Redskins to interview Sean McDermott this weekend


The first rule of coaching searches is that if the last guy was fat, the next guy will likely be skinny.

So after firing an older, offensive-minded guy with a glorious head of hair and tan, the Redskins have now turned their sights to Panthers defensive coordinator Sean McDermott.

According to Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer, the Panthers defensive coordinator will interview with the Redskins this weekend in Charlotte, since the Panthers have a bye week.

McDermott has recovered nicely after being in a no-win position in Philadelphia (as the guy asked to replaced the late Jim Johnson), helping the Panthers to a 12-4 record behind an aggressive defense.

The 39-year-old McDermott has never been a head coach at any level.

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  1. I think they really need to get a HC that is especially good for RG3 if that’s still the plan for him to be the unquestioned QB of the team. But somebody that knows how to work with and develop QBs is very beneficial to have. This is a curious choice.

  2. I can’t speak for any other team, but all of the guys with track records haven’t really panned out for the Redskins.

    Maybe this could be an upgrade.

  3. Snyder is looking for a weak coach that he can run the team through.

    Like what Jason Garrett is in Dallas. It’s tough to find a spineless, puppet coach. They are few and far between.

    Norv Turner, Jim Fassell, Wade Phillips, Jason Garrett,…..

  4. If not for Peyton Manning nobody would be interviewing their assistant coaches. It happens every year. Hot offense or defense with good players. The coaches get interviews. Arians is a fine example of someone who had to wait forever, Rivera in Carolina is another example. He interviewed for years while the Josh McDaniels of the world got jobs.

  5. I thought McDermott got a bad rap in Philly (look how great the Castro/Washburn era turned out after he left) but does he even run the defense in Carolina? I thought Rivera was still de facto defensive coordinator there. I think he’s an intelligent, creative guy, but it seems pretty premature for him get consideration as a head coach at this point.

  6. If I were an up and coming coach, I wouldn’t want to work for Danny Boy. Tony Dungy said he would NEVER work for him, and he still has relationships with current coaches including Lovie Smith. That will probably weigh on his and other decisions. It’s hard enough dealing with Jerrah, but at least there would still be some coaches that would at least give Dallas a look.

    Still, I wish Garrett would get fired so we could have this problem.

  7. Sean has done a terrific job as the Panthers defensive coordinator. The Panthers’ defense has multiple rookies and unwanted free agents. For every Greg Hardy, Luke Kuechly, Charles Johnson, or Thomas Davis there is a Melvin White, Mike Mitchell, Quintin Mikell, and Drayton Florence.

  8. As a Skins fan, I’m actually curious to see this interview process go along with Bruce Allen. I want to find out what the reports are from the media regarding Dan Snyder’s role with the interview. Is this the “Bruce Allen show” or is Dan Snyder going to be involved with the interviews as well?

    It would be the easiest thing for the Skins to throw money at a big name like they have in the past, so I’m curious to see what direction this search takes.

  9. The first rule of coaching searches is that if the last guy was fat, the next guy will likely be skinny.

    You got that line off NFL Insiders lmao that’s pretty weak!

  10. Please tell me they are joking. There are college coaches, assts and HCs, better than this guy. Was terrible in Philadelphia and he is working behind Rivera now…

  11. Good idea, id like to see Lovie come in, but the way this guy came in and changed the Panthers d around was impressive. If the skins change back to a 4-3 under McDermott we have 2 dominant DE’s in Orakpo and Kerrigan…. I like this

  12. The league would be doing the Browns fans a favor if they just retract the 1998 decision to expand back into Cleveland and contract back into 31 teams, leaving the door open for expansion into L.A. with a competent ownership group.

  13. What’s sad about this time of year is that sometimes teams that absolutely FAILED and fired their coaches get more press than the teams that have earned the right to compete in the postseason.

  14. This certainly seems to be an interesting (and not in any good sense) choice, if the skins do want to head in that direction.

    I’m not saying he’ll be the next skins coach and he’ll fail miserably like Shanny did, but I would think that it would not be an issue for the rest of the NFCE if the skins decide to turn the conference into a three team race (AGAIN!!!).

  15. First question: Does McDermott have a snot-nosed son who he wants to help break into coaching? If the answer is “no”, continue with interview.

