Statisticians reviewing Peyton Manning’s yardage record


Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning set the league’s all-time record for touchdowns and passing yardage Sunday.

And he may get to keep one of them.

According to Jeff Legwold of, the league’s record-keepers at the Elias Sports Bureau are reviewing one play to make sure Manning actually has all the yards he’s currently credited with.

Elias is reviewing a 7-yard completion from Manning to Eric Decker late in the first quarter, to determine if it was a lateral (and therefore rushing yards).

The Broncos pulled Manning in the second quarter, as soon as he got to 5,477 yards for the year, one more than Drew Brees’ 2011 record of 5,476.

Camera angles of the play in question aren’t clear, but this one needs to be like a replay review. Unless there’s conclusive evidence it isn’t, it would be embarrassing to admit a mistake like this, when Manning was clearly hanging around just long enough to break the record.

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  1. DO you know what that would do to fantasy leagues, if you’re in a PPR league and you won by 1 pt or less based on that catch, yikes…

  2. Really? He breaks Brees’ record by one lousy yard and then jumps off the field? That’s cheesy, Peyton!

  3. I hope that’s a forward pass. Drew Brees covets his personal recoZrds. Remember how he acted when he broke this one? Lost a lot of respect for him there. It was a sign of his self-centered attitude as he would go on to hamstring his team with a lengthy hold out for millions more. #truecolors

  4. I knew this could be an issue the instant Denver benched Manning after he got the record … by ONE yard.

    That one yard margin is so infinitesimally small when compared to 5,476/5,477 yards – that it could naturally raise questions about the accuracy of the numbers ….. particularly when at issue is an All-Time NFL Record.

    The Donks sat Manning, which may or may not have preserved his health. However, it seemed like if he/they wanted a slam dunk on that record – they’d have left him in for another series and pushed the number comfortably over 5,500.

    Football is ideally considered a team game, but the reality is to most people not named Barry Sanders — All-Time NFL Records do matter. Notice the Donks kept Manning in right until the precise completion where he (seemingly) eclipsed Brees’ record.

  5. I like the implication that Manning was only around to break the record and that he left as soon as he did.

    Last I checked he broke the record on the Broncos’ final play in the second quarter right before half time (meaning he wasn’t pulled in the second quarter) and they were up 31-0 and JOHN FOX decided to sit him for the 2nd half seeing as they were up by 31 points.

    This is reality but hey, the media hates reality so I am sure it’ll fall on deaf ears and the implication he was only playing in the second quarter of a GAME THEY HAD TO WIN was for him to break this record. This will fit in with the moronic narrative that Peyton only cares about stats which is the most absurd thing I have heard in the sports media and with moronic Patriots fans and other Peyton haters.

  6. Even since the Pats blew out all offensive records a few years ago the league has dramatically weakened what defensive players can do.

    Yes, congrats to Manning and the Donks on setting these records, but they did so in an environment where if a defender looks at a receiver with a nasty look on his face he draws a PI call.

  7. Man,Peyton Manning could have had 700 yards passing last Sunday. Peyton Manning, a man who doesn’t ever like coming out of games was like….”Ok I’m done, one half ‘s enough. Nothing can be gained from abusing this high school defense anymore.”

  8. It’s amazing how close these records are getting the past few years. AD within 10 yards of the rushing record and Peyton/Brees within 1 yard.

  9. I don’t care if Manning or Brees has the yardage record but it would be pretty sleazy to go back now and say to Manning “whoops our mistake, you’re actually, technically 6 yards short because some psycho with a flatscreen and a protractor thinks an early screen pass may have actually been a lateral so you should have stayed in a little longer but it’s too late now, happy new year”.

  10. All his records are padded. Yes he is amazing and a truly one of the best, but he also is throwing 40 yard bombs when his team is up by 30 points. Also there are many games where he easily could have sat due to the score, yet there he is throwing more touchdown passes, so as great as he is, he is the king of stat padding.

  11. If he is all about the records this year, which is fine at this point in his career, he should have played the rest of the game and demolished the record as much as possible.

  12. Instead of putting out a press release saying they are about to review it… how about reviewing it.

    How long could it take? Its one play.

  13. I saw it online yesterday at a blog I frequent, and yes, it is indeed a lateral and not a forward pass. If they give it to him, it will only be because it is Peyton Manning, Golden Boy of the NFL, because if it were Stafford, or Rivers they would have overturned it.

  14. This is unreal. How can you even think about taking this record away from the best football player to ever play. So unfair to him because he could have throw for 300 more yards.

