Report: Lovie Smith expected to interview with Lions

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Lovie Smith spent nine years in the NFC North as head coach of the Chicago Bears. His next coaching job may also reside in the black-and-blue division.

According to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, Smith is expected to interview for the head coaching job for the Detroit Lions. The Lions fired Jim Schwartz as head coach on Monday.

The story cites John Wooten, chairman of the Fritz Pollard Alliance that promotes diversity in the NFL, in the expectation that Smith will interview in Detroit.

“We have a great relationship (with Lions general manager Martin Mayhew) and it’s been that way for a long time,” Wooten said. “We talk every week. We don’t just talk when disaster comes, we talk all the time.”

Smith compiled a 81-63 record and won the NFC North three times in nine seasons as head coach of the Bears, including an appearance in Super Bowl XLI.

50 responses to “Report: Lovie Smith expected to interview with Lions

  1. This is obviously the right call for them. That QB-WR combination will score enough points to win. They need a defensive coach with gravitas.

    Lovie Smith is the perfect guy for them.

  2. Would be a great hire if he can bring a good OC with him. Would love to see Lovie and the Lions best up on those Bears and Packers.

  3. He’s not a bad coach, but I can’t see how he’s a good fit for the team, with the way the roster is right now. I hope they’re just doing their due diligence until they can get to Wisenhunt. Although I’m still crossing my fingers that Gruden or Dungy will find it too hard to pass up the opportunity to coach such a talented young team (but I realize it’s incredibly unlikely).

  4. Perfect Fit…..send Bradford to Pop Warner Fundamentals Camp and retain the OC……Game ova!

  5. Why do I have a feeling they’re only doing this to comply with the rooney rule? I think that rule is disrespectful at times.

  6. he would be a good hire for them and would definitely fix the defense by installing his beloved tampa 2 and never changing it no matter the situation. he will make the defense more disciplined and fix stafford by first hiring guys who have no idea what they are doing to run the offense and then eliminate the pass from the playbook altogether except for the 3rd. down screen to megatron. no the lions will get off the bus running reggie bush every play thus eliminating the stafford picks.

  7. He’s not a bad candidate by any means; he certainly has the intangibles the organization is looking for (leadership, discipline, etc, etc.). But I’m not sure schematically he would be the best fit with the personnel on this roster.

    Defensively you have to assume he would run a Cover-2 scheme…which is fine in itself but this defense has been constructed to be ultra aggressive with man coverage, sprinkled with a lot of press coverage and blitzes. A la something along the lines of what Greg Williams ran in New Orleans. It’s part of the reason the Lions have been specifically scouring for bigger, physical, corners (granted with limited success) to pair with their D-Line.

    Offensively I thought Lovie’s teams were always a bit more conservative…admittedly a lot of that was dictated by QB and personnel. All though he had a top 2-3 offensive unit one or twice during his Bears tenure…the tail end of his coordinators choices (Turner, Martz, Tice) were certainly less than thrilling. Again this Lions offensive personnel is tailored for big plays and pass first with Stafford, Johnson, and Bush. I don’t know how well that fits with Lovie’s philosophy.

    Personally I think considering his tendencies Tampa and that roster would be a great fit for Lovie Smith and the Buccaneers…more so than the Lions at least. Although the Lions should do their due diligence by interviewing him you would have to imagine a more apropo candidate along the lines of Whisenhunt, Hue Jackson, Zimmer, or even a longer shot like Shaw, will eventually take precedence.

  8. Let’s see- made the Super Bowl once and lost.
    Only won one playoff game in six years after that.
    One playoff game in his final 6 years?? Yawn.

  9. You know what? Give him a good OC to work on Stafford’s development and this wouldn’t be a bad hire –

  10. I like Lovie but I don’t know if he would be a good fit in Detroit. I think they need to go with a more offensive minded coach.

  11. As a Bears fan, this scares me. For all of Lovie’s faults as a coach, you could never question their effort or discipline. The Lions have a ton of talent, but lack discipline. They could be a scary team next year with Lovie in command and quite possibly a Super Bowl contender. I’m sure Lovie is drooling over the thought of having that defensive line to work with.

  12. Sham interview to pacify Ruley Roolers? Check.

    Spitting in the face of MKL, Jr, by judging people on the color of their skin rather than the content of their character? Check.

    Detroit has so much to be proud of these days.

  13. I see Smith as more of a DC, not HC, but if he could get a great offensive coach to come on board and coach up Stafford (cough…cough…Jay Gruden) then I’d be OK with Lovie as HC.

  14. Lovie Smith has proven he can win with inferior talent. He got canned by the Bears after leading the team to a 10-6 record last year. His career mark is 81-63. His defenses always were near the top in take-aways. He’s a winner. Bring him in.

  15. Cmon man…. I know the Lions are desperate but are you kidding me . They have a bunch of good players he could screw up. You would never have an offense: Just ask Bear fans.

  16. Me thinks Lovie is getting the runaround. Everybody is interested but then they’re not. This guy should get another HC job. Sad.

  17. As a Packer fan I think Lovie should get another chance somewhere. I just have a feeling he’s going to be the Rooney candidate for every team and not get hired.

  18. This is as good of a situation as Lovie will find, although I don’t know if I want him in charge if fixing Staffords problems. I don’t care who his coordinator is, he never seemed committed to have a good offense in Chicago, and once you’re in his dog house you’re never getting out, just look at Corey Graham. Maybe he brings Marinelli and Jamarcus Webb with him

  19. I’m thinking someone on the offensive side of the ball, someone proven to develop quarterbacks and has earned the respect of players and coaches… hmmmm how about Cutcliffe?

  20. That would be great, especially if he brought in Mike Martz as his offensive coordinator.

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