Should Rex Ryan bet on himself?


The Jets plan to keep coach Rex Ryan for 2014, the final year of his current contract.  The Jets reportedly are willing to give Rex a one-year extension, presumably so that he spend the next 12 months as a lame duck in the nation’s biggest media market.  Rex reportedly is resigned to the fact that he’ll get nothing more than that.

So what if Rex were to tell owner Woody Johnson to take his offer on a one-year extension and shove it where the jets don’t fly?

More specifically, if the Jets offer Rex one more year at his current rate of $3 million, should he take his chances as a free agent in 2015?

Players do it all the time, opting for a one-year deal that pays less than they want now in the hopes of getting more later.  For Rex, he’d potentially be leaving $2 million or so on the table, assuming that at worst he’d be hired as a defensive coordinator by someone else in 2015, if the Jets decide to fire him.  But the upside could be enormous, if the Jets get to the playoffs this year and Rex hits the market as a potentially hot commodity.

While it would be hard for Ryan’s agent, Jimmy Sexton, to recommend that kind of gamble with money that isn’t his, Rex can make the decision on his own.  It would be ballsy.  It would be edgy.  It would be the quintessential Rex Ryan move.  And it would win him even more respect in the locker room.

Rex has spent the last year coaching scared.  While he did well, he can do even better by getting back to being himself a little bit more.  One way to do that would be to pass on an extension and go all in on himself and his team for the 2014 season.

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  1. What would Rex accomplish by turning down the one year extension and coaching 2014 then becoming a free agent? If he does that and the Jets tank and get rid of him he’d lose out on a $3m pay day owed for 2015. If they win and make the playoffs is he really going to leave an ascending playoff team with a dominant defense? It would make absolutely no sense to not sign the one year extension.

  2. Players generally play great in a “contract year,” why can’t coaches? We basically spent all this year talking about Rex’s future even though he had 1 year left on his deal so why not next year too?

  3. Hard to argue that Rex did a good job this year, so good for him getting an one year extension.

    But the questions still remain about his ability to improve the offense (he has a great defensive mind) and his ability to deliver consistency. The Jets have steadily declined over his tenure, so he needs to turn that around if he wants a longer term deal.

    Still, keeping him through at least next year was the right move.

  4. The Jets overachieved this year but I wouldn’t bet on that happening again. This roster still isn’t very good and Geno Smith is just a time waster and not the answer at QB. They benefiting from incredibly good health at a lot of positions because this team has very poor depth in all areas except DLine. I wouldn’t bet on that happening again.

  5. Rex doesn’t strike me as one to coach ‘scared’. Any credible reports out of the locker room, seemed to portray Rex Ryan as a “Tell it like it is” kind of guy. This jives pretty well with everything we’ve ever seen come from Rex.

    He knew his job was on the line, and he never tried to hide it from his players. Somehow, he got them to play pretty hard, all things considered.

    Sure the NYJ were a mess this year, but not quite the 3 ring circus that many here predicted. Get the man some talent on the offensive side of things, and lets see what happens.

    Not a Jets fan, but guys like Rex keep the NFL interesting. I really liked those years when the Jets gave the Pats some trouble.

  6. Sure… why not.

    I saw Geno Smith lose games that Mark Sanchez would have won.

    So… the NY Jets would have been a 11-12 win team with Sanchez (shocking… but… TRUE).

  7. This article is nonsense. A one-year extension for Ryan would mean that he is under contract for two more seasons, 2014 and 2015. He would not be a “lame duck”.

    Plenty of coaches have two more seasons on their contracts every year. I have never seen anyone refer to them as “lame ducks”.

    Yes, if a coach is coaching the final year of his contract, he could be considered a “lame duck”, but that would not be Ryan’s situation if he gets a one-year extension through 2015.