  15. “it would be embarrassing to admit a mistake like this”

    Embarrassing for who? Not the referees – for once, they have nothing to be embarrassed about. They only judge plays to be laterals if the play could result in a turnover.

  16. As a Saints fan I say just leave the man alone and let him keep the record and leave it be. He earned it and as Drew put it, “would have beat it anyway.” This is nonsense.

  17. No way the league will take this away from Peyton.
    Who cares about passing records now a days.
    This is not the same passing league when Marino passed for 5000+ yards.
    Marino’s record stood for over 20 years.
    Since the rules were altered to favor the qbs, we have seen 5000+ yards passing is no big deal.
    So, who cares? (Other than Mr. Manning 😉

  18. Peyton padded his stats against ridiculously poor opponents all season. Have you seem their schedule? Hell, that schedule made Alex Smith look like a pro bowler.

  19. Am I the only one that finds it ironic that the NFL is so obsessed with image and procedure that it permits Elias Sports Bureau change individual stats for games after they have been played but officiating mistakes that cost teams wins are left undisturbed?

  20. lol, i love it when everybody say oh big deal look @ the Era, look at the way defensive players are handcuffed etc. well if im not mistaken 29 other qbs played in this same league, under the same rules, and none got within 16tds, or hundreds of yards of peyton. so he excelled amongst his peers. statistical greatness to me is dominance amongst your peers. he achieved that.

  21. You coach your team to play 69 minutes, 16 games a season – yet pull then in the final game.

    This is why the Broncos & Chiefs won’t even advance to the SUPERBOWL this season.

  22. What difference does it make? Denver’s a one-and-done in the playoffs anyway. With the passing rules the way they are this ‘record’ will only last a year or two anyway.

  23. Everyone should understand that the NFL has an auditor that reviews game film EVERY week and issues stat corrections as needed. If you play fantasy football you should know this little tidbit. For example the ESPN fantasy football page has a tab titled STAT CORRECTIONS. The only reason this is a big deal is because it is an NFL record. There are no apologies required or going back to review other peoples records. That has already been done. The stats are important for player bonuses and for Vegas (People bet on stats). So where there is money involved they get it right.

  24. Chill out. Were there any passes like that during the season for any other qb. This is never checked.
    I also doubt it was peytons idea to play until he got the record.

  25. Surprised the the national pundits have given Manning and Fox a pass on this pursuit of individual stats. This was a meaningless game for Denver, in all respects, and the only reason to have him on the field at all was to prove that Indy gave up on him too soon? Here’s a question: what if Manning got hurt?

    Thought we were done with divas when Favre went away and stayed away.

  26. Camera angles of the play in question aren’t misleading at all. It’s very clearly a lateral. Both Manning’s body and the ball are ahead of where Decker is when he catches it. I made a mental note of the play when I first watched it (thinking “wouldn’t it suck if he only breaks the record by only a few yards and then has this play ruled a run?”), because it was so obviously a lateral, but didn’t think anything of it until Manning sat out the second half.

    They correct yardage totals every week, and this play should be corrected and counted as a running play. I doubt they will, though. The fact that it’s even being reported as “inconclusive,” when the film is clear as day, tells me this is one error that they would rather everyone look the other way on.

  27. Manning is just a stat monkey.

    EVERYONE knows he’s a playoff choke job just waiting to happen.

    He’ll NEVER be considered as one of the greatest QB’s of all time because he never had the clutch gene of a Brady, Montana or guys like Otto Graham and Johnny Unitas. These were/are the true greats of the game.

  28. Seriously, if they’re going to do this then they need to review every completed pass Manning threw this season AND every competed pass Brees threw the season he broke the record.

  29. Just leave it alone, he could have easily shattered the record he hit the 266 he needed in ONE HALF! Maybe they should go back and review every pass Brees threw the year he set the record, surely with all the screens and dump offs to rb’s and wr’s he throws a few of them were laterals that were credited as passes and surely they would add up to more than the 7 yards on this particular play!

  30. For those saying they should go back and review Brees’ passes from 2011, they already did, after each game in 2011.

  31. Records are there to earn, not be given to a particular player that has been anointed above all other great players. If the Denver Stat tracker and the Offence Coordinator pulled him out thinking the record were secure, it’s their mistake. If the record for most TD’s by a TE were almost tied or broken by either Graham this year should the go ahead and give him the record? NO!! But they (Saints) had enough time to drive the field and let him achieve that. If Manning broke it the record without the LATERAL, then he deserves record. Although if the LATERAL is counted WE all know that a LATERAL is a RUN and should be counted as a RUN.

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