Report: Redskins plan to interview Bevell


The Darrell Bevell market is heating up.

The Vikings have reportedly requested an interview with their former and Seahawks’ current offensive coordinator along with Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, but it appears they’ll have some company in their possible pursuit. Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that the Redskins plan to interview Bevell for the opening they created by firing Mike Shanahan on Monday.

Seattle ranked eighth in the league in points this season, outscoring the Redskins by more than five points per game, and they finished fourth in the league in rushing yards per game. The Redskins ranked fifth in that metric with Alfred Morris doing the heavy lifting, so that would likely be a positive for Bevell. So would his experience in working with Russell Wilson in a scheme that uses his running skills in addition to his arm.

It’s the first name we’ve heard linked to the Redskins opening, but it is early and more candidates should emerge before too much more time passes.

26 responses to “Report: Redskins plan to interview Bevell

  1. The Seahawks offense is average at best.

    I guess wins are the only thing that matter when evaluating coordinators, which makes little to no sense.

    Seattle’s DC has show a lot more.

  2. I hated this guy while he was in Minnesota. Then there was 2009… which I fully credit Brett Favre for. Hope Minnesota goes a different direction on this.

  3. I could see Bevelle doing well in Washington. He uses the power running game and he did an excellent job with Russell Wilson.

    His play calling at times can make you pull your hair out but Gus Bradley had the same issue for some fans and he is having success.

  4. Seahawks and their assistants need to stop everyone from trying to get them to interview for coaching slots until after the playoffs conclude for the Team. Don’t need the distraction and if the teams really want to get them, they will wait. If not, they really weren’t viable candidates anyway.

  5. Remember when God’s Chosen Team was going to be 14-2 with the best coach, quarterback, running back, long snapper, and owner in the league? Those we the days, eh logical?

  6. Will he then become the best coach in the NFL who will lead them to multiple Superbowls … or will that still be Shanahan ???

  7. Boo!!! Fire Spielman.

    Darrel Bevell> Scott Linehan.

    pathetic fans to the east continue to crow on our misery, nice and classy.

  8. I remember on “mic’d up” I heard Bevell make the statement to Brett Favre during the 2009 season “being an offensive coordinator is HARD”….what makes anyone think he’s ready to run the whole show?? You hire from within and it doesn’t work out, so you interview a guy you just fired two years ago and count that as looking outside your organization?!?!?! Spielman must go….

  9. YES!! Please hire him! His offense is bland, boring, predictable, and mostly ineffective and it’s the only thing holding this offense back.

    Many fans wanted Bradley gone for the same reason. He left and the defense got a lot better under Quinn. And the Jags still suck.

  10. No matter who they eventually hire, they will say “He was our first choice…no question…he’s the guy we wanted.” Uh huh.

  11. A player can’t change teams during his contract, unless he is traded, so why can coaches do so??? If a POS team like the Browns, Skins, Vikes, or any of the other horrible teams wanna trade for a coach then perhaps that would be ok. Why should a team with good coaching suffer because of these loser organizations? Losing an O, or D cordinator is a big blow, and a big change the following year. It’s not our fault these other teams suck, and can’t hire good staff. These good teams losing valuable coaches, and assets should be well compensated.

  12. Trust me, no one in Seattle is going to be upset if Bevell leaves. Seattle success is based upon Carroll and John Snyder.

    I think offensive line coach (Cable) and linebacker coach Ken Norton Jr. stand out as great assistant coaches.

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