  8. why do people seem to forget that 2 games were gift wrapped and handed to them, tampa bay and Pats. this team is a 6 win team, will be a bad team next year and the following as long as they keep buying into the worst qb in the league geno smith. his accuracy is terrible, mechanics are terrible, decision making is terrible, all he does is make a pass here and there and get big runs every now and then….wait a minute, why does that sound so familiar…..oh yea, tim tebow was the same qb!!!!! but we are not allowed to make fun of smith the way the media made fun of tebow.

  9. OMG ENOUGH with this “jets have steadily declined over his tenure”. How do you figure that? Bc you hear the other haters saying that? They have ONE losing season in the past 5 years, ONE. And it was last season when they finished 6-10. This season they improved dramtically. So your theories are out the window now! Stop getting your reports from bandwagon haters.

  10. I don’t understand the importance of the “lame duck” phrase.

    If he gets a one year extension or not, doesn’t matter. If the team stinks in 2014, that extension isn’t going to stop the owner from firing him. Conversely, if the team does really well, it’s not going to slow down him getting a high money extension.

    To me.. it just doesn’t matter.

    Other coaches have been in their final years of their contracts and have been fired or re-signed.

    Again. it just doesn’t matter.

  11. Look around the league. By any objective measure Rex & his team out performed predictions of the Jets/13.

    Interception throwing rookie QB: Rex stuck with Smith and by seasons end Smith was making plays with his feet and arm. The future looks good with Smith. The team has no threat at WR, Holmes is okay, but DC’s don’t have to game plan him.

    The Jets defense was tough as usual.

    I like that he gets fired up and is obviously an emotional coach.

    I hope he tells Woody to pound salt, Haslam opens the checkbook, and Rex is coaching the Browns next season.

    Sorry folks, I’m a Browns fan and I’m looking for hope anywhere I can find it.

    Happy New Year!

  12. Mike,

    How about resetting the arrest tracker!?

    Wasn’t Thomas Keiser arrested recently???

    Thank you and have a great New Years!


  13. To All my Friends and Foes,

    I wish you and your loved ones a Very Happy, Healthy New Year!


  14. I’m not really a Jets fan (unless you count Dallas as Jets south, haha), but I actually like Rex as a coach. Players seem to like him, are responsive, and play hard for him. His biggest problem is he is a loudmouth, that makes crazy predictions.

    I’d like to see what Rex could do in houston with that roster. Or even better, fire Garret, and bring him to Dallas. Wishful thinking obviously, never gonna happen.

  15. Should he take it? Hell no! Will he take it? Yes. He’s a stubborn coach with a defense that is his baby. He has picked his players and he loves his d-line. Plus he’s a players coach, he cannot look his players in the eye and say i’m leaving you. He’s a in it till the end kind of guy. IDC what anyone says he is and always will be a good coach. Most of you just don’t know what you’re talking about. He went to the afc championship in his first two years before his gm and ocord screwed over his team. If you give rex a gm thats worth a damn and an ocord thats good. You can have a sb tea easily imo. One of the best if not the best def minds in the game. I was hoping he got fired and came to houston as a hc or d-cord. Sadly that will not happen. Just my opinion

  16. Definition of insanity to leave that kind of money on the table when you beholden to a rookie GM with $45M in cap available, 9 draft picks, no offense, and no loyalty to you what so ever.

  17. I was leaning toward Rex being canned, but I can live with this situation for another season and not go through a whole regime shakeup. I mean who the heck would they bring in that wouldn’t make things worse???

    We’ll see how Idzik does with offensive drafting & free agency with a better cap situation. We’ll see if Geno can take it to the next level & if Morningwig can keep it real. (I think he choked mid season). Ryan better fix up the 2ndary. We ain’t going anywhere with the sieve that was this year. Also it wouldn’t hurt if Ryan took a ‘when to throw the challenge flag’ course…. Just say’in.

