
    3 best defensive guy available
    3 best offensive guy available

    Just trying to offer some help, Brown’s

  10. The question of how much personnel authority McDaniels would be given is key to his prospects with the Browns.

    That being said, he’s proven this season that he’s pretty adaptable no matter what players he has at his disposal, mixing up his play calling, and using the few non-injured players he has to still eek out a 12-4 season.

    If you’d told someone at the beginning of last offseason the Patriots would play all or some of the season without guys on offense like Gronkowski, Hernandez, Welker, Solder, Volmer, Vereen, Amendola, Slater, Cannon, Washington, Dobson and Thompkins I don’t think very many people would have predicted a 12-4 season and a first round bye.

    (Add defensive players lost for some or all of the season to that question like Mayo, Wilfork, Talib, Dennard etc. and there’s no way anyone would have expected such an amazing season.)

    But if he thinks he and Lombardi could generally be on the same page (and they may be), much as Belichick and Pioli often were, it may be a good match.

    At the very least it does McDaniels no harm to agree to be interviewed and keep his name out there as a potential head coach, if not for the Browns, perhaps for some other team down the road.

  11. I liked Chud and his staff, given time I believe the Browns would have improved, however, I can’t get past how these offensive experts allowed Weeden on the field for more than one regular season game.

    I’ve read that McDaniel has matured since Denver, hope so and he has learned from the hooded one.

  12. Even people who hate Tebow have to admit they would LOVE to see Mcdaniel bring him in running the option and chucking a duck bomb down field to Gordon a few times a game! Maybe sprinkle in a few game winning drives throughout the season?

    That’s entertainment!

    Or maybe its just smarter to promote Norv who is an offensive genius but mediocre head coach, get him a QB and watch the Browns go 8-8 or 9-7 for the next decade.

    Based on Cleveland’s past I think Browns fans would take the latter in a heartbeat.

  13. We’ve tapped the Bill Belichick tree a couple times already and it didn’t work out. Why in the name of Lombardi would Jimmy allow this to even be an option. What a sad mess this front office is.

  14. People need to stop pretending that McDaniels did nothing in Denver. Yes, he took Tebow, which was a mistake (although Tebow has one more playoff victory for Denver than Manning does right now). But he drafted Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, Knowshon Moreno, and Von Miller. Those are pretty damn good players.

  15. So, everyone loves the Browns now and wants to advise them what’s best in a new head coach. Reminds me of the an attractive girl getting dating advice from her friends that couldn’t get lucky in a men’s prison. “You’re too good for him”. Kraft, Brady and Belichick are not too good for McDaniels but the Browns are seems to be odd logic to me. I would remind posters that some of the best coaches in the history of the game got fired from their first head coaching position.

  16. Here is my thing. If they had an idea of who they wanted to hire than fine, fire Chud. It doesn’t seem like they had an idea. Why not just keep Chud and see if he can turn it around?!!

  17. Hue Jackson would coach circles around Josh Mac. Josh Mac’s resume’ pales in comparison to Hue’s.

    Hue Jackson – Head Coach(Has developed QBs(Flacco), RBs(McFadden) and Wrs(DHB had 975 yards in 2011)

    OC – Norv Turner – Supreme Play Caller

    O Line Coach(Bob Wylie & Wisniewski)

    Much better than Josh McDaniels and whatever staff he hires.

  18. You can’t blame Belichick for spreading sleeper agents all throughout the league, look how easy teams make it. If you thought Danny Woodhead helping the Chargers upend both the Broncos and (indirectly) the Steelers was hilarious, wait until he helps the Chargers thump the Bengals, and then mysteriously disappears on the field during the blowout loss to the Pats in Gillette.

  19. Then Bill fleeces them for Gordon and others, plus some draft picks, sends them mallet, they tank, and we rehire mcdaniels at the end of next season for the playoff run. Genius at work!!

  20. Josh wasn’t ready to be a head coach when he went to Denver, and he’s still not ready now. Needs at least another couple years under Belichick.

    He is a good offensive coordinator and QB coach, but there are times when his play calling stinks.

    If McDaniels was smart he’d stay put with the Pats for awhile longer.

  21. What kind of media circus will there be in Cleveland when they draft Johnny Football with the 4th pick plus bring Tebow in the be the 3rd string QB?

