Peyton Manning passing yardage record to stand following review


Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning will remain as the league’s single-season record holder for passing yards.

The Elias Sports Bureau was taking a closer look at a 7-yard completion from Manning to Eric Decker late in the first quarter of the Broncos victory over the Oakland Raiders on Sunday. Replays showed the pass very likely could have been a backward pass and therefore a lateral.

However, the play will remain a completion and Manning will continue to hold the record after further review.

NFL Spokesman Michael Signora confirmed the determination Tuesday in a statement to PFT.

“The stats crew at the game scored this play as a forward pass. During the course of a season, there are many similar plays which could be reviewed by the Elias Sports Bureau, the league’s official statistician. In this case, the determination of Elias is that the fairest resolution is for the ruling of the on-site stats crew to stand.”

Taking away the completion would have left Manning six yards shy of the record. He played just long enough into the game to pick up the record before finding a seat on the bench for the remainder of the game. Manning finished the season with 5,477 yards, breaking the previous record of 5,476 by Drew Brees in 2011.

43 responses to “Peyton Manning passing yardage record to stand following review

  1. It’s probably the correct decision – however it does illustrate the high number of passes that Manning completed that were near laterals – with his receivers doing the work on the yardage rather than Manning.

    Don’t get me wrong – if that’s effective, keep doing it – but if ever there were a record that should be considered a team award rather than an individual award it’s the yardage record.

    Same goes for most of his TD passes – but the bottom line is a TD pass is a TD pass. No one remembers whether it was a .5 yard lateral or a 50 yard bomb when it comes to the record.

  2. Blah blah blah playoffs blah blah blah.
    Love him or hate him, you have to respect the numbers the guy has put up. Someday I’ll tell my kids about watching this guy play.

  3. Good thing you got those records this year, after your careers over they”ll help you forget that you didn’t win a Lombardi Trophy with the Donkeys.

  4. BS…if it was a lateral in the first place and the clowns had gotten it right, then obviously manning would have just played a series in the 2nd half and broken it regardless. To take the record away because people in charge of stats screwed up in the first half is ridiculous.

  5. The play was clearly a lateral. There is NO QUESTION about it. The film shows clearly that the receiver caught the pass a full yard behind Manning. Why did they even mention they were reviewing the play if they had NO INTENTION of correcting the obvious error created by the stats crew at the game? With this “ruling” the Elias Sports Bureau has just demonstrated the league has no need for their services and would save money (assuming the league is paying these folks) by simply accepting the game stat crew’s determinations as official.

  6. crybaby drew brees called the league office to try to get it overturned! he is such a wussy crybaby mole face that lovessssss racking up yardage in garbage time

  7. NFL goes for PR promotion in preference to accuracy in stats on Manning record. No one surprised by this commissioner’s move.

  8. Not saying it isn’t a great feat by one of the best QBs ever, but the lore of watching these passing records fall isn’t there anymore. I feel like these are going down every year with the rule changes. I was much, much, more excited to watch Adrian go for Dickerson, and will be again to watch the next RB go for it.

  9. Not even close…backwards lateral pass. But, it’s Peyton Manning so it’s all good. Favre can now get the monkey off his back for “Gimme record” achievement.

  10. Sounds like nobody in a position to make this decision wanted to be the Grinch to rain on Pay-Me-A-Ton’s run for the money.

  11. So his second from last TD pass shouldn’t have counted and his yardage record shouldn’t have counted. Are there asterisks in the NFL record books? Maybe there should be –

  12. He should have lost those yards plain and simple. Because where it was thrown and then caught it was a lateral and therefore a run and not a pass. Elias and the NFL took away a record breaking touchdown from Rob Gronkowski a couple of years ago for the same reason. It’s just asking the NFL to stay consistent with it’s own rules, I guess. Drew Brees, the record should still be yours.

  13. Looked like a backward pass to me. But this wouldn’t be the first time they just gave him an NFL award for his namesake. FYI- One Super Bowl win against Rex grossman is really 1/2 a SB ring. Don’t worry fetus neck, we appreciate your regular season records, kind of.

  14. That is the right decision. I bet you could go thru all the tape and find at least one instance where it happened to brees that year. Peyton earned it, if you don’t agree then you are just a hater.

  15. I guess when The Almighty Manning packs it in the NFL record book will be re-named “The Gospel According to Peyton.”

  16. My former stepson’s claim to fame is that he sacked Manning in a 2A playoff game.

    I did shake his hand and wish him a good college career. He was very polite as was his dad.

    A good kid.

  17. People who doubt that was a forward pass didn’t spend much time reviewing the play. Watch the field lines where Manning releases the ball and where Decker catches it. Decker is clearly in front of Manning’s release point.

  18. Quit “hate in’ on Peyton” the man could have rolled for another 200 yds and 4 td’s in the 2nd half if he felt like it.
    most of you are just jealous that he only needed 2 qtrs. to break about 6 nfl records.

  19. Not surprised at all, God forbid that the league does anything to tarnish Peyton. Let him keep the individual records, seems to be the only thing he can accomplish. Has been fortunate enough to have talent around him his whole career, kept the same coaches around and still only has 1 ring, way to go on a TEAM sport!

  20. He broke it so easy with whole half to go that I’m ok if it was a lateral or not. What a season he had.

  21. Thank God……at least he will have something tangible to remember this season by because it most certainly will NOT be a Super Bowl Championship.

  22. Wow!!!! So many of you are Manning haters! This kind of hatred can only come from watching Manning make YOUR team look silly. Sad that people can’t just appreciate his talent and accept the fact that he is one of the greatest to ever play the game. Dan Marino gets more respect and has zero Superbowls. Maybe when he’s retired and he is through annihilating other teams in the NFL, people will shut up and give him the credit he deserves.

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