    All in all it should be interesting and potentially could be our time if key pieces fall into place to align with our dominant D Line…

    GO JETS!!!
    Happy New Year

  18. And the frickin clown show show in the BIG apple continues….when is the NFL gonna step put their foot down…(hmmmm I made a funny),,,a team assumes the persona of their coach period. So you have a team of bozo’s tripping over their own damn feet,,,(ooops made another). I think Goodell is afraid of stepping on some toes….LMAO

  19. Geno Smith played decently his last couple games. Pretty much since they told him not to think so much and do what’s natural. I think they tried to hard earlier in the year to develop him quickly and he was overloaded with info and options that he crumbled and it wAs evident because more often than not, he had great protection and yet he’d still be holding on the ball 2-3 seconds longer than he should’ve been.

  20. I have to agree with ronin36 that it essentially doesn’t matter. The only thing in play is a small pile of ancillary money, and if I’m Rex Ryan then I’m going to say look I’m here to focus on being the football coach, I could care less about a side issue item of a small pile of money, I’m not here for the money, I’m here to be an NFL football coach, and contract or no contract I know I’m good at what I do and I have all the job security I need so there’s really no time to mess around with the paperwork on such a small concern. If the day comes that you change your mind and you no longer think I’m the guy for the job then feel free to tell me to go home, until then I’m busy continuing to kill it at my job. Let me know if you decide anything needs to change.

  21. The “THIS IS OUR COACH” theatrics by Idzik and Woody was great for the camera. You would have thought they committed to Rex long term.

    What a bunch of frauds.

  22. My favorite are all the delusional fans here who were like “I hope my (insert team here) sign him to be our DC next year!”

    Barring some major personal or professional failing, Rex’s days of being a DC candidate are over.

    Put it this way, if the Jets fired him after the victory over the Dolphins, he would be the top HC candidate available. You’re telling me the Browns, Raiders, or even Texans wouldn’t have any interest in having Rex Ryan run that locker room??

  23. If the Jets have yet another mediocre year, then Ryan is out. Who exactly would hire him to be their head coach? 4 straight years out of the playoffs would not lead to another head coach position. His days of being a coordinator are not over.

  24. Players come and go every year. It’s OK for them to operate on a one-year contract. That’s part of the business. But you either trust the one man you chose to be head coach or you don’t. If you trust him, give him more than one year. If you don’t, don’t give him anything. I think Rex Ryan is a good coach. And I know he gives Woody Johnson (who has not changed his outfit since 1987) the attention that he clearly craves.

  25. This is a stupid question. If he takes the extension, he’ll either be up for a renegotiation to up his pay regardless of the extra year on the contract with more years because they do extremely well next year, or he’ll be walking because like going into next year, they won’t let him be a lame duck. The only other real scenario, which doesn’t seem to be what he wants, is that he leaves now because he thinks he can get a better job. Between Washington, Houston (who seems focused on an offensive coach anyway), Detroit, Tampa, or Minnesota, do any of those jobs jump out to you as a better situation? Didn’t think so.

  26. He’d be betting on himself with a GM who has seemed to be betting against him…

    He’s not necessarily putting him in the best position to succeed, but coaching is about dealing with what you’ve got and I think Rex is good with that.

  27. Rex has enough money to live comfortably. The main thing is he looks fit, two years ago he looked like a heart attack or stroke waiting to happen. Congratulations on grabbing the bull by the horns and saving your life Rex, football’s just icing on the cake.

  28. Last year, Rex Ryan looked like one of the biggest buffoon’s in the NFL’s coaching stable.
    After watching the insane Jason Garrett/Jerry Jones show in Dallas… Rex now looks like Vince Lombardi by comparison.

  29. I know Rex has lost a lot of weight and he looks way better, but I didn’t recognize him in the press conference this morning. He looked like he just came off the railroad tracks, looking for cigarette butts and plastic bottles.

  30. And just exactly WHAT do the Jets management expect to change by having that loser for another year. 8-8, 7-9 or worse. Some people NEVER learn.

  31. Sounds like someone is getting cold FEET going into the off season. I knew those were not tears of joy from Ryan as Woody told the players he was keeping Rex.

  32. finsblood 13- You’re right, they won’t win 4 games in 2014, probably 11 or 12 is more like it.2 will be against Miami . See last week’s game?????
    Dolphins big spending really helped this year as they finished behind the Jets. love it.

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