  22. Too soon to be interviewing for a head coaching gig. He crashed and burned in Denver and I am not sure the lesson will be learned in three seasons away. He is a good coach, but he needs to stop the propensity of coaches who try to recreate the Patriots elsewhere. Besides, he has a Rep among players which will help in tuning him out when times get rough. There is nothing wrong with embracing a coordinator position long term and learning the game completely. We are now in a new generation of coaches that want immediate gratification in being a boss. If anything Josh needs to follow Bill’s road to head coach.

  23. Daniels got rid of Cutler in Denver before ever talking to him.

    Daniels gets draft picks for Cutler and blows them on lousy players.

    Daniels doesn’t listen to anyone and refuses advice of those more experienced. He seriously damaged the Broncos before they fired the obnoxious big ego brat.

    I’m sure the Ravens (the real Browns), the Bengals and Steelers would all like to see Daniels nuke the Browns to oblivion and make their hiring the next coach even more difficult.

    If the Browns don’t learn from the history of Daniels with the Broncos they deserve all the destruction that comes to the franchise.

  24. Love McD as a football mind and an OC. But oh my god after the Hurricane Katrina job he did to Denver I thought it’d be years before someone would even consider him as a head coach.

  25. Can you imagine the snickering in the coaches room, during camp? Yo, Elfboy, you traded UP to draft Tebow?

  26. Ok, let’s get this right….the Pats are BILL BELICHECK. NO assistant from his staff has had success in the league, as a HC….McDaniel has already PROVEN he is like the rest, BELICHECK tree but no roots…browns are a troubling franchise. P.S. How much input did Banner have in Andy Reid’s initial hire? In those days Banner was a beginner, tacky of him to hang his hat on that, and try to sell to Browns fans.

  27. First of all, kudos to the form for not taking the cliche troglodyte route that forsbergler took, and for talking actual football management and not loser conspiracy theory.

    There’s just no way to know what McD has learned since he’s been back in New England. He’s a good OC on a team that really doesn’t need one with Brady here. If Cleveland takes that leap, they will need to be very patient. Since McD will not have final say on personnel that may work out ok. Keep Horton as DC by any means possible, Josh will need that steady hand and experience.

  28. Thanks for breaking out the Tebow has won more playoff games in denver for us there again. lol! Manning threw for only 5 less TDs in the first game this season as Tebow did that whole year. Its just my opinion but even though Tebow has a playoff win there and manning doesn’t, i think i would take manning. it’s close but yeah i would take manning over tebow.

  29. Lombardi, like him or hate him, he will run the front office and put a coach in his place, if he pushes for too much say in front office

  30. The “stooges” knew how they would look getting rid of Chud after 1 year. But they also knew their first choice McDaniels would not care. McDaniels is familiar with Lombardi and Hoyer. McDaniels will also be able to draft the QB he wants. Most likely Manziel who is Tebow like in play style. If this goes down they are to be called the “Flying J’s” Jimmy, Joey, Josh, and Johnny

  31. The league should know by now that only Bill Belichick is Bill Belichick. He’s forgotten more about football in the past week than many of these candidates will ever know.

  32. Wow, who would want to work for the loser Browns in Cleveland. They have fired Belichick and Mangini but Josh is going to make it there.

    However if McDaniels is from Cleveland that explains being so dumb……

  33. It’s a foregone conclusion, McDaniles is the next head coach. Just keep him there for at least 5 years so he can build something,

  34. I observed him in Denver. Even with a GM drafting all the players for McDaniels this guy has the most smug and arrogant personality, a Napoleon complex.

    Fans will hate him for his secrecy and smugness towards the media. Players will hate him when they start losing as he has no redeeming qualities.

  35. I’m not for the Browns signing McDaniels, but the situation in Cleveland is different. The Broncos gave Josh free reign over all personnel decisions. In Cleveland, that won’t be the case. To be honest, when Tom Brady heard that McDaniels might leave again, he said he has been begging him to stay, and Brady said that he wants McDaniels to coach him for the “rest of his career”.

  36. It is funny that all these haters hating on Josh McDaniels since thanks to him the Broncos have
    1. Demaryius Thomas
    2. Eric Decker
    3. Knowshown Moreno
    which accounted for 38 of their 71 TD’s this year or roughly 54% of their offensive production. So blame him all u want for drafting Tebow but without those 3 draft picks they wouldn’t have the offense they have now.