  16. Is he being interviewed for defensive coordinator first, and then elevated to head coach when no one else is willing to take it? That seems like the path to success…oh, wait…

  17. as a Panther Fan I don’t want to lose our DC BUT i feel our DL coach Eric Washington will get a chance DC for someone this yr or next so good luck to Sean

    also look at Cam Newton & the Panthers & also look at NFL History
    Defence Cord make better HC so Hire a OC that will help your QB’s like Turner or Chud or Gary Kubiak thats what many Owners & GM’s have done

  18. NO you can’t interview him for anything else but a HC besides he’s under Contract with the Panthers as a DC
    NFL rules make Teams allow interviews for HC jobs

  19. The Redskins are due for an inexperienced guy (Marty then Spurrier then Gibbs then Zorn then Shanahan)…..

    I simply hope this is the first of MANY interviews, not a situation where the owner falls in love with one guy. Slow and meticulous, Brucey, take your time….

  20. i will preface this by acknowledging i am a long time eagles season ticket holder.

    choosing the right hc is just as or more important than getting a young franchise qb, but most fans dwell on the qb.

    i would have to be looking for a hc this yr. who is out there beside lovie smith and maybe bill o’brien ?

    sean mcdermott ? are you freaking kidding me ? can you say STEVE SPAGNUOLO II ?

  21. He wasn’t terrible in Philly. His defenses were good enough to get the Eagles into the postseason both years. He was an easy scapegoat for Big Red though after consecutive first round playoff loses.

    McDermott ran JJ’s schemes perfectly. The problem was that the system was predicated on pressure up front and Andy Reid’s fascination with undersized DL men and his total neglect of the LB position left them unable to get to the QB. That combined with his youth, caused the defense (coddled by Andy) to turn on him.

    Andy’s next moves got progressively more dumbfounding from there. In comes the Wide 9 & Washburn, OL coach Juan Castillo is named the DC, 8-8 in 2011, 4-12 in 2012, bye-bye Andy.

    But hey, Andy’s just fine now in KC; the Eagles are just fine now with Chip Kelly; & Sean McDermott’s an NFL head coach candidate before his 40th birthday. Kumbayah!

  22. If they hire Sean, they will suck for a long time.

    He inherited Jim Johnson’s top ten defense in Philly and proceeded to preside over press conferences as if he invented football. Meanwhile, over the course of his two year tenure, his players forgot how to tackle.

    Ron Rivera, the true mastermind of the defense in Carolina, saved his career by hiring him.

    Based on the way McDermott handled himself in Philly, I can’t imagine that he is anything but utterly convinced that the turnaround in Carolina is mostly his own doing.

    He talks a good game, and will likely interview well.

  23. Not surprised that the Redskins would want a lower caliber coach like McDermott.

    The Packers, all time leader in NFL Championships, would never have this guy. We only hire the best.

  24. I’m convinced most of you on here either dint know football or just get on to post to see what reaction you can get.

    I saw post saying, “All these other coaches to get or teams go for the hot coordinator every year..I don’t understand.” Seriously? If the skins went after a Gruden, Dungy or Cowher, y’all would prolly post responses like, “The deadskins are going after over the hill coaches again or he hasn’t been a good coach since he so and so” so since we are going after a hot coordinator in the league who doesn’t have baggage..we’re dumpster diving now and looking for yes men? So from that, I’m convinced that a majority of the post are simply haters hating. And to ask why are teams dumb enough to go after the hot coordinators every my friend should delete your account & never mention football again. Please, stop stating facts you hear on ESPN!

    Most of the comments are funny, but some of the jokes are getting repetitive and make you lose credibility! Stop talking about how the team has no draft picks because they traded them away for RGIII..last time I checked..the draft is more than 1 round. Last years picks of Reed, Amerson & Rambo were pretty solid..and we’re 2nd-5th round picks

    Bottom line..don’t be a hater all your life.

  25. Guys, six of the last ten Super Bowl-winning coaches served as NFL Coordinators immediately before getting their Head Coaching gig and Super Bowl run. On the other hand, no coach has ever won a Super Bowl with a second team after winning one with an earlier team. People need to get out of the mentality of chasing after the last big thing and focusing more on the up and comers.

    Going after the “proven” (decades ago) – and also less hungry and less motivated – coaches – is how we got Shanny in the first place.

  26. Sean McDermott mcdermottd on Howard have never been photographed in the same room. Think about it.

  27. I guess you gotta start somewhere since you are now running on the rat wheel, but I sure hope they settle on someone that is a step up from the old regime and not down. This is down.

  28. As a Skins fan (although not nearly the one I used to be) the only thing I know for sure is whatever decision Snyder makes it’s guaranteed to not work.

    Death, taxes, and the Redskins finishing last in the NFC East…

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