  37. Denver seems to be still enjoying McDaniels’ draft picks: Knowshon Moreno, Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, Zane Beadles and J.D. Walton.

    For all the Broncos’ Tebow-haters on here now, you all sure loved the guy to pieces when he was the only reason your team stayed alive in ’11 – even to win a playoff game. You made his jersey the No. one seller in the NFL.

  38. Forsbergobbler hadn’t been heard of since Peyton and Co.’s 24 point collapse in late November. Whine about Spygate all you want and their “home cooking” but the fact remains that they won two AFC titles as a road underdog in Pittsburgh. Fact also remains that Denver has NEVER won a Super Bowl without cheating the salary cap. Per Jeff Legwold of The Denver Post, ” in December 2001, the Broncos were fined $968K and forfeited a 2002 3rd round pick for violations surrounding $29M in deferred payments to Elway and Terrell Davis. And again in 2004 they were fined $950K and lost a 3rd round pick in the 2005 draft for additional salary cap violations between 1996 and 1998.

  39. Think McDaniels will be fine as long as he doesn’t get a say in the personnel? Check his brief tenure as OC of the Rams about that.

    He succeeds when he works for a Hall of Fame head coach, has a Hall of Fame QB, and an intelligent front office. None of those will be waiting for him in Cleveland.

  40. While we’re giving McDaniels credit, it was his final (fired in December) Denver season that led to the Broncos having the Von Miller pick.

  41. Honestly, they just need to go back and watch his press conferences when he was HC in Denver.

    It was obvious that he was overwhelmed with the position. But hey, how much worse could he make a team that has “sadness” used as a description everyday……

  42. JD Walton was cut by Denver because every year he was rated one of the worst centers in NFL.

    Pump the breaks about Moreno. He was drafted #16 overall and did nothing for FOUR seasons. Last season he spent 8 games on the bench. He gets it now but #16 overall shouldn’t take 5 seasons to groom.

  43. If McD takes cleveleand, draft picks plus Gordon to NE for Mallett, trade half the teams best players for draft picks, then piss them away moving up and down in the draft. Gauranteed that Gordon is gone to NE if he gets the job.

  44. Jimmy Haslam just set his franchise back by years and is too stupid to know it. NO WAY did Lombardi and Banner sign off on this stupidity. Jimmy will be watching the Browns from behind bars and this is just his show of power before he goes away. Unfortunately WE FANS have to pay for it. I have lost all respect for this guy. You can’t tell after 1 year if we are making any progress as bad as we sucked you idiot.

  45. Not an upgrade. They need a defensive coach who reflects the toughness of Cleveland. Build on the defensive side of the ball like the other three teams in your division did and run the ball. I mean you play against blueprints of this SIX times a year in divisional games!

    The only interesting thing about McDaniels is that you know he thinks he can make a pro QB out of Johnny Football.

  46. According to National Geographic, “The odds of becoming a lightning victim in the U.S. in any one year is 1 in 700,000. The odds of being struck in your lifetime is 1 in 3,000. “

  47. I feel bad for the Brownies for all they have had to endure…having said that, it could be worse….they could have hired the coach from Syracuse like my Bills did……

  48. wait.. if signing mcdaniels means starting 6-0 and end up 8-8 we will take that here in Cleveland. it would be like the superbowl here. I would prefer a different coach but many coaches do well their 2nd time around.

    now it would be interesting if we traded for Mallet tho with Hoyer around since Mallet 1st backed up then took Hoyers job as backup in NE…

  49. So is McDaniels play going to be let’s draft Manziel round 1?

    On a side note, what if the Browns gave him personnel decisions with the only stipulation being Tim Tebow is not allowed to be signed? Could they legally write that in his contract?

  50. A Tebow-McDaniels reunion in Cleveland would be a fantastic storyline for Pittsburgh Steeler and other AFC North fans.

  51. McDaniel would make a great Assistant Trainer for the Green Bay Packers, winners of more NFL Championships than any other team in the NFL.

    It’s so cute when the Browns try to be successful.

  52. To the guy who pointed out Denver’s salary cap issues, Sports illustrated did an article several years back pretty much accusing the Pats and Jags of criminally abusing the salary cap. Don’t take that as a shot against your beloved Pats my man, I wish the steelers would spygate or salarygate their way to another title. Unfortunately the Tomlin tripgate incident wasn’t enough to get us in this year.

  53. Going into the 2013 season, I was excited having Chud for the simple fact of what he did with Derek Anderson and the play calling with the Panthers. Reflecting back on the season, firing him was the right move. Here’s why:
    1.) He couldn’t hold on the Phil Dawson. In fact, he felt that the kicking game doesn’t really matter because there wasn’t even a kicker on the roster until the day before opening kick off. Phil would have nailed that kick to beat the Pats.
    2.) He couldn’t motivate his team to win games at all. Loosing the Jags, Steelers and Jets is rediculous. The Browns are more talented than these teams.
    3.) If you want to see a good coach, look at Tomlin, 0-4 and wouldn’t tolerate. Same players, same scheme but found a way to change their season and even almost got into the playoffs. The Browns woefully under achieved. That falls on coaching. Enough said.

  54. I’ve been a Browns fan my whole life because that’s what I grew up with. I was born in ’88 and didn’t watch football til about ’95 when the team left. So really, I’ve had nothing to be proud of my entire tenure as a Browns fan. I was really looking forward to the future with the blossoming talent and the new owner saying that there will be “no more changes for a long time”. But if this team hires this idiot as a head coach, well, I’m just glad there is another team in Ohio to root for.

    And the front office wonders why the rest of the NFL thinks us a mockery and it’s fan base is always pissed off?

  55. Cleveland has been either 4-12 or 5-11 for the PAST SIX SEASONS (almost a statistical anomaly given the year-in/year-out parity in the NFL). This year they ended up 4-12 after losing all 7 games after the bye week to end the season (franchise record for consecutive losses). In what other city does that earn a coach another season?

    It’s almost like people want the Browns to continue accepting mediocrity.

    I don’t like to keep pressing reset either, but continuity is only valuable when you have the right pieces in place. I’m not saying Chud had to be fired but this season was completely unacceptable.

  56. Didnt they fail with one former Patriot Coach?
    Didnt McD fail with Broncos?

    Why would he or the Browns fans want to suffer through another 4-12 season?

    I guess its the norm, I’m just sayin.

  57. Wow, what a shock. Next headline: Idiots That Run The Browns (into the ground) Act Like They Had No Idea Who Next Coach Would Be.

    Prison can’t come soon enough.

  58. If I’m Not Mistaken, Isn’t The Quinn For Hillis Trade Another In A Long List Of Boneheaded Moves On His Part? TrueThe Browns Only Got A Season Out Of Hollis, But That Was One More Season Than Anyone Got Out Of Quinn.

    I Understand He’s Not Going To Be The Personnel Guy, BT He Stil Reeks Of Stupidity.

    And He Didn’t Seem To Handle Player Relations Very Well Either.

  59. Yeah, cause McDaniels did a great job in Denver.

    You suck as a coach, and will continue to suck as a head coach if anyone is stupid enough to hire you as such

  60. I’m confused about the hatred from Denver fans in regards to McDaniels. I understand he may not have been the best coach in the short time he was there, but he drafted very, very well for you.

    Demaryius Thomas
    Eric Decker
    Knowshon Moreno
    Robert Ayers
    Zane Beadles
    David Bruton

    Very solid list out of two drafts if you ask me. If you could draft 3 of those caliber type players every year in the draft, you’re in pretty damn good shape as an organization.

  61. The guys he drafted did nothing until manning got there….these players did nothing with Kyle Orton at the helm…2 of these guys were medium high 1st round draft picks…..Erik decker in the 5th might be the only good draft pick he drafted in the 5th DT and Moreno were 1st rounders…they should be good you idiot….Beadles is decent but all the other guys still left around are depth guys. You talk like he drafted like the cowboys of the early 90 or something.

  62. .

    I can’t blame Denver fans for their animosity towards McDaniels. Things were going so, so well with the Shanahans and he showed up and ruined everything that they had put in place.


  63. As a Pats fan all I can say is Josh, wear your best suit, nail that interview, and don’t even worry about a return ticket, Kraft will FedEx your stuff to you.

  64. You know how bad Browns fans have it? I’m a Bills fan and I feel so sorry for them right now.

  65. I think this franchise is in a state beyond what any one man can do to repair. Head coach or otherwise.

    They fired Chud after a single year. Belichick went 5-11 in his first year with New England and started 0-2 in his second.

    What this franchise needs is consistency and a solid management team to build the franchise. An owner who avoid federal indictments might be a good start.

  66. On November 27, 2010, the NFL fined the Denver Broncos and their head coach Josh McDaniels, who served as an assistant coach under Belichick from 2001–2008, $50,000 each after Broncos video director Steve Scarnecchia videotaped the San Francisco 49ers’ walkthrough practice prior to the October 30, 2010 NFL International Series game in Wembley Stadium, London.[72] Scarnecchia, the son of longtime Patriots offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia, was a video assistant for the Patriots in 2001–2004, before joining the Jets’ video department for the 2006–2007 seasons.[72] As a result of the NFL’s findings, Scarnecchia was fired by the Broncos, and is subject to a hearing regarding a possible ban from the NFL for twice being involved in an integrity-of-game policy violation.[72]

  67. Josh would be the obvious choice. He has his QB already there in Brian Hoyer. He coached him for a few years in New England. Also the front office likes him. I think he can be successful if he gets the right help around him. Sometimes coaches are not successful the first time around and they learn. Look at Bill Belichick and Cleveland. What if no one ever gave him a second look. BoB Craft did and look what happened! If you do not have the players and the talent, and have those talented players stay healthy and on the field, then you will not WIN in the NFL period. All the coaching ability and video tapes do nothing compared to being motivated prepared and executing on the field, and having some luck too!

  68. The ravens the real browns? So are the Colts Baltimore’s team? The Yankees really the Orioles? Get over it, art made a business decision for his franchise ,just like many owners before him and will continue on and on.

  69. Josh is a young man so for the sake of experience, he should go for that job.
    I don’t think other experience HCs or Older Coordinators will go for the vacancy in Cleveland until Banner and Lombardi start being unselfish. Wonder why Chip Kelly chose Philly over Cleveland?
    Banner and Lombardi will throw anybody under the bus just to save their jobs. Poor Chud!!

  70. I love how so many people are trying to give McDaniels more credit than he deserves. #1 He DID NOT DRAFT VON MILLER. Although he was responsible for the crappy season which brought us Von so I guess you could thank him for it. #2 We already had Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal. Thomas/Decker picks could have been used on defensive players instead. #3 Knowing how to evaluate draft talent doesn’t make you a good head coach. It only makes you a really good talent scout.

  71. The Spygate Conspiracy theorists crack me up

    In all the years and all the former coaches and all the former players, all who would have been party to the mythical review of illegal activities, has there been even ONE retired player or former coach who has said “Belichick cheated”?

    Nope. The closest you can come is Mangini, who pointed out in the first game of 2007 that the Patriots were not in compliance with a new 2006 memo on placement of signal/playcalling cameras.

    So you’ve got a technical camera placement issue of a new rule from 2006. Not one out of hundreds of players and coaches who need to make a quick buck have even alleged, let alone produce evidence of any rule violations.

    I could go on about how violating a 2006 memo does NOT invalidate all Super Bowls of every other team prior to the rule change, but that would blow the minds of the Conspiracy Theorists.


  72. Train wreck organization! The problem with a lot of football organizations is egos. Not a browns fan, but have been to a few games and love the atmosphere and team in general, always root for em. But they have been saddled by idiot after idiot making the wrong moves. If they bring mcdaniels in, hopefully he will give hoyer a shot and not just draft manziel. The teams scrappy.

  73. can you imagine how bad this guy will screw up next years draft with two first rounders to throw away. He would probably trade away this entire draft for the ability to draft the bust to be known as Jadaveon Clowney……. I’m just sayin Jimmy, you really are the three stooges if you hire this idiot.

  74. Hey joesixpack, a conspiracy theory is something like saying JFK was assassinated by the government not Oswald, or that 9-11 was the work of anyone other than Bin Laden.

    A conspiracy theory is speculation of fault without any evidence to prove your accusations.


    The Pats and Belichick were fined an unprecedented amount of money and had to forefit a 1st round draft pick as punishment for their actions, and though they had the ability to appeal the fines, they didnt.

    The evidence against the Pats was then DESTROYED by the NFL.

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